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Ok, this is completely off topic (forgive me) but, lately I'm into discovering korean food and watching the latest bts run made me curious about the glazed sweet potatoes Kookie cooked. I saw recipes online that say to deep-fry for 10 min the potatoes and then put them into the syrup (but in the vlive I didn't see JK deep-frying them, it looked like he just put them in the syrup). Is it possible to do it just in a pan or you must fry them? I guess you had them, how do you make them (if you do)?

Uh, you’re probably better off asking somebody who actually cooks but…

I used to eat a lot of this as a snack when I was a kid, and I distinctly remember that my mom didn’t always deep-fry them. Taste wise, I think both versions are very delicious.

Here is a youtube video. It’s in Korean, but I hope it helps you better than I can.

Anon: this is the dumbest randomist question but do u like spicy food man, this is dumb i know i already know the answer, but yet i still have to play like i dont to shut my dumb brain up            

I fucking love spicy food.

Tteokbokki, dakbokkeumtang, budae-jjigae, jjamppong - I love them all.
I even mix slices of jalapeno peppers into my food now… (This is probably a sign of addiction but like, I put in random jalapeno, gochujang, and wasabi in whatever I can get away with. It just happened and I went with it and I’m not gonna fix my behavior anytime soon.)

I hope this gives you some peace, Anonㅋ

ATTENTION WORLD: Tapping on the window will NOT make the sea turtle come over to you

Pro tip: It also doesn’t work for sharks, fish, stingrays, or any other animal at a zoo or aquarium. Please stop pestering my animals.

TRUMP JUST WANTED A ‘WIN’: Politico reports on a call between Trump and Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), who had opposed the health-care bill, angering Trump, before delivering the amendment that salvaged it:

“Trump did not want to talk about the merits of the legislation — he didn’t care much about those specifics, senior officials said. What mattered to him was how a failed vote would hobble his presidency and the ability to get other legislation through Congress. He wanted a win.”

As always, Trump clearly has no knowledge whatsoever of what’s in his policies or the human toll they would inflict on millions.


Make rape a pre-existing condition? No problem.

Destroy funding for people with mental health issues? No problem.

Take billions of dollars that save lives out of the economy so millionaires can have more money? No problem.

Not having”a win”? HUGE PROBLEM.

Fuck Trump. I hope he dies alone and afraid.

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If Mary's real name is Rosamund, then she might be named after the medieval Rosamund (nickname "Rose of the World" of the 12th century) who was brutally murdered by her rival Queen Eleanor for falling in love with the King. I bet Mary sees herself this way: the innocent victim of a love triangle, beautiful and pure - slaughtered by her cold-hearted rival because they competed for the same man's love. It's pretty disgusting when you think about it.

Yep, exactly Nonny! People have also linked her / the baby with the poet Rosamund Marriott Watson as well. 

Mmm, and to add salt to the wound, Mary then she goes and names her own child after herself because she wants John to never forget her (paralleling the bride in TAB? “Do not forget me…”). Mary is a manipulator, and you will never convince me otherwise. She wants to keep her claws in John as much as possible.

I’m not even convinced that Rosamund Mary is her real name, to be rather honest, especially since we never find out her “real” last name other than the one on her passport (which I actually believe is her real name, Gabrielle Ashdown); in HLV we find out she got her name “Mary Morstan” from a tombstone… Convenient that her real middle name is the same as that tombstone, I guess? 

She made it up, I think. No doubt that Rosamund means SOMETHING to her (otherwise why the fuck insist on the name going to the child when John wanted “Katherine”), but yeah, I’m really skeptical about the full name. She just wanted to make John miserable.

I remember when Arc V was release and it had like 30 episodes I saw a theory about the actual timeline at that moment (then come Zarc and Ray throwing that theory to the garbage), so I want to do one timeline myself with the new information:

DM: The beginning. 

Bonds Beyond Time, GX, 5D’s: Before the final of DM Paradox trying to disappear Duel Monster failing in the attempt, then come GX with the same events and after 5D’s with the small influence from Yugi and Judai on Yusei since the WRGP.

