destroyed book



So recently my Vengeful POS niece who I was babysitting decided that because I wouldn’t let her have Ice cream before bed that she would take a marker to my Throne of Glass Colouring book.

I won’t take a picture of the ruined book and I am so lucky my bedroom door was locked because if she’d got in there with the marker she could have ruined a LOT of books.
She only took a marker to my finished prices. Including the front cover of the book. And the front page, but scrawled ‘Millie is mean’ and 'I hate Amelia’ along the sides of some of the unfinished pages….
At least she didn’t ruin them all completelt….

I’m so Fucking furious right now.
And devastated…
So it’s time to buy another book…

As for these pages that I’ve saved… I don’t know what to do with them…
Shall I keep them for practice?

@hermajestymanon, @propshophannah @underthe-mountain. I’m torn between crying and strangling her.

Has anyone ever had a vindictive brat do this to their prized possessions?

I headcanon that Genji and Mercy really connected through reading. He would stop by at her office to return a book she recommended to him - then give him another to read.

He even forgot to return a book after he left Overwatch. When Recall happened, he finally finished the book and returned it to Mercy.

Also, Mercy with glasses. This post is now complete.


“I feel like I could eat the world raw.”

Please consider Song of Achilles au for tododeku im crying at a dennys

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anyway,,,,,,this is the funniest book review i’ve ever seen in my entire life like y’all this girl DESTROYED this book 

you ruined me. you took every bone from my body and broke it. you ripped every organ out of my chest and butchered them. you breathed in every essence of my soul and never returned any of it. so, yes, I became lost without you. I didn’t know how to breathe or walk -let alone get out of bed- I didn’t even know who I was; but that’s only because you took all my pieces, made me a gigantic puzzle, scrambled all the pieces and never put them back together.
—  you left me with nothing

You know the book it’s a good book when destroys your life.

I hate you for destroying me to the point where I can’t fully love anymore.
the greatest guy ever has walked into my life, and yet I cry until I can’t breathe thinking he will leave, just like you did.
I don’t think the word destroy puts into a definition of every thing you did to me.
I went so many months crying and believing I did something wrong. it took me so long to realize that you made the mistake, not me.
I am in love with someone who shows me that what I felt for you wasn’t love, but only infatuation wanting to be love.
I just wish I could erase you from my mind, and go back to the day when I walked into the same classroom as you, and never bat an eye.
you ruined me, and who I was. sometimes I wish I could see her again, to tell her to not make the mistake of you.
I hope one day the girl you love now realizes how horrible of a person you are, and leaves you for all your lies and hurtful words.
but I guess she’s stuck in the same trap I was.
maybe one day she’ll understand.
or maybe she loves being destroyed.
—  a letter to you.

AESTHETICS FAVORITE BOOK CHARACTERS (1/5) | Aaron Warner Anderson (Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi)

I’ve been training for just over a decade. Every day I’ve worked to hone my physical and mental strengths. I’m five feet, nine inches and 170 pounds of muscle. I’ve been built to survive, to maximize endurance and stamina, and I’m most comfortable when I’m holding a gun in my hand. I can fieldstrip, clean, reload, disassemble, and reassemble more than 150 different types of firearms. I can shoot a target through the center from almost any distance. I can break a person’s windpipe with only the edge of my hand. I can temporarily paralyze a man with nothing but my knuckles.

On the battlefield, I’m able to disconnect myself from the motions I’ve been taught to memorize. I’ve developed a reputation as a cold, unfeeling monster who fears nothing and cares for less.

But this is all very deceiving.

Because the truth is, I am nothing but a coward.