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7th House - place of your open enemies

7th House in astrology is known as a house of relationships. Mostly, it is focused with our romantic partnerships and people we tend to be attracted to but 7th House provides as with knowledge not only related to our future spouses. It is important to remember that 7th also represents our “open” enemies (opposite to the 12th house which is about those “hidden”).  7th House shows you relationships of all kinds. The negative ones too.

Aries descendant
- your enemies are loud but daring. They may be people who are considered some kind of authority in the community. They will make you their scapegoat and will blame you for everything that goes wrong in their lives. Immature and agressive, always ready to attack whether with words or fists. They hate to lose so they will do EVERYTHING what it takes to not let it happen. Their downfall is their impulsivity.

Taurus descendant - your enemies are hedonistic but patient. They tend to put too much emphasis on material things, especially money. They will question your values. Lazy. Never admit if they are wrong because according to them they never are. They do not know how to really change themselves so they will try to convince you that there is no need for it. Their downfall is their stubborness. 

Gemini descendant - your enemies are nervous but smart. They will always twists your words. They will try to make you angry and make you look like a madman. Shallow. They will question your knowledge and education. They can also make fun of you ideas and the way you talk. They spend too much time focusing on other people lives. Their downfall is their inner restlessness.

Cancer descendant - your enemies are childish but intuitive. They will see the change in your behaviour and try to find out what caused it. They will hide it behind “concerned” facade. They will pretend that they care so you could feel you can trust them but it is all just to feed their own emotional needs. Their downfall is their selfishness

Leo descendant - your enemies are prideful but bright. They know how to shine. They know how to make people like them. They are too stubborn to admit that they might do something wrong. They will always try to make you look like you are less than them. Less entertaining, less generous, less needed… It all will be projection of their own deep rooted insecurities. Their downfall is their need for validation

Virgo descendant - your enemies are anxious but cautious. They know how to hold an image of a “good girl/boy”. They are great and planning and will make sure everything will turn out their way. Deep down they are messy and unhappy but they do not know how to ask for help because they take pride in being self-sufficent. Their downfall is their own self- righteousness

Libra descendant - your enemies are indirect but charming. They are popular and very likeable. They are smart and they have no problem in ruining someone’s reputation. They always need a group of adoration beside them so they would not feel lonely because they have no idea how to face themselves alone. They cannot live without your attention. They may try to befriend your friends. They always talk about peace but at the same time loves to create drama and play a judge. Their downfall is their ignorance of oneself.

Scorpio descendant - your enemies are moody but magnetic. They can be very sexy and make people fall for their mysterious aura. They will accuse you of being shallow and materialistic. They will will observe you and wait for a right moment to strike. It is, because they always think you are out there to get them. Ruthless and easily angered, they will feel relieved if something bad happen to you. Deeply down they know they are cruel but are too scared to stop because they do not want other to see their vulnerable side. Their downfall is their own paranoia.

Sagittarius descendant - your enemies are preachy but confident. Friendly and optimistic, they easily make people like them. They are insensitive and have no problem in calling you out in front of everyone. They always think that their ideas are the best and that they hold the key to some higher kind of knowledge. Blunt and loud, they are most likely to tell you right in your face that they hate you. They will make fun of your beliefs and education, making you feel like an idiot. Their downfall is their arrogance

Capricorn descendant - you enemies are cold but hard-working. They are  calculative and they will think thourughly how to strike before they decide to do that. They will belittle your emotions and will make you feel like you are weak for having them. They are ambitious so they will always strive to be better than you and they will not stop until they show they are. They will not waste too much of their time to talk with you but they will rather focus on showing you results of their work so you could see with your own eyes that they are everything you cannot be. They will have no problem with destroying your reputation. Their downfall is their ruthlessness.

Aquarius descendant - your enemies are obstinate but original. They have unique minds and ideas, they are sociable and friendly - they can easily make friends with everyone they want. They will question your originality. They will act like they are the only one capable of doing something different and brilliant They will make you feel like you are too stupid and too boring conformist, barely a mere ship in the system. They themselves are not, of course. Their downfall is their god-complex.

Pisces descendant - your enemies are annoying but creative. Kind and friendly, they have an extraordinary ability to make people feel sorry for them in every situation. Delusional, they refuse to see things for how they are. Manipulative, hot and cold, can be more aggresive than people think. They never learn from their mistakes and they are unable of taking responsibility for their own life but will always ask you for an advice (which they will not take). They will call you insensitive and harsh. Needy. Chaotic. Their downfall is their moodiness.

Some Unholy War

Part 1 of MMA Fighter!Tom AU 

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Summary: Ultimate fighter Tom Holland walks into a diner at two in the morning and finds something more than greasy eggs and dusty bar stools. 

