The Log Cabin

For @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s SPN Celebration Challenge (Prompt NSFW28). Enjoy, my little Destiel brat. I love you!

Summary: Dean and Cas celebrate nothing, alone in a cabin. 99.9% porn.

Word Count: 1900

Warning: Destiel, smut, NSFW GIF BELOW THE CUT, bottom!Dean

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy, feedback is appreciated!

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looking for love (in all the right places); a deancas au

SPN Writing Challenge | @padaleckhi​ vs. @boopedbyanangel
Prompt: Romanic Trip
Pairings: Destiel
Word count: 2.7k
Tags: Teen and Up Audiences, Fluff, Bachelor AU, Reality TV AU

Summary: Dean Winchester is America’s first bisexual bachelor on the reality TV series ‘Looking for Love.’ He came to the show to form a relationship with one of the contestants, but he never anticipated falling for the blue-eyed host instead. (Based off this Tumblr post by @theywearpink​)

[AO3 Link]


Dean looks into the camera like he’s done a thousand times before. Gabriel, the director, grabs the question cards from his assistant and takes a seat just outside of the shot. He rummages through a few ones, muttering, “boring, boring,” and “who the hell put this one in the mix, assholes?” before settling on one that suits his needs.

“Deano, you’re down to your final two contestants. Do you think that you can see yourself married to either one of them?”

He follows the usual procedure and waits a few seconds before replying. “Of course,” he recites from memory, the words that the producers told him to say coming back easily, “Benny and I have bonded over the course of these past few months, and Jo is quite the catch. I’m considering gettin’ two rings just in case I can’t choose,” Dean replies with a coy wink.

The crew laughs lowly behind the cameras and Gabe throws the used question to the side. Everybody quiets down as they await Gabriel’s next cue, and Dean readjusts himself in his chair while prying the collar of his button-down away from his sweat-soaked neck. The lights are extra warm today, and the ninety degree temperatures of Costa Rica aren’t making this shoot any easier. He’s grateful when a PA throws him a water bottle.

“There’s been some controversy over you being the first bisexual bachelor on ‘Looking for Love.’ Any words to your haters, Deano?”

He crosses his arms over his chest and looks directly into the camera for this one. “Bite me,” he replies. “If anyone has a problem with bisexuals, they can take it up with me. I ain’t standing for bullying or any of those nasty comments on Twitter, period.”

“Good, good,” Gabe coos from the sidelines, and Dean takes a long gulp of his water as Gabriel tosses all of the questions aside and leans his elbows on his knees. “Let’s go unscripted for this one, okay? What’s up with you and our dreamy host, Castiel Novak?”

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“No Cas, we won’t buy a real tree!” Dean crossed his arms, huffing stubbornly.

Castiel looked at him with his big blue eyes, making a sad face but damn it, Dean was not going to buy a real spruce only to be forced to clean up the constantly falling needles every five minutes because Cas would surely continue his puppy-eyes pleading strategy, sitting comfortably on the couch in his stupid, ugly, oversized sweater, maybe even only in this fucking sweater, and watching Dean take care of the mess.

“No! You know I hate the cleaning!” Dean’s face went red, halfly because he was raising his voice in the middle of a crowded market and halfly because he just could already smell his defeat.

Castiel held his gaze for a while longer and then… turned his head away.
“Fine, Dean.” his voice was neutral. “As you wish.”

He didn’t sound particularly sad. In fact he sounded totally emotionless. Dean felt his heart sink as Castiel pushed their shopping cart walking towards the decorations section, as if nothing had happened.


Castiel was sprawled on the sofa with a book and a cup of hot cocoa in his hands. His favourite christmas sweater was keeping him warm and cosy enough to give up on all the unnecessary parts of the clothing and it was so comfortable he decided to get Dean one as a present to let him experience the blessing it was. He raised his head a little to look at Dean from above the pages of his novel.

A smug smirk appeared on Castiel’s face as he stretched out his bare leg to playfully nudge Dean’s perky ass jutting in front of him as Dean kneeled down to take care of the freshly fallen needles. Ah yes, the sweater would definitely improve the perspective.

