destiny protect me from the world


  • ‘ By then, they realized I had… emotional problems. ‘
  • ‘ People cannot win against their loneliness. ‘
  • ‘ If you get in my way… I’ll kill you. ‘
  • ‘ Perhaps the companionship of an evil person is preferable to loneliness. ‘
  • ‘ If they look at me the wrong way, I’ll kill them all. ‘
  • ‘ If you want this match to end quickly, I’ll just win it quickly. ‘
  • ‘ You two understand that our target is just one thing right? ‘
  • ‘ What do you think is faster, your sand or my sound? ‘
  • ‘ I’m going to snap you like a twig! It should have been done years ago! ‘
  • ‘ When you protect the ones important to you, your true strength will show. ‘
  • ‘ I realized that in all of the world no one needed me. I was alone.. ‘
  • ‘ Is there… somebody precious to you? ‘
  • ‘ What?! Why wasn’t he affected by my sexiness?! ‘
  • ‘ There’s no meaning to a flower unless it blooms. ‘
  • ‘ You might want to spit that out quick, though. Those can be quite poisonous. ‘
  • ‘ got my mind on your body and your body on my mind. ‘
  • ‘ I was so hard on you, yelling, scolding… It must have hurt. ‘
  • ‘ Even the strongest of opponents always has a weakness.. ‘
  • ‘ Run away… run away… and cling to your pitiful life. ‘
  • ‘ I’ve had enough this. There’s no hope left for this pathetic clan. ‘
  • ‘ For instance, you’ve made the mistake of assuming I’m a patient man. ‘
  • ‘ How long can you, a person that does not posses the bloodline limit, deal with this? ‘
  • ‘ You overestimate your own abilities with no idea of the depth of my own. ‘
  • ‘ You two don’t know me at all, do you? ‘
  • ‘ It must be tough on the underlings to have such a stupid leader. ‘
  • ‘ I don’t know which is more pathetic; the fool, or those who follow him. ‘
  • ‘ The more you want something, the harder it is to wait for it.. ‘
  • ‘ That’s why they go on and on about their dreams. That’s why they never give up. ‘
  • ‘ My first impression of you is…I hate you. ‘
  • ‘ I want to play around before some noisy people come! ‘
  • ‘ There’s enough poison on that to drop an elephant, so you’re dead. ‘
  • ‘ I must be a pretty pathetic owner for you to have bitten me. ‘
  • ‘ I have no idea what’s going on but I’m always up for getting wild! ‘
  • ‘ Have you forgotten my scent? We’ve always been together haven’t we? ‘
  • ‘ The weakest one in the game always goes down first. ‘
  • ‘ Which do you prefer? To die, or to obey? ‘
  • ‘ The next time we meet, be ready to face the consequences! ‘
  • ‘ All your hard work will prove worthless… unless you believe in yourself! ’
  • ‘ Now run, run into the sunset and suffer. But don’t mess up your hair! ‘
  • ‘ Look into my eyes and accept my dearest apologies. ‘
  • ‘ The pain of being lonely… is out of this world, isn’t it? ‘
  • ‘ So you’re special, huh?, you won’t be so special when I’m through with you! ‘
  • ‘ It’s not the face that makes one a monster. It’s the choices they make with their life! ‘
  • ‘ Real strength is not what you have when fighting for only yourself.. ‘
  • ‘ So you’re not going to withdraw? Then don’t blame me for what happens to you. ‘
  • ‘ So this is the full extent of the main branch’s strength? ‘
  • ‘ _______, sometimes, your eyes are even better than mine. ‘
  • ‘ The only destiny that every person shares.. is death. ‘
  • ‘ You’ve hated and punished yourself for your own weakness. ‘
  • ‘ I wasn’t crying! There was dust in my eyes. ‘
  • ‘ You know…you were the only one I would have spared. ‘
  • ‘ The body ages, but the mind is immortal. ‘
  • ‘ ______, you saved me from the darkness. ‘
  • ‘ I want to master all techniques to understand the truth of this world. ‘
  • ‘ No matter what darkness lies ahead, I will pursue that path. ‘
  • ‘ I’ve lived my life for one single purpose: to see you die! It ends here!! ‘
  • ‘ I was unable to protect my friends. The mission failed.. ‘
  • ‘ Even if our enemy is a small bug, we will not underestimate it. ‘
  • ‘ I don’t care if you kill me…all that matters is you’ll die, too. ‘
  • ‘ Knowing what I am doing isn’t the same as knowing how to stop me! ‘
  • ‘ What can you possibly do in this situation? Spit at me? ‘
  • ‘ By your age, my hands were already soaked in blood. ‘
  • ‘ You say my future is death…? I’ve had enough of your bluffs. ‘
  • ‘ You’re gonna die kid, wipe that grin off your face. ‘
  • ‘ They’re my friends. They are precious to me… ‘
  • ‘ Don’t tell me you still have feelings for your old home? ‘
  • ‘ Let it go. You’ve gotta forget about revenge. ‘
  • ‘ What makes you think you know anything about it?! It’s easy for you to talk. ‘
  • ‘ Wait a minute. First we make a plan…then we nail those bastards. ‘
  • ‘ You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep. ‘
Why are Bellamy and Clarke so afraid of love?