Warnings: swearing, violence (lots of it, Tom is an ultimate fighter)

Word Count: 4500


Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in the next part! And please tell me if you like it I need constant validation

Send in requests here

It was the graveyard shift at the diner, and the only people that came in at this time were the tweakers and those just getting off of their own shifts. It was almost two in the morning when Tom walked in.

He couldn’t help but notice the tired sparkle in her eyes when she took his order. She swayed her hips a little when she got the coffee he asked for, the small white apron tied tight around her waist, the short blue and white dress left almost nothing to Tom’s imagination. If it were up to her, Y/N would have dressed in more modest clothing, at least a dress that reached the middle of her thigh, and none of these stockings, because she found herself having to continuously pull them up throughout her shift.

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Imagine... Carl Gallagher #2

Request: Can you do one where the reader is V’s cousin and is baby sitting the twins and meets Carl and he is nothing like she imagined from V’s stories, he’s sweet and taller than she thought, you know?

Pairing: Carl x Reader

Warnings: swearing, fluffy lil Carl .

“Please Y/N! It would mean the world. It’s only for a few hours i promise!” Veronica begged through the phone. “Fine. What time do you want me to be there?” Y/N asked. “Six?” Veronica asked. “Okay, I’ll be over in a bit then. Text me your addre-” “CARL! What did I tell you about going through my drug cabinet!” Veronica yelled. Y/N held the phone away from her ear. “Is that Carl Gallagher again?” She asked. “Yes… he’s a little shit and he knows it. Did you know he got caught taping-” “ten pounds of heroine to his nephew Chuckie. Yes V I know. You’ve told me everything about this kid.” She cut her cousin off. “He spent a year in juvenile prison for fucks sake” she said. Y/N rolled her eyes. “Is it bad that I kind of want to meet him?” She joked, though she was partially serious.“No way! There is no way in hell I will let you meet Carl Gallagher. He will destroy your reputation within a week” she said sternly. “I give it three days!” Y/N could hear Kev say. “Anyway, I’ll see you at six. Thank you so much Y/N you are a lifesaver.” Veronica spoke. Y/N said her goodbyes before hanging up.


Y/N sat on the floor with the twins on either side of her. The girls had been nonstop crying for an hour now, Y/N had tried everything to keep them occupied.

They weren’t hungry, nor sleepy. She made sure their diapers were clean and dry before giving them each a toy that Kev and V had recently purchased.

A knock at the door had pulled Y/N’s attention from the girls. She picked them up, one on each hip, she placed Gemma in the play crib. She kept Amy close to her as she looked out the window to see who was there. She wasn’t used to the neighbourhood. She noticed a guy, around her age, standing at the front door. Y/N unlocked the door and opened it. “Hi?” She said, swaying her body to comfort Amy. “Can you please quiet the twins down? We can hear them from next door…” Y/N sent a confused look. “Sorry, who are you?” She asked confused. “Carl…Who are you?” Y/N raised her eyebrows. This was the infamous Carl Gallagher? “I’m Y/N, Veronica’s cousin.” By now the girls had finally gone quiet. “V didn’t tell me she had such a beautiful cousin.” He winked. Y/N blushed slightly. She was a bit confused as to how he could be so bad. He was definitely not how she pictured him to look like. He’s much taller and he has nicer hair. She expected him to be grubby and greasy. He’s the exact opposite.

“Mind if I come in?” He asked. Y/N nodded and stepped out of the way, letting him walk inside. “You aren’t going to steal anything are you?” She asked, concerned for the cabinet that was in the corner of the room. “The only thing I’ll be stealing tonight is your heart” he said slyly as he took a seat on the couch. Y/N put Amy down in the crib beside Gemma. She smiled to herself at the comment Carl had made. “Veronica told me all about you.” She stated. She took a seat on the floor by the twins. “Yeah? Tell me about yourself then. It’s only fair” Carl ran a hand through his hair, he pat the seat next to him and Y/N cautiously made her way over. “Well you know now that I’m Veronica’s cousin. Uh, I’m seventeen years old. I’m a sophomore, and I work part time at a pizza place downtown. There’s not much else to me” she explained.

Carl had been looking at her lips for quite some time now. She had become a bit self conscious that something was stuck in her teeth. “Can I kiss you?” He asked. She knit her eyebrows together. “We literally just met” he didn’t say anything. Y/N looked to his full lips and took in a deep breath before nodding. Carl leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. Time had stopped. Y/N closed her eyes and melted into the kiss. The door opened and the two pulled away quickly.

“Oh hell no!” Veronica yelled. Y/N looked to the front door with wide eyes. “Shit” Carl got up from the couch and booked it out the front door, weaving passed Kev and V before they could do anything. “Looks like we need a new babysitter” Kev joked. Y/N looked to her cousin with a guilty look. V crossed her arms over her chest and huffed. “Unbelievable” she muttered, walking into the kitchen. Kev picked up Amy and Gemma and kissed their foreheads before turning to Y/N. “he ain’t all bad” he whispered, joining V In the kitchen. Y/N ran a hand through her hair and let out a breath of air. Secretly,she hoped they needed a babysitter again, really soon.

