Burn all your bridges
just so that you can build them again with thicker ropes.
Hurt all the people you love
and then commit every felony to win them back.
Drown yourself in bleach until not even Heaven’s light
can compare to how bright you burn.

Turn yourself inside out and
paint your organs the color of what you see in your dreams.

This is the art of living with a ticker heart- a grenade
you throw through the windows to make a point that
language has no room for.

This is how I destroyed you. And this, is how I kept you alive.

Dig yourself a ditch, six feet deep,
and bury everything that you’ve
ever said, everything that you’ve
never meant, and everything that has burned you and left you with nothing but what’s left.

—  Shinji Moon, “Advice From Dionysus”
Album Review: Not Scientists - Destroy to Rebuild
Not Scientists may be a newly formed band, but they have the experience and calm of men who have done it all before. Forming back in 2013, Not Scientists pulled together members from two well known French punk bands, No Guts No Glory and Uncommonmenfrommars.

From the beginning it was clear they weren’t the types to wait wait for fans and success to come to them. Quickly showing they were willing and able to get their name out there, playing over ninety nine shows in Europe and North America and releasing two EP’s. With musical influences ranging from the Buzzcocks, Hot Water Music and Superchunk, but with very polished melodies Not Scientist’s have crafted a truly tense and sophisticated punk rock sound.

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Not Scientists: in streaming "Disconnect the Dots"

Not Scientists: in streaming “Disconnect the Dots”

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External image
Nell’attesa dell’uscita del loro prossimo album “Destroy To Rebuild“, i francesi Not Scientists hanno reso disponibile in streaming il terzo singolo estratto dal loro prossimo lavoro.

Destroy To Rebuild uscirà il 6 Marzo 2015, nel frattempo potete ascoltare Disconnect the Dots qui.


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oh a coincidence? i think not.

Not Scientists Share 'Disconnect the Dots' from 'Destroy To Rebuild'

French indie punks Not Scientists are set to release their debut album, ‘Destroy To Rebuild,’ on March 6th through Kicking Records, Delete Your Favourite Records and Torreznetes Entertainment, and today they’ve shared another track from the album.

'Disconnect the Dots’ is a bouncy, plucky song that is dominated by a driving bassline and raw vocals. Take a listen to the track by clicking read more and let us know what you think.

22 Drummonds, Worcester
23 The Shed, Leicester
24 TBA, Birmingham
25 Underground, Plymouth
26 The Montague Arms, London
27 The George, Petersfield

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★ #curvasCCS160128_2A #AutomaticArchitecture #redVSblue #destroy #rebuild 20160128 #crayon on #sewing #paper By #RafaelReveronPojan #rreveronpojan #reveron | ★ #art #アート #艺术 #contemporaryart #現代美術 #当代艺术 #abstraction #geometric #painting #installation #structure #sculpture #object #housing #architecture #space

we’re supposed to feel. we’re supposed to love and hate and hurt and grieve and break and be destroyed and rebuild ourselves to be destroyed again. that is human. that is humanity. that’s being alive.
—  Owen Hunt, Grey’s Anatomy
Not Scientists Reveal Debut Album Details

Lyon, France’s Not Scientists have revealed details of debut album, ‘Destroy To Rebuild’.

The Indie/Punk quartet have set a release date of Friday 6th March for the album, and have also posted the first single from the record. The track is entitled 'Just Break Me’ and is a stirring blast of indie punk rock that builds at a steady pace before bursting with vibrancy in the chorus. You can listen to the track by clicking read more.

Not Scientists will follow up the release of 'Destroy To Rebuild’ with a run of UK shows in March.

22 Drummonds, Worcester
23 The Shed, Leicester
24 TBA
25 Underground, Plymouth
26 The Montague Arms, London
27 The George, Petersfield

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anonymous asked:

What would ur ideal ending to asoiaf be?

iron throne destroyed, bran rebuilds winterfell. starks live a peaceful life

the jon/dany happily married endgame makes me cring but i dont hate it like everyone else. idk i’m not really sure what i want dany’s ending to be

bands I’ve seen live so far

All Time Low
We Are The In Crowd
Of Mice & Men (x2)
The Acacia Strain (x3)
Asking Alexandria (x3) (met them)
Born of Osiris (x3) (met them)
Stick To Your Guns
Kubli Khan (x3) (met them)
Handed To The Thousands
A Day to Remember (x2)
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows
Bring Me The Horizon (x2)
For All I Am
Motionless In White (2) (met them)
Blood on the Dance Floor (x2) (saw them for a friend)
Dead Weight (x2) (local band)
Arch Enemy
Fall out Boy
The Story so Far
Chelsea Grin
Pierce the Veil
Hey Monday
Cattle Decapitation
Veil of Maya (met them)
Miss May I (x2)
Streetlight Manifesto (x2)
Youth In Revolt (met them)
For Today (x2)
Dropkick Murphys
I The Breather (met them)
Saves The Day (met them)
Hands Like Houses
Emorosa (met them)
Yuth Forever
Arch Enemy
Left Behind
Premonitions (x2) (local band)
Born a New (x2) (local band)
The illusionist (x3) (local band)
Inventure (x3) (local band)
Falling in Reverse
Issues (x2)
Black Veil Brides (ewww)
Into It Over It
Chunk! No Captain Chunk!
The Wonder Years
Dance Gavin Dance
Palisades (x3) (met them)
Sworn In (met them)
Four Year Strong
Sylar (x2)
We Came as Romans (x2) (met them)
Emmure (x2) (met them)
August Burns Red (x2) 
Crown the Empire (x2)
All That Remains
The Plot In You
Escape The Fate
Breathe Carolina (x2)
Major League
I Call Fives
Beyond Creation
Heroes (local band) (x2)
For The Fallen Dreams
Gideon (x2) (met them)
Volumes (met them)
Iwrestledabearonce (x2)
Come The Dawn
Chasing Safety (x2) (met them)
Upon A Burning Body (met them)
Oceans Ate Alaska (x2) (met them)
In Hearts Wake (met them)
Fit For A King (met them)
The Last Ten Seconds Of Life
A Skylit Drive (x2)
The Devil Wears Prada
Within The Ruins
Like Moths To Flames (x2) (met them)
Upon This Dawning
Betraying The Martyrs
Lower Than Atlantis
Lessons Learned
Invent Animate
Tides of Deception (x2) (local band)
Idle Minds (local band)
Ice Nine Kills (met them)
The White Noise (met them)
My Enemies & I (met them)
Wage War (met them)
Vanna (met them)
Polarity (local band)
Ashes of my Regrets (local band)
Northern (local band)
Glasshouses (local band)

song of saya

Petals and hues
Flow as they sway in the breeze
Painting the sky, filling with life
Bringing the whole world to peace

I’ll give it all, the things you sought
So please dry away all your tears,
Our time is finally here

Hey, please do not be afraid,
Raise your head and call out my name
Hey, isn’t it all like a dream
being here, holding you, loving me?
All these things can be

Feathers and hues
Flow as they sway in the breeze
I’ll spread my wings, paint my feelings
And bring the world to its knees

Though I can do all we want to,
Everything has to start anew,
Destroy, then rebuild, too

Praying and believing,
my cries fade
My thoughts shine on
bright, just like the day
Please know, always know
I’ll always be with you

Hey, isn’t it all lovely?
The worlds we can make if we just believe

Hey, will you smile at me?
Will you hold me, run through my hair softly?
Hey, in this world that we had made,
what does it mean for us if
we were just meant to fade?

Live on with the love left behind,
Know that I’m with you