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Wow ! The article U reblog fm deancasotp abt the meaning of canon was amazing ! Yeah, I want all the things being said in the article happened too. That's all I want happened in the show, not overacted, not over focused on the romantic relationship btw Dean & Cas, but depicted exquisitely & warmly. Please do me a favor, send my admiration & big hug to deancasotp.

I agree, it’s amazing.

I will tell Amber. You should tell her too :D


When Dean decides that Cas should learn to drive now that he’s human, he wasn't expecting to discover the hidden kink he had for seeing Cas drive his car.

- Dean, your hand on my thigh is distracting from the road.
- Screw the road. You look good behind the wheel.

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When Dean asks Cas to go on a real date with him, he gets surprised to see that Cas gets nervous about it. So Dean resolves to calm Cas’ nerves by keeping the date a small affair at the bunker, and once Cas feels more comfortable, everything else goes to plan.

Dean & Castiel - [More destiel gifs here.]