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Day6 badboy!au (relationship focus)

So is it bad boy, or badboy? I don’t know. Because bad boy doesn’t look right, but badboy has the red squiggle under it.

Also, thanks for the Day6 request, these boys deserve lots of attention


-          He’s a “bad boy,” but not actually

-          Like he wears the jacket and he does his hair up like one

-          But that thing sticking out of his mouth that your parents assume is a cigarette because he’s kind of far away and they can’t quite see?

-          It’s a lollipop. Bubblegum flavored, to be specific

-          And also, he’s a lollipop

-          He’s always smiling and he rides a motorcycle, and every time he gets on the motorcycle and you’re there, he winks at you and smiles before he ZOOMS off into the distance while ACDC plays in the background

-          Or maybe it was a B1A4 cute concept song or something, who knows with this boy

-          He finds any and every reason to talk to you and you guys become kind of friends but like one of those really playful bantery friendships

-          He throws a rock at your window to get your attention and then sneaks you out for milkshakes and karaoke at 1am this one time, and then he’s walking you back along the side walk with this really pretty view with flowers and trees, and he stops you under a street light, grabs the sides of the hood your wearing, and kisses you

-          And then you two just stand there with his hands holding your face and your hands resting on his sides and your foreheads are leaning together and it’s adorable and your stomach is all fluttery and :3

-          And it was great and so now he does that all the time and it’s just a thing now


-          Actual bad boy, you knew he was trouble when he walked in

-          But not like rip your heart out and destroy your reputation and drink heavily kind of trouble, like he stays out later at night than he probably should and he skips class sometimes and he flirts with everyone but he’d totes be there if you ever got into a tricky situation type of trouble

-          Owns a muscle car that he cares for kind of meticulously, knows how to do his own maintenance

-          He kind of watches you walk into school or work while he leans on his car and it creeps people out a little

-          And he doesn’t seem very approachable

-          And he hangs out with the badboys

-          But then your car breaks down on the side of the road and he pulls over, helps you fix it, and then tells you now you have to go to dinner with him as payment with a smile and he turns out to be actually kind of sweet

-          KIND OF

-          He takes you to a burger place and you steal each other’s fries

-          And then you wind up talking for like an hour after you’re finished eating

-          And as you’re leaving, he hands you his number and he says “In case your car breaks down again and you need to call me. Or just literally any reason ever, if you ever want to call me or text me at all, do it.”

-          So you call him

-          Not for your car though, because there’s this great movie coming out that he would love

-          You call him many times, in fact, for various different reasons, and he calls you too, and its sort of a thing

-          Almost like you’re… dating… or something….

-          So he starts putting his arm around your shoulder literally all the time, and you both make your phone wallpapers the same picture of him with his arm over your shoulder and him kissing your temple and honestly it’s the cutest thing ever


-          Sort of the dadfriend of the bad boy friend group, doesn’t give a flip about the fact that he has a bad boy image, is %100 aware of it but doesn’t try to break it or build it up, he legit just doesn’t care

-          He’s a good bad boy. He’s got the I don’t give a flip, slightly reckless personality, but he’s also caring and nice

-          Seems a little intimidating sometimes because he keeps the boys in line and if he’s “in charge” with the bad boys then he must be REALLY TOUGH AND MEAN AND BAD right? Right? Right? ???

-          And then the five of them are out hanging at the arcade while you’re there and their jam comes on and he dances like a dork and they all start laughing and you’re like wait… what?

-          Like he legit actually doesn’t care what people think in any way and it’s great

-          And then he sees you looking and he nods and smiles at you

-          And then on his way out he taps your shoulder and when you turn around he smiles and says “you dropped this” and hands you a small folded piece of paper, and he walks away

-          And you open it and it has a phone number in it and it says “text me”

-          So you go back and forth for a while, but the curiosity gets the better of you because what boy dances like that in front of a girl and then gives her their number that confidently? and you text him, so he takes you to an amusement park and the two of you have a blast, and you go on all these big rides and the adrenaline just makes you guys more comfortable with each other really fast

-          So needless to say it went great, and two days later, he asks you to go back to that arcade with him, and you do, and it’s a blast and he’s super fun and wonderful and you go to karaoke after and he has a FANTASTIC voice, and then you’re walking home, and it’s dark and you guys start talking about your lives and you start telling him about your dreams and ambitions and he thinks its really cool, so suddenly he just stops you, looks at you for a second, and then kisses you

-          And you’re all !!!!

