destroy the problem

we are tiny
billions of stars
dozens of galaxies
and we don’t even know
we are tiny
but on this earth
our problems destroy worlds
—  poetry book i’ll never finish

I remember when Arc V was release and it had like 30 episodes I saw a theory about the actual timeline at that moment (then come Zarc and Ray throwing that theory to the garbage), so I want to do one timeline myself with the new information:

DM: The beginning. 

Bonds Beyond Time, GX, 5D’s: Before the final of DM Paradox trying to disappear Duel Monster failing in the attempt, then come GX with the same events and after 5D’s with the small influence from Yugi and Judai on Yusei since the WRGP.

Original Timeline, Zone’s destroyed world: The problems with the Synchro Monsters happen and the world is destroyed. Zone travels to the past with the last humans.

Zone Lose, Normal End of 5D’s: In this timeline Zone failed his mission, Team 5D’s change the future.

Zone Wins, Zexal: Zone achieved his goal, Synchro were eradicated, the XYZ monster was created to cover the lack of the Synchro. In the serie we don´t see any references to 5D’s even in the Duel Sanctuary.

The Dark Side of Dimensions, Zarc and Ray’s events, Arc V: With a big evolution of the technology the Real Solid Vision was created and all the events that we seen on Arc V happens. This point is clarified if we think that don’t see characters from DM and the ones that could see from GX looks older than their counterparts. 

My only doubt is…

Where could he go?

(I’m just using the anime information)

(The true is… I was very boring this weekend)

do you ever just want to force all of the burdens your mother has onto yourself and destroy all of the problems she has to face do u ever just really want to be able to get a great job so you can take her away from every fucking struggle and just spoil her and let her live in peace for the rest of her life

Reference sheets! (Part One)

Thank you for participating in the 2000 followers special!!! Thanks to you guys, we gave life to two cute skellies!! Now, It-s time for me to officially introduce them to you!

Let’s start with the ErrorNight Child!

Name: Radier (suggested by @thatoneamazingartist! I really love this name and it’s meaning!)

Age: 14/18 (just like Blueprint)

Pronouns: He/Him

Basic info:

His body is like a weird combination of both of his parents’ preferences. Since they wanted him to be like them, they ended having an argument and just putting random things on his design. He doesn’t have legs due to a series of glitches that erased them. Other than those, he doesn’t have any visible glitches, except when he is nervous or triggered(?).

He has one extra pair of arms made with the same goop that Nightmare has. They are able to separate from him and multiplicate. The thing in his head is a part of his skull that morphed into a “crown”. Don’t try to take his crown because it’ll hurt him. 

When he goes into “insane mode” his eyesockets turns black and ink starts to drop from them (like the “tears that Error has). 


His outfit was made by Nightmare. He wanted his creation to dress like a prince, since he’s a king. Also, the jacket is part of his weapons. I used purple, gold, black and red as the main colors for his clothes since those are the most outstanding of his parents’ clothes.

Main Story

Error and Nightmare were tired of allways losing to the Start Sanses so, one day, Nightmare suggested to use someone as a spy for them. But, since the only people they new were also bad guys, they didn’t have one to do the job. At the end, they had to make one, fusing some goop from Nightmare and ink they stole from Ink and “glitching it” to reality. That’s how they made Radier.

Once he was born, they trained him and made him believe they were the good guys and that the Star Sanses and their friends (and children) were the bad ones. He believed them and even after discovering that was a big lie, he still helps them since they are his creators and he would do anything for them. Although, when the good guys knew who he were, Nightmare stoped ordering him to help with their plans. Now he just goes to random places, spread misfortune and gathers the bad emotions to give them to his father. Error doesn’t care about him but he neither concidere him as pest he has to kill. More like a subordinate that makes the thing he doesn’t want to do.

Radier lives a “peaceful” life in Nightmare’s castle and loves both of his parents. Let’s just hope they love him too!


He is a cheerful skeleton that loves to destroy things and give problems to the people. He likes to do bad things and doesn’t care if they’re bad, since the only opinion that matters for him his his parent’s opinion. Besides that, he wants to make lots of friends so, to reach that goal, he kidnaps them just like Error does. He’s allways happy and smiling. If you see him mad, then that means that a disaster is going to come.


He can control the shadows and create bones from them. Also, he can control people using their shadows or (when they’re asleep if they are sleepwalkers) and travel through them. His jacket creates a shadow on his feet that helps him to attack or defend. His goopy hands can also be used as weapons! Besides that, he can collect bad emotions and take them with him (making them a diamond shaped black object and putting them in his pockets).

Extra facts

-He likes to make puppets and often repairs the ones Error destroys.

-He likes oranges and tends to fall asleep in random places.

-He likes to watch people while they sleep.

-He’s a sweetheart but kinda scary!

Tags for him

#Radier Sans

#Radier fan art (if you want to draw this cutie!)

#ErrorNight child

#ErrorNight combo

anonymous asked:

If Mary's real name is Rosamund, then she might be named after the medieval Rosamund (nickname "Rose of the World" of the 12th century) who was brutally murdered by her rival Queen Eleanor for falling in love with the King. I bet Mary sees herself this way: the innocent victim of a love triangle, beautiful and pure - slaughtered by her cold-hearted rival because they competed for the same man's love. It's pretty disgusting when you think about it.

Yep, exactly Nonny! People have also linked her / the baby with the poet Rosamund Marriott Watson as well. 

Mmm, and to add salt to the wound, Mary then she goes and names her own child after herself because she wants John to never forget her (paralleling the bride in TAB? “Do not forget me…”). Mary is a manipulator, and you will never convince me otherwise. She wants to keep her claws in John as much as possible.

I’m not even convinced that Rosamund Mary is her real name, to be rather honest, especially since we never find out her “real” last name other than the one on her passport (which I actually believe is her real name, Gabrielle Ashdown); in HLV we find out she got her name “Mary Morstan” from a tombstone… Convenient that her real middle name is the same as that tombstone, I guess? 

She made it up, I think. No doubt that Rosamund means SOMETHING to her (otherwise why the fuck insist on the name going to the child when John wanted “Katherine”), but yeah, I’m really skeptical about the full name. She just wanted to make John miserable.

Study stress is so ridiculous. It builds up to a point where it makes it impossible to focus on study and all you can do is cry. But then because you are wasting time stressing and not studying, the stress only increases, and it continues in that stupid vicious cycle

And let’s not even get started on that whole thing where you stress over not being stressed about study


When I see a guest start to reach their hands into a habitat or do something else Against The Rules but they stop because they notice I’m watching