The story of a man afraid of flying, and an angel afraid of falling, who somehow met in the middle. The man who denied the existence of angels came to love one. The angel who never felt began to feel. The man who was saved from an eternity in Hell by an angel. The angel who fell in every way imaginable for a man. The man, with a clear path to escape, decided instead to stay in Purgatory for a year, searching for his angel, praying to him every night. Begging. When he found him, he held him; he told him that he needed him, that he’d get him out, even if it killed them both. The angel rejected his faith, his family, his home, and everything he knew, so he could keep the man safe. They stay together despite fate, despite what they are, because they refuse to be pulled apart. It is the greatest love story to ever have been written.



but I love the way Dean subtly holds out his arms while Cas just throws himself into Dean and how his arms just latches around Dean’s shoulders and his head just naturally burrows into Dean’s neck and he just holds him like he doesn’t want to let go

and then there’s Dean with his “oh okay Cas” with this fond exasperated tone and eye roll but he has this pleased little smile like “I missed you too cas”

I love watching them love each other