-          But then he pulls away and you’re both all :3

-          That’s literally the first time you’ve seen him blush

-          So from then on it’s a super chill comfortable relationship, and you guys go on dates and act like dorks without a care in the world and it’s literally the best

-          (I may or may not have a new bias)


-          Not a bad boy. He gets a bad rep because he hangs out with all the bad boys because they’re his friends

-          Actual sweetheart

-          Looks flippin’ bossin in the jacket and the hair and the jeans though, I mean like he’s the least baddie of all of them, but somehow he actually looks better in the getup than any of the others

-          He doesn’t really notice that people kind of classify him as a bad boy because anyone who he actually interacts with for long enough for him to pick up on something like that just completely abandons the whole badboy theory because how can you be with this kid for even just five minutes and not be like Dawwww :3

-          Is a customer at your work, and you meet him and immediately are like okay he’s a sweetheart, and he’s kind of shy and stutters a little and giggles for the whole time he’s talking to you over the counter or whatever at your work, and then he goes back to his friends and you watch as it takes them literally ten minutes to convince him to go and get your number because he’s too shy

-          They all cheer when you give it to him and he blushes like a lobster

-          So he works up the nerve to text you, and you can bet the boys helped him A LOT

-          So he asks you out to the boardwalk and you guys get cotton candy and walk, and you hold his hand and he gets really smiley and blushy

-          And  then he walks you home and he kisses your cheek and blushes super hard and smiles and then you both have a constant internal squeal going on for the rest of the night

-          So obviously you guys become official, but he’s still really blushy for quite a while after, like he’ll initiate skinship in private, he’ll hug you and stuff, but in public if you do anything more than hold hands he melts into this messy puddle of Wonpil goo



-          Also not a bad boy. Youngest of the bad boy gang, sometimes forgets and starts teasing the others like he’s the oldest

-          Then goes back to being a shy puppy

-          DEEP VOICE is intimidating, doesn’t help with the bad boy image

-          He wears the getup just like the rest of them, but then his face is adorable and his hair is all curly and soft so actually everyone is a little unsure if he’s a bad boy or an actual angel child

-          (He’s an actual angel child)

-          You drop something while you’re walking about twenty feet in front of him and he picks it up and stops you to hand it to you, he can barely make eye contact because females? What? How does one interact with those? He doesn’t know..?

-          And it’s super adorable

-          And then you find a reason to start chatting with him occasionally and he starts to open up and he gets smiley and playful and happy and its cute and all his bad boy bro pals are all “aww”

-          And so you two get closer until he’s actually comf with you, and then one day, he just seems super shy and wont look you in the eye, and so you’re like okay, what’s up with you

-          So he just stutters out ‘I like you’ and you laugh because ‘DUH’ and you kiss his cheek

-          “I like you too, silly”

-          And from that point on, he’s an absolute puppy, he holds your hand all the time, will not stop kissing your cheek, loves it when you kiss his cheek, fleufs all around

-          And he gets especially cuddly when he’s happy and excited and its just adorable and awesome

when u try to block legislation that protects children from being abused by their coaches in their sporting careers because the agency that inspired the bill is the reason you’re still a d list sports “star” with a “reputation” in the sports community and people find out about it and get righfully angry, thus destroying your reputation anyway

Narcissists train their victims not to stand up for themselves.

Narcissists typically either rage, bully, justify, reject, or fly into defensiveness when a person stands up for themselves against something they’ve done or said (or didn’t do or say).

This is because when a person stands up for themselves against their behavior, to a Narcissist that’s an accusation of not being a wonderful, perfect person who’s always in the right, or who has authority ranking and therefore is superior and “above reproach”.

This is how targets get trained not to stand up for themselves. The victim lives in fear of reaction. Fear of massive consequences, drama, chaos, smearing, raging, and the problems that those behaviors cause for them in the rest of their life, including their emotional or physical well-being.

• If the bear swipes at you, pretend it didn’t hurt, pretend you didn’t notice it.

• If the bear didn’t feel like showing up, calling you when they said they would, responding, helping when you’re in need or danger, following through with plans or doing something they had committed to, you just say you understand (when you finally hear from them), or don’t mention it at all.

• No matter what the bear does or says, always show admiration, affection, or sympathy, (always), always give them attention right when they want it, (always), never be busy doing anything else, and always drop everything when they want attention.

• No matter what you’re dealing with, never show your sadness, pain, illness, frustration or anger in front of the bear, for this will upset the bear and mess up his or her happy mood.

• Never try to explain your point of view to the bear, nor try to engage the bear in a real discussion about the relationship between you, or about his or her behavior, or about your feelings. This will annoy or anger the bear.

• Never hold the bear to any expectations or commitments or agreements, and always tell the bear you understand.

• And don’t leave the bear for any reason unless he or she tells you to leave, and come back immediately when the bear tells you to.