In his humble opinion the cleaning was always the best thing about real christmas trees.

All That I Need

This is my entry for the wonderful Bev’s Song Challenge ( @chaos-and-the-calm67 ). My song was She Brings Me Love by Bad Company, and my pairing was Destiel. I suggest listening to it while reading :)

Warning: smut

Word Count: 1700

A/N: Have some Destiel smut. Hope you enjoy!

Dean’s almost drunk.

Completely drunk would be bad, would make him tired or sad or guilty or angry, or would make him pass out completely. Some nights, the passing out isn’t so bad, actually. But he prefers nights like tonight where he’s just almost there. The scotch he splurged on is sitting warm and sweet in his veins, his head is pleasantly fuzzy without being scattered, everything is hilarious, and nothing is wrong for the next few hours.

Dean can relax.

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One Week Writers Challenge – Castiel’s Edition.

Hi guys!!!

As many of you know, the character who won the voting for this upcoming challenge is Castiel. The lovely @sis-tafics and yours truly, joined forces and have come up with some awesome new prompts for this challenge. That is going to start on April 6th. If you’re a reader or a writer who is not familiar with the challenges, this is very simple; one week, seven prompts per day and everything is acceptable. Drabbles, one shots, you can even turn the entire challenge into a series if you want to, also all categories are accepted, fluff, angst and smut. This is something created for all of us to “exercise” our writing and have fun while doing it. Also and what we call an amazing plus, this is an amazing idea to meet new talented writers and build relationships with them.  


Please tag your work with these three tags:

  1. #cas one week writers challenge 
  2. The date of the prompt, example: if is it April 6 you’ll tag it #apr6
  3. Tag us: @deanwinchester-af  and @sis-tafics

This way we will be able to track everyone’s work, read it, reblog it and archive it on the masterlist. Also you guys will be able to read everyone’s work. With all this being said we hope lots of people join this challenge and create some really good fics and friendships out of this. 


  1. Can you pre-write? Sure you can, is understandable that not everyone has the time to write a one shot per day.
  2. Is okay if I post the shot one day later? Hell yeah  – again, totally understand.
  3. Is there a limit of words for every one shot? Nope, write whatever you feel like it.
  4. Is it a open for everyone challenge? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Since this is a Castiel challenge, can we write Destiel or does it has to be only Castiel x Reader? It can be the pairing you would like. Destiel, Cas x Meg, Cas x Sam, do you boo. 
  6. If there any question feel free to ask.


  1. Wednesday, April 6th - “Please tell me it’s you doing that…”
  2. Thursday, April 7th - Not a typical Sunday
  3. Friday, April 8th - “You’re judging me.” - “Is what I do, is a hobby of mine.”
  4. Saturday, April 9th - “What the hell have you done now?”
  5. Sunday, April 10th - “You need to learn how to knock.”
  6. Monday, April 11th - “What can I say? You’re special.”
  7. Tuesday, April 12th - “I would assume those would be one of the times you would want me to lie?”

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Five minute drabble challenge: Safe word!

I was tagged by @torn-and-frayed (I hate you!! :P - but go read her stuff she is wicked awesome) Now I pay it forward to @harley7509 @ashleymalfoy (it wouldn’t let me tag your fic blog for some reason sorry hun!), @superwholock56 and @salvachester ;) You guys have to write for 5 minutes only, no editing is allowed. 

Warning: S11 Spoilers!

A/N: So my mom had this headcanon thing a while back when Cas said yes to Lucifer and I am just kinda playing around with that a little bit and kinda took a joking angle to it - but I am in love with the idea so I may use it somehow in a later fic. Maybe a Cas x reader one. Who knows :)

Pairing: Dean x reader (with a little twist)

“You what?” You stared at Dean in disbelief as you slowly backed away from him. 

“I am sorry sweetheart! It was the only way to save him. To make sure Lucifer didn’t kill him. Burn him out. I couldn’t let him stayed trapped in there with him any longer. We will get his vessel back but until then…” Dean’s words fadded out as he scanned your face for emotions. For any sign of what you were feeling! 

