destiel or cockles

a destiel fic wrapped inside of a cockles fic...

Word Count: 3,568

Jensen slid into his usual booth at Honey’s Doughnuts.  He would call it his usual booth but he really only got up here about once a month.  His hectic schedule did not allow much time for coffee house ponderings and when he did have free time he was likely travelling to Austin to be with his family.  But on occasion he would have a free afternoon when he wasn’t filming and wasn’t due to be anywhere else, he would sneak up here.  It was about a 45 minute drive into the less populated side of town.  The drive gave him time to clear his head and sing along to overplayed pop songs he knew too well.   He was pretty sure the owner knew who he was by now but thankfully she never treated him differently.  She never even asked for an autograph.  The Doughnut shop was quiet during the week.  It had it’s morning rushes but most of its business came in on the weekend.  It was close enough to Baden Powell Trail Head that all the bicycle “tourists”, hikers and nature lovers would stop here for various refreshments.  It offered a Vegetarian menu and even had some gluten free options so it had an appeal with the kind of people that hiked trail heads. 

He liked it because you could get a decent cappuccino as well as a Corned beef sandwich and from his favorite booth, he had a view of the cove and and where the park spilled into the square.  He’d brought Danneeel here the last time they came to visit (he’d sworn her to secrecy) and once he’d even seen Misha out here.  Misha was actually one of the health nut, bicycle tourists that maybe once or twice mentioned that he stopped here to rest after his outdoor exertions.  Misha didn’t spot him right away partly because the cafe was packed and partly because Jensen had ducked down behind the tall banisters that divided the booths.  

Seeing Misha affected him.  His heart was pounding in his chest.  Part of him wanted Misha to find him, to spend the rest of the afternoon sipping coffee and green tea with him in his favourite booth, getting lost in conversation.  He let his imagination run wild with the idea. He smiled at the thought of Misha laughing at something he said.  But there was another part of Jensen that wanted Misha to stay on his side of the small cafe.  Because if Misha didn’t see Jensen and they didn’t speak, than it would not shatter Jensen’s fantasy with reality.  The reality that whenever he so much as parted his lips to speak to Misha it was awkward and painful and in the fluster of it all Jensen seemed to always say something to offend Misha or hurt his feelings.  Jensen did not do it on purpose, but when he gets nervous he sticks his foot in his mouth and when he’s embarrassed he gets defensive.  It was a vicious cycle.

Jensen made a terrible habit of falling in love with his co-stars.  It had happened on Days, and with Danneel on Ten Inch Hero.  Even Jared season one, Jensen was a goner from the beginning.  And Jared had been good about it.  The two of them were truly kindred beings and even though their friendship had taken different forms over the years, Jensen was comforted in the fact that it was always going to be there.  Even if the direction may change, he knew their relationship was something that he could always rely on.

Jensen did not know what to do about Misha. The dude was weird.  Jensen had never come on to a guy who had been so receptive. Most guys who give the appearance of being straight - i.e. wife - typically scoff at his public advances and innuendo until Jensen disarms them with his charm.  But not Misha.  Misha was mush in his hand from the beginning.   And at anytime if Misha did have his wits about him, he used them to flirt back with Jensen and he was merciless.  The crew was starting to pick up on it and their chemistry was so palpable that the fans were already frenzied about it.  Jensen wondered how long they were going to flirt and if this would ever turn into anything more.  He shamelessly eavesdropped on Misha and his fellow bicyclist.  That was actually the day that Jensen wrote his first fanfiction.  

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True Pain
  • Fanfic: Last updated 1/16/2009
  • Me: But maybe it will update tomorrow though

My Jensen-Misha photo from jibcon8 this morning. I posted this already from the @fandomnatural account I was livetweeting from but thought I would stick it here too. As soon as I can scan a high res version I will do that too.

Background: All I said was, mostly speaking to Jensen, “Given the events of the finale, could you [JA] just give this guy [MC] a hug?” I added to clarify “Like you just got your best friend back.” I didn’t say anything about expressions or how to stand. I actually had been picturing more just a big ol’ happy smooshy hug w both of them smiling, but what they actually did blew me away. What was interesting was seeing them both silently settle on the pose & expression in almost slow motion, like they were both thinking about it. Jensen kept adjusting his face & head angle. That tragic sad frown appeared kinda like he clicked it on, and he then literally adjusted it twice, like “This frown? This one? No, this one,” and his head also started dropping down, and meanwhile Misha was like slowly tilting his head against Jensen’s (which I also had not asked for) and arranging his face into that incredibly touching mournful/resigned look. Misha kept looking at the camera but in Jensen’s final adjustment he dropped his eyes. (Good lord these guys are pros.)

So every nuance of expression & pose is from Jensen & Misha. I think this is Jensen’s real take on how Dean would look if he got to grab onto Cas again. (and I ended up with this weird certainty in my gut that Jensen had just given me a preview of S13)

So I let Misha to signed this first, He asked me ‘is it Cas in a wedding dress?’ I said yes (/ω\). Then he signed it and drew the mustache on Jensen’s face.

I told Jensen what Misha did, and he wrote something, (its too small I couldn’t see it (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`), and said no, I can’t write like that, then he crossed it and change it to an arrow, and he wrote ‘I knew it ’( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

After that I went to let Misha see It again, he took the photo and stare at it for a long time, then he said ‘damn it!’ Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)

*this is the first time I post this photo, before this, I don’t know who stolen my photo, please don’t do it again!