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Best of Friends

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Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader


Word Count: 3,500


Request from @thomas-stanleyholland : Tom and the Reader are Best friends. They have a sleepover and have an intense makeup session in his bed, maybe some smut and fluff?


I’ll revise for any mistakes in the morning, I’m exhausted xx

[Reader’s POV]

   Your flight just landed at the London City Airport. The captain explaining that we’re pulling up to the gate. People around you were getting restless to get off. You of course were still waking up from the nap you took.

   Pulling out your phone you open the camera. Flipping the screen you see your reflection. Sighing in relief that nothing was out of place. Turning your head to the side you check  you winged eyeliner. Thanking the makeup gods the liner or your fake lashes you have on didn’t get fucked up.

  Feeling your phone vibrate you exit the camera app. A message from your best friend pops up. A smile on your face when you read it. Standing up once you see people emptying the seats in front of you. Reaching above you grab your suitcase with your backpack slung over your shoulder. Carrying the suitcase you lift it sideways to head down the narrow aisle.

   Someone pushes past you making you stumble a bit.  You huff out in frustration glaring at the back of the person. Readjusting your purse you make your way down the hall of the gate.  Your suitcase making sounds as it rolled and bumped over the bumps in the gate flooring.

   Walking over towards the bathroom you walk in and head towards a bigger mirror. Fixing your beanie that was on your head. It was your best friend’s beanie he gave you before he had to fly to the states for work.  Reapplying a coat of maroon lipstick  to your faded lips you leave feeling a little better.

   Looking at the  signs you see which way to turn for the baggage claim.  The escalator taking you down to the lower level. Stepping forward when you reach the end, you head towards a hooded figure. The sign said your name and beside the figure was your bag. He looks up from his phone, glasses shielding his eyes. A smile giving him way completely.

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Ed: “Oswald… You’re alive?!”

Oswald walks up to the bars separating his cell from Ed’s and slowly grips them, his surprised and steely glare at Ed never breaking. He then softens his gaze, giving the smallest of smiles before forcefully lunging his arm through their divider, in an attempt to grab his former best friend and near-successful murderer, but Ed frantically jumps back just in time to be out of his reach. The two continue to stare at each other, Ed showing his shock and anxiety at the situation, while Oswald’s eyes exude a quiet rage mixed with heartache, trying hard to keep himself collected.

Ed: “…”

Oswald: “…”

Ed: “I… I take it you’ve seen the painting-“


Part Two of two

Ivan and Alfred’s Version

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Part 1

in the amusemnt park of Pripyat … 03-2015

CS AU Week Day 4: Another Time
Emma is a colonial spy, sent to seduce British soldiers into spilling their secrets. But she doesn’t feel very hospitable tonight, and her sharp words get her in trouble.

She’s in no mood for the solicitations of the officers leaning up against the outside of the tavern this evening – not for the way their gazes train on the bare expanse of skin at her chest or the way they whisper amongst themselves as if she isn’t even in front of them. She had intentionally loosened the laces at her breast before she left her modest house on the edge of town - and while it’s all a part of the job (she is nothing if not a loyal Patriot), she finds herself lacking her usual determination this evening.  

“What’s this?” The one at the front swaggers forward, his steps sloppy and his hat tipping sideways off his head. The red of their coats is bright in the pale moonlight, and she has to fight not to cringe when he circles his fingers around her elbow.

But, she supposes, they always seem to like it a bit more when she fights.

He taps his finger against her forearm and smiles in what he must think is an alluring call to her feminine sensibilities. She almost laughs. “What is a woman such as yourself doing walking alone so late at night?”

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anonymous asked:

I'm very curious to know how this will end. A statement seems impossible and a leak seems insufficient. Maybe a illusionist or a priest will solve the problem. God .... Harry is wrapped in a river of shit. Charles needs to intervene immediately. I'm sure he's NOT yet fully involved. Certainly, there is a great conflict of ideas between the palaces and this is destroying everything. Pathetic. An amusement park for the press.

No the BRF are united.  PC has taken control…..this article was perfect for them…she has exposed herself…she has been publicly humiliated….they did nothing to protect her…if she was in any way connected to her this article wouldn’t be out.  She sounds like a babbling obsessed crazed 16 yr old.  Making out her and Harry will be calling the shots…she is a liar….PC knows, that a statement won’t work…they need to be rid of her permanently not a short term fix…I am thinking a priest…yes exorcism in order…thank you❤️🐼😊