“So who did I just kiss?!” you stuttered and stared at the man you knew so well. The man you had been with for the last 2 years. The man you were very much in love with. Unsure of what to do with the information he had just laid on you. Unsure of if the man if front of you were really even Dean. 

“Me!! Y/N. Dean! I am still me sweetheart!” Dean took a step towards you and wrapped you back into his arms and you felt your body relax. Dean smiled as he felt the tension leave his body and he leaned in brushing his lips over yours but as you were just about to kiss him his demeanor changed. 

“Y/N! I assure you I am not going to spy on you two! You don’t have to worry. I can lock myself away when ever you need me too.” 

“Cas?!” you gulped and pushed the man standing in front of you of you, “what the hell!!” 

“I am sorry Y/N I didn’t mean to make you feel akward!” Cas tried. He looked like Dean but he held himself diffently and his voice was lower. There was no doubt it was Cas talking to you through your boyfriends mouth. 

“Then maybe don’t do that!!” you snapped at the angel who sent you an apologettic look. “I will leave you two alone then!” 

“Y/N what are you doing? Why are you…” Dean looked at you with a confused look on his face and your eyes opened wide, “Dean?! I am going to get whiplash!” you sighed!

“Wait did he just? Did I?” Dean tried to understand what was going on and as you nodded Dean yelled out into the room, “damnit Cas! Personal space man!!” 

You bit your lip trying to hold back your laugh but when Dean glared at you as if he was affraid you were going crazy your head fell backwards and you laughed. 

“What’s so funny?” Dean demanded to know and you wrapped your arms around his neck, “oh we are going to need a safeword honey!”  

Spn hiatus writing challenge week 4: “Be quiet, they’ll hear you.”

Edit: I was in a hurry and forgot to tag you, sorry! @one-shots-supernatural

 “Be quiet, they’ll hear you,” Dean whispered, pressing Castiel against the back wall of the closet, putting a hand over Cas’ mouth.

They stared at each other until the sound of footsteps passed. Dean’s hand was still on Castiel’s chapped lips while sky blue stared up at him. Dean’s arm trembled when he pulled away, though he couldn’t bring himself to move away.

Castiel’s eyes were too captivating and they were alone, away from prying eyes and judgment. It was too tempting; he could just lean in and press his lips to Cas’.

Denying his feeling were tiring, especially when it involved hiding his feelings from his brother, who knew him like the back of his hand.

Maybe Cas suspected something –much like Sam- though the angel never said anything. Cas was the kind of person, angel, who waited for Dean to be ready. Which wasn’t a bad thing, but with Dean, the one who couldn’t express his feelings instead let it crop up until it all came out when he was alone, Cas could wait forever.

Dean was too scared, of hurting Cas, getting hurt himself.

However, in this moment, he felt gravitated by Cas’ lips, they drew him in.

They were too close, their breaths mingled, and for a second, Cas glanced at his lips. Dean’s mind blacked out. He lifted Cas, making him wrap his legs around Dean’s waist. Cas’ arms found their ways to Dean’s neck, pulling him even closer.

Dean held Cas against the wall as he crashed their lips together, too weak to even try and resist the beauty that was in front of him.

They kissed in a flurry of passion and need, gradually slowing it down to affection and love. Dean didn’t have to tell Cas that somewhere along the way of their friendship, he fell in love. He told him with this kiss.

The smile Cas gave him afterward reassured him that he understood, that he loved him back.

It was enough, it always had been.  

Day II

Of the Christmas OTP Challenge [day I]

Dean knew that one day it would come and haunt him back. Since the day Cas had picked up the knitting needles Dean knew this ought to happen one day. Dean should have stopped it right then, but when he had seen the happiness in the ex-angel’s eyes he had just kept his mouth shut. He had even encouraged Cas and had bought him wool. But only because it had been on sale, and not because Cas’ eyes had shone bright with joy and he had hugged Dean like Dean had returned from the war and not from Walmart.

And so he had Cas let knit and knit and knit. Soon the bunker had been filled with lace doilies, knitted lampshades, and new pillows. In retro perspective this should have been the point on which Dean should have asked to stop. Sam had even given him the perfect change by asking, “It’s becoming a bit much, isn’t it?”

