so i was playing smash bros and i happened to pause the game at a good time

luigi (who i was playing as) was fuckin booking it towards the spaghetti which i didnt even know was there, and mario was angrily swinging bowser around with no fucking problem while he looked mortified af, so i decided to redraw this wonderful scene

i love luigi so much

A big part of our show is the idea that endings aren’t real… In our culture, one of the more damaging things we can tell our children is the idea of ‘happily ever after’—that you’ll find the prince or slaughter the dragon and be happy forever—but that’s not true. What happens the day after you slaughter the dragon? You still have to get out of bed.

Raphael Bob-Waksberg

Diane Nguyen actually takes the quote closest to this, when she talks about her wedding, but its the reality all the characters are realizing