destined guild


Summary: As Natsu’s partner, Lucy vows to make him the best slayer out there.

Pairing: Natsu and Lucy


Rated K+

Notes: Secret Santa gift to @x-benihime. Hope you enjoy it Hanna ^^

(According to a court of law, I do NOT own any rights to the Fairy Tail franchise…and sadly its true)


An annoying beep echoed within the silent bedroom. The individual currently lying in bed groaned and rubbed her head against the pillow. When her eyes finally opened, she glared at the device that disturbed her sleep and turned it off.

As she began to stretch, thunderous footsteps were heard before her door was slammed open and a pink haired man stood under the doorway.

“Come on Lucy! Time’s a wasting!”

Natsu, the young fire mage responsible for probably putting another dent in her wall, looked at her expectantly.

She sent him a tired look. “Sheesh, I’m going.”

The boy shot her a quick grin before he exited, slamming her door behind him. The nineteen-year old girl merely cupped her face, and released an irritated moan.  “What am I going to do with that idiot,” She mumbled.

After a few minutes, she exited her bedroom in a workout outfit and with golden keys dangling from her hip; they were necessary for her magic. The blond briefly paused by Natsu’s room to make sure that their third companion was sound asleep. She peeked inside and smiled gently when she heard the small purrs.

Lucy entered the kitchen; next to the fridge was her partner, who was doing a few of the stretches she taught him.


She waved him off of. “Yeah yeah, let me just make our shakes and we’ll get started.”

While mixing the ingredients, Lucy made sure to put tabasco sauce in Natsu’s drink, much to her dismay. He merely called her a weirdo for not seeing why a protein shake doesn’t taste good with it.

Once her companion was outside, she locked the front door to their apartment, and made her way to him. The sun was barely rising as the two made their way to their training grounds.

“Do we really need to go to the guild today?” The dragon slayer pouted as he chugged his morning shake in a couple of seconds.

“It won’t be so bad. Today we have one hour of lecture and the rest of the time we’ll be sparing.”

“Now that’s more like it!” Natsu cheered. “Seriously, it’s so boring.”

“Well…” The girl drawled as she took a sip of her drink. “Maybe if you listened instead of dozing off, you’d learn something and you wouldn’t think it was so boring.”

“But that’s why I have you.” He turned to her at her with a concentrated expression. “I like the stuff you teach me.”

A light blush appeared on her cheeks and she looked away to avoid her face from getting any redder.

“Idiot,” She muttered embarrassingly, “where do you think I learn the stuff to teach you….”

“Huh?” The slayer blinked. “Wait really? I don’t know. You’re so smart I just thought it came from your head.”

Her mouth curved into a shy grin and her heartbeat increased its speed by a tiny bit. “Thanks.”

There was no talking; Lucy was too caught up in her best friend’s words that she failed to notice how impatient he was getting.


Natsu’s sudden outburst startled the girl. “This is taking so long!” He locked his gaze with hers and gave her a giant smile. “Let’s start training now.” He squatted in front of her. “Hop on! I’ll carry you to our spot!”

“Are you sure?” She inquired before wrapping her arms around his neck. Leave it to Natsu to make anything into training exercises.

“Well duh. This only counts if I carry enough weight. Thankfully you’re heavy enough for me to use as training.”


She slapped the side of his head, making him wince. “I’m not that heavy! Just for that, you’re running 200 laps when we get there!”

The male snickered as he jogged with her on his back. “Aye sir!”


After returning to their home, the duo showered, and gave their blue cat a farewell as they left to their next destination: the guild.

“It’s not fair.” Natsu pouted as he looked over his shoulder; their feline was still looking outside their apartment’s window with a heartbroken expression. “Happy should be allowed to come with us. He’s part of the team.”

“But he’s not a student.” Lucy pointed out as they continued to walk forward. “Besides, you hardly pay attention as it is. Having Happy would not only distract you but everyone else.”

“That’s not true! The guild would be a lot better if Happy was in it.”

“Yeah…and more troublesome.” The girl added but it appeared that Natsu was into deep thought that he didn’t hear her. She watched his concentrated face with amusement, wondering what got her best friend so quiet.

Then his eyes lit up and a smile formed on his face. “Hey Lucy! Happy should be a teacher!”

