destroyed nature

The lions and their paladins in season 2:
  • Keith: *is mildly uncomfortable*
  • Black: I'm with Shiro now, get over it
  • Zarkon: I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love
  • Black: ... Anyway, Shiro, wanna see my cool wings?
  • Lance: What do I do?!
  • Blue: Do you think being a Primarina will help?
  • Hunk: Uh oh
  • Yellow: Time to bring out the Muscle™
  • Pidge: idk I just think tech is better than nature
  • Green: *destroys Galra tech by making roots burst out of it* Really? Are you sure?

Hubert Reeves từng nói: “Con người là giống loài rồ dại nhất. Họ tôn thờ một vị thần vô hình và hủy hoại thiên nhiên hữu hình trước mắt, mà không nhận thức được rằng chính thiên nhiên mà họ đang hủy hoại mới chính là vị thần họ nên tôn kính.”

Date a girl who is an all-destroying force of nature that even gods will eventually kneel before. Date a girl who is time personified, death incarnate, and the end of all things conceivable. Date a girl who will spare only you from destruction mandated by reality itself. Date a girl who, not through action but inaction, has gifted you with an undying, indestructable, and ageless body, that will take you beyond the end of all things to see the birth of something new. Date a girl who will tenderly hold your hand and kiss your lips through incarnation after incarnation of reality until you both forget you were mortal once.

Still impatient about Good Morning Call until Spring 2017?


Watch Miss in Kiss 2016 (Netflix)📺
Miss in Kiss is the fifth adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss. A romantic Taiwanese comedy story where a high school girl finally confesses her love to a fellow senior. However he arrogantly turns her down and rejects her. But as fate would have it a natural disaster destroys her home leading to both her and her father moving in with his chilhood friends who ends up being the father of her classmate whom she confessed her love to.

Unlike GMC Miss in Kiss is being uploaded on Netflix every other week.😒

⬇These are the other remakes⬇

Itazura na Kiss (Japanese) 1996
It Started with a Kiss (Taiwanese) 2005
•Season 2 - They Kiss Again
Playful Kiss (Korean) 2010
Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo (Japanese) 2013
•Season 2 - Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Okinawa

I hope you guys enjoy this drama. The first three episodes are available on Netflix. Episode 4 should be up by December 15th🎄☃.