destroy us all!!

Ever get worried that all the egg shells used in the world have some kind of weird sci-fi style connection and at any point they can call out to each other and reconnect? Like, where do they all go? There must be thousands of tons of discarded egg shells out there. And do you worry that if they do call on each other, they do travel to reunite, that they may form some gargantuan egg shell monster and destroy us all for breaking their fine exoskeletons? Well, do you?

There is witchcraft in our blood,
in our bones we carry the magic
that you could not burn away.

You see, fire does not eat fire.

Your mother would have taught you that
if the world hadn’t convinced her
that despite her body being able
to bring life into this world,
she is not a magical thing.

Maybe the witches you burned
were the daughters of something
more holy than you could ever handle.
So you set them alight for being different,
forgetting that even the son of your God
was once condemned for being too pure,
too beautiful, too different for this world.

History devoured your name,
but we have never forgotten
what you did, witch hunter.

You see, fire never forgets.

When you burned the witches
you thought what you did was small.
But the flames gave birth to ideas
and the ideas set alight souls.
For every witch you burned
there are now a thousand witch women
living differently, and standing tall.
And you may have burned some of us,
but you will never destroy us all.

—  Nikita Gill, To the Men Who Burned Witches
We are out of time.

In the days and weeks since the electoral college gave control of the most powerful nation and military on the planet to a short-tempered insecure billionaire man-child, the downward trajectory of our nation and the entire planet has never been more visible.  For years we’ve seen rising tides of political unrest and rising seas threatening to swallow all we know.  A new aristocracy hiding behind corporate facades and 501©(4)’s is on an unholy crusade to exploit, hoard, and destroy every resource on the planet, including human beings.  They will enslave or destroy us all if we let them.

We have already let them.

We have let the most downtrodden among us struggle on alone in the cold and dark, drowning in gutters, homeless and addicted.  We have collectively failed to reckon with the bloody underbelly of a civilization built by the hands of black slaves on the bones of conquered indigenous peoples worldwide.  We’ve been perfectly comfortable with using disabled and queer and transgender people as inspiration porn, giving hollow congratulations for their “bravery” while they struggle to survive because we won’t reach down to pull them up.

We have given up our voice in government, in the workplace, and on the streets because we have been complacent.  We have been lazy.  We have let the smallest fraction of a percentile of social Darwinists divide and conquer us.  We have stopped speaking out because we’ve let them convince us that we won’t be heard.  We have been cowed and are being led to slaughter.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost faith in government.  Democracy is our JOB.  We need to vote in every election we can.  Our hands-off approach has led us here. It doesn’t matter if you find nonviolent protests inconvenient or uncomfortable.  We need them.  We need everyone to see the violence being done to people of color and the poor firsthand.  We need the complacent to see the police beating and shooting and gassing those of us who have been pushed so far that there is nowhere left to go.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a pacifist.  When someone openly advocates for genocide, when white men strip us of healthcare (and make no mistake, more than 40,000 a year will die from that action alone), they forfeit their right to discourse.  When a human being proudly proclaims their wish that other human beings JUST DIE to make their own life more comfortable, they are beyond reason.  If we don’t have the stomach to clash with Nazis, we had damned sure be willing to quietly step out of the way without making false equivalencies.

There is no neutrality.  The entire world is in peril.  We must use EVERY resource we have to fight, and even then it may still be too late.  Those of us with the most resources, the most privilege, MUST step up and shoulder the burden that the most downtrodden have borne for centuries.

We cannot stand by and let others do the work.  Our survival depends on ALL of us pulling together.

Be brave.

Be strong.

Be determined.

Do these things in any way that you can.  In every way that you can.  

This is a battle to save the world, and YOU are Earth’s champion.