The busty blonde nearly tripped over an imaginary rock for that statement. “That stupid cat! No way!”    

“Don’t call him stupid!” The tone in his voice left no room for argument. Lucy winced when she remembered how sensitive Natsu is to that word. He could handle her calling him an idiot because that was the equivalent of him calling her a weirdo. He was okay when she used it on Happy if Happy was present with them, so Natsu could see if his third partner was offended. Happy never was.

But, she realized, hearing someone call someone else stupid when they weren’t there did look like they were talking bad behind their back. And the last thing she wanted was to make Natsu think she didn’t like their friend.

Sensing the awkwardness that now lingered between them, the tan-skinned slayer quickly added, “Plus imagine all the cool stuff he would teach us!”

Like magic, a tiny grin escaped past her lips. “Yeah…we would learn the history of fish for the rest of the year.”

Natsu laughed; her precious comment long forgotten. “Hey, it’s way better than hearing
Yahihi talk about what can’t be food!”

“It’s actually Yajima and some of that stuff is really important!” His partner lectured and for the rest of their walk, they ended up arguing which mushrooms were poisonous and which ones were okay to eat.

The guild was now in their line of vision. It was a giant castle like building with the words “Fairy Tail” displayed over the entrance. Flags of their insignia hung from the sides of the wall and below the enormous bell hung that same logo, only as a banner.

As they made it to the guild, their stomachs demanded breakfast and both agreed it was time to hit up the cafeteria. They passed the lobby, filled with students and staff, and maneuvered through other classmates in the hall.

Many of their generation were looking at the request wall and Natsu was tempted to snatch as many as he could before they grab breakfast. However, after some tugging and a lot of persuasion, Lucy convinced her partner to wait until after they eat because the process of getting those missions now would take away some of their morning.

The duo finally made it to the cafeteria; it was a large room with wooden floors, the tables centered in the middle and vendors close to the walls. The female chose to wait in the shortest line to grab a fruit smoothie and muffin. On the other hand, the fire mage had gone to where they served the most food.

Once the busty woman grabbed her food, her eyes scanned the room and finally landed on the petite blue-haired girl that reserved their usual table. As she made her way to her, she noticed that it wasn’t the iron slayer sitting next to her like it should have been; instead it was another blue haired girl.

“Morning Levy-chan!” The blond greeted as she took her seat.

“Morning Lu-chan!” Levy smiled back before waving a hand to the other female. “This is Juvia; she’s a new student. Erza was supposed to give her a tour but something came up so I’m going to show her around when classes start.”

“Juvia apologizes if she is taking Levy’s time away from Lucy-san.” The new girl bowed and the other two students waved their arms frantically.

“That’s not necessary!”

“And you’re not taking away anyone’s time!”

She raised her head, though still looking uncertain. “Juvia still apologizes.”      

Lucy smiled awkwardly. “Really, you shouldn’t. After all you’ve done nothing wrong.” She turned her head to friend. “I’m surprised Gajeel isn’t with you.”

The script mage puffed her cheeks. “That jerk. He left me to walk by myself since he wanted to spend a few more extra minutes with Lily.”

“Men and their cats.” Lucy sighed. “Sometimes I wonder if they’d rather partner with them than us.”

“You said it Lu.”

“Partners?” Juvia blinked. Then her cheeks reddened. “As in, Levy-san’s and Lucy-san’s, romantic partners?”

The two straight-A students also blushed; steam practically escaped from their ears from her implication.



“When we say, we’re referring to our slayers.” The red on Lucy’s cheeks only brightened after her sentence. “Not like, our, as if they’re our boyfriends, cause you know, that’d be weird.”

Juvia titled her head. “Then what does Lucy-san mean?”

Levy released her breath; traces of her blush still lingered on her cheeks. “What Lu-chan means is these slayers are our partners but not in a romantic sense.”

“Yeah.” The blonde added. “So, in our academy, everyone’s a mage. But there are some students who are gifted with a ridiculous amount of magic. They practically have more magic than the staff themselves and we call them slayers. And though they’re radiating with magic, most of them lack control. This is where people like us,” She points to the smaller blue haired student and herself, “come in.

“Though we’re also students, we can control our magic really well. Guild Master Makarov asks students who know how to control their magic to assist slayers in controlling their own.”