• Otherwise, the bear will fly into a rage, or wreck your stuff, or ruin your relationships, or attack you, or attack people you care about, or withdraw any and all friendship, family relationship or support, or destroy your reputation.


Blood {Jamie Lannister x Lannister!Reader}

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@letsasoiaftogether requested:
“Could you do a Jaime x reader where the reader is his younger cousin? Are you alright with writing that? I know it’s considered incest to some even though it’s perfectly fine and all in canon…and maybe she’s named after Joanna and even looks like her a little and Jaime falls for her when she comes to the capital a few years after Cersei marries Robert?”

[Smut warning, and cousin incest warning! Okay, it’s going to be implied that she’s named after Joanna, but I’m still going to write Y/N for insert purposes, thanks for the request!]


Y/N Lannister would never marry.

It was not that she didn’t want to, in fact, she wished for a home and family more than most, but between her selective father (turning away all suitors from a tender age), her elitist uncle (Tywin had a penchant of waiting for the best bribe before making a decision), and her overprotective cousins (Cersei scarcely let men speak to her, and Jamie would threaten anyone who vied for her hand), marriage simply wasn’t an option.

As time went on, Kevan Lannister grew less picky, and Tywin less demanding, but Jamie remained the same. His hand on his sword, his eyes snagged on his younger cousin at all times. She’d begged and pleaded for him to leave her be, but alas, that only seemed to encourage his overprotective nature, snapping at a male servant who got ‘too close’.

That was the day Y/N had enough.

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”Emily, I really appreciate it, but helping me could destroy your reputation in the bureau”

Reid she quit and rejoined like 4 times, fought every one of her authority figures and a US senator whenever she had the chance, DIED and came back to life.,.. do you really think that her reputation could get any worse at this point like??????

Common misconception about Pisces:
  •   They don’t know what they want.

No, they know, trust me. The thing is they probably don’t know how to get it or they are too scared to try to get it. It doesn’t mean that they don’t know what they want. They just don’t know THE WAY to get it. Also, being scared to go for what you want is different from being afraid to get it. They are scared probably due to thinking that they are not good enough/smart enough to get what they want and that they don’t deserve it.

  • Pisces are stupid.

Mercury may be in detriment/fall in Pisces but if you think it makes them stupid you need to stop projecting. Detrimental placement doesn’t give you small IQ. Pisces are not stupid they love to learn. They are MUTABLE sign. Mutable sign have big thirst for knowledge and they always want to learn something new. Thanks to this they expand their knowledge on many topics. Pisces similar to Gemini may be a Jack of all trades. Beside that Pisces are people smart and have great intuition. They possess high emotional intelligence similar to Cancers and similar to them they use their intuition in learning. Pisces way of learning is different than yours but it doesn’t make it any less worse. 

  • They are weak. They don’t stand up for themselves.

They go with the flow as long as it suits them but when they sense that something is wrong they will turn around and go. And you will never see them again. They avoid useless fights. They don’t like to give someone satisfaction of making them angry. They can be doormats if they are insecure and less mature but those evolved will never let people push them around. They can endure a lot but if you push them to their breaking point they will lash out and you will see a very nasty side of them. Those who mistake their tolerance for weakness will experience first their wrath. They simply choose their battles and don’t waste their energy on meaningless things.

  • They don’t see things for what they are.

No, they just choose to see a better side of things. It is their CHOICE. They see a whole picture they just choose to ignore it and that’s another thing. They want to focus on best not on the worst.

  • They are high all the time.

I wish we were. This way we wouldn’t hear this bullshit.
The case is, Pisces is a sign connected to the universe’s consciousness. They live in two worlds, they are very sensitive to signals from the other side. They often get lost in their thoughts and fantasies because they simpy feel it is where they truly belong. They are in two worlds but never fully in one. They are lost and sometimes say things you think may sound weird. They are just trying to cope and survive harder times. Just… Let them be. 

  • Pisces are angels sent from heavens and-

Pisces can be the coldest, manipulative sign if you get on their bad side. They are the ones able to effortlessly manipulate Scorpios and if that doesn’t tell you something than I don’t know what else you need to hear? They can make people feel sorry for them and destroy your reputation without feeling any remorse. They can get really dark and shut you out, leave you in the cold wondering what the hell you did wrong and how you can fix this (even when they are guilty not you). They will have no mercy on your soul if you cross them. Just stop idolizing them. Pisces are great and I love them so much but they are capable of doing evil things just like any other sign/person. Stop. Idolizing. Them. 

Manju and Mochi

Street racers!AU

warnings: psychotic like mad hatter, cocky Jinyoung, mentions of killing, strong language, murder, still mafia related, mild smut (pg-14, get a grip, he’s young), you’re emotionless.

You watched the young male walk towards his seat beside you; he didn’t scare you to say the least, rather he fascinated you. Both of you were really silent, predicting every move the other made.

