People who say Destiel can’t happen because Jensen would be uncomfortable/Dean isn’t bi/other bull crap. Here’s a few things to prove you wrong, haters.

1) Reminder: Jensen had to flirt with the young actress who played Amara, which couldn’t have made him comfortable. Being with a guy, shouldn’t be any different especially since he’s an actor.

2) Jensen said he wouldn’t be uncomfortable with it, he just didn’t thing it’d go well with the plot (which I think all things considering, if Lucifer leaves Castiel, and Dean kissed him, or accidentally called him baby one time, or even at the end of the show, the last episode, Dean asks if Castiel will go out and that’s the only mention of it ever, would go perfectly with the plot, especially with this recent plot twist they just threw at us)

3) Technically, Castiel isn’t limited to gender, so Dean would still be straight, but Castiel would be in a male vessel. Dean wouldn’t be attracted to him physically, but would’ve fallen in love with his character, everything about him. His personality. Castiel is a celestial being, not male or female. Dean doesn’t have to be bi to be in love with Castiel.

4) The longing stares

5) They considered having Dean tell Cas that he loved him, but dismissed it later after deciding they didn’t think it would fit with that. Dean has said I love you to his mom, that’s the only time really. He said it to his mom twice, and maybe once to Sam (probably like one other time that I’ve forgotten) but the fact that he was going to say it to Cas, CAS, it huge. Just saying.


7) Misha Collins is the biggest fan girl ever, he ships this so much, it’s adorable. And when Misha thinks something should be canon, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE’S IN THE SHIP, you should ship it too.

8) Sam knows what’s going on.

9) Profound bond.

10) Castiel calls Dean FIRST when he LOSES his grace, and when he gets his grace BACK.

11) When Dean is influenced by the Mark of Cain, and is about to stab him, Castiel freaking GRABS his arm. In what could be his last moments, he freaking CLUTCHES onto Dean.

12) When Castiel is brainwashed and about to kill Dean, Dean also CLUTCHES onto his freaking COAT. in what could be HIS last moments, he HOLDS ONTO CASTIEL!

13) Destiel

14) Best TV Chemistry (2015)

15) Invading personal space.

16) Healing Dean by cupping his face when he could just put his index and middle finger on his forehead.

17) Beat 2012 Ultimate Slash Madness Winner Sterek in 2013.

18) I need you.

19) I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.

20) I’m not leaving here without you.

These are twenty, TWENTY reasons that Destiel is my OTP and needs to become canon. Sorry, but this is too true and beautiful and in reality, I’m as sorry as Dean is about his jokes and comebacks.