destiel headcanon

listen to me i know dean and cas are already disgustingly in love but do you ever think of all the implied canon scenes we didn’t get to see

hear me out

  • dean explaining personal space to cas
  • dean taking a pic of cas to put on his fake badge
  • all their phone calls when it’s probably late at night but cas doesn’t realise dean is probably asleep and dean still picks up with his voice all sleepy and cute
  • cas showing up naked and covered in bees while dean drives
  • the ride home after they get the impala back in season 7 and dean has told cas he’d rather have him
  • dean praying to cas in purgatory (every night)
  • dean bringing cas all bruised into the bunker after he finds him in 8x21
  • “where to cas?” SUDDENLY IT’S MORNING GUESS WHERE WE’VE BEEN ALL NIGHT OH OH OH WHO KNOWS aka the fanfiction gap of “heaven can wait”
  • dean calling cas after kevin’s death and asking him to come to the bunker
  • what happened after their cute date at the restaurant?????
  • shopping at hot topic

come cry with me children

I love the idea of Dean being romantic as hell but simultaneously emotionally constipated and grouchy about it. Tossing a bouquet of colorful daisies from the cooler at the grocery store on the kitchen table for Cas to find. Complaining that Cas sleeps too late but leaving coffee on the nightstand, black with two sugars, just the way he likes it, stroking Cas’s hair before rolling his eyes and leaving the room. Putting on a monkey suit to take Cas out to dinner, huffing at menu prices but playing footsie with Cas under the table. Blushing when Cas smiles and gazes at him over dessert. Feeding him off of his fork. Muttering that Cas needs something other than this piece-of-crap coat when he shivers in the parking lot, pulling him close, wrapping his coat around both of them, nose buried in Cas’s neck, breathing deep because he’s never felt like this about anyone. 

dean and cas being all gross and domestic and loved up

and dean (and cas but mostly dean) making stupid puns and jokes about the ridiculousness of their relationship

like one morning sam asks him how he wants his coffee and he says: “how I want my men; strong enough to raise me from the dead.”

and one day dean is refusing to do something for cas, like cleaning the dishes or fetching his book, and cas says: “you raise a man out of hell and he won’t ev-” “OKAY FINE IM GOING”

or their teenage daughter embarrasses herself and dean tells her: “everyone does stupid things in front of their crush, I stabbed mine in the chest.”

or someone asks them how they met and dean tells them: “I was going through a really hard time in my life, it was literally hell, and then I met him.”

and when strangers compliment cas, dean always says: “yeah, he’s an angel”.

ppl always think destiel shippers want destiel to be canon so the show can be aLL  ABOUT DEA N AND CAS HA VING T EH SEX but actually i want things like sam walking into dean’s room to see cas sitting on the bed reading while dean sleeps with his head in cas’ lap and they’re both fully clothed and sam and cas have to whisper for the whole scene.

Dean had been adamant. No resolutions this year for himself. They were dumb, anyways. Dean had it pretty good. Him and Cas were finally sharing a room in the bunker- Dean had half expected Sam to say something about it but wasn’t that surprised when he didn’t.

He didn’t feel the need to make any sort of promise to “better” himself. What New Year’s resolution would he have, anyways? Exercise more? Drink less?

Not happening.

But Cas had insisted on making resolutions for himself, despite Dean’s criticism. He had been so excited when he found an idea on Pinterest about making a jar full of little resolutions, and sat at the big dining table with scrap-booking scissors and a big glass mason jar.

Of course, Dean teased him at first but then he really began wondering how Cas could have so many resolutions. The jar was nearly half full by the time he put his scissors away and sealed the jar up. He set it on the mantle next to the TV at 11:50, before settling down with Dean and Sam to watched the ball drop.

But Cas ended up falling asleep a few minutes after twelve. Dean carried him off to bed, kissing his forehead and tucking the covers up to his chin.

Then his curiosity got the better of him and he went back to look at Cas’s Resolution jar.

What a cute fucking dork.

He felt slightly guilty about opening it and snooping, but when he unfolded the first piece of paper and read what it said, his heart melted-

#27: kiss Dean more.

Even though Dean knew nobody was around to see him, he was embarrassed at the heat creeping up his neck.

#39: make breakfast in bed for Dean someday

#13: learn to make burgers

#40: shower sex

Dean was overwhelmed by a wave of sudden love for Cas. His resolutions were all ways to do kind things for Dean.

So Dean had an idea.

When Cas woke up in the morning, he padded barefoot into the bunker dining room to have breakfast and some coffee but suddenly turned his head, noticing something.

There was a second mason jar sitting beside his Resolution Jar on the mantle place.

He squinted, curious at what it could be. There was only one piece of paper inside, and it looked like it was ripped from the corner of a piece of notebook paper.

Cas opened the jar and unfurled the piece of paper.