There’s an undeniable comparison to be drawn concerning Bellamy, Clarke and their individual approach to the notion of love. Bellamy blooms in the presence of affection. Clarke yearns for company and support; her lovers are her solace. Both require love to power through, and yet there is a noticeable absence of verbal clarity in their love. Why has Bellamy never told anybody that he loves them? Why does Clarke find herself blurting out her confession as her lover dies in her arms? What are they so afraid of? What does love mean for these two?

Both Bellamy and Clarke have been conditioned to perceive love as something extreme. To love somebody carries an incredible amount of weight – to cross over to that side in a relationship implies something drastic would have to happen. So first, let’s discuss what is the reasons behind their intense ideas of love.

Bellamy Blake: “I adore those who adore me first.”

It’s no secret that Bellamy is a lover at heart and has so many emotions he’s been conditioned to control and repress. His idea of love is one that is quite cyclical and paradoxical. I often describe Bellamy’s situation as a catch 22 of sorts: he loves people with such fervour that it burns, but he too needs love as a fuel for his own. So what comes first, the way he loves people or the way in which he is loved? And why is his love so strong? Well, his early attachment to Octavia is the source of his passion. Being that young and having a responsibility so heavy, Bellamy’s care and love and protectiveness had to be extreme. His idea of love amalgamates a fear of failure and, of course, overpowering sense of duty. Because Octavia was of paramount significance to Bellamy (all stemming from my sister, my responsibility), his idea of love was cemented as one in which this form of intrinsic protectiveness was required. 

This mantra he’s lived by is very matter-of-fact: basically, you don’t want to know what would happen if something bad were to happen to Octavia because she is your responsibility. That overwhelming idea would have frightened Bellamy so much, forcing a suffocating form of love that leaves no chance for anything bad to happen to Octavia. This was the first time he was given the duty of care and so, very early on, Bellamy’s conception of love was one much more amplified than anybody else’s. Bellamy was raised raising another. He was giving more than he was probably receiving at times. So where’s the love to fuel his own?

It’s anywhere he can find it. Think about it: the look on his face when Clarke told him she needed him, the way he acted when she ran to him and pulled him into a tight embrace, his reaction when Octavia told him ‘I love you, big brother’. He flourishes when he feels love because it’s just about the one emotion he exudes and yearns for in return; it’s the emotion he knows is geared towards him as a person rather than the skills he possesses. He feels when it’s there, and he gravitates towards it because it’s something he desires so badly. He adores those who adore him, and in the circumstance that he is put first, as a priority, it shakes him to the very core. But why does he not explicitly state his love?

Clarke Griffin: “Love is my solace.”

Clarke surrounds herself with love constantly, as it is the source of her liberation. Her will to survive pervades her identity at times and it’s so overwhelming for her. So she reaches out for support, for somebody who bleeds the same, or somebody who being around can free her of her worries. Being constantly singled out for the decisions she has made in the past to ensure the 100′s survival wears her down, it seems, and so the company she seeks is often through romantically and/or sexually-bound relationships. Because love is so paramount to her; because it elevates her in every way possible and gives her the strength to power through hardship…it carries a lot of weight. To love someone, that is. 

