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What if you supported a couple of queer women characters to applaud their shows actual attempts at being inclusive instead of just suggesting queer baiting is ok? Although I guess it doesn't mean the same to you since you're just gross and get your rocks off to oppression and sexualizing minority groups 😊😊😊😊😊

Helloo! :) :) :) :) :)

I’m assuming you’re randomly sending this to everyone who supports Destiel in a (supposed to be fun) fandom poll, because you can’t possibly have taken a real look at my blog before sending this message. 

“Although I guess it doesn’t mean the same to you since you’re just gross and get your rocks off to oppression and sexualizing minority groups 😊😊😊😊😊”

If you had taken one (1) minute to look around on this blog, you’d know that all I ever reblog, read, and write, are stories, posts, art, and headcanons about Dean and Cas falling in love. This blog is focused on the only thing I care about; a healthy romance between these two characters, a romance that is very much possible taking into account their history together. 

Although this blog’s main subject is SPN/Destiel, I have many other ships. Some of those are straight, some of those or not. Some of those are canon, some of those are not, straight or not straight alike. 

The thing is, I ship things because I’m a fan of promising love stories. I think baiting is petty, and cruel, and unnecessary, as I have stated on this blog many times in lengthy meta posts, but you wouldn’t know that, considering that you clearly didn’t take a good look before hiding beyond the anon button to complain about a crime that I didn’t commit to begin with. 

So if you knew me or my blog at all, you’d also have to know about the many posts I made about baiting (also related to Destiel), and how it is not okay, even though it’s an unpopular opinion in this fandom.

“What if you supported a couple of queer women characters to applaud their shows actual attempts at being inclusive instead of just suggesting queer baiting is ok?”

When it comes to shipping, I’m utterly indifferent to gender or sexual orientation, I support and get excited about a love story that I find interesting, whether it’s canon or not, whether it ends well or not, whether it is straight or not. Destiel is one of those love stories for me, and yes, I prefer that ship over other ships on shows that I haven’t even seen or never even knew existed. That’s life; we all watch different shows, we all like different relationships (or the possibility of them), and we all want to support the things that excite us or make us happy.

So you do you, vote for what you enjoy, but please don’t come in here vomiting incorrect bullshit about me all over my inbox simply because that seems to be your go-to tactic to win a poll that’s supposed to merely be a fun fandom event in the first place. 

In the time you wasted by sending this pointless message, you could’ve gotten in like three extra votes, a missed opportunity imo.


Well well well… this is the first poll of the season.

Don’t you think it’s a great time for us to work all together again to make our beloved Dean and Cas win yet another poll? Don’t you think winning would cheer up those spirits who are feeling a little upset these days?

Let’s do it !!!

Log with your Facebook, Twitter, or Mtv account and vote!



Remember MTV is a really big name.

Let’s do it!!

And vote for Misha as well, in the Fandom Feat of the Year (for his work and fandom presence with Random Acts, Hope for Haiti, Amok, and all the great stuff Misha does).


congratulations destiel for winning MTV’s Best TV Couple of 2014.


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So I just started S6 of Spn, and I have a question. I hear so much about Destiel being canon, and I'm trying so hard, but I just don't see it yet. I really love the idea, but I am having a hard time getting when it even started. Is this just a "You're still too far behind" problem? Is there more evidence as I continue through S6 and beyond? Maybe I'm spoiled by Sherlock because there are only 9 episodes, so it's pretty quick to spot Johnlock. I don't even know if this makes any sense. >.<

Well, if you just started s6, there isn’t any indication that it will go canon. Nonny, let me tell you about my personal Destiel shipping experience, and I think things will become clearer.

Before I started watching SPN, I knew Destiel was a thing and a big thing at that, but I figured that there probably wasn’t much narrative/structure/intent behind it, like most popular slash ships. So, when Castiel showed in s4, I was somewhat vindicated. Yes, Dean and Cas shared long stares and there was something interesting and dynamic about their relationship, but I thought a snowball had a better chance in hell than the story acknowledging their relationship, and acknowledging it seriously.

And the ‘seriously’ part matters! SPN throughout the Kripke and Gamble eras played homoerotic subtext as a joke. As you move through s6, you will see this crop up again and again where characters make references to the perceived homoeroticism of Dean and Castiel’s relationship, but they are mocking or part of jokes. So, as my boyfriend can attest, I joked about it, too, all throughout s6. I, like you, didn’t ship it and didn’t get why people shipped it, beyond hot dudes with sexual chemistry. Not to say that sexual chemistry’s not important, but if that’s all that’s the show is giving me, that’s not an indication that the show is going to do anything with their little slash ship, no matter how popular.

However, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked when I saw 6x20. I don’t want to spoil you, so I won’t give you any details, but 6x20, also known as The Man Who Would Be King or TMWWBK, was a game changer in terms of the narrative of the show and the myth arc of s6, the character arcs of s6. It also has some significant moments that made me rethink the way I was thinking about Destiel and the complex and intimate relationship between Dean and Cas.

Basically, you could run a poll asking Destiel shippers when they started shipping it, and I’m sure a majority would say 6x20. 

Now, just because TMWWBK made me start shipping it doesn’t mean that I thought at that point it would ever go canon. And that was very strange for me. My shipping history is almost exclusively canon pairings or had a very good chance of going canon but didn’t for whatever reason. But with Destiel, again, I didn’t think it would ever go canon even after I started shipping it. s6 and s7, the Gamble era, have boatloads of DeanCas subtext, but zero indication that Gamble had any plans for going canon with it. To understand Dean’s character arcs in s6 and s7, his relationship with Castiel and the state of that relationship is absolutely crucial, but most of the exploration of that impact is left to subtle parallels and subtext. The end of s7 is absolutely brutal in terms of their relationship (in my opinion); there’s a focus on their (lack of) communication and effects that has on their friendship, and that’s the only real textual acknowledgement of closeness and intimacy of their relationship.

