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my fav thing about rwby is that the second you start watching it, cringe culture dies. like right there on the spot. look at this lineup of kids. this looks like someone’s epic bleach x naruto x inuyasha x vocaloid crossover fanfic, special guest starring the humanized form of nyancat. these are the young heroes destined to save planet earth and everybody in the rwby universe just accepts this. the people of rooster teeth are wholly unfamiliar with the concept of shame. they’re just here to have ridiculous anime fights where a hoverboard that’s also a gun, a 6 foot scythe that’s also a gun, a trumpet, and rainbow heelys all qualify as perfectly legitimate weapons.

honestly? what’s not to love about this shit

“A classic that I never get tired of: the orange solar panel in front of the blue–white background and the curvature of Earth” wrote astronaut Thomas Pesquet (@thom_astro) of the European Space Agency from aboard the International Space Station. 

The space station serves as the world’s leading laboratory for conducting cutting-edge microgravity research, and is the primary platform for technology development and testing in space to enable human and robotic exploration of destinations beyond low-Earth orbit, including Mars. 

Credit: NASA/ESA

“Destination” by Underdott.

Suffering, failure, loneliness, sorrow, discouragement, and death will be part of your journey, but ….

If you think about it, everyone of us will die. Rich, poor, young, old, whatever you have achieved or whoever you are, all of us have the same destination. Dust to earth. So why then do we keep on burdening ourselves, killing ourselves with anxiety, filling our days and nights with incessant thoughts of what to do, or what to accomplish, or if we have enough, or how to have more than enough, when all of it, all of it, regardless of our achievements, popularity, fame, and money, stand nothing in the face of death?

Why then can’t we just live simply and happy and contented, and be kind to everyone and anyone we meet?

Why then do we need to prove to ourselves that we can do this and that, have this and that, be this and that, when even a second from now is not really ours?

Why then do we wait forever before we say I love you to the person we love, and why don’t we spend time with the people who really matters to us when all we really have is this life and this lifetime to expend?

If you think about it, everyone of us will die.

Why then do we let ourselves suffer so much?
—  cynthia go // If you think about it

From the vantage point of the International Space Station, astronaut Shane Kimbrough (@astro_kimbrough) captured this image over the Earth, writing “Looking west over the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  #EarthArt from the amazing space station.”

The space station serves as the world’s laboratory for conducting cutting-edge microgravity research, and is the primary platform for technology development and testing in space to enable human and robotic exploration of destinations beyond low-Earth orbit, including asteroids and Mars.

on the post about earth prison, what if humans were once a major threat to the universe?

The humans are a horrid race where each individual could match 3 alien soldier equivelents and their society was ruled in a strict militaristic Empire. They had taken over a quarter of the universe before they could be thwarted.
It took everyone else left to band together and take them out, culling their race in a costly war that spaned millenium. Eventually they got us down to an endangered species, only the richest diplomats who payed their way to be given the ‘mercy’ of being placed into a inhospitable prison with memory wipes. Earth.
No technology on planet, heck the whole sol system is in a intergalactic black out zone to insure that no outsiders can find them in the chance certain individuals were payed off to save them before hand.
Covered in more deseases than any place else in the universe, many of the strongest predators gathered and placed there to keep their numbers in check, with a good spinkling of poisoness plants and animals for good measure. A hair balanced ecosystem was also created so that in the off chance they happen to start progressing technologically again, in the minimum 6000 years (500 faster than the fastest progressing race recorded in universal history) it will take them to progress through the industrial age, their entire planet would have have become devoid of any form of sustenance to support themselves and they will either have to give up or die.

this is all punctuated with their already small planet being mostly covered in undrinkable water and filled with even more deadly creatures so as to deter them from populating its surface, hence keeping their numbers down. While this resulted in some of the landmasses being a little too hospitable, we evened things out by altering their structure until there was a constant threat of natural disasters to deter them from settling in those areas.
We even went as far as placing fake evolutionary fossils around to help turn them away from thoughts of where they came from leading to ideas about space travel.
I think we can safely assume they will serve their punishment for their races crimes well here, or die trying to escape it.

