destiny islands


Our Destiny Islands wedding cake by Baker’s Man INC!  We lucked out that when we visited with the baker and his designer, his designer came in smiling ear from ear all “So my brother just got a new Sora tattoo and I love Kingdom Hearts.” We told her the ideas we wanted–we knew we wanted the cave walls and the paopu tree with the keyblades and they blew us away!

It was beautiful and delicious. I looked at it before walking down the aisle and immediately started crying. My dad had to keep me from looking at it as the cake while our progressional song was playing because I couldn’t stop crying like the huge nerd that I am. We played the Destiny Islands theme while we cut it–the inside was a layered cake that went from a Raspberry marble cake, with pineapple cream between it and the center vanilla cake, there was also a chocolate marble cake layer that had some buttercream with chocolate crunchy bits between the chocolate and vanilla cake layers. It was essentially a Neapolitan cake and oh man, it was so good. And this place was amazing so that fondant wasn’t thick at all and you could peel it off the end of your cake so easily so you didn’t have to eat it. And of course, the toppers are the Kingdom Key and Destiny’s Embrace in molding chocolate. :3


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favourite hero + kingdom hearts [requested by kairisheart]

“I know the keyblade didn’t choose me, and I don’t care. I’m proud to be a small part of something bigger.”