But then came s8 and the Carver era. While I’ve seen many jump ship in the Carver era, I REALLY LOVE S8 AND S9. There are some issues with the Carver era, but it’s greatest strength is its clear and consistent structure. One of the great things about watching s9 has been seeing themes and ideas and arcs that were set up in s8 getting brought back and paid off in s9. So, it really wasn’t until about halfway through s8 that I even thought that romantic canon!Destiel could be a thing that’s in the cards. 

Finally, while romantic/sexual DeanCas is still mostly subtextual in the Carver era, there are a multitude of structural indications that we’re going to get canon Destiel. Instead of winks and nudges, like what we got in the Kripke and Gamble eras, the Carver era has given us parallel story arcs, making them true equals (or at least moving that way), and hints that they want to be together, though whether romantically or platonically is yet to be seen. When you get to s9, I recommend reading this by deathbycoldopen and this by thecaptainsoiree and just about any meta by crossroadscastiel and this meta by me, because they are all canon!Destiel positive, and the arguments rely on evidence from narrative structure. 

So, while you may not see Destiel now (and you might not even see it ever! and that’s ok!), there’s a good chance that you’ll see it soon. And while I’m pretty optimistic that something romantic is going to happen and DeanCas is endgame, I know there are some people who don’t agree. So, I recommend watching for yourself and reading as much meta as you can and making up your mind for yourself. And I hope that when you get caught up, you come back and talk to me about it! :)

remember season 8. remember when dean did everything to find cas in purgatory. remember when the first thing  he did when he found him was pull him into a tight hug with a huge smile.  remember when benny earned dean’s unfailing trust because he saved cas. remember when dean got out of purgatory and he remembered leaving a broken hearted cas behind because he couldnt bare the thought of cas not wanting to come home with him. remember how dean missed cas so much he hallucinated seeing him. remember how sam asked dean why he was up in the middle of the night staring out the window dean answered “cas” in a small broken voice. remember how sam comforted him and told him none of it was his fault. remember when cas came back.  remember the boner. remember the passionate talks behind the impala or in a motel room with hushed confessions and misty eyes. remember the praying. remember “for all that we’ve been through.” remember “i need you.” remember the clash of a blade hitting the floor. remember bittersweet goodbyes on a barstool with “what ifs” stuck in their heads. remember when every fansite ever was writing articles about deancas. remember when destiel won poll after poll. remember when dean and cas’s story was called the greatest love story ever told.  

remember season 8 deancas 

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Hi! I'm very new to Tumblr, and the active, engaged part of the SPN fandom. (I have been a casual viewer for 3 years.) I was wondering, how widely accepted is the thought that Castiel is in love with Dean? Is it common knowledge or controversial? Thank you :)


Welcome to the fandom side of SPN! :) (And welcome to the Destiel fandom, if you ship it that is, I’m not sure from your ask, but I’m guessing you at least like the idea, haha. :p) 

You’re asking the hard questions though. But if we’re going to say ‘how widely accepted is it, is it common knowledge, or controversial’… I’d go -by now- with common knowledge. 

Destiel has attracted such a large group of shippers over the years, but even outside of these shippers, Destiel at this point is pretty much accepted as a thing that is just ‘there’. (Even if these writers never plan to act on it.)

There is a (fairly small) loud group of bro-only fans and Misha haters that is strongly opposed to it, but other than that, in the fandom, Dean and Castiel ‘being boyfriends’ is the never ending ‘joke’ everywhere. 

And I’m not just talking about fans here. Even if you take a look at the actual cast:

Misha Collins:


Talking about when Metatron said that Cas is in love with ‘humanity’.

Jared Padalecki:

Bringing it up to Misha on Twitter.


Bringing up Castiel as a love interest for Dean at a con.


Jensen Ackles: 

In the gagreel.


Former showrunner Jeremy Carver instructing Misha to play Cas as a ‘jilted lover’ towards Dean:


Set designer Jerry Wanek building a set where actual ships were sailing over Cas/Dean’s heads, then when a fan complimented him on twitter, he said he was glad that they caught that after the effort he put in. 


Actor Curtis Armstrong, recently, after he got written off of the show:


Actress Ruth Connel voting for Dean and Castiel for the TCA for best Chemistry because she actually saw it when working with Jensen/Misha for the first time:

(By the way we won that award for Destiel-best chemistry, even though it was the kind of voting system where you were only allowed one vote per account, per day, so that took a lot of people supporting Destiel.) 

Bonus: Jensen and Misha’s reaction to being nominated for that award for chemistry between Dean/Cas:


The official creation account for SPN merchandise tweeting stuff like this:


And then there are mainstream media sides such as MTV, who include Destiel in their polls usually only reserved for ‘canon couples’. 

(Another poll that we won, by the way.) Click!


The most popular platform for Supernatural fanfic at the moment, is AO3, where Destiel is the most written about ship:


Not to mention how various popular media sites have called Supernatural out on baiting Destiel, which they probably wouldn’t do if they thought it wasn’t there.


And all of this is just a tip of the iceberg, only the most blatant examples that I could think of right away when replying your ask. 

I have no idea when it comes to casual viewers though, because I live in the Netherlands, where they haven’t aired new SPN episodes in like 7 years. :p But yeah, looking at how the cast/crew handles it, and the amount of shippers out there, I’d say that in the fandom, it’s by no means controversial or a taboo.