~year 3452AD earth years~

After finding a drifting peice of strange metal in space, a trading ship sent it into our department as it seemed to be sending out a strange noise on radio wavelengths. something only descovered due to certain animal cargo they were transporting stressing out when near the device. After our department analysed it and found it to be a message of peace we were exstatic, hoping to meet a new species to introduce to the galaxy.
However the excitement died down quickly once its point of origin was tracked down… a black out zone containing the most heinous of criminals. Due to how it was traveling through space, we believe it was sent over 1000 years ago. Which should be impossible as due to all calculations they should barely be out of the stone age by now… these implications are worrying to say the least, and unbelievable to most. Although the majority have come to the conclusion it is simply some distastful prank, we must check to be sure.

And so the first check up on the human prison was started. A fleet of 300 science vessals to quickly scan the planet and leave within a few days. They also were accompanied by 20 military ships to deter any would-be pirates. They all enter ftl with the destination of earths moon to set up a temporary station while the scanning will be on going.

The crew is discussing and argueing about whether the humans will either be dead or they will get to see the galactic boogey men poking at monsterous beasts such as the legendary ferocious ‘bull’ with sticks. Only to be shocked into silence upon exit of ftl to see litterally tens of thousands of battle space ships aiming their weaponry at them, their sensors indicating that at least 20 of the biggest ships have weaponry that can wipe through a quarter of their fleet and their sheilds in a single blast. After only 5 minutes of silence their com links seem to have already been hacked through and a screen opens with a terrifying angry human on the other side shouting at them in another language, after a breif few seconds the auto translator kicks in and their voice rocks them to the core.

“I repeat! You are in the United Continents of Earths no space flight zone! Identify yourselves immediately or by law we will be forced to remove you perminantly via lethal means!”

The chief scientist scrambles at the controls before managing to hit the right button “W-we come in peace! j-just some civilian vessals passing through, we will just… turn and go now! haha!” he blurts out nervously as a few crew facepalm and the rest sweat just as nervously.

“civilians is it? a likely story! Do you take me as a fool!?”

“oh no of c-”

“I dont even need to glance at my scanners to see the military vessels hidden among your fleet! Who are you allied to?! Is it those red mars scum!? no… the ship style isnt like them… Ah, you must be part of those damn reclusive jupitarians huh? the saturnites giving you too much trouble so you tried to sneak back the homeworld did you? well too ba-” the angry human is interrupted by a smaller and thinner human arriving beside him, handing over a peice of glass with glowing letters before saluting and running off. The angry man peruses it for a short while, tension in the air before a disturbingly sweet smile crosses his face.

“Well well, honored guests from another galaxy is it? forgive my inhospitality earlier, i was unaware who you were. It seems obvious we couldnt identify you sooner now. Please, do let us guide you down planet side so we can talk further on this…” he glances down at the glass again “ FTL drive. I am sure we can come to a reasonable understanding.”

Alien crew members start screaming things like “oh gods! how do they-” “we cant!” “we would be hated as the villains who brought mankind back to the universe!” “were screwed!” before they are quitened down and the cheif researcher tries to see if they can be reasoned with.

“o-oh, we simply couldnt, perhaps another time! uhh, we really dont want to inconvenience you.”

“oh no, I insist.” the human punctuates his words by waving his hand in a seemingly meaningless gesture… if you were able to ignore the entire fleet of tens of thousands of warships move out almost immediately after to surround them.


(this idea got a little away from me, plus bad writing cuz im lazy on my mobile)

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*Please Note that This is just “Documentary & Non-fiction” Category Shows. NOT Fiction! Thank you and if I missed one you enjoy please message or comment and I would be happy to add!* -Stay Spooky!

jeremy2191  asked:

Does all capsules drops in Kazakhstan on return after every mission?

Since the US Space Shuttle retired in 2011, we launch to and return from the Space Station with the Russian Space Agency.  So yes, these capsules (the Soyuz) land in Kazakhstan (or surrounding regions).  However, different spacecrafts have different reentry trajectories, depending on where they aim to land.  As you might recall, the Apollo mission capsules landed in the ocean.  Since Space-X and Boeing are currently building new vehicles so that we will also launch from the US again to get to the International Space Station, these spacecraft will return to the US. For example, you may have seen footage of Space-X cargo vehicles splashing down into the Pacific over the last few years. The Boeing Starliner plans to land on land instead of water. NASA is also currently building the Orion spacecraft, which will take us to destinations beyond low earth orbit (where the Space Station is), whether that be the Moon or Mars or another target.  Orion will also splash down in the ocean.  

