destiny design


This identity I did for the first Destiny crucible tournament in Russia. I wanted to create something that have a vintage look, inspired by the old soviet space exploration posters.

PS: a small update, logos of all the teams.


Original badge-like design based on the shader colours from Destiny’s Iron Banner – Million Million.

I wanted to keep the design as simple and minimal as possible while creating a sense of guild and belonging to the Hunter class.

“Hunters Tribe” came from the imagery used in armour pieces as well as subclass weapons, such as the wolf pelts, bows and arrows, and somewhat medieval tone to the Iron Banner itself and the aesthetics it delivered.

I will be making a print version of this available in the future, but for now it’s available as pretty much every other medium!

This is the first of three destiny designs intended as a trilogy body of work.

This design is currently available on Redbubble, and you can buy it many forms! Stickers, tees, hoodies, even a bad ass house clock (in case your wrist watch and mobile phone didn’t fulfll your time knowing needs!)

Thank you for looking and if you have any comments or constructive critism, I would love to hear it!


- M