“Hello. My name’s Alice Kingsleigh. Who might you be?” asked Alice. The little brown haired girl who Alice seemed to be talking to looked up from her book. 

“Lucy. Lucy Pevensie.” she replied with a small smile. 

“Nice to meet you Lucy.” Alice responded kindly with her hands at her side.

“Nice to meet you too, Alice.” Lucy replied, her book laying forgotten across her lap.

“Where are we going!?" Caspian shouted at the 18 year old girl who ran ahead of him with her bow and arrows slung across her back. She didn’t once look back, and she never seemed to get lost. She kept running with her fast confident stride. As if she did this everyday. ‘Well she did.’ Caspian corrected himself, remembering her story of the games and how she’d survived. 

"Just keep running and follow me Caspian!” She called back without a glance or waver in her steps. She always did that. Never answered a question straight out, and it was infuriating for him.

“I need more than that to go on Katniss!” Caspian shouted angrily. But of course she didn’t reply. She just kept on running. Expecting him to follow like she knew he would. And he would too. These woods were different than the ones in Narnia. These were strange and cold. Unfeeling and soulless.