With Finn, it was almost as if he symbolised an escape for her. He was somebody she could be herself around, somebody who kindled within her a sense of passion and security, and he offered a companionship that she could not seek elsewhere, as the co-leader of her people. The fact that their most intimate scenes took place away from the dropship i.e. away from her duties only further shows this. With Lexa, Clarke found a kindred spirit and somebody she truly connected with. She saw they bled the same, they carried the same burdens, the same guilt, the same sorrows – Finn and Costia and their leadership roles being prime examples. Lexa was her guide, her lover, her oasis, her eye in the storm. She found inner peace when she was with Lexa. 

But we have observed the recurring pattern with Clarke and her love dying before her very eyes – to love someone is to kill them, she must think. Her idea of love, much like Bellamy, is heightened because of this. And so an important question to raise is: Why does she only confess at the very last moment?

What do love confessions mean to Bellamy and Clarke?

Conceptually, to both Bellamy and Clarke, love is a line they cannot uncross. The state they both remain in, regarding relationships, is one that does not verbally express affection. They show and don’t tell.

Bellamy and Clarke are absolutely terrified of the idea of mortality. With Bellamy, we know fear manifests wherever his love does. With Clarke, she directly associates her love with death. So to tell their loved ones ‘I love you’ psychologically reinforces the inevitability of death. Because of that inherent fear of failure in Bellamy’s love, and the automatic associating of love with mortality in Clarke…it would be in both Bellamy and Clarke’s nature to firmly hold this idea that love confessions are a time limit, love confessions are a reminder. To confess, to make it known to the world automatically endangers their loved one. It’s a psychological belief: it’s almost as if Bellamy and Clarke feel that if they keep their love for someone a secret from fate itself, it keeps these people immortal, and untouched by death.

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Their mentality towards love is something along the lines of ‘I can’t let the world know. I can’t let fate know. Love kills, so if I never say it, I am not putting them in danger.’ To Bellamy and Clarke, confessions have a ring of finality to it that implies that Earth can take them away at any given moment, and they are so fearful of that, they push it to the back of their minds. They show their love through their actions, but never explicitly through their words because not only would that reinstate to the world and destiny itself that this person is irreplaceable so please don’t take them away from me, but it personally reminds both Bellamy and Clarke that one day, their loved one will depart from this world, and they will have no one. People who are special to them, time and time again on Earth, have been harshly taken away from them so they’re now incredibly protective over the last few they have left.

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When Clarke confesses, it sounds like a farewell. The last thing she ever told her father, Finn and Lexa was ‘I love you’. And she blurts it out, too, because there’s nothing left to do: fate got to them before her love could. Since Jake’s death, she’s grown to reaffirm her affection for her loved ones before they die, in hopes to lull them into their passing. To give them the comfort of knowing she always felt the same. With Jake and Finn it was gentle yet distressed, but with Lexa, something more interesting happens. She says it, breathlessly, but the desperate look on her face as Lexa departs gives it away: Clarke’s idea of love can sometimes be reversed, and she confesses in hopes that maybe she was wrong all this time, maybe her love was actually the key to their safety. Maybe if she confesses they won’t leave her, after all. But it’s a hopeless kind of belief, and even Clarke knows this.

And with Bellamy? Someone who has always had a fear of death, a fear of the unknown, the inevitable? Love is a force he cannot reckon with, and he’s battling between choosing to perceive mortality as a reason to confess or as a reason to avoid confessing. It’s a fight between hopelessness and relentlessness. (It also comes from his emotional repression, which I talk about here.) He knows deep down that time will run out, but at the same time, he struggles to unlearn the idea that announcing his love puts a death sentence on the person.

And together: To one another, Bellamy and Clarke will not accept the other’s mortality. While everyone else has left them, they are each other’s constants, and they have remained and survived through it all. They have this delusional mentality, particularly Clarke, that the other’s death is simply not a narrative existing in their universe. Likely crafted from the trauma of loss, they simply will not accept that their death is inevitable. Clarke is adamant that Bellamy will always come back to her (re 4x06: No, you will) because heaven knows what will happen if someone as dear to her as Bellamy were to die. The same occurs within Bellamy, to a certain extent. We saw it in 3x02 especially: when Clarke is in danger he will not stop until she is out of harm’s way because the idea of her death absolutely frightens him.

