destiel high school

Dean and Cas meeting in high school, when Dean is shoved hard in a fight and Cas, walking past, grips his arm to steady him. “Urgh, don’t touch him, you’ll catch what he’s got!” yells the guy who doing the pushing. “You’ll start kissing boys too!”

Cas keeping his hold on that arm as he calmly draws back his fist, and punches the guy in the face. Left-handed, the nose doesn’t break, but it bleeds. The guy takes a look at the pair of their murderous faces, and leaves.

Cas keeping his hold on that arm as he pulls Dean into the bathrooms and cleans him up, slopping water messily over his neck and face. Dean, one eye swelling up beautifully, makes faces at Cas in the cracked bathroom mirror.

Cas keeping his hold on that arm as, day after day, month after month, they have each other’s backs. A fight every other week or so, some light shoving in the halls most days. “Shouldn’t have kissed that boy,” Dean says. “It started this mess.” Cas shakes his head. “There’s nothing wrong with kissing boys,” he says. 

Cas keeping his hold on that arm as Dean kisses himself another boy. He’s pretty sure he grips tight enough to leave a handprint. Dean doesn’t seem to mind, though. “Is there anything wrong with just kissing one boy?” he says, softly, lips still brushing against Cas’. “Like, forever?”

Cas keeping his hold on that arm as they walk out of school on graduation day, triumphant. When he moves into his room in college, Dean’s there to help him shift his stuff. And at the end of the year, Dean’s there again to move it all back out. “You guys are so cute,” says his roommate. “What’s your secret?” 

Dean looks over at Cas and raises his eyebrows.

Cas shrugs. “Hold tight,” he says. “And don’t let go.”

“No,” Cas says stubbornly and muffled, looking down at the ground. Dean scoffs next to him.



Dean raises an eyebrow at Cas who shoots him a little smirk.

“Dean, I’m fine. It’s fine,” Cas insists.

“Cas, babe, it’s snowing,” Dean says, gesturing around him as though Cas can’t see. Cas rolls his eyes.

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Cas protests.

“You’re shivering, c’mon, you’re freezing,” Dean reasons. Cas looks over at him and Dean tries to keep a straight face. “You’re gonna freeze to death and I’m gonna have to take care of a court case because of it. I’ll be on trial charges, Cas, it’s gonna be a nightmare,” Dean jokes, failing to keep a straight face. Cas rolls his eyes but he has a little smile on his face.

“If I let you will you shut up?” Cas inquires.

“Most definitely,” Dean says with a nod. Cas looks over at him and Dean raises an eyebrow. Cas sighs and takes off his backpack. Dean smiles, pulling off his letterman.

“Now, you’re gonna freeze,” Cas points out, setting his bag down on the cold sidewalk for a moment.

“I am not going to freeze because seeing you warm will warm me,” Dean tells Cas as he sets his letterman that’s just a bit big on Cas over Cas’ shoulders. Cas sighs in contentment at the warmth, shifting it on his shoulders.

“You’re so cheesy,” Cas mumbles, going to pick up his backpack. Dean’s hand gets in the way, however.

“Nuh uh, I’m carrying that for you.”

Cas looks over at Dean who smiles.

“It’s what any decent and loving boyfriend would do,” Dean explains. Dean can’t tell if Cas is red from the cold or if he’s blushing but he suspects it’s a bit of both. Cas can’t help the fondness that creeps up inside of him as he looks away from Dean, trying to hide a smile.

“Yeah, okay,” he says, letting Dean pick up his backpack. Cas grasps the edges of Dean’s letterman, pulling it a little tighter around him as he looks back over at Dean. Dean smiles and leans over to kiss Cas’ cheek. Dean’s nose is cold and it makes Cas shiver but Cas really doesn’t mind. Dean pulls away but Cas stops him. “Hey,” he says, quirking a little grin over at Dean whose cheeks are also pink from the cold or Cas, either one. “I’m not done with you,” Cas teases, and Dean smiles a little wider as Cas leans in to give Dean a kiss, a real kiss on the lips that lasts for many seconds and makes both of them feel very very warm despite the falling snow.

Cas pulls away and rests his head on Dean’s shoulder.

“I love you,” he says softly. Dean smiles widely.

