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I’m going to be launching a Patreon page soon. I was going to wait until I had my original series Destiny of the Marked launched officially in August, but Patreon is meant to be an ongoing kickstarter to help artists, writers, musicians (etc) to do what they do and be funded by those who want it made, so I figure sooner rather than later. Plus I can edit things and add rewards as I have more content to hand out.

It’ll be to help fund my time spent getting Destiny of the Marked rolling and printing. Also if I get a large amount of patrons, I can use some money for comic conventions and such. The more funds I have, the more conventions I can attend and the more content I can release.

You’ll get rewards depending on how much you donate a month and then there’s goal milestones too. Most of it will be getting to see updates and Q&As on the series…prints and books later.

Keep your eyes open for the Patreon link!

Here’s what it’s about if you want to see more:

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Hey are you still into Proxy by Alex London? I've heard that you used to have some really good Syd<3Liam and Syd<3Knox headcanons. Mind sharing some?

“still into” l m a o AM I STILL INTO PROXY (’: 

my Biggest Wish is for liam and knox to meet and start fighting over syd, kinda like egan and knox did? fighting might be too strong of a word but come on knox “no one touches what’s mine” versus liam “i would kill and literally have killed for syd” still liam??? GLORIOUS 

liam lurking in the background when knox and syd are hanging out, stammering “i’m his bodyguard” when called out on it, and knox just smirks bc knox is a piece of trash and he’s enjoying himself so much (until syd hangs out w liam and knox starts this 3hour rant and marie has to hear all of it) 

and syd is just in the middle like are u guys for fucking real the world is ENDING and you’re BICKERING LIKE THIS? oh my god the guys he knows are literally the biggest idiots on the planet can you believe his luck…… can you………. 

anyway, if you’re talking sydknox without liam era, and sydliam without knox era…… i think it’d be surprisnly similar? bc syd is strong and challenging and he doesn’t want people to pity him or to just grant him things, so he’d stand up to both knox and liam and both relationships with start out v rocky before finally finding common ground and taking it from there

that being said, both guys are also super protective of syd and they’d do p much anything for him so…… totally whipped. definitely.

Back has reached 10 million views!!!!!

Guys, I have AMAZING news for you!!!!

Back has hit 10 million views!!!!!!! Well done guys!!!!!

I am so so happy, we did it in less than a year since Back came out and this is amazing! :DDD

Destiny is close to hitting a major mark, 11 million views, soon too so make sure to head over and check it out ;)

And now for our views mission 24, lets get Last Romeo mv to 10 million views! Right now the mv is on 8.1 million views but I am sure soon we can get it to ten as well! So go to the mv, watch and spread the news ;))

on that note i’d like to formally and preemptively apologize to anyone who ever borrows my copies of books b/c i am a notorious note-taker and page-folder but instead of underlining or bookmarking meaningful or inspirational things i mostly just write notes about lines supporting ace, aro, or autistic headcanons

Concerning Cutie Marks

A couple of alicorns came into Absolutely Everything today. They didn’t seem to quite know where they were, and left just as abruptly as they came, but noticing their blank flanks got me thinking about cutie marks, what they mean, and the various ways the wasteland has twisted them.

A cutie mark is something that every normal pony gets in time. It signifies many things, and unlike Red Eye preached, it’s not just about being good at a specific thing. Some of them are more specific and concrete than others, but they all have meaning. It embodies the very essence of a pony; everything that makes them unique, special, and important. It represents their drive and ambition, what they live for and strive to become. In many ways a cutie mark is tied to the destiny of the pony bearing it. In fact, many ponies experience frustration and stress when they are kept from the things that make them special, or if they feel they aren’t living up to what their cutie mark is telling them they could or should be.

A pony gains their cutie mark early in adolescence in most cases, when they start to understand better what is important to them. There is usually a talent or skill associated with a pony’s cutie mark, or sometimes a set of skills. When a pony has their cutie mark, they know what they’re meant to do and who they’re meant to be. That said, Calamity wasn’t wrong when he said ‘cutie marks don’t matter’, albeit perhaps not in the way he thought. Cutie Marks are an important part of who a pony is, but not the only thing. A pony’s experiences, environment, and friends and family can shape their destiny as well.

