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I've read all of your AFTG fics off of your Ao3 account and I can honestly say that I love anything that you write, but I haven't been able to really read your newest work (death!neil?) due to the fact that I don't understand the sandman? univsrse? I hope this isn't pestering you but it would be really nice if I could understand it so maybe you could explain it a bit I'm a little confused. In the end I really do appreciate your writing and love the way you portray the characters thx.

Hi, sure. I’m not certain how much of the Sandman universe you need to understand, since I’m trying to explain a lot of it in the story and I’m loosely basing it the comic. The premise of Sandman is basically Dream, who is one of the seven Endless (which I’m stretching out to be the Named Ones here, again a much looser concept). The Endless were family members - Destiny, Death, Dream, Desire, Despair, Destruction and Delirium who used to be Delight. Destruction has disappeared, and Dream spent decades trapped by people who were trying to bend him to their will, which resulted in that sleeping sickness people had. He was freed from the spell and he’s trying to put his ‘dream kingdom’ to order, and the story moves from there.

Neil Gaiman used these beings, the Endless, who are responsible for some basic elements of living beings (we all dream, we all live and die, we all desire something, etc), and explored a lot of interesting concepts. Such as, dreams being an important basis for creativity. And how the Endless interact with gods (the importance of humans and their faith with gods, you can tell this led to his amazing American Gods book), there are muses and Furies playing a part in the storyline, even Lucifer, and witches. He really just throws a lot of mythology into things. But the important thing to take away is the Endless concept, that there are beings who play an important part in the lives of living beings and are more than gods, that they have rules they follow (that plays a key part in the storyline), and that even though we might not like to think about it, there is more to the world around us than we know. And that the Endless can pass on their ‘job’ to someone. Very key to the plot. :-)

Obviously I’m sorta taking the Dream character and switching him to Neil and making him Death instead and twisting a lot of things (it’s more an INSPIRATION than anything), that’s why I say you don’t really need to read the series to understand things. But it’s amazing, especially if you like anything to do with fantasy or mythology.

If any Sandman people want to chime in (and correct me), please do!