Suicide Squad x Reader: Ghost

A\N: finally done this one after having it in my notes on my tablet for almost year, anyway hope you like it ;D

Plot: the Reader was a victim of a school shooting after which she became a ghost\reader and with the help of the Enchantress she makes it on to the squad and after helps to stop The Enchantress.

Pairing: Squad\Harly x Reader (It’s more Harley cuz she liked you a lot)

Warning: Graphic, blood, killings and a lot of depressing moments near the end.

Word count: 1854


What can be worse ?

Y/n sat on the edge of the skyscrapers, her knees pressed to her chest .

How did you get yourself in to this .

It all started with the Waller. She heard rumors of a ghost in Gotham, which was true . You were around 15 when your school was shut up by a group of insane students , in their words they saved the kids , from this horrible world and you still hated their guts for what they did .

You were one of the not so lucky ones . But something went wrong on the other side . You remembered the paint of getting shot , the pain of dyeing. But the next you see what you thought was Heaven and Hell flash before your eyes seeing so much pain of the damn and the warm happiness of the blessed , one after the other until you felt a rough stop.

You were still there , in your school, looking at your body on the floor in a pool of still warm blood . You looked up only to see them killing the poor children. You didn’t fell a thing and you just followed them , the insane killers , your cold eyes watched as the unlucky children took their last breaths as they either bled out or just died in a matter of seconds because of the injuries.

You saw the cops and swat teams running in to the school, going past or through you . You just watched the blood shed continue before they got 4 of the shooters alive and the other 3 had enough time to commit suicide.

You watched as they bagged your body and took it away to an ambulance, you saw your mother crying, trying to get out of the officers grip just to get to her little girl and see her one last time .

Months passed before you found out your full potential. It was the day you found a black cloak and a letter . You could do so much more then you could have done when you were alive . And now you were destined to walk the earth forever, that black cloak on your shoulders. Teleportation, invisibility, appearing in a temporary body , summoning of any weapon you could imagine …

That’s what you did .

And you were fine with it until Waller used the Enchantress to restrain you .

And here you were , a ghost shell in the middle of the apocalypse. You looked at the blue light in the sky that was coming from the Enchantress . A sigh left your lips as you teleported back to the squad.

Harley noticed your sudden appearance and run up to you and hugged you , your hands were awkwardly rubbing her back as she scolded you for leaving without saying a word .

Apparently the squad was attacked by Enchantress’s monsters and Harley was worried sick about you . That part surprised you because when you did have a family you were never cared for , only after your death your parents saw house and what they lost . But seeing Harley so overprotective of a child she met about 2 days ago was weird to you but you kinda enjoyed it.

It made you feel again , like you were alive .

You walked along side them as the squad got closer to the Enchantress and her machine or mass destruction. You would often pop back an forth just to make sure there were no more of her monsters  on your path.

After things got frantic. The squad was attacked, Harley tried to ran off only to get crashed and most of the squad separating.

The rest became a blur.

But one thing you remember for sure.

Enchantress asked you to join her and shell grant you your biggest desire. You saw your family, you was them smiling at you, saying hi and talking to you. Looking down you see your body, you feel warm. For the first time in a while you could feel your heart beating but you soon remembered, the pain of dying, the warm blood under you as your soul left your body.

Harsh reality hit and you saw through the elusive dream.

You felt the heavy black cloak fall back to your shoulders, feeling its heavy burden of not feeling any rest so long as you walk the earth. The dream faded and harsh reality , seeing the witch smirking at her working plan. It angered you seeing her like this, happy to know that her lies are bringing more people to her side.

You grit your teeth as you see the squad in their trance not able to break free from what ever they were seeing. You felt your fingers wrap around a sythe that just manifested in your hands, a tight grip on the handle. Before Enchantress noticed you appeared in front of her ready to attack her with your weapon only for her to land a firm hit on your abdomen, the impact made you fall back as the pain- wait, pain?

That was all you felt as you feel to the wet and hart ground.

You looked down to the source of the pain only to see blood on your knees and hands, you didn’t notice the tears streaming down your face as you looked back at the with glowing hatred in your eyes.


She only smirked at your now slightly broken form.

“The only way to defeat a Reaper is to grant the lost soul a body and that’s what I did.”