  • Okay so I haven't seen the subs yet but I don't understand why people suddenly jumped to "oh Yuuri is breaking up with Victor" and thought it was a rational conclusion. Yuuri's been thinking about retiring this entire time. Since literally episode 3. Regardless or whether or not he actually does, he's anyways been thinking of having Victor step down as his coach after the GPF since episode 4 and especially episode 9 (where he said he'd tell Victor regardless of whether or not he wins). In Yuuri's head, is not right for him to "keep Victor away from the ice." He loves Victor so much that he's willing to let him go, so Victor can be happy as well. This is Yuuri giving Victor the option of returning to skating, should he so wish. Victor's response remains to be seen--as I believe Victor himself is unsure of what he really wants.
  • But you know what is certain? Their engagement. They got engaged the previous night, and Victor expressed his intention to marry Yuuri after the GPF in plain words. Even in the previews for the next episode we see them still wearing their rings. Yuuri's decision of "let's end this" has nothing to do with their personal relationship. They're still engaged.
  • I'm actually somewhat relieved that Yuuri told Victor now, before the Free Skate, because it's been a huge source of anxiety for him. It gives Victor a chance to understand, and to reassure Yuuri that regardless of what happens, they're going to be together throughout it. It's a weight off Yuuri's shoulders, and once he gets that reassurance from Victor, he's going to be able to skate without any burdens. Remember, his theme is Love. And Love Wins.
  • And one more thing to always keep in mind: "Hanarezuni sobani ite." It's their song.

Man, I can’t wait for the aliens in Majora’s Mask to show up in Breath of the Wild to make Link ascend into their spaceship then proceed to look at him like

“This boy burned down all of Hyrule with a single torch.”

“He is either a very sociopathic arsonist or just really stupid.”

“We can’t risk studying his anatomy! We must eject him from our ship at once before he destroys us all!”

Then they open up an emergency escape in the floor where he’s standing and as Link falls towards Hyrule, the aliens wait for the inevitable splat. But instead, Link takes out his shield, lands on a snowy mountain and snowboards down it like a stone-cold badass. While snowboarding down he looks up at the alien ship and gives them a hauntingly blank stare while slowly raising his middle fingers up to them.

The aliens, with super-heightened sight, see this and immediately haul ass from Hyrule and never fucking dare to come back for they fear that Link will shoot a single arrow at their ship and destroy them in a fireball straight from the deepest depths of hell. 

I had a dream the other night there was a new Kirby game and a new enemy called “Anti-Kirby” which just looked like Kirby but he was brown and had blue eyes but also had Carl Fredricksen’s face from Up and this is what he looked like 

Happy Birthday @rtarara!

As you manage to emotionally destroy us all with every new fic and update, here’s a little revenge, I mean love, back from the Supergirl fandom! Have a wonderful day, and we hope this gives you a taste of some of the feels you have put us all through time and time again. <3

          - @spaceshipsarecool and @coop-writes

I love all of Bex’s fics.  I loved them before I ever met her.  I’ve read Misunderstandings at least a dozen times.  It always cheers me up when I need it most.  Her grasp of character, her dynamic inner monologue, the journeys she takes her characters on; it’s all heartfelt and deeply beautiful.

But my favorite Bex fic is the one we wrote together, Falling Up.  Not necessarily because it is the best (though I selfishly believe it is up there) but because of the blessed, joyful memories I have of working on it with her.  The late whiskey-fueled Saturday nights of headcanons and back-and-forth and endless chats about Alex’s motivations and Astra’s confusions and how we would save her.  Memories of the pride we felt when we released a new chapter or started on the next.  Bex did the lion’s share of the work, because she is a brilliant editor, that mostly fell to her.  All I really had to do was make Alex cry a lot. *wink*

She puts up with my loose interpretation of timeline and gently fixes my continuity errors.  She is kind and fun and generous and supportive and I’m so very proud of what Falling Up became while she and I were just hanging out together.

Happy Birthday my darling Bex.  I love you.  I cherish you.  I raise a glass to future fun and collaborations.

Enjoy your day, precious human.

          - @bridgetteirish

I love that Bex swings big with the angst - Collared and Under a Cold Yellow Sun are concepts I would trust very few writers to handle so well - but never ever compromises on heart. You feel every splash of hope, every moment of disappointment, every aching drop of the bond growing stronger. I have the softest spot for Linda in Thursday at 8pm though. Bex can sell me on any setup, any time, and this version of Cat and Kara is just glorious.

          - @fictorium

Love this story because there’s hope despite all the darkness. Cat must be sharp to survive, Kara must find her own path. So much love for baby!Carter. Thank you!

         - @abydosdork

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“For humans-trapped in biology-there was no mercy: we lived a while, we fussed around for a bit and died, we rotted in the ground like garbage. Time destroyed us all soon enough. But to destroy, or lose, a deathless thing-to break bonds stronger than the temporal-was a metaphysical uncoupling all its own, a startling new flavor of despair.”