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are you fucking kidding me like you didn't even BOTHER to answer my question so i'm going to ask you again...why are you only drawing for AFRICA??? ur being super elitist by only drawing african countries for that squad photo thing ;;; i don't give a shit what excuse ur gonna use i deserve to have MY character drawn!! ur so racist like ur probably one of those ppl who think other cultures don't exist bc ur so in love with a poor ass continent.

(( Sweet Jesus-

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First things first, I didn’t answer your question because I didn’t want to put toxicity out there, and I thought you’d have gotten the message when I deleted your ask and blocked you. But I guess not :/

And I’m drawing for Africa because hey- let’s look at their reputation in the Hetalia fandom-


We have 3 known canon characters, and more from the Gakuen Hetalia games but let’s be honest here, the appreciation for them is probably smaller than the amounts of shit I give to you. 

In the Hetalia fandom, people would rather take a popular canon character, maybe put them in an AU or make them a 2p/nyo/etc. because hey, you get more popular that way. I know from experience, the amount of people who pay attention to my canon APH blogs than my APH OC ones are drastically bigger, And let’s also look at the APH OC Community. Europe and Asia are pretty popular. Latin Hetalia has its own community. The lesser popular ones are probably Polynesia and, (you guessed it)

So what’s honestly so wrong about wanting to commemorate the people who do?

How does this make me elitist? I never said they were better, I just said they needed more love. Also- you’re being quite selfish here, wanting to put your character in place of the people who I’m going to draw for. You’re also kind of treating me like I’m lesser than you, because, obviously, I have ALL obligation to draw for you even though-

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Hah. Totally makes sense, doesn’t it?  

How am I racist? Will I keep needing to reiterate the fact that I’m doing this for awareness of cultures that are barely paid attention to? 

Actually, I think you’re the racist one. You’re taking a population of over 1 billion and labeling every single one as poor. Some pretty strong generalization there. Well, let me tell you some lesser known facts about Africa. 

  • Witwatersrand, South Africa is home to almost half of the gold ever mined on Earth 
  • Equatorial Guinea’s GDP per capita in 2014 was about $33,000, comparable to Spain. 
  • South Africa is also a member of the G20
  • Countries like Mauritius and Seychelles are actually viewed highly and as destination spots
  • Countries like Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria are actually quite urbanized,and have cities that operate like some of the most developed in the world
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana is actually one of the most advanced universities in the World.
  • In case you forgot, Africa is the world’s most natural-resources rich continent. Colonialism and neo-colonialism are the only reasons the African continent isn’t ruling the world, although it technically is because the rest of the world would plummet into eternal doom if Africa closed its borders. 

Call this continent poor again, I dare you. You’re just making a fool of yourself to all of us who know better than this. 

Does this answer your question? ))