Destiny High School AU that no one asked for part 2
  • Frames are the school janitors. Most students think that they’re nice, albeit a little unnerving, due to them having almost a robotic personality
  • The Gunsmith teaches the technology classes, along with Amanda Holliday, who specializes in automotives
  • Shaxx and Saladin are the football and soccer coaches, respectively. Saladin only comes around when it’s soccer season.
  • Students and faculty have learned not to put Saladin and Shaxx in the same room, unless they want to listen to a two-hour long screaming match between the two coaches
  • Students are sorted into three different sections and subsections at the beginning of the school year, based on their learning style and temperament
  • The three sections are: the Titans, the Hunters, and the Warlocks
  • Titans usually face learning head on, handling their studies in a way that will get them the results as fast as possible. They have hard-to-sway opinions on certain matters, but are open to other viewpoints.
  • Hunters learn in unorthodox ways. They are adaptable when finding solutions and their results are precise. They prefer to work alone, or in small groups with people they trust
  • Warlocks love to learn about anything and everything. Their end goal is to understand the content, and they’ll go through great lengths to achieve that.
  • Based on their section, students get assigned a mentor: Titans with Zavala, Hunters with Cayde, and Warlocks with Ikora
  • In addition to these sections, students are also free to join clubs, such as the New Monarchy Student Council, Dead Orbit Astronomy, and the Future War Cult Chess Society
  • The school has a severe drug problem, each section of the campus having a drug specific to them, such as “wormspore”, “spinmetal”, “spirit bloom”, etc
  • Almost every Friday, a weird guy can be seen in the Tower, or the Reef, campus. No one knows who he is, so they just call him “Xur”
  • He usually sells school materials that have a unique twist added to them for a cheap price
  • “What is this?”

    “It’s a special pen that makes you write faster the longer you write”

    “Oh sweet

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Special Delivery in the Tower

Happy Hump Day!

For all you guardians who may log into Destiny today, there will most likely be a special delivery for you waiting in the tower. The delivery is 25 legendary marks, so be sure you are not full on legendary marks before you open your package or you will lose them. 

Unfortunately I found out the hard way. :|


You may have control of your life, but you cannot control your environment. You cannot control the economy, trends, family circumstances, accidents, unexpected expenses, and the weather of life. You cannot control other people and their moods, personal situations, or issues. You cannot control biases or changes in your industry of choice. You cannot even control jealousy and envy in others. However, you can control your own STRENGTH to get back up and START AGAIN. Destiny is manifested only through action. You cannot be the captain of your own destiny, only the sailor, because we cannot control external influences that may alter the stability or direction of our ships. Once you understand this basic principle, you won’t be so hard on yourself when things don’t go your way… All obstacles come with valuable lessons designed just for you and only you.
—  Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun

It doesn’t seem like there’s any extra NPC dialogue for Crimson Days; I had naturally hoped for something from Eris, but all seems business as usual in the Tower except for the explosions of red flowers.

The Grimoire card is about a Warlock/Hunter relationship, which amused me, but holy cow does it provide even less actual lore than usual. Bungie why do you tease me in this way.