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Conclusively: resulting from their past experiences, both Bellamy and Clarke find immense difficulty in stating their love, in fear that it will rouse harsh fate itself – that if they were to confess they would be periling their loved one. Their fear of the end is what stops them from confessing, and they both, in the face of the apocalypse, have begun to try and unlearn this deeply-rooted mentality; that love does not equal death, but rather strength.

DL Headcanons: Yandere Subaru

Being stuck with a vampire isn’t easy, especially when they’re a yandere


  • Don’t make him angry, warning you now, do not make this man angry unless you want to suffer for what feels like an eternity but is actually less than a day
  • He always tries to be more patient with you than others, but he’s so irritable that he can’t help get angry at times. When this happens I’d suggest you try calming him down before he loses control and gets someone - probably you - stuck in a hospital bed
  • An angry Subaru is no joke; when he’s angry he is angry! He’s the most aggressive out of all his brothers meaning you should be very careful when dealing with him, it’s kind of like stepping on eggshells
  • Subaru, surprisingly, will do more than simply harm you to the point of breaking your bones - he’ll also trick, hurt and manipulate you into staying with him and trusting him
  • Say, for example, he sees you talking with someone else - he’ll either get super angry and probably punch the guy into a wall or he’ll drag you away from the guy until the two of you are alone. When you are, he’ll use a pathetically sad voice and maybe even some fake tears to remind you how “sensitive” he really is
  • However, the second you forgive him and can’t see his face - he’ll let out the wide, proud and devilish smirk he had to hide while putting on a sad act
  • In this twisted relationship, Subaru will be both the safest person for you to be around, as well as the most dangerous
  • He’ll protect you from the world, but you can’t be protected from him
  • He’ll do anything for you, but he won’t let you go
  • He’ll love you to pieces, but he might also rip you to shreds

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“Will you accept your destiny and give up everything to us? If you are capable of doing that, I will take you with me into an eternal dream. Whether that dream is Heaven or Hell is up to you. I will not stop myself. How you feel about it is irrelevant. I will do as I please, so brace yourself.”  ~Subaru Sakamaki

It's Our Destiny

“It’s our destiny, Margaret! To save the world and each other, we must become one! You’re the reincarnation of my lost love Maggie but she was taken from me. I swear on my honor as a werewolf and the love I have for you, that I’ll protect you this time and we can be together forever!”

Peggy wakes from her dream actually laughing, sat up and howling into her lap from how ridiculous and hilarious her cheesy romance novel dream was. Steve wakes up purely confused as to why his wife was laughing in the dead of night. She turns to him, grinning wide.

“I had a dream that you were an immortal werewolf stud and I was Margaret, the reincarnation of your one true love Maggie. And we were going to mate for life and have a pack of pups as the werewolf goddess foretold. Straight out of those Mummer romance novels.” She cups her face and hoots into her hands. Just knowing what she was dreaming had steve in stitches. Did she ever read cheesy romance or was that drawn from what she heard?

“Werewolf stud, eh? If you wanted me to bite you, Pegs, all you had to do was ask.” He playfully lunges at her with a growl and kisses all over her neck, getting giggles from her this time.


“Now I gotta tell you about my mermaid seahorse dream where I was the pregnant one and you were the queen of Aquatica.” Of course he was joking and it was so ridiculous she headbutts his shoulder to laugh like a loon.

“We have the worst subconsciouses.”

“If it helps, you’re still the queen of my heart.”

“Oh you cheesy sweet man.” She cuddles into him and lays back down to form a cuddly, smiling puddle with him. “And you’re always my stud.”

Marriage seemed to come easily to them but it was ironing out the odd kinks that would prove amusing.


Pairings: Sam x reader

Reader gender: Female 

Warnings: Gore & Blood & Torture

Word Count: 1564

“Just you wait. I’m going to kill you and your brother, and I might even kill Castiel for good measure.” Lucifer gave a devilish smile as he stared at Dean and Sam. The brothers were chained to the far wall, Castiel was in the same predicament, but on the wall opposite. Lucifer, was sat in the centre of them both. 

Sam gave another tug at the chains, but no movement came from them. Lucifer only chuckled at the sight. 