“I love you too, Cas.”

prompt: “I just want a hug.”
pairing: dean/cas
tags: high school au, bullied!dean, artist!cas, hurt/comfort, 
for @winvhesters

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Special thanks to @amazingstuartwhoisnotonfire who gave me wonderful ideas and inspiration when my brain had died. Love you, Moose

He finds Dean outside, under a tree. His legs are pulled up and he’s hugging them, head resting on his knees. Cas can’t tell if he’s crying or not- he would have been, after what had happened. But he’d never seen Dean cry, except for that one time at his mom’s funeral.

Castiel quietly sits down next to his friend. Dean looks up at the sound and the feeling of Castiel’s leg against his, and he definitely cried. His eyes are red and there’s still tears on his face.

“I’m not- I didn’t- I didn’t cry.” He huffs angrily and sniffs.

“I know.”

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Imagine Your OTP...
  • <p> <b>Person A:</b> This is a big ass teddy bear...<p/><b>Person B:</b> If you say yes next year's will be bigger...<p/><b>Person A:</b> You're serious?<p/><b>Person B:</b> You're the most beautiful little shit.<p/><b>Person C:</b> Jesus Christ...<p/><b>Person A:</b> What if I say no?<p/><b>Person B:</b> I'll fall into a ditch.<p/><b>Person A:</b> If we date I'll push you in a ditch.<p/><b>Person B:</b> As long as it's you I'll allow it.<p/><b>Person A:</b> Why do you want to date me?<p/><b>Person B:</b> I have a list of reasons I need you in my life, the main being both your inner and outer beauty always captives me.<p/><b>Person A:</b> I don't know if I should be flattered or intimated by the big words...<p/><b>Person B:</b> You also know all the words to High School Musical so we can go as Troy and Gabriella for Halloween.<p/><b>Person A:</b> Buy me Burger King and we binge watch Bob's Burgers tonight.<p/><b>Person B:</b> YES!<p/><b>Person C:</b> *coughs*<p/><b>Person B:</b> I mean yeah, cool, totally.<p/></p>

Pairing: Destiel
Tags: High School AU, smut, friends to lovers
Prompt: 52.“Oh, gosh, you’ve insulted me! What ever shall I do? I’ll be mentally and emotionally scared for years!”
Note: This was a prompt from a long time ago that I owe to @pretentiosity​ and @mishackl​…..hope you like it an sorry it took forever!! <3

art credit

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I don’t want high school student aus I want high school teacher aus

please give me awkward teachers in love with each other and their students who work so so hard to shove them together please

Science AUs
  • I accidentally spilled hydrochloric acid on you so you really need to use the emergency shower and omg, if i knew you looked that good shirtless and wet i would have spilled it on you much earlier in the semester
  • You caught me looking at your answers in the lab but you really need to let me keep copying you, please, I have no idea what i’m even looking at under the microscope
  • No one should look as good as you do in safety goggles
  • could you please stop saying “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”???? it’s fucking physics
  • you keep messing up this titration and if i see this solution go bright bloody purple one more time i will beat you with the measuring cylinder 
  • i’m sorry i keep messing up the titration
  • i fainted during the dissection and you’re the one who caught me
My Brother Can Beat Up Yours!

(Wordcount: 1.6K; HS AU. On ao3)

“Punch him!”

“This is really stupid,” Dean muttered, staring dubiously at the guy standing opposite him. “Man, I gotta apologize. I have no idea what’s got into him. He’s normally a good kid.“

“Likewise,” the other guy grumbled. “Anna is usually a sweetheart. I’ve never seen her raise a hand in anger.”

“Kill him, Cas!”

“Well, technically, she’s not raising a hand now,” Dean said with a roll of his eyes. “She just wants you to raise yours.“

When he’d come to the playground to pick Sam up after school this afternoon, as he’d done since getting his driver’s license earlier that year, the last thing Dean had expected was to be stepping into the middle of a showdown between his brother, Sam, and a pint-sized girl with a face nearly as red as her ponytail. Whatever argument they’d been having had apparently escalated beyond the point of no return, and although Sam had definitely been raised well enough to know that you don’t throw punches at classmates - particularly not tiny, female classmates - he’d obviously not outgrown the "my brother can beat up your brother” stage of development.

Dean was now facing down his “enemy,” a fellow teenager he’d never seen before, to the screams of a small horde of bloodthirsty ten-year-olds. He shrugged in embarrassment.