But Dean had just shrugged his shoulders and said, “If it makes him happy.”

He hadn’t told Sam about the conversation he had with Cas before the knitting had started. How the angel had admitted that he felt useless, like he didn’t have a purpose, like he was just a failure, how he just broke everything he touched, and that he wasn’t good at anything.

It had broken Dean’s heart, but Dean had never been good at cheering people up. So he had suggested that Cas should pick up a hobby.

And now, staring down on the cheesiest christmas sweater he has ever seen, Dean comes to regretting this suggestion. The sweater has green and red stripes and there is a reindeer on the front. It doesn’t even look bad, but it’s just one of those things Dean Winchester would not even wear if he had a gun pressed against his head. Which is, thanks God, not the case, but there is a pair of excited, blue eyes looking at Dean, which is even worse.

“And? What do you think?” Cas bounces up and down like a puppy on a sugar rush.

Dean doesn’t have the heart to tell him the truth, it would crush Cas completely.

“It’s awesome, thanks man,” he says instead trying to smile.

“Don’t you want to try it on?” Cas asks, and Dean has to swallow.

Sam chokes on his coffee as Dean enters the kitchen. There are tears running down his face, and Dean is not quite sure if he is coughing or laughing.

“Not one, single word,” Dean hisses, while Sam wipes away his tears.

“I told you we should tell Cas to stop,” Sam giggles, and Dean just rolls his eyes. He knows Sam is right, but then Cas enters the kitchen,  beaming brighter than a shooting star when he spots Dean. A grin is plastered all over his face and Dean has to smile back, feeling a warm tingling rushing through his body. He doesn’t care that the sweater looks hideous, he doesn’t care what Sam thinks, as long as his angel is happy, everything is fine. Also the sweater is very comfortable, but Sam doesn’t need to know that. And judging by the look he is giving Dean, Sam already knows enough.


Pairing: Destiel (Dean x Castiel)

Also Starring: Big bro Gabe and Charlie x Dorothy (vaguely on the side)

Summary: Castiel considers himself a decent communicator, but he finds himself embarrassingly clumsy and tongue-tied around a particularly handsome clerk at his local bookstore. Can he find the words to express his interest or will he continue making a fool of himself?  (Grad Student Castiel / Bookseller Dean AU)

Word Count: 4148

Prompt: I’m writing this insanely late for the Cas One Week Writer’s Challenge, hosted by the lovely @deanwinchester-af and my dear @sis-tafics. The prompt was: “You’re judging me.”  "It’s what I do, it’s a hobby of mine.“ Better late than never!

Warnings: second-hand embarrassment? Too cute? Literally just has one curse word.

Author’s Note: This is pure fluff meet-cute madness. My everlasting thanks to my darling beta @nebulanoxx

Today is the day.

Sure, Castiel may have told himself that Monday through Friday every week for the past two months, but today is going to be different. He could feel it.

He runs through the plan while sitting on the bench in the hallway, lacing up his oxfords. All he needs to do is start with a nice compliment or a witty comment about whatever Dean’s shelving, loan him the anthology they talked about last time, and just ASK, for god’s sake. Oh and not stare silently at his damn mouth again. He flushes slightly, remembering the purchase he fumbled last Tuesday because he got so distracted. Dean’s lips had curled into a pleased smirk as Castiel flustered about, stammering and dropping change everywhere. That man was going to be the death of him.

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Spn hiatus writing challenge week 2 @one-shots-supernatural

Words: 663

A/N Short yet sweet.

“You were right Dean,” Castiel said, lounging backward against the headboard of Dean’s bed. Sam was kind enough to move the TV from his room to Dean’s so Dean could show him some TV shows. “I do enjoy Game of Thrones.”

I know right,” Dean smiled. “Isn’t it great?

Castiel nodded and took a sip of his lukewarm beer. Ever since he fell Dean took it upon himself to learn Castiel some of the little enjoyments in life, such as beer and television.

Castiel figured he couldn’t complain; spending time with Dean was a rare yet precious thing to him.

