destroy all zombies

You are the leader of a small group of zombie apocalypse survivors in the States. One day, a bunch of Brits show up, claiming that they destroyed all of the zombies in the British Isles and are here to take back America.

Ghoulish Falls


I didn’t expect to start posting story stuff like this so soon after I got on the site, but this story didn’t really want to leave me alone. It’s based on @cirilee‘s Ghoul AU, and it’s only the first chapter of many.

I will be posting this to my Fanfiction profile as well, but not right at this particular moment.

And so, without further ado….

Chapter 1: Welcome to Gravity Falls

Ah, summer vacation. No school, no homework, and all the time in the world to spend time with family and friends.

“Hey, look up ahead!” A teenage girl with her long, brown hair pulled back in a ponytail pointed at what was in front of the car as she started hopping up and down in her seat. “That must be it!”

“It should be, according to the directions we got.” The brown-haired teenage boy sitting behind the driver’s seat of the little car grinned at his passenger.

Or, if you happen to be us, take a road trip up the west coast from Piedmont, California, to a small town called Gravity Falls in Oregon in order to investigate the paranatural.

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anonymous asked:

Any zombie Merlin and/or zombie Arthur fics? Also I kinda started reading a fic which had a movie which Arthur writes and acts in and Merlin acts in it too? I read a bit but lost it after and I was hoping you read it?

Till death do us part…or not… by SilverQuill
Merlin and Arthur are trying to build a life in the middle of the zombie apocalypse but it all collapses with one bite.

Love in the Time of Zombies by SweetenedSpoilers
M’s dry, cracked lips turned up at the corners, the smile reaching his silver eyes as he looked at Arthur. “’Course,” he said. “I’ll…be by your side…protecting you, like I…always am.”
“Keeping me safe,” Arthur murmured in agreement.

Land of Ghouls by rotrude
In a world overrun by flesh-eating ghouls, with the apocalypse as part of his everyday life, smuggler Arthur Pendragon has nothing left to fight for until Finna, the leader of a survivor camp, entrusts him with one life-endangering mission he at first doesn’t want to accept: escorting Merlin Emrys, a man who has survived a ghoul bite, to the last medical facility left standing in Great Britain in the hopes he will be key to a cure. Arthur and Merlin start on a quest that could cost them their lives or save mankind.

In The Flesh by prplhez8
It starts and ends with a mix tape.
Merlin is just a normal teenager with a normal mom, dad and sister when he falls in love with his best friend. Problem is, his best friend’s dad is Uther Pendragon, and he doesn’t find Merlin normal at all. It’s not long before Arthur’s sent far away from Merlin to join the military. It’s not long before Arthur dies, either.
Merlin can’t cope without his best friend.
Three years later, the dead mysteriously rise from their graves — Merlin and Arthur among them. Thrown back together under trying circumstances, and with Uther looming large over the town, can Merlin and Arthur pick up where they left off? Perhaps more importantly with the Human Volunteer Force out to destroy all zombies, friend or foe, will they get the chance to find out?

Waking Up to Ash & Dust by oflittleuse
There is only one way to stop a zombie apocalypse - you need one reincarnated Queen, a living dead King and an immortal sorcerer. Mix in some terminator-style time-travel and the darkest of magic. Of course, before stopping the apocalypse you need to survive it first.

The Last Time by kathkin
Arthur knows what has to be done, but he can’t face it just yet… and he’s suddenly overcome with need, need to have Merlin now, before he’s consumed. Zombie apocalypse AU. Merlin succumbs to a zombie bite, and Arthur can’t quite bring himself to put him out of his misery…

The filmstar fic you mentioned could possibly be in one of these lists here and here?

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Blaine comforting and taking care of Kurt after the mug (like in a fic or a romantic movie, wat)



no but Blaine is making dinner, and Kurt is late and he’s really irritated and a little anxious because Kurt missing dates is how it started before and when he finally hears the door 3 hours later he loses his temper a little because Kurt could have at least called but then he turns around and sees him covered in blood and shaking and then all of his anger immediately disappears and Blaine does everything he can to help but he’s breaking inside and all he can say is sorry over and over

I combined the two, I hope that’s okay for you both !

Where the fuck is Kurt?

Not that Blaine exactly slaved over dinner, but still, the pasta and tomato sauce is starting to congeal, and it’s going to be gross, and even if he warms it all up, it’s not going to be as perfect as he planned it and …

And Kurt should have been home one hour ago.

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