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Au prompts (based on field trips ive taken)

we’re on a bus and it’s been three hours since you started talking to me about your passion AU

we were originally paired with other people as hotel roommates but they wanted to share a room… so we’re a pair now AU

+ bonus if it’s only one bed ;)

another classmate sat down next to you on the bus and now im jealous AU

someone wasn’t able to come and the teacher decided to give their role in a competition to you, now you’re freaking out but ‘it’s okay im here for you, you’re gonna do great’ AU

you lost your money for food, ‘hey, don’t worry about it, i can pay’ AU

your guardian/parent wasn’t able to pick you up, ‘do you need a ride?’ AU

+ bonus if it’s fall/winter time and they were standing in rain or snow

the long bus ride is making me antsy, luckily you’re able to calm me down and rid me of my energy AU

we ended up losing our group somehow 'uh oh’ AU

+ bonus if it was on purpose

'you’ve never had _(type of food)_?’ 'no…’ 'you HEATHEN’ AU

i lost the key to my hotel room and i cant get a hold of my roommate, you decide to wait with me in the hallway AU

we’re watching netflix on the bus ride when i feel your hand touch mine AU

'wow this hotel has a pool’ 'yeah’ 'you wanna…?’ 'yeah!’ AU

i keep catching your eye, not on purpose, well… actually, yeah, on purpose, you’re really hot AU

you’re cute, i like you, and you gave me a slip with your name and number on it but you’re from a different place, 'im only in this if you want it to work’ AU

im in introvert who has just talked to a hundred different people for four hours straight, now im tired, like, really tired. you notice and let me use your shoulder (or lap, jacket, whichever) as a pillow AU

'i don’t like you, you don’t like me, but we’re partners in this so let’s give it our all bc i want a fckn trophy’ AU (enemies to lovers maybe)

* as always, you don’t have to ask to use but i would absolutely positively like a link to your fic if you do use one! :)

Teenagers Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak  being so completely in love with each other. And walking down the hall holding hands, or even just linking pinkies. Cas always wearing Dean’s over sized letter man jacket, and kissing him before and after games. Always cute and chaste before, but then a running leap into Dean’s arms after, wrapping his legs around his sweaty boyfriend’s waist and kissing the daylights out of him for all of the stands and the team to see.

And Dean will always get called out in class for staring at Cas and not paying attention. But eventually Dean stops being embarrassed and just plainly states that he can’t help it- his boyfriend is too beautiful. Making Castiel blush, but then Dean just kisses him right there in class (not too much of course) and the teacher wants to be mad but she can’t because they are both so adorable.

Cas and Dean being all curled up together on the couch. Castiel falling asleep on Dean. Eventually Dean falling asleep too. When Mary and John find them they just smile and throw a blanket over their son(s).

Both of them having a picture of each other as their lock screen. Dean’s of Cas focusing intently on a drawing, his face is a little scrunched up, and his glasses are falling down his nose a bit. Castiel’s of Dean driving Baby while singing Taylor Swift very very enthusiastically. They both will stare at their screens when they miss each other.

Just Dean and Cas in high school being the cute in love dorks that they are.

Destiel Convo~Some Homophobia~Fluff

DW Impala has logged on–-
Cas? You there?

CN Bumblebee has logged on-–
Of course. What’s wrong?

DW Impala–-
I told my parents. I told them that we’re dating.

CN Bumblebee–-
… What did they say?

DW Impala–-
Dad said he couldn’t believe his son was a “goddamn fag” and then he slapped me. Mom yelled at him. Long story short, he kicked me out. My own fucking dad.

DW Impala–-
I’m scared Cas. I don’t have anywhere to go.

DW Impala-–
Cas? You there?

CN Bumblebee–-
I’m here. My mother said you could stay with us. We already have an extra bed set up in my room. Sam said he’ll come and visit tomorrow. Besides, we wouldn’t feel comfortable with you going back there alone.

DW Impala-–
You’re serious? Jesus Cas. Your family are fucking angels.

CN Bumblebee–-
Only for you.

DW Impala–-
You know we’re gonna get married someday right? Even if my shitty dad disagrees, we’re gonna be husbands.

CN Bumblebee-–
Husbands huh? Can we make a garden? Can we get a dog?!