Original Timeline, Zone’s destroyed world: The problems with the Synchro Monsters happen and the world is destroyed. Zone travels to the past with the last humans.

Zone Lose, Normal End of 5D’s: In this timeline Zone failed his mission, Team 5D’s change the future.

Zone Wins, Zexal: Zone achieved his goal, Synchro were eradicated, the XYZ monster was created to cover the lack of the Synchro. In the serie we don´t see any references to 5D’s even in the Duel Sanctuary.

The Dark Side of Dimensions, Zarc and Ray’s events, Arc V: With a big evolution of the technology the Real Solid Vision was created and all the events that we seen on Arc V happens. This point is clarified if we think that don’t see characters from DM and the ones that could see from GX looks older than their counterparts. 

My only doubt is…

Where could he go?

(I’m just using the anime information)

(The true is… I was very boring this weekend)


When I see a guest start to reach their hands into a habitat or do something else Against The Rules but they stop because they notice I’m watching


Daveed Diggs x Reader

Word Count: 2052

Request/Summary: It’s your turn to show the bullies from high school you were successful in the love department, but there was a mild problem, you were single. (Fake Dating AU)

Warnings: Cussing, drinking/alcohol consumption, tiny bit of angst.

Tagging: @serkewen12 @ariadne1004 @merrahonthawall @bethbat @deltablue202 @blueco16

A/N- Finally! I hope you guys like this one.

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“Remember how you said you owed me?”

“What do you need?” You flopped onto the couch in Daveed’s dressing room and swung your legs over the arm. 

“I’m going to a friend’s wedding…” he finished the last button of his shirt. You handed the tan coat to him from where it was sitting on the couch, near your head. “And my ex is going to be there,”

“I see,” you said before he could go on further. “What day is it?”

“Three weeks from tomorrow.”

“I don’t have anything going on.”

“So you’ll come?”

“I’ll come.”

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Day 2- Musical Fairytale World

Scarlet Cape and Bigby Wolf are two misunderstood characters to their respective fairytales, Bigby is often described as a big brutish wolf who blows down houses, eats grandmother’s, and is an all around baddy. The village prides itself on having bared the most beautiful daughter in all the land, Scarlet. The village coos about her beauty, mannerisms, and how delicate she is. Like that of a flower. But what the people don’t know is that they are both quite the opposite.


Harry Potter+Sherlock

“I DON’T CARE!“ Harry yelled at them, snatching up a lunascope and throwing it into the fireplace. "I’VE HAD ENOUGH, I’VE SEEN ENOUGH, I WANT OUT, I WANT IT TO END, I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!”
“You do care,” said Dumbledore. He had not flinched or made a single move to stop Harry demolishing his office. His expression was calm, almost detached. “You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Fred Weasley Imagine - Bright Spot

“can you please write a Fred Weasley were him and the reader the lovey dovey couple and she’s in Slytherin 💭” -Anon

It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted anything and this is about half as long as most of the other imagines I’ve posted. I apologize for that, but I haven’t been feeling super inspired lately. I’m starting to get back into the swing of things and I’m going to try to not take another three month writing hiatus. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this, and, as always, please excuse any typos. Happy reading!

“Gross,” George and Lee groaned in unison.

“I don’t know, I think it’s kind of sweet,” Katie said, smiling a little and titling her head to side the side.

“They’re cute together,” Angelina added, “it’s been months since I’ve seen them walk around without holding hands.”

“Is that supposed to be making me feel better?” George asked, scowling.

“What’s your problem with them anyway?” Katie shot at George. “It’s not because she’s in Slytherin is it?”

“No. Well, maybe,” he paused, “I don’t know, it doesn’t help though.”

“He’s always busy now,” Lee interjected, “I don’t care what house she’s in, if she starts interfering with operation: destroy Umbridge, we’ll have problems.”


