destiel is my unicorn

How to Get a Boyfriend in Ten Easy Steps:  An Illustrated Guide, by Castiel.

1.  Once you’ve identified the object of your desire, begin with a grandiose show of affection.  This may involve buying him roses, asking him out to dinner, or raising him from the depths of eternal damnation. 

2.  After this is done, you are ready to begin introductions.  

Note:  be careful not to come on too strong!  This will only serve to frighten him, and may leave permanent hearing damage. 

3.  Don’t be discouraged if your first meeting doesn’t go quite as planned.

4.  Just give him some time to recuperate, and then casually try again.

Note:  though it may seem unnecessary, you will be much better received if you ask before entering his home.

5.  Some humans have greater difficulty coming to terms with their sexual preferences than others.  Nevertheless, if your feelings are reciprocated, he will most likely find a subtle, socially appropriate way to convey that to you. 

6.  Once your relationship has been comfortably established, personal space is no longer necessary. 

7.  Lover’s quarrel’s are rarely pleasant, but are unfortunately a constituant part of any relationship.  If, by chance, you are in the wrong – perhaps you forgot your anniversary, or accidentally unleashed an army of primordial flesh-eating monsters – it is best to find some way to apologize as soon as possible. 

8.  If cleverly named board games don’t do the trick, the best way to go about this is to prepare him the food of his preference. 

Note:  be careful to check all animals for parasites and console them adequately before their slaughter. 

9.  It’s best to establish positive relationships with future in-laws as soon as possible, even if they lie to you about having guinea pigs. 

10.  Having an emotionally-repressed significant other can be difficult.  However, if he truly loves you, there are various ways in which you both may express it.  These include:

Prolonged periods of staring and/or suggestive gestures.

Lingering, socially inappropriate glances over one’s body. 

And of course, protecting one another from the fell creatures that seek to brutally kill you.

Congratulations!  You now have a boyfriend.

This is just a quick bunch of sketches I’ve been doing… mostly copy pasted and stuff due to lazyness..

Normal cas
Angels wild cas- from the fanfiction, angels wild
OotD cas- from the fanfiction OotD/Out of the Deep
Leviathan cas
Crazy cas- according to dean he appeared naked, and covers in bees.
Meg’s unicorn cas- even though destiel is my top, I still kinda ship megstiel…she called cas her unicorn!

None of the cas’ belong to me… Each to their respective owners/designers


The’re beautiful, and very majestic creatures…

They usually claim one or even two people to be theirs ‘owners’ or beloved persons. They protect them at all costs.

They usually mark their 'territory’ in some way, as a way to warn others not to mess with them.

The will protect their caretakers with their lives. No matter the cost. It’s better NOT to mess with unicorns, or their owners..

Unicorns can be easily annoyed. If you do ANYTHING to bother them or their persons, they WILL find a way to get you back, by 'annoying’ you.

Oh and they also fart Rainbows, which they can use to their advantage if you annoy them in anyway.

…It’s best not to mess with them, or their persons… Even if they may taunt you…

m i s l e t o e

Imagine Sam and Dean working a case together with Cas because it involves some heaven-related stuff, and it’s around Christmas time. All three of them walk into a house to question a witness, and Sam is the last one to come in and when he does he clears his throat and gives Dean a look and slightly moves his head upwards, and Dean looks up and sees that he and Cas are standing under a sprig of misletoe

Dean mutters “yeah not gonna happen” and Cas seems unperturbed but Dean catches a really hurt look overtake his face for the briefest moment, and then he is back in his impassive angel mode again. Dean doesn’t say anything and they continue working the case as if nothing happened

It’s three days later and the day before Christmas eve when they are all back at the bunker, Dean goest straight into his room and shuts the door, and Cas makes some excuse and is about to flee, but then Dean calls out of his room telling Cas that he could really use a hand with something. Cas frowns and reluctantly follows Dean, and Sam goes after him because Dean’s acting all weird and he wants to make sure he doesn’t do something stupid

They walk in to find Dean fumbling with a ladder in the middle of his room and as soon as he sees Sam he blushes bright red but he is still determined to see it through so he asks Cas to hold the ladder because he needs to hang something. Cas is confused but goes to hold it. Sam notices something green and red that Dean is hiding in his palm and he is grinning, because well, fucking finally, and Dean throws him a murderous look, and Sam throws his hands up and backs out of the room, closing the door behind him

He walks into the kitchen still smiling and makes himself some hot chocolate (he really blames Gabriel for his newfound addiction because he’s been popping in on a regular basis for a while now, sometimes to help, but mostly to pull all sorts of childish pranks on Dean, distract Sam from his research by using one horrible pun-infused pickup line after the other, and apparently get him addicted to hot chocolate in between)

Sam walks to the library with his hot chocolate (which is nowhere nearly as good as Gabriel’s but it’s still hot chocolate) and sets the mug on the table, determined to find some good book to keep him company. He takes a couple of steps and hears someone clear their throat behind his back

He twirls in place and comes face to face with Gabriel, who is standing a couple of feet away from him with his hands in his pockets, rocking on his heels slightly. He doesn’t say anything, just looks pointedly at something above Sam’s head

Sam looks up and sees a sprig of misletoe suspended in mid-air right above his head. Gabriel takes a step towards Sam and looks up at him with his eyebrow raised expectantly

- Oh, come on, isn’t that cheating? - Sam says, but the corners of his lips quirk up a little.