DW Impala-–
Only for you Angel. As long as we name it Zeppelin.

CN Bumblebee–-

CN Bumblebee–-
Promise me something?

DW Impala–-

CN Bumblebee-–
Promise you’ll stay?

DW Impala-–
Always. No matter what.

CN Bumblebee-–
I love you, Dean.

DW Impala–-
I love you too, Cas.

Keep Me Warm

Written for the prompt: “Maybe Jack Frost isn’t nipping at your nose, but I can do that instead” ;)

Castiel convinces Dean to go for a walk in the woods after school. (350)


Castiel Novak laughed as a pile of snow fell off a nearby tree branch and landed directly on his boyfriend’s head. Cas had convinced him to go on a walk in the woods behind their houses after school, but knew Dean was already regretting saying yes.

“Shit!” Dean swore, shaking his head like a wet puppy. He glared at Cas, who let out another loud giggle. “Shut it,” he said.

“I’m sorry, Dean,” Cas said, another laugh burbling out as another chunk of snow fell down, this time hitting Dean’s face. “You–” he giggled “–you should probably move.”

“Yeah, no, I got that, thanks,” Dean muttered, taking a step to the side of the path they were on. They both glanced up just in time to see a chickadee take off from the branch above Dean and flutter away. “Little asshole,” Dean grumbled.

“It’s just a bird, Dean,” Cas admonished, finally taking pity on his boyfriend and reaching up to brush the half-melted snow out of his hair and off of his face. “Besides,” he continued, “if you had dressed properly for the weather…”

“Ah, don’t give me that,” Dean replied, brushing off Cas’ hand but keeping it in his own. “I don’t need all that stuff. A pair of gloves and a jacket, that’s all I need.”

Cas rolled his eyes. “If you say so. But I gotta say, I’m feeling pretty warm over here with my hat and scarf. Jack Frost won’t be nipping at my nose,” he joked.

Dean smirked and grabbed Cas’ other hand. “Well, maybe Jack Frost isn’t nipping at your nose, but I can do that instead,” he said, leaning in to nudge Cas’ scarf out of the way and giving him a quick peck on the nose.

“Really, Dean?” Cas said. “And you think I’m the dorky one.”

Dean shrugged and moved lower to nip at Cas’ lower lip as well, tugging at it gently with his teeth. “You are,” he said, finally initiating a real kiss. His lips were cold and a little dry, but Castiel quickly reciprocated, every brush of lips warming him slightly more until Dean finally pulled back enough to chuckle.

“Why bring a hat and scarf when I’ve got you to keep me warm?”

Anonymous asked: (jock!dean & nerd!cas) Cas sending Dean one of those school anon flower valentines day things with a little personalized note (cough cough mean girls) but thinking he’s not going to notice his specially. Little does he know Dean sent one to him as well.

Castiel was staring at the bulletin board, his mouth dry and his heart hammering against his rib cage as he read the new announcement.

Valentine’s Day 2016 at Lawrence High

Anonymously send a rose with personal note to the one you desire, our cupid will deliver the message on Friday February 12th.’

There was more information about how and where to leave your message, but Castiel knew that he had to talk himself out of this horrible idea before he gave in. Because he was this close to actually doing it. This close to acting on his feelings, to throw caution to the wind. This close to finally doing something about his crush on the most popular guy in school.

“Hey, Cas!” A cheerful voice called his name from not too far away, and suddenly an arm was casually draped around his shoulder. “I can already tell what you’re thinking, and I think that you should go for it.”

Charlie Bradbury, Castiel’s best friend, was wiggling her eyebrows at him, nodding at the school’s special Valentine’s offer.

Castiel sighed, shaking his head. “It’s pointless, we both know that.”

“Oh come on, you won’t know for sure if you don’t try!” Charlie countered immediately, one of her hands ruffling Castiel’s hair. “And honestly, if I have to watch you pine after Dean Winchester for another year, I will end up needing therapy.”

“It is not funny.” Castiel grumbled, giving his friend a sideways glare.

“You’re right, it’s not.” Charlie agreed. “Therapy costs a fortune.

“Charlie!” Castiel warned, lightly smacking his friend’s arm as he continued to glower at her.

Charlie surrendered, holding up her hands, calling a truce.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry! I’m just saying, as a friend, that this is your chance, Cas. And it’s anonymous, so what do you have to lose, really?”