(Y/n) sat with her legs draped over Fred’s lap, leaning against the wall in a corridor packed with students during lunch. His arm snaked around her back, tugging her forward and placing a kiss on her forehead.

“They’re staring at us again,” (y/n) said softly, trying not to be bothered by George and Lee.

“We should probably give them a show then,” Fred leaned in toward (y/n), but she turned her head away trying not to laugh. “Come on, love,” Fred whined leaning back against the wall.

(Y/n) rolled her eyes and rested her head on Fred’s shoulder. “You know, there’s a lot of bullshit happening at Hogwarts right now, but you’re my one bright spot,” (y/n) whispered.

Fred smiled and kissed the top of her head softly, “I don’t know where that came from, but you’re my bright spot too.”

“That’s good, because that would have been so embarrassing,” (y/n) laughed.

Fred lifted (y/n)’s chin toward him and kissed her softly. He pulled away and gently tapped his forehead to hers, “What would I do without out you?”


Later that day Fred and (y/n) walked hand in hand through the corridors. The pair wasn’t really heading anywhere in particular; they were just wandering aimlessly and chatting about anything and everything.

“Did you really get one of the first years to eat a canary cream? Even after Neville-” (y/n) was cut off when she and Fred were magically forced apart and shoved toward opposite walls. (Y/n) stumbled, but caught herself against the wall, scraping her palm in the process. Fred, on the other hand, kept his balance and whipped around and the sound of Umbridge’s shrill voice.

“Male and female students are not to be within 8 inches of each other, and should not be touching.” Umbridge straightened up, looking especially smug, “have I made myself clear?”

“Crystal,” Fred growled through gritted teeth. (Y/n) was quiet, holding her stinging hand and clenching her jaw.

Umbridge gave a little hmph and walked in between where Fred and (y/n) stood, still a few feet away from each other. Once she made it to the end of the corridor and turned the corner Fred rushed to (y/n)’s side.

“Are you alright? Let me see your hand. Umbridge had better watch her back or the D.A. might have to make a few things clear to her-”

“Fred, I’m fine,” (y/n) cut off his angry rambling.


“Really, I’m fine. It’s just a scrape, see?” (y/n) said, waving her hand in front of him.

Fred caught her wrist and examined her hand for a moment, “I suppose it looks alright,” he mumbled, then placed a soft kiss on her palm. “I just- I just hate her, and her horrible pink robes and little bows and-”

“So leave,” (y/n) cut Fred off again, leaving him looking shocked. “I know you and George have been kicking the idea around. You should go, there are only a couple of months of school left anyway. You could start the joke shop up early and-”

Fred cut (y/n) off by placing a hard kiss on her lips, (y/n) fought a smile and wrapped her arms around Fred’s neck while he tugged her closer by her hips. (Y/n) pulled away, “we really have to stop interrupting each other.”

“Definitely, it’s a real problem,” Fred said grinning. He placed a few gentle pecks across (y/n)’s face and nose, eventually reaching her lips again. This time, Fred pulled away first, a serious look on his face. “You would really be okay with George and I leaving?”

“As long as you promise to raise a little hell along the way,” (y/n) giggled, but sobered quickly at the look on Fred’s face. “I would miss you terribly, that’s a given, but… It would be worth it to see you happy.” (Y/n) paused and, when Fred didn’t say anything, added, “and just imagine the look on Umbridge’s face when you leave.”

Fred finally cracked a smile, “it would be pretty great, wouldn’t it?”

The pair interlocked hands again and began to make their way down the corridor again. “Have I mentioned lately that I love you?” Fred asked, glancing down at (y/n).

“Not nearly enough,” (y/n) whined overdramatically, “but it’s okay because I love you too.”


A few weeks later (y/n) stood in the middle of the massive crowd of students who watched as Fred and George made their grand exit. Moments before they prepared to actually leave the grounds (y/n) caught Fred’s eye. She blew a kiss at him, and he made a point of catching it out of the air and putting it in his pocket. Fred winked at her, then, alongside George, flew at top speed away from Hogwarts, their laughs fading into the distance.