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That guy just blew a kiss to his opponent right in the middle of a match!

Why not?


They’re just two totally different personalities that you wouldn’t think would connect, and somehow they just get each other.

I’ve basically been totally absent from tumblr, and from fandom for a few months, *cough* kinda a year. But I just wanted to pop back in briefly to celebrate, because even through casual pop culture contact I’ve come to hear the glorious news that Carzekial is all but canon. We rise!


😍 💀 😍 💀 😍


💐  💍   🐯

Somebody please make a KyloRey fan edit to this if it hasn’t been done already. Particularly in regards to the climactic battle.


Denmark is once again distinguishing itself in the race against food waste — this time, with a supermarket hawking items once destined for the trash bin.

Those items might include treats for a holiday that happened last week, a ripped box of cornflakes, plain white rice mislabeled as basmati, or anything nearing its expiration date. In other words, perfectly edible items that are nonetheless considered unfit for sale by the retailers and manufacturers who donate them.

WeFood is not the first grocer in Europe to sell surplus food. But unlike so-called “social supermarkets” – stores which serve almost exclusively low-income people — WeFood’s offerings are very intentionally aimed at the general public.

“If you call it a ‘social supermarket,’ it’s difficult to get customers to go there. Who wants to be poor?” explains Per Bjerre with DanChurchAid, the charity behind this initiative. “If you want to stop [the] waste of food, everybody has to be into it.”

Denmark’s New Grocer Is Selling Expired Food, And It’s A Hit

Photos: Mikkel Østergaard and DanChurchAid