You stayed in the same position for more than half an hour waiting for the professor to dismiss the class, so you could escape Jinyoung’s stare. You hung your head back when the teacher slammed the textbook down the table then dismissed the class.

You rushed out the class, finally getting fresh air until he whispered into your ear, “You look extremely nervous.”

You turned your head to him, just a few inches away from his lips, but you spoke instead, “Don’t try me.”

The hallway was empty by that time of day, and you half expected Jinyoung to walk the same direction you did; however, when you turned back to see if he was delaying his steps–you didn’t see him at all. You retreated back trying to find him, you pulled on every door to inspect.

Lastly, you stood in front of the gym door; it was locked. There were sounds coming from the gym, this time you didn’t hesitate. You scanned for another entrance, but there was none. You pulled out two pins from your hair, pulling the curved metal away from the flat one before taking out the round nub of the pin. Bending the tip of the pin ninety degrees left, you then bent the curved surface resembling it into a handle. You stepped on the other pin, then curving it ninety degrees before inserting it inside the lock.

Your movements halted when you heard someone’s scream from the inside–the cries for help. Proceeding with caution, you put in the second pin moving the pins of the lock upward, the door opened automatically letting you sneak inside. Your eyes caught a glimpse of the scene inside, Jinyoung pointed his gun on a man then his eyes darted to yours.

“Shoot and the alarm goes off.” You threatened as your gaze held him in place. Jinyoung showed you a cocky grin aiming the gun on top of the man’s head, “You’re also part of this, just so you know.”

You smirked, “Be careful with what you wish for, there are things you should be afraid of. Especially since you still feel pain, fear and sympathy.”

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Princess- Sebastian De Poitiers

Originally posted by sullismeadows

Pairing: Sebastian De Poitiers x Reader

Characters: Sebastian De Poitiers, Catherine De Medici, Henry II

Warnings: N/A

Request: Wattpad Request- Could you do a Bash imagine from Reign? Reader is going to be the Queen of a country (You ca choose that) and is staying at french court for a while and falls for him. Catherine and Henry are against it because Bash is only a bastard, but reader tells them that they have no authority over her and she can be with who ever she wants. Then they get married, She is the queen and Bash is the Prince consort.

Word Count: 622

Author: Charlotte

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For @skiretehfox’s Siblings AU do I even need to explain myself? It’s three different Max(es) and they’re all related. I mean, I already love them individually but ALL of them TOGETHER? Fucking amazeballs and Max galore.

Triple Max

They’re triplets separated only by time or at least that’s how they introduce themselves to new acquaintances whenever they’re together. They could pass off as identical triplets if it weren’t for the differing hairstyles and height. But if you look closely, you’ll see the telltale freckles speckled on each of their faces, incriminating evidence of their bloodline. That and their inherent passion for photography.

“Always take the fucking shot.”

There’s Maximus, the eldest, she’s the prodigy who doesn’t give a shit. She’s a double major at the age of 22 who dabbles in law when she’s not cutting classes. The only perfect attendance she has on official record are all of her photohraphy classes but even then she zones out in class if it’s a lesson she’s already figured out on her own ages before. Maximus is not the most responsible academically but she makes up for it with pure talent and skills that make her formidable even outside of university.

She also holds the title for messiest hair among the siblings. It only adds to her handsomeness or so her admirers say. She has this aura that just naturally exudes power and authority. Just as much as she is dashing, she’s also intimidating and with good reason. She’s pretty much chill unless you piss her off. Do not piss her off and double do not mess with her sisters. She’s scary as fuck and with her skills, she will destroy you. The other two sisters look up to her as the protective bodyguard that has probably, if not already, killed a man.

“Ready for your close up, sweetheart?”

Up next is Maxine, second oldest, she’s the smooth talker who’s friends with everyone. She’s a theater major and a film producer at the age of 20 with an already bursting portfolio of indie films. Unlike her solitary sister, Maxine prefers to surround herself with people and genuinely enjoys their company. She’s the most fashionable out of the three but only because managing her wardrobe is part of the cinematography package or so she says.

She’s also the only sibling who grew their hair and without competition, her hair is just as smooth as her people skills. She could befriend even her worst enemies with just her suave charm. Although she comes off as easygoing, she can raise hell when pissed off. Again, do not piss her off and double do not mess with her sisters. She’s powerful as fuck and with her connections, she will destroy your reputation. The other two sisters rely on her as the social butterfly that can talk their way out of any situation.

“Wowsers, that’ll make an awesome photo!”

Lastly is Max, the youngest, she’s the doe-eyed pup who’s just trying to get by and get good photos. She’s in high school just like any other teenager but at the age of 18, she already shows enough promise for her to earn a scholarship at Blackwell Academy. Naturally, her course is photography, what else? Personally she thinks she doesn’t have anything that special when compared to her high achiever sisters but she doesn’t let that discourage her. She’s still young so maybe she just still hasn’t discovered what her specialty is yet.