Speaking of Calamity, his is the first cutie mark corruption I wanted to touch on. It was not his own doing, but rather that of his youngest older brother Pride. A magical brand was used to permanently scar the skin on his flanks where his cutie mark would be, preventing his coat from growing back (as the cutie mark appears on top of a pony’s coat, rather than on the skin beneath it). The dashite brand was modeled after Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark, as she was the first to buck off the Pegasi who had abandoned the rest of Equestria. Even though his cutie mark was no longer visble, Calamity still ‘had’ it in the sense that he had earned it, and had skills associated with it. It was also somewhat serendipitous that he gained the cutie mark of the previous Element of Loyalty after losing his own.

Red Eye did something similar to himself, but for completely different and misguided reasons. I never got too close a look at him myself, but he either flayed, branded, or otherwise destroyed his cutie mark deliberately. His reasoning for doing so was that being without a cutie mark left him free to choose his own destiny. Like Calamity though, he had still earned it in the first place, and whether he wanted it to be or not, it was a part of him. Which part I can’t say, not knowing what it was originally. 

Ponies have the freedom to shape their destiny even with a cutie mark. A perfect example of this is ponies commonly called Raiders. Often the epitome of the wasteland’s cruelty and barbarism, raiders rape, murder, torture, and otherwise ruin the lives of other ponies. Foals who grow up amongst raiders are surrounded by this, shaped by it, and can often have violent, disturbing, or downright grotesque cutie marks. However, that does not condemn them to a life of debauchery. Granted, being colored by such experience is a hard thing to escape from, but numerous raiders from Shattered Hoof were responsible for helping fight off the Enclave when they tried to destroy New Appleoosa. While their talents may have been steeped in violence, it is not beyond their reach to become better than the world they grew up in, even channeling aggression and anger into passion and ambition. Even the Ponyville raider with a splayed torso cutie mark was a decent cook.

The alicorns are another story. When assimilated into Unity, the pony that was is destroyed, their mind, body, and soul consumed and drowned in a melting pot of other memories, personalities, experiences, and traits. While the Goddess lived, alicorns were not individuals. They didn’t have cutie marks because nothing aside from their coat colors set them apart. They had immense magical power because of the experiment that led to their creation, but they weren’t unique or special. They were copied from a basic template of four magically gifted unicorns, but not given anything that was theirs and theirs alone. They shared thoughts, experiences, spells, and everything else relayed through The Goddess.

I’m very thankful for my cutie mark, even though its impossible to see with my coat all fallen out. It’s still a part of who I am, and you should all be thankful too. Your cutie mark is a gift for you and you alone; and you should never give it up or let anypony take it from you.

  • Destiny cynics:destiny is so bad. grinding is blah blah. blah blah crucible marks. level 30 blah blah
  • Chanting in the distance:hype. hype. hype.
  • Destiny Cynics:Wait no, stop that.
  • Chanting:HYPE. HYPE. HYPE.
  • Chanting:ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
SGU Rewatch--Lost

I actually didn’t watch Human yesterday because I didn’t end up having time but I might today. If I do, I might do one of these for that one too.

- Rush is being a little shit at the beginning but I think it’s honestly because he genuinely cares about Eli and Chloe (maybe even Greer) but his way of “caring” is to make everyone do the work to get them back. He cares more about outcome than sentiment.

- I hate how often, on this show, when two women are talking, it’s about one of the male characters, or about TJ’s baby.

- This was the episode that made me realize how much I cared about the younger characters, Eli, Chloe, Greer, and Scott. 

- I FINALLY GOT WHAT ELI’S SHIRT MEANS!!! He’s the little red dot on the map “you are here.” I think ti makes sense because he’s marking the location of Destiny, no matter how lost Destiny is, there’s always a red dot saying “you are here.” 