Juvia’s mouth dropped open but admiration twinkled in her eyes. “Does that mean Levy-san and Lucy-san are very powerful?”

Both classmates felt their faces warm up again, this time with bashfulness.



“They’re strong alright!” A new voice chimed. The three girls turned their attention to someone whose face was covered by a mountain of plates. He placed them down onto the table before taking a seat next to Lucy.

Natsu smiled brightly as he commented further. “Don’t get on Lucy’s bad side though; her Lucy-kick is deadly,” He grimaced as he recalled the feeling of that move. “And painful.”

Normally the girl would have stated that he deserved but it seemed like she was more distracted with the pile of food. “Natsu, how did you pay for all this?”

The male grinned sheepishly. “Ah-well, we had money saved so-”



The day went by quickly; it could be because she was too concentrated on her match that she was startled when their instructor announced “Okay, that’s enough for today. Class dismissed.”

She turned to Sagittarius, one of her many spirits that she calls from her golden keys and thanked him for his hard work before closing his gate. Lucy turned to her opponent and gave her a big smile. “That was a great match Cana.”  

“Hell yeah it was!” Cana, a curvy brunette with breasts almost as large as Lucy’s, replied before wrapping an arm around her classmate’s shoulder. “It’s a shame we’re not partners. We’d rule this school together. Titty power!”

In a swift motion, the brown haired woman groped her friend’s breasts from behind.

The blond yelped as she pushed away from her grabby hands. “Cana!”

But the card mage merely laughed and wiped away an imagery tear. “You are too easy! Maybe I should steal you away from Natsu while he’s busy.”

At that comment, Lucy turned her head to see her partner surrounded by classmates, some even being the opponents that were defeated with a single punch. She heard words of praise directed at him for the great matches he put out. Natsu seemed to soak it all in; a giant smile beaming on his face as he laughed at their commentary.

Her lips curved into a gentle smile. Days when her classmates stood five feet away from the slayer resurfaced in her mind and she was grateful that they weren’t looking at him with timid stares anymore.

The slightly darker skinned woman stared at the direction Lucy was looking in. A small smirk made its way across her lips. “Never thought I’d see the day where Natsu Dragneel was praised for his fights. You’ve really been an influence on him.”

“Huh?” Lucy only gaped with a hint of red on her cheeks.

Cana laughed. “Come on!” She wrapped an arm around Lucy’s shoulders and began to lead her outside the classroom. “We can talk about it over a drink.”

“Thanks but I think I’ll start heading off to the request board.” The brown eyed blond declined politely. “I need a good mission that’s going to help pay my rent.”

“Suit yourself.” They stopped once they were in the hall. Cana waved goodbye. “See yea around.”

“Bye Cana!”

Just as Lucy was about to head in the request board’s direction, a loud crash from behind startled her. She yelped before quickly turning around.  On the wall that divided the classroom and hall was a human sized hole; the floor was covered in debris and on the opposite side was a beaten classmate, passed out in the dent he created.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that he had been punched through the wall and Lucy knew there was only one person in their class that could do that.

She passed by the shocked students and marched into their classroom. Sure enough, the pink haired male stood with his narrowed eyes locked on the individual he tossed out. However, once he saw that he wasn’t getting up, the flame on his fist diminished.

With slight hesitation, the girl took two steps. He must have heard her footsteps because no sooner than she took them, his head snapped in her direction. The fierce look in his eyes were replaced with shock before they reverted back to their original innocent gleam.

“Hey Lucy!”

“Natsu, what did you do!” She pointed at the wall so he couldn’t ask her ‘do what?’

“Nothing! He deserved it!”

Before she could demand a reasonable explanation, Natsu had already taken her hand into his and was leading her out of the classmate.

“Come on! Let’s go on another mission! That rent isn’t going to pay itself!”

She wanted to open her mouth and argue but she realized she couldn’t really complain when they did need funds to afford their home.

Lucy huffed but when she noticed that her partner was back to his smiling self, she released a tiny grin.

They were partners, and that meant tolerating any crazy situation that her best friend put her though. And for every adventure he took her on, she knew it only influenced the promise she made to him.

She vowed to make him the best slayer, and that’s what she was going to do.