Castiel sighed, staring at the bulletin board again as he pondered that question.

“My sanity?” He offered after some time had passed.

Charlie shrugged. “Even better. If it doesn’t work out you can join me in therapy, maybe we’ll get a group discount.”

When Castiel reached out to reprimand her with another gentle slap to the arm, she moved out of the way before he could strike.

“Look, all I’m saying is, think about it. And before you start the whole he’s-popular-and-I’m-not argument again… It shouldn’t matter, as far as I know, Dean’s nice to everyone.” Charlie said, more serious now. “I gotta get to class, but I’ll see you at lunch, alright?”

Castiel muttered a goodbye in return when Charlie turned around and took off, feeling anxious as he considered the idea once more. The wise thing would be to forget about it altogether…


One week later, Castiel was deeply regretting the decision he’d made.

February 12th. He froze in his seat the second the door to the classroom opened in the middle of Math class. In walked Garth Fitzgerald, the janitor. Some students said that Garth wasn’t right in the noodle. When looking at him now, dressed in nothing but a giant white diaper with a pair of fake wings and a bow and arrow to match, Castiel suspected that they were right.

“I come bearing gifts.” Garth declared in a dramatic tone, holding up his right hand, the one that held at least fifteen red roses.

To make matters worse, of course it had to happen during the only class that Castiel shared with Dean. This was a scene taken directly from one of Castiel’s worst nightmares.

Garth was handing out roses here and there, and Castiel bit his lip, sinking lower in his chair, mortified. Jo Harvelle got one, and so did Victor Henriksen. Meg Masters got two, and Meg’s friend Ruby had scored three.

“Dean Winchester, six for you, the school record.” Garth whistled as he dumped the roses on Dean’s desk with an elegant hand gesture.

Dean frowned, green eyes narrowing. He looked sincerely surprised.

Castiel breathed out for the first time in what felt like ages, feeling a little defeated. Dean got six, of course. It wasn’t the first time that Castiel was reminded of just how doomed his infatuation with the guy truly was. He made up his mind there and then; he was never going to confess that one of those roses was his doing. Dean would never know that one of the messages came from Castiel, and everything would go back to normal.

“Castiel Novak, one for you.”

Castiel flinched when Garth’s voice was practically singing his name. Next thing he knew, a rose was placed on his desk. Almost all of Castiel’s classmates were staring at him, shock painted on their faces. Dean wasn’t one of them though, he was stiffly staring down at the roses on his own desk.

Garth had already moved on to another victim, and Castiel blinked at his rose, dumbstruck. There had to be some kind of misunderstanding. No one ever even paid attention to shy Castiel Novak with the dorky glasses.

Curious nonetheless, Castiel discreetly checked the card.

‘You’re awesome, don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. PS: I think I could drown in your eyes, and I wouldn’t even mind if did.’

Castiel tried to hide a laugh. This had ‘Charlie’ written all over it. This was a typical case of Castiel’s best friend trying to make him feel better. He could appreciate the joke, and he was kind of thankful that she’d taken the time to make him feel like less of an outcast.

He decided to go find her as soon as class ended, so that he could thank her.


Charlie was at the library, using one of the school computers. Castiel grinned as he hugged her from behind, surprising her.

“Whoa, Cas. What was that for? You never hug unless it’s a matter of life or death.” Charlie accused as she turned her head, dragging her eyes away from the screen. “The last time you hugged me was back in kindergarten when my cat died.”

Castiel rolled his eyes. So perhaps she was right, but that was not the point.

“Very funny… I just wanted to thank you for getting me a rose, that was nice of you. The part about drowning in my eyes was impressive, especially considering that you’re not even into males.”

Charlie’s hands slid away from the keyboard, and she turned in her chair to stare up at Castiel, appearing to be completely clueless.

“Rose?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. “That sure as hell wasn’t me… I sent you a friendship card, it should be waiting for you in the mail when you get home.”

There was no doubt that Charlie was speaking the truth; Castiel knew his friend well enough to detect when she was lying.

Castiel’s blood turned to ice. Someone had pranked him. Great. Predictable, but embarrassing all the same. Without thinking, Castiel rushed out of the library. He heard Charlie call after him, but he didn’t stop, aiming for some fresh air and some alone time instead…


It was chilly outside, even though the sun was struggling to break through the clouds. Castiel shivered as he took in the empty school yard. It wasn’t time for lunch break yet, which meant that he was alone. Perfect.

