I know he’s here a lot, but I don’t care. I love this guy, he’s funny, sweet, talented, and loves what He does and does it for God! #dannygokey @dannygokey #destinyrocklin @val_is_awesome12 @mannie_bigfoot Show this pic to Grandma haha #shellbejelly (at Destiny Christian Church)

A girl in one of our adopt a block families made this thank you card for her bike from Christmas!! Sean spoke this morning in the prayer time and my group posed for a picture in between handing out groceries! #destinyrocklin @destinyrocklin #adoptablock #servantsheart @seanlsa @frecklefyed @iamofficiallyrachel #personal


Princess got baptized last night at #thewall at @destinyrocklin I’m extremely proud of her. #destinyrocklin #thechurchwiththecrosses @rachelstorment (at Destiny Christian Church)