- You know what they say, Sammy, all is fair in love and that other thing that’s not really relevant right now.

Gabriel’s smile is confident as usual, but there is sincerity in his eyes that Sam has never noticed before.

- Is that what it is then? - Sam asks softly, closing the distance between them, and his hand comes up to brush Gabriel’s hair out of his face without him acknowledging it.

Gabriel leans into the touch, closing his eyes, and Sam’s hand lingers there, fingers running along Gabriel’s jaw.

- Yeah, Samshine, - Gabriel says, eyes still closed, - that’s what it is.

He doesn’t move and doesn’t open his eyes, waiting for Sam’s reaction, and Sam can clearly see that he’s bracing himself for a rejection.

- Okay then, - Sam says.

Gabriel’s eyes snap open, wide with surprise, and Sam is still smiling as he leans in and kisses Gabriel, and the kiss is nothing like he imagined so many times before, because Gabriel is stunned and doesn’t kiss him back for almost half a minute, until Sam chuckles and asks him if he is going to get on with the program or he still needs some time to think it over, and then Gabriel crashes their mouths together, and the angle is awkward and their teeth bump, but, however ridiculous it all is, Sam wouldn’t have it any other way

Because the perfect imperfection that is their first kiss is what makes it all so real

s11 alternative finale

sooo okay I’ve been meaning to write it into a fic but seeing as I’ve got too many things to write and too little brainpower left plus a nasty cold imma just write it into a bunch of headcanons

I’ve seen this entire thing in a dream something like a week ago and it was one of the most vivid and detailed dreams ever and I HAVE TO SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW

  • it’s the end of the Hell’s Angel ep, where Sam and Dean return to the bunker and Dean’s like ‘well I guess the angel that got the boot cannot beat God’s sister’
  • and then Sam’s like ‘yeah I think you’re right also onto something? Maybe we just need another archangel’
  • Dean’s like ‘but Sammy all the other archangels are dead or in the cage’
  • Sam’s all uhhh ummm yes but but
  • cue our beloved trickster archangel
  • “Heya Sammy you called?”
  • and then there’s of course the usual Winchester mess of performing the checks to make sure that it really is Gabriel (although what other creature could have gotten past the warding in the bunker?) and it’s like “Nope, not dead. Yes, still me. Not a shapeshifter, Dean-o. Yep, fully charged so you better get that holy oil and shove it where the sun don’t shine or else! No I will not get your brother off that chandelier Sammy I warned him!”
  • but then of course it’s all more or less okay with disgruntled Dean back on the ground and the holy oil is back in the closet and everyone’s seated at the map table and ready to talk
  • “So you guys are screwed - nothing new here I’m afraid - but luckily I’ve got a plan”
  • and Gabriel proceeds to tell them that he still has a sort of sigil/spell to ‘put Amara back into her personal time-out corner’ but it has a setback: it sucks in any supernatural creature that is unfortunate enough to hang around when the sigil is activated. The four archangels had been able to do that the first time round because they were in their true vessels - the only way they could avoid the ‘being sucked in’ bit - and their vessels’ souls were in place as well so that they had something to hold on to
  • “And what we have here is two archangel vessels at our disposal and three angels. It’s obvious we’re gonna have to dich one. I vote Luci”
  • at first Dean is all against the plan because ‘no way in hell am I going to allow anyone else possess Sam - he’s had been violated enough don’t you think?’ Gabriel flinches at that and Sam’s like ‘I can speak for myself thank you very much Dean’ but Gabriel is all quiet and serious all of a sudden and he says “No, Sam, your brother is right and I wasn’t thinking. I’m sure we’ll find a way to work around it” and then he snaps away to give them some time to think
  • Sam and Dean totaly have a shouting match bc overprotective Dean vs Sam who’s been harbouring a crush on Gabriel since way back when? yeah that
  • Dean agrees to Gabriel’s crazy plan in the end, of course. So they call Gabriel and work out the details of the plan (Dean totally offers Gabriel to possess him instead of Sam - Gabriel is about to reply when Sam says “Dude, hell no, Cas is your angel, you deal with him, Gabe and I will be just fine thanks" - Gabriel wiggles his eyebrows at that and Sam’s like ‘don’t push it’ but there’s a hint of a smile on his face so yeah maybe it is the most brilliant scheme of Gabriel’s if he does say so himself)

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