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speedpaint- https://youtu.be/giHhuKuDgQU

I started this months ago but due to school and lack of motivation I didn’t finish it until a couple of days ago. I made this to really test out coloring methods. You can use them for whatever just credit me and u know a like would be cool.

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what are your Thoughts on destroya?

I have so many Thoughts on Destroya that don’t make much sense unless I unpack All of my thoughts on the spirituality/folklore of the DD verse but I’ll try to say some things anyway

- Many people see Destroya as the opposite of the Phoenix Witch. While She leads people to the afterlife, They bring life

- That could mean anything from physically bringing people to life to inspiring people to live

- Mostly people in the City and Zones 1-2 worship Destroya. Ghoul is the resident Destroya Worshipper of the Four.

- The nature of Destroya is…… complicated. Like, all (most) of the other deities of the desert are bound to nature in some way. The Phoenix Witch and Destroya are both relatively new gods that can only exist with the culture life in the zones/city created. Even the Witch has Her ties to nature bc crows and bones and stuff. Destroya…. doesn’t really…. have any of that….

- Compared to the other deities Destorya is Less Real and even the Witch doesn’t know if They exist or not. While the Witch is out Doing Her Thing in the desert, Destroya is… dormant.

- But not really

- Like I said, it’s complicated.

- Droids in the city believe that Destroya is that huge robot scrap of metal out in the desert. The remains of that robot have been around who knows how long before the concept of Destroya was ever even a thing. bc the droids believed in that… something started to inhabit the robots body.

- the other deities have no idea what this consciousness is or what to make of it. nothing’s ever inhabited a physical form before

- like yeah there are the gods of the Sun and Wind and Sand and all that but they aren’t physically those things. they’re like.. the concept of those things.

- a lot of the people who live in the city believe in the concept of Destorya more than anything. they don’t really have a form attached to the concept. if they have to put a face to the concept of life, it’ll be something more industrial. not necessarily a full fledged robot but like… electricity. electricitg flowing through wires and circuits and all that.

- the people in the desert who actually believe in Destroya (which is a definite minority compared to those that believe in the Witch and those that don’t believe in much of anything) see Them as something more… animalistic. no one can really elaborate further on that

- see a pattern here?

- it’s much harder putting a face on life than it is putting a face on death

- btw have I mentioned that I love Katz @jerseymisery ’s version of Destroya? love you Katz

- anyway

- even the gods debate on if destroya physically (metaphysically??) exists, but none of them can deny that there’s Something out there that might be connected to the concept of Destroya/life/the will to live

- it’s a very visceral force of undirected energy. it’s like radio static

- basically, Destroya is a glitch in the system