He made his way over to a group of trees, sitting down on a wooden bench that was still slightly damp. Putting down his bag, he took a deep breath. Now that he could think clearly, he realized that he was overreacting. It had simply been a prank, and whoever had pulled it, at least the message hadn’t included any mean or harmful words…


Castiel nearly fell off the bench at the sound of that voice, deep and warm, calling his name so casually.

“Hello…” Castiel mumbled as he looked up into troubled green eyes. “Dean.” He added in an even smaller voice when he realized that this was probably bad news.

Like this, Dean was towering over him, and Castiel felt the need to get up to his feet as well, so that they at least were on the same level. When he did just that, Dean was even closer, and Castiel took a tiny step back.

Did Dean know? Had someone found out about Castiel sending him that rose? Castiel felt sick to his stomach at the mere thought.

“Can I talk to you, Cas?”

For reasons unknown, Dean sounded nothing like the confident guy that Castiel knew, and it was a bit unsettling.

“I… Yes, I guess.” Castiel permitted helplessly, trapped by both those eyes and the intense look on that handsome face.

Dean nodded, but stayed silent for a brief amount of time, as if collecting his thoughts. Castiel shamelessly used that pause to count the freckles on Dean’s nose, until he caught himself in the act and swiftly averted his eyes.

“Look, I think this whole anonymous thing with the roses is one big load of crap.” Dean suddenly stated out of the blue, breaking the silence and making Castiel look up at him again. “I mean, why send someone a message if you’re not even gonna tell them it’s you, right? Besides, it’s weird and awkward…”

Oh no… Dean knew. It felt like Dean’s gaze was boring right into Castiel’s very soul, digging up all of the secrets that he’d tried to keep hidden for so long.

Castiel contemplated running away and hiding in a cave forever, or moving to the other side of the country. Anything, something to get away from Dean Winchester, as well as impending humiliation. But Castiel was not a coward, never had been. He stood a little straighter, squaring his shoulders, a confession on his lips, just waiting to spill out.

“I’m sorry, Dean…” He apologized, loud and clear. “Sending you that rose was stupid, I know it was irrational, and I should’ve known that it would make you uncomfortable. I wasn’t thinking…”

The dumbfounded expression on Dean’s face that followed after, was not what Castiel had anticipated. This entire conversation was getting more confusing by the minute.

You? No Cas, I was talking about me!” Dean blurted out, face turning pink. “I sent you a rose… I think you’re cute, and smart, and your eyes are just… they’re gorgeous, okay? That’s what I’m trying to tell you, because otherwise what even would the point be, huh?”

Dean was grinning sheepishly, one hand rubbing the back of his neck as he waited for Castiel to say something.

Castiel couldn’t believe what he was hearing, shocked that Dean even knew he existed, let alone that he’d taken an interest in Castiel.

“So did you… Was I the only one who got a rose from you?” Castiel eventually questioned, not knowing what else to say.

Dean put his hand over his heart in mock offense. “Of course! I think one Valentine’s date at a time is enough, don’t you.” He winked at Castiel, and Castiel was officially lost.

“Y-You want to ask me on a date, Dean?”

“Yeah, I do…” Dean replied with a grin. “But first, I wanna know which one of those six messages was yours.”

Again, Castiel was reminded of his competition, but he suddenly felt less nervous. This was Dean, captain of the football team, the popular kid, yet he seemed genuinely vulnerable when talking to Castiel. It made Castiel confident enough to tease him a little.

“How about you guess which one it was?” Castiel said, tilting his head as he challenged Dean.

Dean weighed his options, squinting at Castiel. “Okay… Do I get a bonus if I guess it right away?”

Castiel laughed at Dean’s obvious enthusiasm. “You’ll see.”

Again, Dean was staring at him, as if trying to lift the answer straight from Castiel’s mind. Castiel gladly took yet another opportunity to map Dean’s freckles.

“Ha!” Dean shouted triumphantly, almost making Castiel jump. “It was the message that compared my freckles to the constellations, wasn’t it!”


