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Follow My Vans: Truelane goes to POW! WOW! Hawaii

Our friend Chelsea Lankford from Truelane went to Hawaii for the most insanely rad art festival, POW! WOW! to scope out the top female artists we should keep our eyes on in 2017. Check out Chelsea’s picks and mini interviews with the artists below!

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Fuck Lapis

Is anyone else sick to death of Lapis’s shit? I’ve been watching SU since Jailbreak and for most of that time I could say with certainty that Lapis Lazuli was one of my favorite characters. Granted, we didn’t have much to go on about her personality besides Mirror/Ocean Gem, but what I saw there painted a picture of a tragic victim, imprisoned for millennia in a world she didn’t understand and willing to do anything to get home.

Lapis wasn’t perfect. Yes she hurt people, but she did so terrified that she would be imprisoned again and with no real grasp of how little threat Connie and Greg were capable of. She genuinely cared about Steven even if she didn’t trust him, and she had a softer side, with a gentle nature and a childish sense of humor when she wasn’t being provoked.

Now we have this.

Now, I know a lot of Lapis’s fans are going to jump at the ready to defend her despoiled honor, but let’s look at her behavior ever since she came back. Specifically let’s look at how she’s treated the people she managed to hurt.


The first time Lapis met Greg was in Ocean Gem, when she destroyed Greg’s van with him in it. Mind you, Greg hadn’t attacked her at all in this time, his only action was to run over one of her water clones to keep her from killing Steven and Connie. Thanks to miracle of the three-point seatbelt, Greg survived, but he broke his leg in the event. Did Lapis apologize to him? No. She didn’t even remember him, and she refused to even acknowledge it when he reminded her.


While we’re on that topic, Connie too was a victim of Lapis lashing out at the people around her. When Connie “viciously” attacked her water clones with a tiny squirt gun, Lapis responded by attempting to drown her. And just like with Greg, Lapis didn’t remember and didn’t even try to apologize. In fact, she reacted like this

Connie: Um, Lapis. You don’t remember me?
Lapis: Ummm.
Connie: You almost drowned me when you tried to steal the ocean’s water?
Lapis: I almost drowned a lot of people.

Seriously Lapis? What the fuck is wrong with you?

In fact the only person Lapis has apologized to is Jasper, the one person who doesn’t deserve a lick of fucking sympathy. Jasper, the person who put her in prison, physically threatened her into fusing with her, and who only wanted to use her to kill the people who tried to help her. Jasper, the person who stalked her and then did all those things again mere moments before Lapis apologized

Really Lapis? That’s the one who you owe sympathy to? Not the child you attempted to drown? Not the 40-year old man whose leg you broke after he stopped you from drowning his son?

And you know what? Every single one of her redeeming traits are gone, seemingly having only been artifacts of Early Installment Weirdness. Remember that childish sense of humor I said made her endearing? Now her sense of humor is completely non-existent. Her softer side towards those who are nice to her? She crushed peridot’s recorder after she tried to apologize for something that – in retrospect – she honestly fucking deserved.

Fuck Lapis, and fuck the entire crew for making her into the bitch she is now

anonymous asked:

More on the alphabet squad and/or adoptive father Resi raising little Saru? Maybe one day he gets lost and thinks he's been abandoned and Mikoto finds him, takes him back to the bar cause outside its raining and he can't just leave the kid. Saru spends a few hours there until S4 shows up demanding the return of their little prince.

