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They’re just two totally different personalities that you wouldn’t think would connect, and somehow they just get each other.

Destined To Be Chapter 10: | Green Thumb | (Sam Drake x Reader)

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Hi there!

I’m probably going to say this more times than I want to, but I’M BACK YET AGAIN with another chapter from Destined To Be! This one is slightly shorter than the rest of them and I do apologize for that. I have to be honest; I had a pinch of spontaneous inspiration for writing this and I feel so happy for that. It’s not much, but I thought I was going to have a writer’s block for another month or so.

Thank you so much for your patience everyone. You guys are awesome! <3

Oh and I managed to get into my second year of college! (HOORAY!)

Anyway, NJOY!

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An Alternative Method (NSFW)

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Summary: Being a spy for the Resistance, you’d always known getting caught was a danger of the job. You just hadn’t been planning on it. But capturing you? They’d made a mistake. If they were convinced they could make you talk, you were prepared to prove them wrong as many times as they wanted. There wasn’t a single tactic they could use to which you hadn’t already inured yourself. Except one.


Warnings:  CW: Violent, cruel, unloving, sex. Bloodplay. No aftercare. DUB-CON AS FUCK, VEERING INTO NON-CON. For real, dudes, if this ain’t for you, don’t read it! 

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: My bizarre, fucked-up way of thanking @bestwithalisp for being a really cool awesome person who I am glad to know and have made friends with. I hope you liked it, boo! On that note, I hope the rest of y'all liked it too!

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That guy just blew a kiss to his opponent right in the middle of a match!

Why not?

Kaito makes Shinichi laugh

Shinichi was startled by his own laughter, quiet but long.  He couldn’t help it.  The last time this had happened had been… a long time ago.  Before Conan, at least.

He covered his mouth, still smiling despite himself.

Hakuba and Hattori—now staring at him in stunned silence—had been arguing about something petty until one of Hakuba’s friends snapped his fingers.  When the smoke had finally cleared, the two were wearing a single sweater between the two of them.  A “getting along” shirt.

Shinichi was still laughing helplessly.

After the surprise had worn off, Ran and a girl she’d been talking to had also begun laughing.  The boy who’d snapped his fingers looked both smug and delighted.  Hakuba and Hattori, finally gathering their wits back about them, resumed arguing all while trying to remove the overlarge sweater.  Shinichi was finally calming back down, but it was hard when they both looked so ridiculous, smacking each other in the face with every other move.

The boy strolled up to Shinichi, beaming.

“I don’t think we’ve met,” he said, holding out a hand.  “My name’s Kuroba Kaito.”

“Kudo Shinichi,” Shinichi accepted his hand, shaking briefly.  “Are you the Kuroba that Hakuba always complains about, then?”

“That would be me, yes.  You must be the Kudo that Hakuba likes competing with so much.”  Kuroba said.

“That’s a lie, Kuroba, and you know it!  We are fellow detectives, not competitors,”  Hakuba shouted as he elbowed Hattori in the gut.

“You bastard, watch where you move, damn it,” Hattori said, retaliating.

Shinichi shrugged, “As you can see, there are plenty of detectives who compete with each other, but, while Hakuba is a very talented detective, we prefer working in different areas.  I wouldn’t call us competitors, either.”

“Really?  What kind of work do you prefer, then?”  Kuroba leaned forward, clearly interested.  Shinichi smiled sheepishly.

“I prefer to solve murders.”

“Heh?  No wonder everyone was so surprised by your laugh; it must not happen often with the work you do,” Kuroba said, looking thoughtful.  With a decisive nod, Kuroba grinned.  “That’s that, then.  I’ll just have to stick around to keep you laughing.”

“Kaito, Ran and I were going to head to a café, do you and Kudo wanna come with?” Ran’s new friend called over.  Shinichi watched with mild surprise as Kuroba easily agreed for the both of them.  He met Ran’s eyes and, at her curious expression, shrugged.

There were worse things than having someone around who only wanted to make him laugh.

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Send “💘” for my muse to write yours a love letter. [Accepting!]

Contrary to what he’d have people believe, Lance knew very well that he was stupid. If being stupid were an art form, then no one could deny he was the master. The things he says, the things he does, the things he feels: all of them, stupid. Especially the last one.

Of all the stupid things he’s done in his life, falling for the leader of their team really had to be the dumbest.

