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7 Great Independent Films on Netflix

My boy chrisfanning93 asked for some Indie movie suggestions. I took his request too seriously and pulled a few from my master list (btw I’m a nerd with a master list) of favorites.

1. Short Term 12

 In my opinion, Short Term 12 is everything an indie movie should be. Writer/director Destin Cretton is talented (he went to my school!) and Brie Larson is killer.

2. Blue Like Jazz

It was blacklisted in a lot of Christian media for ‘straddling’ the line between faith based and non-faith based film with qualities like swearing, a homosexual major character, and a resolution that doesn’t involved God granting everyone’s prayers like a genie. So it’s like real life.

3. Fargo

Favorite Coen Brothers film by far. Everything gets crazier by the minute and it’s all perfectly constructed chaos.

4. It’s a Disaster

Kind of a sucker for Julia Stiles movies, and I don’t know why. It’s a Disaster is funny, unexpected, and it’s set in Austin (home state pride what).

5. A Bag of Hammers

I try not to, but I literally judged a book by it’s cover and didn’t watch this for the longest time because the poster is lame. I’m glad I saw the error of my ways.

6. Robot & Frank

I’m looking forward to a future where we have sick robits like Robot. Robot & Frank is great if you’re looking for a dose of originality, heartfelt…ed…ness?, and the Phil Collinsy sounds of Francis and the Lights.

7. The Brass Teapot

7. A story fit for the Twilight Zone, the Brass Teapot follows the dissolution of a young couples relationship due to a magical teapot that makes them money every time they hurt each other. I feel like I don’t need to say more.