My fireteam jarenward, cryptarchives, and I pulled a flawless victory out of our very first Trials of Osiris Passage. Gained access to a hidden social space on Mercury called The Lighthouse.

At the end of the area you find a large chest. Inside was several Passage Coins, several Motes of Light, an Etheric Light, and a maximum-tier Trials of Osiris gear piece.  You also receive an Exotic-rarity emblem.

I pulled a Void Hand Cannon, and my fireteam pulled an Arc Auto Rifle and an Arc Pulse Rifle.

I’ll post a photoset featuring all of my Trials of Osiris rewards soon, including what I got from The Lighthouse.


Haven’t been posting much because all I do is work an play destiny. The new expansion came out Tuesday and I just hit the level cap with my hunter.
Fatebringer/Felwinters Lie/Gjallarhorn carried me through the prison of elders. The New Monarchy Cleopatra AK shader also looks stylish as hell.
For anyone that follows me I apologize, anyone with a ps4 add me @ sufferXsurive