“You gotta pay attention, Cas,” Dean smirked, still looking at the screen. Castiel was known for his staring, though that was caused by his admiration for the human kind. However, this time, he didn’t even do it intentionally. Dean’s soul was and still is beautiful and Castiel has a hard time looking away on most occasions.  

He never told Dean this, that would only embarrass the other man. No, Cas kept this to himself and tried to look as discreetly as possible.

“Are you okay, Cas?” Dean asked, fully turning to him now. There wasn’t much space between them as the bed was a bit on the small sizes. Their shoulders were pressed together and when Dean moved his head, they were almost in each other’s breathing space.

“I’m fine, Dean,” Castiel replied, not once looking away from the emerald eyes staring back at him.

Dean moved impossibly closer, his eyes drooping shut. Castiel had seen enough of humanity in his existence to know what was happening, though he couldn’t believe it himself.

Castiel mustered up those ten seconds of courage and leaned in closer as well, his eyes closing once their lips touched.

It was a featherlike touch until Dean jerked away, scrambling off the bed. “I’m so sorry, Cas!”

“Don’t apologize, Dean. I quite liked it,” Castiel said, looking over the edge of the bed while sticking out his hand to help Dean up.

Dean ignored the hand and got up himself, staying as far away from Cas as he could.

“I don’t understand, Dean. Did I do something wrong?”

“God, no, Cas-”

“Why must you include my father in this conversation?” Castiel asked exasperated.

Dean groaned, tangling his hands in his hair while Cas felt the urge to slap away those hands and tangle his own hands in Dean’s hair and feel the softness.

“Let’s just forget about it, okay?” Castiel felt his heart hurting when Dean said this, almost as if Dean ripped his heart out himself.

“What if I don’t want to forget about it?” Castiel asked, his voice booming and demanding. He was tired of them dancing around each other, a bit too far away for him to reach Dean.


“No, I’m tired of this. You can’t play me like this,” Castiel exclaimed, stepping off the bed and right in front of Dean. “If you want me, you have me. If you don’t, then just leave me alone.”

Castiel mistook Dean’s silence for rejection and walked away. He almost reached the door when a strong arm turned him around, a hard body crashing into him. Dean’s lips were immediately on his in a much more passionate way than the kiss from before.

Dean pushed Castiel against the wall, hard as Dean knew Cas could take it –with him being an angel and all- and kissed him like his life depended on this. If Dean wasn’t distracted by Cas’ chapped yet rather soft lips on his, moving with his own like they were meant to do this all along, Dean would have scolded himself from waiting this long to do this. He could’ve had this for years.

Once Dean ran out of breath, he broke off the kiss, staying close enough to rest his forehead against Cas’.

“I’d rather have you,” Dean smiled. “Remember?”

Castiel smiled back and nodded, wrapping his arms around Dean’s neck. “I remember.”

Shoe Box Full of Memories

Prompt: Memories
Pairing(s): Destiel
Rating: Teen
Word Count:  1,383
Tags: Destiel, Happy Ending, Fluff, Canon Verse


It wasn’t a scrapbook, or a cute little decorative album bursting at the seams, or even picture frames gloriously lining a fireplace mantle. No, what Castiel had was a shoe box. It was worn at the edges, the cardboard soft from the years that it has held the fallen angel’s entire world in its confines. It wasn’t stored in a safe or placed in a glass case like a treasure; it was kept underneath his bed where his head laid at night.

The shoe box wasn’t filled to the brim; the lid was easy enough to close. When picked up, it didn’t weigh more than a hardcover novel. Sometimes dust collected in the little dip of the lid. It could lay in wait for weeks under their bed without being touched.

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anonymous asked:

Another day, another week, another boy that'll make me week. That's my fic title!

Hmm… College!AU where Cas works at MacDonalds. He hates his job, but he was late to applying for positions during the semester and this is what he got stuck with. He goes home smelling like the inside of a frier every night, which is, thankfully, not a problem for his roommate Ash.

Ash never leaves his room.

Which is great, because that means Cas pretty much gets free reign of the apartment to study and cook and do whatever the hell else he wants. Mostly, he just goes to school, to work and comes home, but it’s nice to know that if he did want to, say, bring someone home, he’d be able to do that no problem. 