Going with this as part of the AU where tiny Fushimi has Strain powers and gets rescued from Niki by Scepter 4, the Gold King gives Fushimi like a bracelet or something to keep his powers in check but Munakata decides to take responsibility for him just in case. Of course the whole alphabet squad loves him and Fushimi is basically Scepter 4’s little prince, everyone’s always wanting to take care of him and play with him and spend time with him. Awashima likes to bring him anko sweets to eat and pat his head and Munakata’s always inviting Fushimi to come into his office to play puzzles. Fushimi’s still a bit shy and wary about all this though, like he can’t forget Niki so easily and he has a tendency to absently play with his bracelet because he knows that’s what’s keeping his powers in check and part of him is certain that if he lost the bracelet and his powers went wild again everyone would hate him and abandon him. So then maybe one day he does end up losing the bracelet, like Hidaka thinks it would be cute to take the kid out on patrol but then they get into an unexpected situation with a dangerous Strain. Doumyouji’s driving and immediately turns the van to go defeat the Strain, Hidaka’s like wait but what about Saruhiko and Doumyouji just figures this is a good chance for little Saru to see them all looking cool. The Strain ends up being more dangerous than expected, say the alphabet boys have Fushimi stay in the van where they think it’s safe but then the Strain tries to destroy the van just figuring that this will cut off communications, not knowing Fushimi’s there. The alphabet boys immediately go running towards the van, all worried for Fushimi, but they’re too slow and the van goes flying. Fushimi manages to jump out but in protecting himself he takes off his bracelet and maybe sends like some kind of giant power towards both the Strain and the alphabet boys, knocking everyone out. Certain he’s just made everyone hate him Fushimi runs off, all alone and terrified.

He’s wandering around outside when it starts raining and Fushimi has to take refuge under the nearest overhang, which just so happens to be the doorway to Bar Homra. He’s sitting there curled up all miserable and shaking when Mikoto comes walking up the steps to the door. Fushimi shrinks back, scared, and Mikoto stares down at him for a moment in confusion. Maybe Munakata’s made Fushimi his own tiny uniform though and Mikoto’s aware that Munakata’s raising a kid so he’s able to figure out pretty quickly who this kid is. He asks Fushimi where his caretaker is, probably wondering how the hell Munakata lost sight of his kid so easily, and Fushimi kinda starts to stammer and hiccup because it’s a reminder of how much he screwed everything up and how he’s surely been abandoned. Mikoto finally just sighs and picks Fushimi up with one hand, carrying him in the bar and dumping him on the couch as he goes to ask Kusanagi if they have any towels because the kid’s soaked. Kusanagi takes one look at Fushimi and is just like Mikoto you can’t just kidnap random kids especially not ones in Scepter 4 uniforms. Mikoto shrugs and says the kid was sitting on the steps. As he and Kusanagi are discussing Totsuka comes down the steps and is all intrigued by this cute new kid Mikoto picked up, he’s all ready to ask Fushimi if he’d like to try out some new hobbies together. Fushimi is all shy and confused, like he doesn’t know about Homra so he has no idea who any of these people are or why they’re giving him hot chocolate and covering him in blankets.

Kusanagi meanwhile contacts Awashima and once the rain stops Munakata and a couple alphabet boys are immediately at Homra, Munakata just walks right in like he owns the place and Mikoto’s leaning on the counter all hey, aren’t you the guy who always talks about how it’s rude not to knock. Munakata gives him this thin smile and states that he didn’t know the Red clan were such barbarians that they would stoop to kidnapping. Mikoto says that he just found the kid, Munakata’s the one who lost him and Munakata says that was an unfortunate accident but he would like his child back now. Fushimi meanwhile is listening to the whole thing, hiding behind Kusanagi’s legs and all nervous because he’s sure that he’s in trouble. Mikoto turns to Fushimi and asks what he wants to do, does he want to go back with Munakata, and Fushimi quietly asks if Munakata’s upset with him. Munakata gives him this gentle smile and says on the contrary, he was terribly worried and everyone’s been waiting for Fushimi to come home. He holds out a hand to Fushimi and Fushimi shyly takes it, Munakata beams and says it’s time for them to go home. Fushimi kinda glances up at Mikoto as he leaves and Mikoto can’t stop himself from giving Fushimi a bit of a smile and telling him to go on home with his family now, Fushimi nods his head in thanks and hurries off to be doted on again at Scepter 4.

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