“Son-of-a-bitch!” Dean muttered as the chains tightened slightly, making them become increasingly uncomfortable. Sam eyed the sharp pointed, silver carving knife that was lodged in his brothers thigh. Dean had become increasingly pale in the last ten minutes, probably from the blood loss. Castiel looked just as pained, possibly worse. He had blood gushing from his possibly broken nose, even more blood coming from the many gashes that covered his chest, his trench coat and shirt ripped open. Lucifer smirked at the pain they were engulfed in. He turned back to Dean, who seemed to be riding in and out of conciousness. Sam’s eyes moved to Lucifer’s hand as he placed it around the handle of the carving knife. He was silent for a moment, before he yanked the knife out, making Dean croak out a yell of pain. He paused for a moment listening to the scream, before stabbing back in his calf. 

“Look, Dick, if you’re going to kill us. Can you get on with it?” Sam gritted through his teeth. 

“Now, now, Sammy don’t rush me. Stop being so impatient.” Lucifer taunted. “I’m still deciding who to start with…” Lucifer’s eyes trailed between the three men before him. 

“I think I’ll start with my brother. Castiel.” Lucifer turned to Castiel, an angel blade in hand. He began to stalk towards Castiel, who continued to stare at him. 

He stopped abruptly, as music blared through the room. Their heads perked up at well-known song by AC/DC Highway to Hell. The only mystery was where the music was coming from, as there was no stereo in the room, nor were there any speakers. Their eyes darted helplessly around the room, as they searched for the source. 

“What did you do?!” Lucifer demanded, as he glared between the three of them. 

“Look, we didn’t do anything, we’re just as stumped as you are.” Sam added. 

“Well it must have been one of you! No one knows you’re here!” Lucifer shouted angrily. 

“Actually, I know you’re here.” they all turned towards the origin of the voice. The voice itself sounded, angelic. It was like the tingling of bells. Stood in the corner, was an average height female. She ha (h/c) hair and sparkling (e/c) eyes. A smirk played on her plump lips as she stared back at Lucifer. 

“Hello Luci,” she taunted. “Remember me?” the shock was evident on his face  as he stared back at the girl. 

“No. No. How are you here? I killed you, with my bare hands.” he pointed accusingly in her direction. “I removed most of your organs. Your blood was on my hands.” the girl rolled her eyes, and pushed off from the wall she was leant on. 

Upon closer inspection, the female was wearing a pale pink sweetheart crop top. The bottom of which was covered by the waistband of the short white skirt, that came to just above her knees. As she gracefully walked towards Lucifer, only the clicking of her white open toed heels against the concrete floor could be heard. 

“You are such an idiotic moron. I’m not a push over you know!” she was becoming angry, the hostages could see and hear the anger in her voice. But what caught their eyes was the extremely frightened look on Lucifer’s face. 

“Oh, calm down Luci. We’re going to play a little game. If you can catch me, I kill you and if you can’t catch me… Well, I still kill you.” her lips curved into a very evident smirk, as she stood a few feet away from him. 

“You can’t kill me! I’ve done nothing to make you angry!” her face suddenly contorted into a look of pure anger. The music stopped and the room achieved a darkened atmosphere. 

“You’ve done nothing to make me angry?” she left a gap as she spoke. Speaking the words clearly, in a low and angry tone. “You tore my heart from my chest! You threw my unbeating heart and my dismantled body into a wooden box, and threw it into the sea! You made my Essence become insane! And now you’re keeping him, his brother and and Angel of the Lord in your captivity.” an animalistic growl escaped her throat, as her petite hands curled into fists. “Angry is an understatement. I’d say infuriated just hits the mark.” when she looked up, her eyes had changed from the calm (e/c) to a yellowish gold. Lucifer tried to evaporate from the room, but he couldn’t travel as he usually could. Realising he had no escape, he turned back to her, wide eyed, holding the angel blade in front of him for protection. The females, now golden eyes, rolled in their sockets, as she chuckled gently. 

“I may be an Angel, Lucifer, but I’m a Guardian. That doesn’t work on me.” she taunted. The boys were intrigued, they had never seen Lucifer so helpless, so intimidated, so frightened. And for him to be frightened of a girl, that was unthinkable. It was only then, that Sam realised his brother had passed out from the blood loss. 

“Dean!” he shouted, gently nudging his leg with his own, trying to see if he had any life in him at all. A quiet grunt came from his brother, as he panicked. His eyes then darted back to the girl who was stood by Lucifer’s trembling frame. Her hand shot forward, and pushed it’s way through his skin and cracking bones, as it penetrated just over his heart. Her fingers clenched around his heart. He gasped and struggled against her hand, as blood dripped down the front of his shirt. She stared him straight in the eyes as she smiled. 