Your eyes widened and she just laughed at you, seeing that the rest of the squad is still under her spell. You felt so many emotions come to you at once. You didn’t feel the heavy cloak on your shoulders and that feeling, the feeling of helplessness, fear and pain overtook your , usually, level mind and strong spirit.

As the tears kept dropping down your face and the feeling of being utter useless now and powerless now overtook any thought that might have been in your head.

You only felt your mouth open as a broken scream was all you could let out. You didn’t hear it over your own thoughts as you hear the vibrations in your throat as the scream keeps going strong. Your lungs tighten from all the air leaving at once.

“shut up worthless human.” Enchantress said in a rough voice but before she could do anything 5 shots were fired at her, all 5 landing somewhere on her body. She looks at the direction the shots came from only to see Harley, holding her gun up, shaking in rage as the rest of the squad got back to their senses.

“No one. Makes. My. Baby. Cry. YOU HEAR ME WITCH LADY!?!” she yelled as she grabbed one of Floyds spare guns and shooting at her.

On your eyes you see, Floyd, Katana, Harley, Boomerang, and Rick fight the witch to protect you. You felt more tears come to your eyes as you slowly got up only to feel a gun hit your foot. Your eyes dart at the gun as you pick it up to see one bullet left in it. Your eyes dart at the squad and back at the gun.

You were alive again, but you were still dead to all of them, you are dead, and at that moment you decided…

You WILL stay dead.

Harley was busy trying to take the witch down along with Rick, Boomerang,  Floyd and Katana, but her ears didn’t let the sound of a gun shot from the back go unnoticed as she looked over her shoulder to see blood streaming down your face as the gun you held fell down from the side of your head and your now lifeless body fall and hit the cold ground, gun falling out of your now cold hands.

Harley felt time slowed down as she sees you hit the ground. she wanted to yell, to scream.

Yes she knew you for less than a day and she knew you were a ghost before the witch brought you back to life. She still felt like you were more than a kid, a mothers instinct kicked in when she saw you at first and she wanted nothing more than to take you with her to go back home, to her Joker, to rule over Gotham. But you took the chance to become the reaper you were before and it didn’t seem you’ll be making it this time.

Only a second passed in her head but when she turned around she was the only one standing.

“What now pathetic human?” Enchantress almost smiled as she saw the broken look in Harleys eyes that turned in to hate and anger in a matter of seconds , but before she could –


She hears your voice and looked up to see you in mid air, Katanas sword at one hand and a sythe in the other. Before any of them could react you threw Harley the sword, which she caught, you landed on Enchantress’s shoulders and in one swift move of your sythe cut open her chest.

Harley waisted no time and used this opportunity and slide out the witches heart, granting her full control over the Enchantress.

As soon as that happened you felt your feet leave the witches shoulders and with one last glance at Harley and a small smile you vanished.

After coming back to life and dying again it will take a few days to get back in to shape.

You heard about El Diablo so you visited hell but for some reason he was not there. A smile broke on to your face as you knew where he was and you knew he was happy there, finally with his family.

“Guess he earned it.”

You mumbled to yourself as you returned to earth. Sitting on a street light in Gotham city you were trying to find Harley, by tracking down her soul, yet again, another perk of being a reaper.

Easy to track down living people.

You quickly teleported to the prison she was in, going through walls, bars and the guards. Going through the thick steel doors to her cell that had her in a small cage. But before you could say anything the steel doors flew off their hinges and landed on the floor as fake swat team entered the cell and cut the bars on Harleys cage. At this something tells you it was not the time yet to see her again, so before she could notice you, you teleported to the main office of the prison.

“Still walking around stalking people and taking souls away ?”

You look back from where the voice was coming from only to see Waller, smirking at you.

You just smiled yourself.

“You’re the ones stalking people, I’m just here to save the asses of those who wanted to save mine.”

Complicate Matters

Hi Everyone, (two WIP updates in one night, what is happening!!!)

This is the next part in my Bughead Social Worker AU.

The first two parts are: Meeting Time and Can I Have A Volunteer.

After this part we have one more to go. Which is a little sad because this series has been a lot of fun to write.

I hope you enjoy this part as much as I did writing it.

Betty was in the break room waiting for the ancient coffee machine to brew the barely palatable coffee she had already downed two cups of. She feels her presence behind her. Breathes in his scent as he reaches past her head for a mug in the cupboard just above her head. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, bracing her hands on the counter in front of her.

