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Mike & Sherl take on the world and save everyone by being awful

[This post is going to be more of a sketch than anything, because I'm chasing an elephant right now and I’ll never catch it if I get sidetracked with detailed debate over what I fully acknowledge is a beloved theory for some people. No matter how many words I spill, those of you who already agree with me about this issue will probably continue to do so and those of you who disagree will also stay the course. So this is only an outline of where I’m coming from for those of you who have never thought about the subject before, because you need to know my opinion before we go to the next theory stepping stones.]

By now we’ve established that I think the Lazarus solution (the explanation Sherlock gave Anderson for how he survived the fall) was a lie.

I don’t think all of it was a lie, though. The writers had to include some bits of truth to make it plausible. And there are certain aspects of Lazarus that they didn’t inject any glaring continuity errors into (such as the squash ball, the Homeless Network, and the biker), so those probably were real parts of the solution.

The thing where everything leading up to the fall was the result of a plan by the Holmes brothers, though? I think that was absolutely one of the lies.

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