“Have fun, Luci. Now you’ll know how it feels, to have everything ripped from you. To have your heart ripped from your chest. And finally…” she paused, twisting his heart slightly, making his eyes lock with hers. “…To lose.” and with that she removed the organ from his chest. His body fell to the ground, and just for good measure, she stabbed the angel blade through his stomach. 

She dropped the organ to the ground beside his body, and smiled at the boys, two of which were staring wide eyed. Whilst Dean, still sit unconscious. As she clicked her fingers, all the blood that once soaked her hand, arm and clothes, vanished, leaving no trace of the murderous act. She walked towards them, and released them from the chains. Her abnormally large wings were now showing. Being a Guardian angel, her wings could be seen when made visible. They were white with blue seeping in from the bottom, upwards into the soft feathers. She carefully moved over to Sam’s side, before grabbing his face in her delicate hands. She tilted his head to the side, as she checked for any injuries. 

“Did he hurt you?” she questioned, anger lingering in her voice as she examined him. 

“Not that I know of. Only that hit me on the back of the head with something to knock me out. Also the bruises on my wrists from the chains.” Sam replied quietly, scanning her intense face, as she glared at the black and blue forming on his wrists. “I’m okay, really.” he insisted. She nodded, before turning to Dean, she removed the knife, and placed her hand on her chest, as a blue glow emitted from her hand. The blood and gashes disappeared from his body, and he awoke only moments later.

“Who are you?” he asked, sitting up and scooting away from her. 

“My name is Y/N. I am Sam’s Guardian Angel.” Sam’s face changed from confusion to a mix between anger and hurt. 

“If you’re my Guardian Angel, then where have you been over the years? Why didn’t you help me? Why didn’t you protect Jess? Why didn’t you help Dean? Why did you leave me?” he asked desperately. A stern look replaced her smile, as she looked him dead in the eyes. 

“I have to protect you, I can’t change your destiny. See if I did that, the world would explode.”

Wendy the Slayer AU

Wendy could use more badass AUs and her and Stan make a pretty rad team. So hear me out:

Wendy as the Slayer. A girl born with heightened senses, super strength and enhanced agility, whose destiny is to protect the world from supernatural foes.

Stan is her Watcher. That’s why he gave her the job at the Shack, so he could keep an eye on her. It’s his job to be his mentor. Gravity Falls lies on a Hellmouth, a place where the barrier between our world and the paranormal is very thin, hence the amount of creatures running around town.

Some Slayer!Wendy headcanons:

  • Axe is her weapon of choice
  • Wendy’s mother didn’t suffer a natural or normal death
  • Dan Corduroy is aware of his daughter’s extracurricular activities. He and Stan have an accord: Dan won’t tell anyone Stan’s true identity (he built Ford’s house, he totally knows he’s impersonating his bro) so long as he looks after Wendy

  • Her friends help out on occasion, whether she invites them or not
  • Soos is her designated getaway driver. He’s run over more than a few monsters (accidentally or otherwise). They make a great team

  • Robbie’s a legit vampire, but still a wimp and harmless to humans, so Wendy sees no reason to gank her ex
  • Leading a double life, plus taking care of her brothers at home, gives her a lot of extra stress

  • Sometimes killing a few monsters and saving civilians is her chance to blow off steam
  • Mabel’s a potential Slayer, meaning that in the event Wendy dies, she could become the next Slayer

  • Dipper can’t be a potential Slayer because he’s male, yet for some weird reason he has the mental/psychic powers typical of a Slayer, while Mabel has all the physical capabilities

And some Watcher!Stan backstory:

  • Both Stans got recruited to be Watchers but only Ford stuck with the program to receive the official title. Stan bailed because he didn’t like how the higher-ups viewed potential Slayers as an army of female super-soldiers
  • How does he know so much about the supernatural then? Well, maybe he once ran afoul some vampire mafia and would’ve met a very messy end had he not been saved by the current Slayer

  • That’s right, Carla McCorkle was a badass Slayer that saved Stan and taught him how to beat up vamps, werewolves, and all sorts of baddies
  • They called her “Hotpants” ‘cause she made hellfire look cold