Lucky for Dean, Castiel wasn’t a sore loser. Dean had earned that bonus, fair and square. In a moment of extreme bravery, Castiel stood on his tiptoes and lightly kissed Dean on the lips. When Dean pulled him closer and started kissing him back, Castiel could tell that this was going to be the best Valentine’s day ever.

Anonymous said: “children of parents who are business rivals and they sneak off to make out” au

Castiel sighed against Dean’s mouth when pulled away and laid his head against the wall. Dean took advantage of the situation to press hot, wet kisses against his throat.

They had been doing this for months now, sneaking off during their parents parties to stick their tongues down each others throats. They had made out in closets and other unlocked rooms in every house and hotel a party had been thrown in.

Their parents were business rivals that always tried to one up each other. Dean and Castiel used to bicker because of that, too. Then one night an argument turned into Dean shoving against a wall and kissing him, hard and fast. They had been sneaking off to do this ever since.

It wasn’t Cas’s ideal relationship, but it worked.

Dean slotted their mouths back together and pressed him harder against the door. Cas could faintly taste the champagne he lifted from a passing waitress on his tongue. Cas moaned quietly.

“Shut up,” Dean hissed. “They’ll hear us.”

There was a voice in the hall then that sounded mysteriously like Castiel’s brother, Michael. When it faded, Cas grabbed Dean’s hand.

“Come with me,” He whispered, tugging Dean along. He peeked around the closet door and didn’t see anyone, so he walked out. He quickly pulled Dean down the hall and up the stairs.

He pushed him into a bedroom and closed the door them, locking it, just in case. The last thing they needed was a lost guest or one of his brothers to find them.

“Where are we now?” Dean asked, pulling his tie off.

“My bedroom,” Cas answered, shoving Dean’s jacket off of his shoulders and pulling him to his bed.

They fell onto the mattress with their legs tangled together. They kissed again, their teeth clashing with the force of it. Cas put a hand in Dean’s hair, tugging lightly jut the way Dean liked it.

Dean pulled back for a to catch his breath, and looked down at Castiel. A strange look settled on his face after a moment.

“What is it?” Cas asked.

Dean leaned down and gave him a soft, slow kiss. It wasn’t like the others that they had shared. It wasn’t getting back at their parents or an escape from boredom. This kiss felt like it meant more.

“Dean?” Cas breathed when he pulled back. Dean ran his thumb over Cas’s cheek bone and smiled a little.

“I like you,” He said. Cas let out a relieved breath.

“I like you, too.”

“No, Cas, I really like you. I want this to be more than sneaking off when our parents aren’t looking. I want to be with you.”

“Really?” Cas didn’t want to get his hopes up. He knew Dean’s reputation. He hooked up with people, he got bored, and he left. That’s why Cas had made peace with the idea of being Dean’s fling at parties and never asked for more.

“Yes.” Dean said, earnestly, his green eyes shining. “Cas, I want this. I want you, no matter what anyone else says.”

“Me, too.”

Dean kissed him again, a sweet, short kiss, then stood and held out his hand.

“Come on,” He said, a mischievous smile crawling onto his face. “Let’s go give them something to talk about.”

Cas took his hand and let him pull up. He couldn’t wait to see the looks on their parents’ faces.

After they righted their clothes (Dean had to fix Cas’s tie because he was hopeless at it) they returned the party, hand in hand.

Dean pulled Cas to the dance floor and began to spin them around like the other couples.

“Everyone is staring,” Cas said, feeling his cheeks heating up. Dean smiled.

“Let them,” He answered. He leaned down and kissed him, not caring if people were watching. Cas smiled against his lips when the people around them gasped.

Both of their parents were staring at them from across the room, their mothers shocked and their fathers angry. Castiel knew that neither of them was going to bed tonight without a severe tongue lashing. But he didn’t care.

He had Dean. He had Dean’s arms around him and Dean’s lips on his. It was going to be an uphill battle, but they would fight it together.

Dean spun him further into the crowd, out of sight of their parents. He sang into Cas’s ear, it was off key, but Cas didn’t mind. He just tightened his arms around Dean’s neck and held on for the ride.

There are a lot of high school aus that have Cas as a weak nerd who gets saved from bullies by Dean and I love it but like… Cas is the all-powerful one… I want a high school au where Cas is like a black belt or something but nobody knows that because his trenchcoat makes him look smaller/weaker and Dean is the one who needs saving