destiny bts

Okay but what if these girls aren’t really/only their love interests? What if they represent their destiny?

Like, that girl who pulled Jungkook’s earbud out, she wanted Jungkook to notice the the guitarist - which finally made him think of Yoongi.
Namjoon’s girl is apparently Taehyung’s sister? And these two were always together in HYYH.
Jin’s girl gave him a diary - another way to keep memories, something that Jin was doing from the beginning with the pictures he took.
Jimin’s girl keeps him and Hoseok together, in a way, don’t you think?
And Taehyung’s girl is visibly a close friend, someone who reminds him of Namjoon.

It’s like the girls make them remember about the other boys. It’s like they want them to be together again. Right?

Or I’m just crazy, sleep-deprived and imagining things again.

A day in the park <3