“Enough for two?” Jughead whispers into her ear and a shiver travels down her spine at the sound of his voice and his breath against her ear. She nods her eyes still closed, her body stiff and on edge. She feels a hand on her waist, his hand gentle at as his thumb strokes the fabric of her thin blouse and she can feel the heat from his hand against her. The hum of the machine and her own breathing the only sounds she can focus on.

Jughead tightens his grip as he spins her round pinning her against the counter, she can feel it digging into her lower back. She narrows her eyes at him in question, they can’t do this in the break room in the middle of the day. She isn’t pushing him away though, she isn’t removing herself from being pressed against his body. In fact her arms are moving up his back grasping at the denim and pulling him flush against her so there isn’t any space between them. He kisses her wet and heavy as she struggles to keep up. His hand on her waist travels lower to grasp her hip, she moans into his mouth at the pressure. Enjoying the feeling of his strength against her softness. His hand is gripping her leg, moving up her thigh as he pulls it up to wrap around him as his hand continues to move further and further up as her breathing grows heavier in anticipation of it’s destination.

“Betty! Earth to Betty.” She shakes her head, refocusing on the subject of her sordid day dreams while Kevin snaps his fingers in front of her face in an attempt to get her attention. She looks up at Kevin who is smirking at her. He has been smirking and giving her ‘looks’ ever since he came to ‘rescue’ her and Jughead from the supply closet.

“Kevin.” She pushes his hand away from in front of her face and shifts her attention back to her computer screen. It’s been happening more frequently losing herself in these little fantasies as the words on her screen meld into one and the monotony of the constant stream of paperwork begs her to take a break.

“Thought we had lost you there.” He was sitting on her desk, looking over a file in his hands. “I was just asking whether you wanted a coffee from the place down the road?”

“Sure.” She rifled through her bag for her purse, pulling out a note and handing it to Kevin.

“Hey Jughead.” Her co-worker who she could not stop fantasising about who was currently at the printer spun around. “You want a coffee?” He nodded and indicated towards his bag that was on his desk next to Betty’s.

“Money’s in there.”

“I’ll let you do the honours.” Kevin told Betty. Betty took the bag from the desk and looked through it for his wallet. She soon found it and opened it to look for a note, she didn’t find any, what she did find however was a bright blue foil packet. She dropped the wallet back into his bag as if she had been burnt by it. Her cheeks were turning a bright shade of red.

“I’ll get Jughead’s,” she said eagerly, fishing out another note from her own purse and slamming it in Kevin’s hand. Kevin jumped back up from his position on her desk before making his way towards the exit, grabbing Archie to drag along with him in the process. She still had his bag on her lap. She stared at it for a moment. Her heart was racing and she was already chastising herself for having such a reaction to a condom packet. Most guys probably carried them it wasn’t as though he had gone out and purchased one just for her. Besides she was on the pill anyway so if they did have - . She stopped her train of thoughts before the re-entered that dangerous territory where she imagined herself having sex, again, with Jughead Jones.

“Does Archie have to go with him everywhere?” Jughead said as he returned to his desk, dropping the stack of papers that he had retrieved from the printer.

“I think Kevin has kind of gotten used to him hanging around now.” It had been a week since Kevin had been assigned to be Archie’s mentor of sorts. Kevin was shadowing Archie to make sure he didn’t say anything in appropriate to a client again and had even started on occasion to defend Archie against the persistent jibes that Jughead sent his way.

“Well good for them. Rather him than me though.” Jughead leaned back in his chair, his fingers clasped behind his head. His eyes flicked to where Betty was still holding his bag. Her eyes widening as he met them. “You going to keep my bag Betty?”

“Sorry I -”. She handed the bag back over to him, or more accurately flung it back at him. “I got yours.” He raised an eyebrow at her in question. “I couldn’t find any money in there and I’m pretty sure I owe you or something.” She didn’t mean for the words to come out as rushed as they did, her voice unsure.

“Betts, you wouldn’t be nervous about our dinner date would you?”

“Dinner date?”

