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Elemental Correspondence- Fate

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Tertiary Element
Jeweled Court Member: Princess Rose Quartz

Alcohol - Gin
Animals - Owls,
Astrology - Virgo
Colors - Brown, Grey Black, Maroon
Crystals - Rose Quartz,Smokey Quartz
Emotions - Cautious
Flower - Flax
Fruit - Fig, Date
Herbs - Sandalwood
Keywords - Destined, Inevitable
Meme - Success Kid
Metal - Nickel
Musical Expression - Piano
Mythical Animal - Valkyrie
Paint Swatches (Sherwin Williams) - Fired Brick (Sw6335)
Physical Expression - Personal Choices,
Sense - Influence
Symbol - Bound Book, Needle and Thread

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*These are my personal associations for The Elements, I am not looking for critique. You are free to use this for your own stuff, you do not have to ask me if you can use it. YMMV.

Judith is walking briskly down the sidewalk, an abomination of a dress folded over her arm, when she sees the man about to destroy the world and the man about to save it.

People would say that Judith can see the future. She’d laugh if she heard it (to hear it, she’d have to tell them), because it’s not like that at all. She’s yet to find a future that’s come true a hundred percent no has she seen something that’s unstoppable.

They’re like threads. Hundreds and thousands of pale, fragile threads arcing out of people towards future destinations, future mistakes, future successes. Some are thicker than others but that doesn’t mean they’re more likely. Instead it means that there’ll be more people involved, a party, a get together, something like that. Maybe they’ll hire ten more people at work or maybe they’ll be going to a funeral soon.

She’s gotten so used to the spiderweb of futures she sees, she barely registers them anymore. She just walks down the street registering baby shower, shoe repair, flat tire, anniversary, trips on way to school, breaks a dish, etc.

She’s doing that today, in fact, right now in the present. She’s going dress shopping for her sister’s wedding (not the bridesmaid, she dodged that one). The colors are grey and silver and hardly any shop sells a dress like that so she’s had to go into the city.

Judith is walking briskly down the sidewalk, an abomination of a dress folded over her arm, when she sees the man about to destroy the world and the man about to save it.

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The whole respawn narrative in video games is interesting because when you think about it there’s only one universe existent in which a protagonist can actually succeed against all odds. Respawning divides the dimensions of the world based on the pre-destined success of the player, but think about all the times in reality the progression of that protagonist’s narrative were to fail because of the player’s actions. It’s interesting to consider the narrative of a games journey in it’s totality rather than a straight linear path to success. We see then, as players immersed in the world of the game, the life and death stakes present surrounding our actions. 

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How did Silverwing earn the title of 'Prince'? Was it connected to a blood line? Or was it due to another reason?

Blackberry Lemonade: This is happening-! We’re going to space!

Silverwing: It is.

Mint Lemonade: Shh.

Princess Luna: Mint Lemonade, Blackberry Lemonade, Silverwing; you three ponies have been selected to start Equestria’s First Expedition to the furthest reaches of the Solar System. This Mission will try every skill you have, but I speak for all of Equestria when I say that you three are destined for success. 

Princess Luna: Silverwing, on this expedition there is a chance you three may encounter peoples and civilizations previously unknown. As my Protégé, I feel that you will be the best candidate to deal with this as it arises.

Princess Luna: By the power vested in me, I do hereby name you Prince Silverwing, Ambassador of Harmony, and all Ponykind.

Heavy Hearts [5]

Summary:The house is so quiet, so free of the frenetic energy usually pulsing through her family and Jon is so soft eyed, so gentle and calm and kind.

A/N: Sorry this was a while coming, i was in London for a few days. Enjoy!

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“So long as such disharmonies continue to exist, so long as there is good reason for sullen boredom, so long as human beings allow themselves to be possessed and hag-ridden by monomaniacal vices, the cult of beauty is destined to be ineffectual. Successful in prolonging the appearance of youth, of realizing or simulating the symptoms of health, the campaign inspired by this cult remains fundamentally a failure. Its operations do not touch the deepest source of beauty – the experiencing soul. It is not by improving skin foods and point rollers, by cheapening health motors and electrical hair removers, that the human race will be made beautiful; it is not even by improving health. All men and women will be beautiful when the social arrangements give to every one of them an opportunity to live completely and harmoniously.”

