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Icons of the Patrol Missions

While playing with a lot of people over time within destiny the question how do you know which beacon to take for what type of mission. Since i recently got asked that same question again i went searching for the icons.  Quickly i came across this image and saved me some work in creating them myself.

credits: Info gathered from Here
Images created by /u/Gozumaki

with the way that Bungie balances things there is always going to be a crutch weapon in PvP that absolutely dominates the landscape

Right now it’s the Thorn, but before that it was the Mythoclast, and before that it was the Suros Regime

with the patch coming in the Fall, it’ll probably end up being the Suros again

the only way that Destiny will ever have balanced PvP is if Bungie stops with all the fucking blanket patches and just tweaks the four or five weapons that actually need it