- One thing I find interesting about Eli, speaking of Eli, is that he is eccentric yes, and has different interests than the other characters, but he still can communicate his ideas to them more effectively than Rush does. I think it’s, in part, because Eli’s very open about his feelings, while Rush is very closed off. 

- Gotta say right now that the gray temples, scruffy, graying beard and brown hair look on Rush was super super hot.

- Interesting that Rush says “when I was left behind” instead of “when you left me behind” 

- Rush’s voice does break a little when he says that they might leave them behind, he does care and he knows what it’s like to be abandoned. 

- NOO GREER!!!! This is why you don’t split the party! Rush makes a similar dumb mistake in Incursion by running away from TJ. I think the show uses that plot device a lot but it’s at least a human and understandable one, unlike the many, many stupid plot devices in OUAT. 

-  This episode is really about Greer, once you get rid of the bells and whistles. 

- I just noticed another parallel between Greer and Rush (I do that a lot I know, because they both don’t get along well with other people, have gotten on Young’s bad side many a time, grew up poor, come from marginalized backgrounds, and are woobies deep down), they both get left behind on an alien planet

- The sort of lesson that Greer learns early in life is that he can’t trust his father or mother

- Scott was right, they should have stayed behind. That’s like the #1 lesson on survival. Listen to the military guy! (In general I”ve noticed upon rewatching the show how many times Scott has done the smart thing.)

-  Just imagine being a young teenager being left to fend for yourself in an unknown city. Greer certainly has the “tragic anti hero” thing nailed. In another show, he could’ve been the gritty main protagonist. Greer also doesn’t even hesitate before going into a burning building and rescuing his family. That’s origin story material right there. 

- Not surprised Rush doesn’t believe in luck.He probably was around people constantly who were always believing in luck even as their lives were being screwed over and nothing got better, while he managed to go to Oxford, get the hell out of Glasgow and the UK entirely, and become a world-class physicist with skill 

- Greer’s Dad is an asshole, but I felt kind of bad for him in the scene with the crazy guy, imagine having to listen to him all day every day. I think what made him snap is the fact that Greer was around too. Otherwise he would've done it when Greer wasn’t around to stop him. 

- This was at the part of the episode when I watched it the first time that I began to realize that they weren’t going to get rescued at the end. 

- There is something really heartbreaking in that Greer has to join the same system that screwed his father over. When Rush poked fun at soldiers, he unknowingly not only was making fun of Greer but also his father. Of course, Rush becomes very offended later when Greer makes fun of him right back, bringing up his own father when Greer implies he grew up rich. (It makes sense that Greer would come to that conclusion, as many of the people in the US who make fun of poor people and the military are rich, they don’t realize that for many not-rich people, the military is where you go if you want to escape bad circumstances but lack the grades or can’t afford college, I have a friend who was in that situation. Grew up very poor on an Indian reservation, went into the military after highschool, and is only now going to college at the age of 30.) Now Greer ends up in the military because, unlike Rush, he didn’t get his scholarship. So not only does Rush make fun of Greer, but he also made fun of his father, who got PTSD and died because of being in the military, AND he brings up how he, unlike Greer, got his scholarship. Way to twist the knife Rush. No wonder Greer shoved him and wouldn’t give him any water. 

- Just based on how both Greer and Rush don’t trust people and have deep-seated issues with authority, I wonder if Rush’s father was similarly abusive. 

- Every time Chloe brings up her home life, I tune out. 

- I felt so bad for them heading the wrong way. That ought to suck. 

- Poor Chloe, afraid of encountering the blue aliens again. I think nobody else on the ship really understands just how traumatized she and Rush were. 

- The difference between Star trek Voyager and this show that I think makes this show more superior is that the show isn’t immediately reset at the end of the episode. Voyager became stale because you knew the characters would be in the same place at the beginning as they were at the end, to the point where the ship had infinite runabouts and photon torpedos. Yet in this show, Eli, Chloe, and Matt aren’t okay at the end. This provides more suspense and makes the audience care more about their fate. 