#1: Love Cas better.

o53 - music is meant for sharing feat. dean’s pink ipod

i just want dean and cas to take a moment and listen to songs together in dean’s room and basically just snuggle bc ugh there is a serious lack of destiel in the bunker. anw this doodle is for my bb juliet♥ uwu

dean and cas undercover as a couple, but dean taking it way to seriously to the point that every time the suspect walks by he just grabs cas and kisses him, even though sam was definitely just trying to explain how the suspect is  no longer a suspect,  looking at his idiot brother making  out with the angel unnecessarily again like 

in the mornings when dean is sitting in the kitchen in his robe with his morning coffee and bagel, cas walks up behind him to kiss the top of his head. dean never says anything, but it’s one of his favorite things about mornings in the bunker.

when cas has showered on late afternoons or evenings, he pulls on dean’s worn out black sabbath t-shirt. “c'mon, we can get you actual clothes. that ones full of holes and the print is all smudged,” dean groans. “that may be, but it smells like you and it feels nice,” cas says with a shrug. and dean loves it. seeing cas in his clothes makes dean feel like cas is proud of being with him.

after a long and hard hunt dean used to want to go to the nearest bar to drink his brains out and pick up a chick to take back to his motel room. these days he would rather pick up a six pack so he, sam and cas can have a few colds before they part ways - sam to his own room, and dean taking cas to bed and curling up around him.

dean has bad night terrors and he used to stay up to watch tv until the early hours of the morning to avoid closing his eyes and face them, but now he shuffles into cas’ arms, taking in his scent and letting the feeling of cas’ breathing and warmth calm him. he knows cas will be there if he wakes up after nightmares.

in the beginning dean would get really pissed when sam teased him and cas. it was all innocent, but dean was still getting used to being with a guy - and in front of people, too. but now, when sam teases them, dean laughs and plays along on the joke before kissing cas proudly and sam makes a dissatisfied noise.

one night a waitress was hitting on cas, and dean tried really hard to not get jealous, but he was sitting there with gritted teeth and flexed jaw until cas returned. dean was quick to grab cas’ thigh under the table, but when the waitress came over with their food she slipped him a folded up note. on the note was cas’ handwriting saying “im in love with the guy in plaid”. that was the first time either of them used the word ‘love’ in their relationship. dean blushed and gave a crooked smile.

when they watch documentaries dean likes to lie on the bed with his head in cas’ lap and point at everything from dinosaurs to the russian czars, asking if “that’s really how it happened?”

when dean can’t sleep cas likes to tell him stories about random people he had watched throughout history since the dawn of time. people who are never mentioned in the history books, but who touched cas and his way of viewing mankind. dean makes jokes, but listening to the way cas talks about these people is one of his favorite things, and he’s happy it doesn’t seem that cas will run out of stories.

sometimes they visit jody and the girls. at first claire was the grossed out teenager about finding out dean and cas were together. but after dinner when it got dark and dean was having a beer by himself on the porch claire came out and told him that she’s really happy they’re together and she hopes they will last. dean joked that she couldn’t call him dad, so of course now she does on occasion to annoy him. dean will never admit that he likes the feeling.

cas sends claire care packages with books and stuffed animals, and silly cards that plays melodies when you open them, and dean throws in candy and cds from classic rock bands.

the first time dean told cas that he loved him it wasn’t planned. they were sitting on the hood of the impala by the beach, and it had been quiet for a while. dean put his arm around cas and just said quietly “i love you” and cas smiled, pressing a kiss to dean’s cheek with a happy “i know, dean”

Headcanon that one day, while they’re driving home from a hunt, Sam comments on how beautiful the sunset is, with all the oranges and yellows, and Cas asks him what orange and yellow look like and that’s how the brothers find out that angels see in something similar to inverted colors/infra-red.  Something like this:

While it answers the question of their superior eyesight, it’s not nearly as pretty as what humans see.  So Sam and Dean burn some cheap glasses with holy fire because they already know it lets them see things they normally can’t.  Then they take Cas outside when the sun starts setting and Sam slides the glasses onto his face.

Dean watches closely, asking if things look any different.

But Cas doesn’t seem capable of answering.  His mouth is hanging open and his eyes are wide behind the glasses, snapping this way and that, landing on the dirt under his feet and then the gnarled tree growing close to the bunker’s entrance and then up at the sky where the sun is sinking behind the trees, and Dean knows that the angel is seeing things like they d now, in vibrant, warm colors, and he can’t stop the grin from spreading over his face, huffing a laugh when Cas reaches up to push the glasses higher on his nose.

The soft sound draws Cas’ attention and Dean’s laugh catches in his throat when the angel turns wide, ocean blue eyes one him.

Castiel blinks slowly, one corner of his full lips pulling up in an awestruck smile as he stares into Dean’s eyes.

Castiel reaches up and Dean can feel the soft pads of his fingers flutter over the skin just under his eye.

“Green…your eyes are green.”

WARNING: do not think about Dean and Cas automatically holding hands while doing ordinary things.

for instance

  • sleepily over the table while reading
  • grocery shopping
  • at a carnival
  • dean having to lace their fingers together and tugging to finally get Cas away from the petting zoo
  • even when they’re in a fucking fight, in the car, they still hold hands while dean mumbles under his breath about his stupid baby in a trench coat while Cas angrily stares out the window 
  • Cas coming up to Dean when he’s nervous about something and quietly hooking their pinkies together
  • I hate them



supernatural au  in the style of the office 

inspired by fleurdean’s post [x] || ”spn office au where dean vehemently denying his feelings for cas while footage the cameras catch of him shows him staring gooey eyed at cas working”