It was all well and good to have a little crush on the guy when he was just an attractive hero that Lance would never have a chance of meeting, but now that he has gotten a chance to meet him - to know him - that ‘little crush’ is the same thing that keeps him up at night, lodges a blade of longing deep in his chest, and sends his heart soaring at hearing a single ‘good job, Lance’. It’s what clouds his mind with a thousand thoughts and feelings that he can never let out, forcing him to swallow the words down whenever he sees the smile that warms his very core with affection, until every whisper of desire becomes so loud he has to take a minute to collect his thoughts and leave.

A minute like this one.

Sometimes, when things got a tad overwhelming, Lance would write a letter. It would always be addressed to the same person, and it would always be destined for the trash. Every time, he’d play with the idea that maybe this would be the one he’d deliver, the one that would finally get it all out there, quick and easy so he could take his rejection and move on.

Maybe this time would be different, or maybe it would just be added to the pile. Still, he picked up his pen and wrote whatever came to mind.

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Fix Your Attitude: Chapter 26

Read on AO3.
Part 25 here.
Part 27 here.

Summary:  You’ve had enough. Fuck this.

Words: 5200 (whoops)

Warnings:  so much bloodplay, wound stuff, slapping, spitting, humiliation, delayed & ruined orgasm. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE KYLO SUFFER.

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N:  First of all, I am SO SORRY that this chapter took so long. Between family crap and having NEVER written anything like this before, it took me a bit. I really hope that it was worth the wait, and that I didn’t horrify too many of you! I honestly really loved writing this–but I got so much help from my friends. Thanks, all of you who helped out!

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OK, I know this does not look like much, but it is quite possibly the most greatest thing I have ever stumbled across in a forever! Very happy excited! ❤🤗

So, I took a memory foam pillow that was destined for the trash (😔) and - hearing Mother Earth 🌎 plead for a recycle attempt - I cubed that sucker… like I imagine a cook would cube potatoes for potato salad. (THAT was super fun!) Then I tied the cubes inside a pillow case and machine washed and dried it. And THEN I diced those delightfully fresh cubes… like I imagine said cook would dice onions for said potato salad. (Memory foam stuff is so fun to cut! 🤗❤)

I have since used my new stuffing in a crochet amigurumi project, and it worked so incredibly good! I expected it to be lumpy, but it’s not. What it IS is incredibly fun to squish! SO happy: a successful upcycle! Yay! ❤❤🤗❤❤ Love you, Mother! ❤🌎❤

“We won’t throw you away just because you’re different.”

Teacher: But I wonder, why did you choose that name for your band?
Ma Ri: When you eat oranges, you don’t eat the peels but you trash them. But when you make orange marmalade, you put the peels in it too, in small pieces. Then, it adds a nice texture and a tangy taste. Even the orange peels that are destined to trash, are something you need to make a good orange marmalade. I was wondering what our band would be like if we did the same thing. To not discriminate based on differences, but to make room for those who say they have no use. So I hope our band can come together and work to make music like an orange marmalade.

As much as I love the asshole boyfriends Imayoshi and Hanamiya together, I’m just SO fucking about trash asshole boyfriends Hanamiya and Hara. 

They’re just… pure trash. Like, going to a cheap, crowded club, doing ecstasy, and grinding up against each other grossly trash. Making out sloppily in an alley with Hara’s gum between their mouths trash. Doing it on Kirisaki’s court because they’re fucking down to try out basketball hoop bondage trash. 

Absolute and utter trash destined for the same garbage dump.

Somebody please make a KyloRey fan edit to this if it hasn’t been done already. Particularly in regards to the climactic battle.


Denmark is once again distinguishing itself in the race against food waste — this time, with a supermarket hawking items once destined for the trash bin.

Those items might include treats for a holiday that happened last week, a ripped box of cornflakes, plain white rice mislabeled as basmati, or anything nearing its expiration date. In other words, perfectly edible items that are nonetheless considered unfit for sale by the retailers and manufacturers who donate them.

WeFood is not the first grocer in Europe to sell surplus food. But unlike so-called “social supermarkets” – stores which serve almost exclusively low-income people — WeFood’s offerings are very intentionally aimed at the general public.

“If you call it a ‘social supermarket,’ it’s difficult to get customers to go there. Who wants to be poor?” explains Per Bjerre with DanChurchAid, the charity behind this initiative. “If you want to stop [the] waste of food, everybody has to be into it.”

Denmark’s New Grocer Is Selling Expired Food, And It’s A Hit

Photos: Mikkel Østergaard and DanChurchAid

  • brendon urie: *smiles*
  • me: god.. look at him.... he is so great and beautiful... how have we earned this? are we not all sinners in this trash universe, destined to fail the gods above? what have we done to deserve such ethereal beauty and radiance? what kind of holy retribution is in store for us?