Although if there is anything that comes close then maybe it’s her penchant for candid shots. Max can take the most ordinary selfies and candid shots of people and bring out a quality that’s normally unseen by any other photographer including her sisters. Two out of three vote that Max gets the best shots out of them and it would have been a consensus if she voted for herself. She’s not good with confrontations so she doesn’t fight but make no mistake, there are people willing to kill for her. She has two sisters, two! Do not piss her off and double do not mess with her. She’s innocent as fuck and with her sisters, she will unknowingly destroy your life. The other two sisters see her as the pure cinnamon roll that’s too good for this world.

It can get a little confusing when all three of their names are variations of Max but they’ve worked out a nickname system for themselves.

“Xim! Your shirt’s inside out again.” Maxine pointed out with a disapproving frown.

“I think it’s kind of cool how you don’t give a fuck.” Max comments from the sofa chair across them.

“See? Max gets me.” Maximus smirks while lazily sprawled on the couch.

“Don’t encourage her.” Maxine lightly chides the youngest and then turns to the eldest. “And you, try to be more presentable.”

“What’s the point? It’s just us at home and it’s not like you judge or I care. Mostly the latter.” Maximus simply shrugs off the reprimand.

“The point is that you should set a good example.” Maxine admonishes sternly and then sighs. “It’s bad enough that Max has already picked up on your swearing.”

“Hey, I kinda like how… liberating it feels to not hold back.” Max adds in her own thoughts.

“You heard the kid.” Maximus seconds the motion with her thumb up in Max’s direction. She then smiles smugly at Maxine who’s scowling. “She’s old enough and besides, it was going to happen anyways.”

“It’s alright, Xine. I promise I won’t pick up Xim’s worst habits.” Max says tentatively and even crosses over her heart for good measure.

“Don’t promise anything you can’t keep.” Maximus quickly quips.

“Oh, hush you!” And Maxine is quick to shoot her down. “Don’t corrupt our baby sister any more than you already have, Xixim.”

“The darkness is a free choice.” Maximus corrects her and then adds on, “It’s more fun on the dark side and everyone knows that for a fact. Plus people fear you. Afraid people means less social interaction, something your extrovert species won’t understand, Xinnie.”

“That is a pretty convincing sales pitch.” Max nods all too enthusiastically.

“Darkness is overrated nowadays.” Maxine huffs with crossed arms and refuses to be beaten so easily. “Why would you want to scare people away when they could be worshipping you? And with just a few words, they’d be at your beck and call.”

“And another convincing sales pitch.” Max nods again at the rebuttal. This is some high level argument ongoing and this is intellectual entertainment at its finest.

“See, that’s the deal breaker right there. Talking. Words.” Maximus airily retorts. She doesn’t even hold back as she openly mocks her own sister, “You’re the only person in this room who enjoys that, Xine.” She pauses just so she could turn up the smugness in her smile. “Face it, I’m Max’s favorite because I get her.”

Maxine’s eyebrows twitch slightly at the sudden redirection. Oh, it’s on. “Puh-lease, don’t even get me started.” She casually flips her luxurious hair and scoffs, “Who’s the one here who actually goes with her and has never missed an event? Well you’re right about me enjoying talking and that’s because I talk to her more than you do.” She gestures with her hand with the sassiest flair the house has ever seen. “Move over, we’ve bonded more.”

The two continue to bicker back and forth while the youngest watches silently, seemingly forgotten. Max isn’t sure at what point did this argument became about which sister is her favorite but she’s sure that she has to end it before it blood spills. Literally. She does not want a rerun of the bloodbath of 2010. As amazing as it is to see her two sisters duke it out with their incredible wits, it’s also deadly as fuck. Bloodstains are a pain in the ass to remove from the carpet.

So before it escalates from just bruised egos, Max plays it cool as the peacemaker. Again. It’s kind of ironic how her two older sisters act childish sometimes and she, the youngest, has to be the mature one.

“Well I think you’re both awesome!” Max cuts in between them like a samurai or so she imagines herself as one. She turns to the couch where Maximus is still lounging on. “Xim has this cool lone wolf vibe. She can get things done on her own and power through anything.” She looks at the doorway where Maxine is fashionably leaning on. “Xine has this amazing social butterfly gait. She can get people together and even create collaborative projects.” And then she addresses them both, “You two are awesome at what you do respectively. There’s no use comparing each other when what you do is unique. It’s not a competition. You’re both my favorite sisters in the whole world.”

The room falls silent after Max’s impromptu speech. Her two sisters are still staring at her and she’s starting to get self-conscious with every second passing. Until finally they move again but instead of talking, they’re clapping. It’s a slow clap that sounds full of approval and admiration. It makes Max blush with embarrassment.