  • Unfortunately, Slayers typically don’t have long life expectancies
  • And Carla ultimately, tragically died in the line of duty

  • Breaking Stan’s heart
  • He doesn’t like to talk about (but of course the truth eventually comes out, cue old man tears and much-needed brotherly hugs)

  • And that’s partially why he’s very tough on Wendy with training but also very supportive and protective: He can’t watch another Slayer die young. He can’t.
  • Oh and also

  • Maybe Stanley Pines didn’t fake his death
  • Maybe someone dragged Stanley Pines back to life

Tell me a story that ends with me and you…falling away with one another…the universe in full view…wash this world away…you at my side…another time and place…no more when, how, or why…destiny overcome…escape this place…away with me this night…let’s escape fate…my hand in yours…hearts as one…from you I’ll never be torn…a lifetime to find…an eternity to keep…I’ll protect you forever…yours to keep. ~ B.T.

I am not as brave as you,
You shared so much of your heart and your life,
I want to share more, but I am scared it is not what you want to read or hear,
In case what I say, means nothing,
Like the space between a held pen and paper,

I am not as brave as you,
To leave the safety of my life and dive into something new,
To take life by its saddle and ride where-ever your heart will take you,
In case my journey is filled with closed doors and large obstacles,
In case my journey takes me further away from my truth,
Like a high-rise jumper without their parachute,

I am not as brave as you,
To ride through a storm all wet and with your horse tired and sore,
To ride and ride enjoying the trip, the places you visit and the people you meet,
I would be more focussed on the destination than the journey,
Wondering if I would fail,
Like a monk in the wilderness lost from their monastery,

I am not as brave as you,
To take a leap of faith and let destiny find me,
To take a breath and move forward through debris or over stepping stones,
I would want to be protected and given guidance,
I simply do not want to do this journey on my own,
Like a singer that needs its mike to share their song,

I am not as brave as you,
To trust the universe and let destiny knock on my door,
To open my arms to the world and know I have meaning wherever I am,
I want to see more clearly and digest my lessons in life,
I want to raise my vibrations in my heart,
To let my energy keep searching until it finds yours,
Like a mere mortal that meets a free spirit,
Like a Poet that needs its Muse

—  Mel Evans
Steven Universe Song Lyric Starters
  • "Cause we're good and evil never beats us"
  • "We'll always save the day and if you think we can't
  • we'll always find a way"
  • "Come at me without any of your fancy tools"
  • "We'll win the fight and then go out for pizzas"
  • "Let's go, just me and you."
  • "Why do you have to look up to her?"
  • "We are gonna stay like this forever."
  • "Deep down you know you weren't built for fighting."
  • "If you think you can stop me then you need to think again."
  • "You do it for her."
  • "I hadn't planned on finding you quite this entertaining."
  • "With my short existence I can make a difference."
  • "I want to inspire you."
  • "What can I do for you?"
  • "Don't you know that a power that big comes with a bigger expense?"
  • "You're better off not knowing the trouble I'm in."
  • "I can show you how to be strong in the real way."
  • "I could even learn how to love like you."
  • "I've never seen you look like this before."
  • "I have to protect you. What if somehow you get hurt?"
  • "You don't need this. You don't need me."
  • "You were so mad, but then you came around to me."
  • "Isn't it nice to find yourself somewhere different?"
  • "Ingredients in harmony, we mix together perfectly."
  • "Some say I have no direction."
  • "I know I'm not that tall."
  • "We're gonna make you smile."
  • "He came to this planet from outer space."
  • "Do you believe in destiny?"
  • " Remember when you would sing to me? We could do it again."
  • "In this whole wide world there's no one like you."
  • "[Name] is a big fat meanie!"
  • "So why don't we have a party?"
  • "It was mighty serious, I'd have to say."
  • "One-way ticket and I'm ready to ride!"
  • "It's just not my game."