Cas thinks about dating a lot.

He’s a little bit desperate.

…And there are a surprising number of attractive people who come to this particular MacDonalds. 

Now, normally, Cas is fine. But he’s had a hell of a day and spilled creamer on himself in addition to getting an order wrong, and he’s so stressed and tired he just wants to lay down on the counter and sleep forever. Of course, immediately after the ketchup dispenser has exploded on him, he is forced to serve quite possibly the most attractive person he’s ever seen. 

He’s a boy, with green eyes and freckles and a plush looking mouth. He’s wearing a Taco Bell uniform and Cas tries to make a joke about cheating on your place of employment which falls totally flat. He then quickly serves the Adonis his Big Mac with a curt: “have a nice evening.”

The rest of his shift goes about as well as expected, and by the time he gets home he’s decided he’s going to ignore his midterm paper and soak in the bath until his fingers prune. He’s totally shocked when he shoulders into the apartment and finds MacDonalds on the table. 

He almost faints when he makes his way towards the bathroom and meets Big Mac Adonis in the hallway. “Um.”

“Dean, Cas. Cas, Dean!” Ash yells from beyond. 

What a freaking day. 

Last to Leave

Supernatural Writing Challenge|| hellsqveen vs. mufferducker
↳ Locker room
Word count: 481
Pairing: Destiel
Tags: High School!AU, Jock!Dean, Nerd!Cas, first kiss

Dean held onto the ends of the towel he’d wrapped around his neck and headed toward the locker room. The extra hard work he’d been putting in the weight room lately had been paying off; the coach was finally going to let him be the starting quarterback this Friday.  Today had been their last practice before the game and he had given 110% to prove his worth. Now, of course, he was tired, sweaty, and the last to leave the field.  

As he neared the locker room, he heard voices.  ‘Strange, I should be the last one here’.  He quietly opened the door and the voices of a few teammates grew louder. Dean stepped into the room only to see two of his teammates standing menacingly over a smaller boy on the floor.  “HEY!  What the hell are you two doing?!” Dean shouted as he stalked toward them.  As he drew closer, he immediately recognized the boy on the floor; Castiel Novak, the kid who was tutoring him in Algebra; why they had to put letters with it he’d never understand.  

The two jocks turned to Dean, eyes wide, and barely managed to stutter a response before they were tripping over themselves to leave the room.  Dean shook his head at their hurried escape and knelt down in front of Castiel.  “Are you alright?”  He found himself actually worried about this boy, more than he felt he should just for the kid tutoring him.  

Castiel nodded, “I’m okay,” he answered quietly.  He pushed himself to stand and began dusting off his pants.  “Can’t imagine what is on this floor, that is now all over me.”

Dean couldn’t help the laugh that escaped him, “Well, it is a men’s locker room, Cas.”  He reached over and started piling the things that had fallen to the floor.  Books, papers, and random things were strewn across the area.  “I’m really sorry about them, Cas.  They’re a bunch of assholes.”  He stood up and handed Cas his things, blushing a little as their hands touched.  

“It’s alright, Dean.  It was not your fault.  Thank you for making them leave,” he looked up at Dean and smiled, “Well I’d better be go…”  His sentence was cut off by the feel of soft lips covering his own.  It took a few seconds to realize what was happening.  Dean Winchester was kissing him; Dean Winchester was KISSING him!  He managed to force himself to respond.

Dean pulled away, cheeks flushed, “I’m sorry, Cas.  I…I don’t know what got into me.  I’m so s…:”

Cas smiled softly, “It’s alright, Dean.  But I believe you need a shower.  Especially if you intend to try that again at a later time.”  He shyly pecked Dean’s cheek and then exited the locker room.  

Dean watched him go, smile on his face.  Maybe being the last one to leave wasn’t so bad after all.

(Read on Ao3)

anonymous asked:

fanfic title "suck iiit"

Dean and Cas going to one of those places where, if you finish the insane amount of food they give you in an hour it’s free. Dean can eat, but Cas can put away food like it’s nobody’s business, so he is the one who attempts it (partly because he’s goaded into it, partly because he wants to impress Dean).

