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lostemotion replied to your chat “destronomics: walk me through the dehumanizing awful sex”

Can I just poke my head in and ask if we’re talking about an existing fic that is posted somewhere I can read it? Because, errr. Yes. Grabbiest of hands. (Sorry for dropping in. But. Heeh.)

No worries! 

But alas, it’s just me and destronomics spitballing.  A couple years ago, we basically worked out a fic where really awful things happen to somebody who doesn’t deserve it all, and she reread it pretty recently, so now, we’re in gchat batting around the follow-up where a couple months after the end of that fic, Winter Soldier gets brain-wiped by SHIELD, and Steve Has Complicated Feelings Mostly Anger What Are We Saying It’s Entirely Anger Steve is Fucked Up About It And Trying to Do the Right Thing Because This is Steve and he is So Angry.