destinys child reunion

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I see Eminem is one of coachella's headliners this year it would be dope if rih come out during his set to perform some of their collabs. My fave collab from them is definitely Love the way you lie.

Factory cause no disrespect to Beyonce but I don’t want to see no powerpuff girls dancers doing women freedom movements I need Destiny Child reunion I’m.over shorty spotlight bitch stop all that marching shit just dance and sang some throwbacks and I don’t want to see Jay z on stage with her and she sings songs about him cheating off lemonade then his ass start confessing from his 444 album I need Robbie on that stage with Em but the way Bey is set up she not having it she going to be on stage with Em cause she feature on his new song that nobody is talking about. Sis had to send for Coachella lineup.