When they’re down to the last forty-five seconds, Castiel is convinced he’s going to die. He can’t do it. It’s only Dean, cheering him on with encouraging yells of “SUCK IT, CAS! SUCKKK IIITTT!” that Cas manages to finish his milkshake in time.

Old Habits (AO3)

Prompt: When Ben comes home complaining his teacher is singling him out, Dean decides he’s going to have a word with this damn Mr Novak and find out exactly what’s going on. He’s not prepared for a blast from his past.

Dean looked up from where he was stirring the spaghetti in the pot as he heard the front door close. Well, it was more of a slam. He winced as he realised Ben was home and it didn’t sound like he’d had a good day. For some reason, according to Ben, his teacher had taken a dislike to him. Dean was sure this wasn’t true, but every day this week Ben had come home miserable and upset because he felt like he’d been singled out.

“In here, buddy. I’m making spaghetti,” he called out, smiling at Ben warmly as he trudged into the room.

“I’m not all that hungry. Mr. Novak gave me a ton of homework to do. Said I had to redo my essay because I didn’t put enough effort in it. He said if it wasn’t done by tomorrow then he’d talk to Coach about having me kicked off the soccer team.” The look on Ben’s face betrayed how upset he was at that prospect. Dean had never seen his stepson with that expression before, and he never wanted to see him look like that again.

They’d discussed the possibility of him going in to talk to his teacher, but Dean wanted to see if it was just a misunderstanding, if things were just being blown out of proportion. This seemed to back up Ben’s side of things, plus it was outrageous that someone would use the threat of removing him from the team. Dean had never met Mr. Novak, but he’d had enough of his stepson coming home miserable. Since Lisa had passed, the role of Ben’s parent had fallen to him, and he would be damned if he didn’t do it properly.

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anonymous asked:

For the made up fic title? Bearded lamppost.

ANON WHAT EVEN IS THIS?! How…? Okay *cracks knuckles* High School!AU where Dean is a total geek who gets together with his motley crew every Friday to play Dungeons and Dragons. It’s so intense, friendships have ended because of it, and as such, there’s a vacancy in their group.

Enter Hannah.

Hannah is also a total geek. She’s friends with Sam which is her in to the older, cooler game of D&D. She has been invited, for one night, to play/observe with Sam, his brother, and their awesome friends. Unfortunately, she is also four years Dean and Cas’s junior, so her brother is the one forced to not only escort to the Winchesters’, but to stay with his sister the entire night. This is because Naomi is paranoid.

The night they’re supposed to go to Sam’s, Hannah gets a note in her locker that just says bearded lamppost. It turns out that this is the freaking password to enter the house, because apparently Dean is not only a geek, but the king of geeks. Cas is wholly not impressed by this, and is even less impressed by the rowdy group of people he and Hannah eventually join in Sam’s basement. Dean’s friends are obnoxious and loud and Castiel honestly doesn’t know if he wants his sister hanging out with them, because this entire game sounds like an exercise in social suicide and flights of fancy. Dean could be popular if he wished it–he’s certainly attractive enough–but instead he chooses to play make-believe in his basement. It’s ridiculous. 

…Even still, he can’t help but be impressed by the bravery Dean exhibits when he leads his campaign against the hydra. 

caspancakes  asked:

for the fic tittle thinguie? "Mary Winchester had never actually baked a pie", "The New Winchesters", "When your son in law becomes your best friend", "Winchester barbecues: bunker, 04/18/17", "Sam Winchester meets his mother, and gets a dog", "Mom, our lives are a gospel" (i'm sorry, i know all of these are really corny, but i just watched 12x01 and i'm kind of in a high? there were so me irky stuff in the ep, as always, but it really really liked the general idea of it? idk, it made me happy)

Okay, I’m gonna do the first one :)

Mary had never actually baked a pie for Dean’s birthday. Though she remembered his affinity for the dessert as a child, she baked a cake because birthday. Thankfully, Castiel made a pie himself.

Unfortunately, he had no idea how to make a pie and it’s pretty much inedible.