/sighs mournfully as I put Destiny back into my PS4

time to go collect 600 Crucible Marks

Body Positivity Biatches!, a playlist on Spotify

So I started a playlist for helping you feel good.  Put it on, turn it up and shake that glorious booty!

PS: I’m taking suggestions to add to the list.

Cover Girl by RuPaul

  • Stronger by Britney Spears
  • Roar by Katy Perry
  • I’m Still Standing by Elton John
  • Born This Way by Lady GaGa
  • I Am What I Am by Gloria Gaynor
  • Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars
  • Survivor by Destiny’s Child
  • Perfect Day by Hoku
  • Let It Go from Frozen
  • Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child
  • Firework by Katy Perry
  • Strong Enough by Cher
  • Flawless by The Ones
  • Champion by RuPaul
  • Sexy Lady by Jesse Jay
  • Bang Bang by Jesse Jay, Nikkki Minaj & Ariana Grande

eclecticdetective asked:

I would love a wand analysis or two if that's ok with you! My friend is a Ravenclaw INTJ, and her wand is Elder with Dragon Core, 12.5 inches, unyielding. I am a Slytherin ENFJ, and mine is Cypress with unicorn hair, 10.25 inches, surprisingly swishy.


Elder: This wand always chooses someone who values intelligence. They are marked out for a special destiny. It takes a very special wizard to get this wand.

Dragon core: This core is the most powerful core, but it causes the most accidents. It is good with elemental and defensive magic. It is most common among Slytherins, and it learns faster than any other core. 

12 ½ inches: This means your friend is either average height with a larger personality, or they are taller with a more subtle personality. The larger the personality, the more dramatic the spell-casting style and vice versa.

Unyielding: This means your friends is very stubborn and not easily swayed away from their beliefs. This wand will take awhile to warm up to her, but once it does, it will remain extremely loyal.

How this relates to her house: This wand is super common among Ravenclaws, since it chooses someone who values intelligence over anything. This means that your friend might also have an ambitious streak, because this wand is one of the most powerful. She is probably very intelligent and determined.

Fun facts: Those with Elder wands are compatible with those who have Rowan. This means that if she finds someone with a Rowan wand, they might be her life partner.


Cypress: This wand always chooses someone who is brave, bold, and will die a heroic death. This person is very self-sacrificing, and is abnormally courageous. 

Unicorn core: This core is the most common core, but it performs the most consistent magic. It is good at healing magic and Charms. It is most common among Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws.

10.25 inches: This means that you are probably shorter or have a more subtle personality type (I’m imagining you are just short since you’re an extrovert). I doubt you would have a dramatic spell-casting style.

Surprisingly swishy: This means that you are open-minded. This wand will warm up to you quickly. You are very adaptable, just like your wand.

How this relates to your house: I find this to be an odd wand for a Slytherin, since they are stereotypically self-preserved and wouldn’t necessarily be self-sacrificing.. however, Narcissa Malfoy is as Slytherin as they get, and she was very self-sacrificing for those she loved. You might also have some Gryffindor tendencies.

Fun facts: Remus Lupin’s wand was made of Cypress. 

It’s LIVE!

The Patreon (ongoing crowd funding for artists) Page for my personal project “Destiny of the Marked” is live!

Let’s get Episode 1 & 2 ready for print/ eBook!  It’s been a long time waiting, but I just need a little help getting there! I can’t wait for you all to read and interact with you on Patreon!

You get a free wallpaper (seen below) as a free gift at $1 pledged a month!

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Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders what it means to get a cutie mark and their meanings to their destiny and THEY don't understand. BLU team comes along one day and THEY explain to Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo what it means to get a Cutie Mark and then THEY understood what BLU meant about it. Not sure if AJ, Rares and RD should be proud or jealous about that.

Have you ever met any little sister/brother who truly listens to their older siblings?  Truly?  ‘Cause I haven’t.