"We Are Facing Certain Failure”

General Fayolle (1852-1938), whose First Army had been hurriedly transferred from further north to participate in the offensive; it was intended that they would, in the third or fourth day, be the ones to push out into open country once the breakthrough had been achieved.

April 15 1917, Rheims–The day of Nivelle’s Offensive had nearly arrived.  He had promised that French artillery would obliterate German positions on the Aisne, and that after a short battle, the French would break through on a large scale and eject the Germans from France entirely.  However, well before the offensive opened, Nivelle’s plan had run into problems.  It had been delayed repeatedly, before finally being settled for April 16.  The German withdrawal to the Hindenburg line had meant that portions of the planned attack were directed at abandoned positions, forcing a last-minute extension in other sectors; it also meant that, even if a breakthrough were achieved, it would not cut off a vast German salient.  

On April 15, the eve of the offensive, it was clear to many on the ground that it was not destined for success.  Forty percent of the attacking divisions submitted extremely pessimistic reports of their prospects: “The first German lines are intact – we are facing certain failure,” “Results of bombardment on the first position appear to be inadequate, the second position seems to be untouched.”  In areas where the bombardment of the German first line seemed to have worked, the Germans had also occasionally bombarded their own first line (in response to French trench raids), suggesting that the Germans had completely abandoned the position and had thus concentrated on defending their second line.

Even if the French captured the German second and third positions, how they would break through into the open countryside beyond was unclear.  This task was given to General Fayolle’s First Army.  E.L. Spears, a British liaison officer, would write:

But how, even if everything went as well as the most sanguine hoped, it could overtake and pass the masses of men ahead of it, none attempted to explain.  The only possible solution seemed to be that General Fayolle, who was an angel and looked like a cherub, should grow the wings that would have been so becoming to him and, followed by his command, fly over thousands of his compatriots and land in enemy country beyond.

Despite all these obstacles, the bulk of the French troops still had faith in General Nivelle and had confidence that the offensive would succeed as planned within the first 48 hours.  One of his most devoted acolytes was General Mangin, “le mangeur des hommes,” who met with Spears on the 15th.  The latter described him as:

A small, dark, fierce figure, he stood against a background of enormous Senegalese orderlies…I think of him that day as the embodiment of the soul of war; iron, unflinching resolution, confidence that knows no doubts.

Such unflinching resolution would break the French Army.

Today in 1916: Kut Airlift Begins 
Today in 1915: Allies Dismiss Evidence of Upcoming German Gas Attack

Sources include: E.L. Spears, Prelude to Victory.

Just because you think the path that’s right for you might be lonelier, longer or less destined for traditional success than paths taken by others, don’t be afraid to take it. If you choose your means well you will end up in the right place.
—  Beau Biden

my parents never had the chance in the adult life to sit down and take up creativity or find passion and i know they don’t have passion for factory work and cleaning homes. because they had a kid and left their motherland in war to America and had three more. and when I grew up I never knew I had the chance to do something like painting..or singing..and I didn’t know I could take piano lessons if I wanted to..and I didn’t know that artists were real people and not just parts of history i didn’t really understand. i never knew because i was never told so, not at home, not at school, and thats because no one saw it in me, but no one gave me a chance and so I was destined to become a successful moneymaker for my immigrant parents and not being able to do that makes me feel sad but also angry because I shouldn’t have had that kind of career and life expectation set on me……. this is so embarrassing for me and i feel like a cliche cry baby


“You are brilliant, Y/N! You’re smart! You’re unique! I know you can do it! I’m a Time Lord, if I must remind you, and I know brilliance when I see it. I know you are destined for happiness and success in your little human life. You are what’s good of humanity; the compassion, and love, and the kindness. You could be like other humans and be cold, ungrateful little things. But you are not. And that’s why I believe in you. When you’re feeling lost and confused and alone, just remember that I believe in you. Now get up and be wonderful, Y/N! You will be brilliant!”

the boy is a preacher,
an angel,
a critic.

he is strong-shouldered,
not hard-headed,
he is a supportive protector.

he is a runner,
a good-doer,
a lover.

the boy is a bright-eyed achiever,
a heavenly success,
destined and dreamed, as a star.

his ambition is not to be confused,
with recklessness,
he is the clouds,
keeper of lilting logic.

—  virgo king; l.m.
Spotlight: Jerome x Reader

*The request was that the reader is a circus performer and Jerome falls for her but feels as though he isn’t good enough for her. I absolutely adore this request so hopefully I did a good job at writing it!*

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