I live every day as if it was my last, speak every word as if I was running out of them. I speak this one to you, this one about you, this one for you, you never asked but you’re a part of my life now. When the fortune abandons me and I regain consciousness, I look behind the memories and find you looking right back at me. No one speaks about the cold truth, one moment you’re by my side and the next your absence makes me feel empty, the hollowness mocking my last bits of sanity. You’re here whispering I love you, I say I need you but it always passes, when is it ever going to stop? But with time the pain fades like the footsteps on the Moon and yet it feeds my eternity, come with me, I’m afraid I can not be late from my destiny! I might ruin the surprise but I already know how it ends, if you join me I must confess I’ll die when the Sun rises but don’t you shed a tear for me, I’ll return when the night falls. I’ll wrap my shadow around your beautiful heart, my soul will protect you so please, stay with me until I close my eyes for the last time, let me feel your love flowing through me with your hand in mine, please taste my lips and hold my worn body. Dusk brought me to this world and you, the daughter of Dawn, I will love across time.

I believe in a lot of things that make the other math majors give me dirty looks. I believe in unconditional love and total freedom and the mutual exclusivity of the two, I believe that knowledge is infinite and empathy is as well and that every romantic entanglement I’ve ever had has been profoundly affected by my Venus Mars Square. I believe that God might be the omnipotent ruler of the universe judging every decision we make or he might be the impersonal boss who’s off screwing his girlfriend in the almighty equivalent of a dive bar slash shady motel and leaving his deadbeat assistant, who wishes he was paid in something besides ambrosia and nectar, to watch over things. I believe that the world is all chaos and we rely on sheer dumb luck more than we like to be aware of, and that we have to do our utmost to never lose faith in ourselves but ultimately lie back enjoy it because it’s going to happen to us anyway.

In certain ways, the physical is simple. It’s human to feel carnal desire and it’s mortal to give into it, “The sweetest submission, drinking it in, the wine, the women, and the bedroom hymns.” But it’s empty because it can’t sustain us forever. All the gold and the guns in the world can’t make up for the warmth of a woman’s flesh, and the warmth of a woman’s flesh can’t hold a candle to the woman herself. There is holiness in worshipping a human being but there is far more power to being an equal of whom we worship. Maybe that’s what love is at the end of the day, acquiescence to mutual ownership and we obsess over the potential of love to such a degree because we want so badly for it to be real but it so very rarely is. The reason we keep doggedly flirting with people we don’t even like, and repeatedly listening to all the songs which try to reassure us that love really exists despite infinite evidence to the contrary, and behind drinking so much that we can manipulate ourselves into feeling something resembling love, is to escape the hollowness. We have everything we could ever want, the golden nails and the lace and the skin of all the pretty girls and the pretty boys, but we want more than that, we crave the sanctity that eludes our hedonism for whatever reason and to unearth the holy while immersed in the conglomeration of the profane.

“Bedroom Hymns” is about sex and religion, the physical and the sentient and the abandon of enforced morality to human ecstasy. Sex is like death; it’s either a formidable entity to be healthily feared or it’s lionized as the ultimate goal of life, and neither extreme is accurate or healthy. The French call the orgasm “le petit morte”, the little death, because it’s supposedly the ultimate mortal sin, and Dante himself deemed the second circle as the place for those “carnal sinners who subordinate reason to desire.” But, the question behind “Bedroom Hymns” is, how is succumbing to something so primal a betrayal of any kind?

“I’m not here looking for absolution/Because I found myself an old solution” because denouncing sex as ultimately “unholy” is paradoxical since the prophets themselves weren’t remotely chaste, and moreover, the desires and activities of consenting adults in the privacy of their own bedrooms resolutely aren’t of anybody else’s concern. Of course, the converse is also false, since sex itself isn’t inherently holy because it’s a personal choice to be made by individuals of their own volition. Some people can have casual sex with no emotional repercussions, some people associate sex with love, some people will never have sex in their lives, and nothing is more or less valid or deserving of respect. It’s as ancient and modern and as holy or unholy as you want to think of it.  

But love. Love is never easy. Love is selfish, love is angry, love is ugly, love is beautiful and tender and can tear you apart and put you back together such that you forget you were ever broken in the first place. Sometimes, love isn’t even enough because we, perhaps unfairly, possess an undying yearning for togetherness and a tie to each other beyond romantic love- a craving for something more than physical attraction and shared interests, the belief that destiny is taking care of us, wrapping us in a blanket and protecting us from the harshness of the world. I don’t even know if it exists for me since I have a habit of bringing out the worst in what could otherwise be love, but if I give up the blind optimism in its existence, then the world will be even bleaker than it already is, and ergo, I’m blatantly disinclined to abandon that faith.