“You forgot.” He shook his head in mock disappointment as he sat back up in his chair. “You said three weeks ago if I could go a whole week without making a snide comment to Weatherbee you would let me take you out for dinner.” He repeated their agreement and Betty had been in such another head space since their encounter in the supply closet that she had forgotten completely about their stupid wager. “I believe there was a definite tone of disbelief and dare I say mocking as you made the wager. But when that clock over there says 5.00pm I will be victorious.” He relaxed back in his chair, as Betty continued to stare at him.

“You had three days leave this week.” She said an accusing tone in her voice.

“Yeah that made this week my week to shine. I can keep my remarks to myself for two days especially when Weatherbee is at a conference for one of them. I just had to get through that team meeting and I was home free.” Betty’s mind was racing now, trying to think of a time this week when Jughead hadn’t been able to hold his tongue but she was coming up empty.

Even at the weekly team meeting he had been remarkably restrained, not that she herself had managed to pay much attention to what happened in that meeting. They had been trying to move past what had happened in the supply closet, once in the open space she felt as though she could think a little clearer and her brain was telling her that starting a relationship with Jughead was not a good idea. But she couldn’t help herself. That was when the fantasies had started. The day dreams. The first one had been in that team meeting when she had been staring at the projected image on the blank wall ahead of her. Weatherbee’s voice had been droning on, Jughead was fully engaged in his tally sheet and the neat set of squares he was drawing at the bottom. His tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth in concentration. Which led her to think about his lips and it had escalated from there.

She had thought about the supply closet then and what might have transpired if Kevin had not returned when he did. Her skin was flushed and her heart racing as she remembered the feeling of his lips against hers and imagining what else his mouth could do if given the opportunity. She had jumped her pen dropping from her hand and rolling onto the floor when he had leant over to whisper in her ear that he was pretty sure Ethel had managed to fall asleep during the meeting. She had and Betty had tried to desperately regain her composure and keep her mind from wandering back to him for the rest of the meeting.

“Fine.” She relented. Returning to focus on her screen willing Kevin to hurry up with the coffee run. “But I choose where we go.” Her thoughts drifted back to the condom she had found in his wallet, is that why he was carrying one, because he knew he was going to dinner with her and he just thought that she wouldn’t be able to resist his charms. Well, she decided then that she was going to make him work for it.


“It’s 5 o’clock Betty.” He said in her ear his voice taking on a sing song quality as she swore his body was doing a subtle dance.

“I want Japanese.” She stood up from her desk. “Pick me up from my place in 1 hour. Don’t be late.” She grabbed her bag and made her way towards the exit while Jughead hurried to shut his own computer down, to catch her up. She waved to him as the lift doors shut and he was still trying to shove paperwork into his bag.

“Do I even want to know?” Kevin mumbled from his own desk as he packed it up in a much more organised fashion than Jughead. Each folder being placed carefully into the satchel that he always carried with him, in pristine condition compared to Jughead’s beat up messenger bag.

“Betty and I are going out for dinner.” Jughead said unsuccessful in hiding the smile that crossed his face.

“Oh Thank God!” Kevin shouted as he looked up at the ceiling while Jughead looked at him confused by his outburst. Kevin turned towards him and pointed an accusatory finger in his direction. “Seriously the eye fucking that has been going on in this office has been as unbearable as Archie trying to give a talk to a 15 year old girl about the importance of using protection. Which I had the pleasure of witnessing this morning, thanks to you two.”

“I don’t think there has been -”

“Ethel!” Kevin shouted over to Ethel who was seated a few desks away from them. “Have Jones and Cooper been eye fucking each other.” Jughead rubbed his and over his face at his personal life being discussed openly in the office.

“Yep.” Kevin indicated towards Ethel as she had confirmed his position before looking back at Jughead who was still standing near his desk stunned that the whole office seemed to have noticed what was going on between him and Betty.

“You two need to work out what the hell is going on, sort it out, get it out of your system, whatever.” Kevin gesticulated with his hands. “And then we can all get on with our work.”

“Thanks?” Jughead responded unsure of how he should respond to his co-worker actively encouraging him to get it on with another co-worker.

“You’re welcome.” Jughead finished packing his bag before making his way towards the exit. Kevin grabbed him by the arm as he went to leave.

“Oh and Jughead. Lose the beanie.”