Maximus wears a toothy smile. “Safe answer. Smart choice, kid.”

“Good call. Excellent show of conflict resolution skills!” Maxine beams brightly.

“T-Thanks…!” Max ducks her head shyly and they only clap harder. She has the faintest suspicion that they’re teasing her and she too can play this game. “But if I had to pick a favorite…” She lets the sentence hang in the air long enough for her two sisters to latch onto it. Hook, line and sinker. She smiles impishly when she continues, “Then maybe, just maybe, I’d probably— definitely go with the one who takes out the trash.”

Her two sisters smile back and they have this moment where it’s almost as if their minds are in synch. Then the moment collapses in on itself when the two burst out into laughter.

“Sorry Max but you’re on your own in this.” Maximus waved the offer. “It’s your turn today and I ain’t touching that crap unless you’re dying. Even then the only trash I’m taking out are the scumbags who hurt you.”

“Yeah, that’s not our call to make. The rules are meant to be followed.” Maxine states matter-of-factly. “And same. I’ve already handled last week’s filth and it’s only fair that you deal with this one. Although I could manipulate someone else to do it, I’d rather not.”

Max joins them, giggling. “Eh, it was worth a shot.”

Meet the Caulfield sisters, despite their differences, they get along pretty well. If it isn’t obvious from the freckles and their passion for photography, they’re basically triplets separated only by time.

the gangsey + who you should fight

gansey: don’t be fooled by his good looks and heavenly arms the guy doesn’t want to/know how to fight. he will carefully and masterfully try to hide his panic attack while trying to convince you to find a compromise, which if it does not work will only prompt him into proudly and quite sadly facing his faith: you’ll just nope out of it due to pity and/or your own slow realization that violence isn’t the way

noah: i’m sure he has the basics covered, and even some useful little tricks. but he’s not a mean person so he’ll probably turn the whole thing into a game eventually. also, he’s dead so he can’t die. it’ll be an eternal fight until he gets bored or you tire yourself out. that being said, he’s probably the most fun to fight with.

blue: she is very small and small ones are always full of rage. she looks at you like you digust her (you probably do) and will sass you a lot troughout the entire fight, even if she’s losing. she’ll kick, scratch, take out a small knife, stab you multiple times maybe. in the shins or smth. she won’t hesitate bitch

adam: don’t you dare lay a hand on him. besides, gansey, blue and noah would fuck you up badly if there were no ronan lynch in the picture. he who will kill you slowly instead and destroy your entire life/reputation/credibility/anything that will make you suffer. also, adam is not weak. but anyway hurting adam = game over for your existence

ronan: sure go ahead. he’ll laugh at you but take on any challenge probably. maybe you’ll have a chance if he’s drunk but i doubt it. remember that he is “vicious” and “dangerous.” remember that he decked a full grown man fuelled by anger only. i’d say try not to make him mad, maybe he’ll go easier on you, but if he deems you worthy of his time or if he just feels like brutalizing stuff that day, you’ll have your hands full. good luck champ have fun with your pain

henry: if not noah then henry. henry will give you the most entertaining fight you’ve ever had. he’ll follow zero (0) rules except maybe his own and those are also likely to change repeatedly during the fight. he’ll be willing as fuck, it’ll be ludicrous, he’ll take it seriously and he most likely will punch you for real. if not skillfully than at least as hard as he dares. he’ll definitely want you to punch back

I will be Satisfied

Philip Hamilton x Reader 

 The reader is the older sister of Theodosia Burr and both fall in love with Philip immediately. Theodosias happiness is the most important thing for the reader so she introduces them to each other but after a conversation with Angelica she decides to be selfish for the first time in her life. 

 Words: 3331

 Warnings: Probably that this is my first Hamilton writing and that English isn’t my native language 

 Thanks to @hamiltrashtothemax and @elvndrk who helped me throughout this whole thing! You’re incredibly awesome!

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The "Steal from my Program, I destroy your reputation" revenge.

(warning: long story)

While this is my main account, I dont think anyone who cares about me IRL that matters in this case is aware of what I have done. This story goes back to my college days.

Back in the late 00’s I was a student in a small college near a city. I was like most other students, idealistic, a slacker, and a tryhard about a few things. I really loved music in particular. Well, as the decade was winding down, my university swapped presidents. The previous one had been perceived as odd and weak and old. They replaced him with an Irish descended lawyer.

Now this guy was the epitome of the creepy, slimy car salesman. Short but burly, former boxer I think. Loud mouth, lots of bragging too. Liked “the ladies of the university” despite his marriage and their age. Lots of promises, little delivery and most of all, almost no principles other than lets raise money and put it towards “development”. One of his ideas was to take a trust fund specifically for the Music department and raid it for over 50% of its original value , leaving the balance at under 3% of the original value.

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