Europe at night is one of the most spectacular views. Here we were travelling along the Adriatic towards the Middle East,’ wrote astronaut Thomas Pesquet (@thom_astro) of the European Space Agency (@europeanspaceagency) from aboard the International Space Station (@ISS). The space station serves as the world’s leading laboratory for conducting cutting-edge microgravity research, and is the primary platform for technology development and testing in space to enable human and robotic exploration of destinations beyond low-Earth orbit, including Mars.

For @aniscribbles beautiful, angsty AU


Since Allura told them that, with enough training, their Lions could create their own Teludavs, the whole team knew what Lance was going to do.

At first, it was weird to see him training so hard in the Bonding exercises with his Lion. He even stayed up late and woke up earlier than Shiro. It took a tool on him, yes, it did, and he couldn’t hide it. But after a few weeks, his body probably got used to it and he stopped feeling as tired as before.

When he noticed this, Lance thought he was ready for the next step: challenging his Lion and himself with near death experiences. He had to trust his Lion and, at the same time, his Lion had to trust him. During these times, he had gotten better at piloting in the middle of complex battlefields, getting to a point where he managed to evade a hundred Galra ships and take down the biggest battleship in front of him without a scratch on his Blue.

By the other hand, he became the only one who talked with his Lion in random places. He could have been eating or taking a shower with the others, and he would suddenly look somewhere else and talk to the air. Though it wasn’t the air, it was Blue. She asked so many things about Lance and his human habits, and Lance liked so much to answer these questions, that they just talked whenever and wherever they pleased. Allura was delighted to see this, because it meant a super strong connection, to the point where he was really close to creating his portals. Close, but still not there yet.

One day, Lance and Keith had an argument. But not any argument, it escalated quickly into a full out fight. Keith threw the first punch, but to his surprise, Lance dodged and counter attacked with equal strenght. Anger took over, and the Red and Blue Paladins engaged in a fist fight. Hunk and Shiro had to restrain them to keep the teenager from seriously hurting each other. It was Corann the one who came bursting into the room to inform Allura and the Paladins about the havoc the Blue Lion was making. She attacked Red without hesitation, and the Red Lion couldn’t defend itself properly due to the lack of connection with Keith. Lance was the only one who managed to calm her down, Allura couldn’t do it, which surprised the team (with the exception of Lance).

It didn’t take Lance and Blue more than a few days to make the great decision of trying to make the Teludav. The destination was clear: the Earth was waiting for them. Blue and her Paladin shared the same amount of excitement, unable to contain it inside. Right when they were about to leave, the Black Lion got in their way. Shiro had come to stop Lance from being so reckless; wasn’t it selfish to go back home completely alone? His voice held a tone of seriousness, compassion and… Was that fear? Go figure, his team leader had to go exclusively to stop him from “making a big mistake”. Wait a minute, why didn’t his friends come? Where was Hunk? Pidge? Keith? Did they just dare to send Shiro to persuade him to go back because they all were too afraid to do it themselves? The little voice in the back of his mind telling him to turn around dissipated with that critical thought. Without hesitation, Blue went full speed ahead, leaving Black biting the dust, and it took only a flash of light for Lance to realize that “yes, YES, WE DID IT, BLUE, WE DID IT!”

“We’re almost there, Blue… Finally…home…!”


Shiro came sprinting back into the castle, telling the others that Lance had ignored him and that they had to go get him before anything bad could happen. Allura and Corann were preparing the castle for the jump, calculating the closest galaxy to the Solar Sistem. Pidge chirped with her own information, “look for the Milky Way!”, but the Alteans didn’t have ANY information nor records of a Milky Way. With Hunk’s help, they finally found a place to jump safely.

The moment they were about to do it, Allura collapsed. Everyone ran to her side, clearly alarmed by her sudden weakening, and through tear filled eyes and a fearful voice, she told them the one thing they didn’t want to hear.

“The Blue Lion… It’s on a rampage. Lance… Lance lost himself in his grief…! He’s gone insane!”

While Corann helped his princess to recover her strenght, the team was attempting to process the information. Hunk panicked and began hyperventilating, Pidge let one tear roll down her cheek and then ran to calm Hunk down, Shiro shut his eyes and denied the inevitable, and Keith… He stopped thinking, he just stood there, his Bayard on his hand. In a sudden burst of fury, the sword manifested itself and he cut down the nearest panel.

They had failed to stop their friend from going insane, from falling into an endless void of madness. They had failed Lance.