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  • Spn Writing Challenge: Witches
  • @dailyspnprompts September Prompt Challenge: “ Castiel and Dean are witches, each with their own specialty.  Something they can’t identify is drawing them to each other, something powerful, dark, and dangerous.”
  • @angvlicmish September Destiel Fic Challenge: Taylor Swift, Song chosen: Haunted

pairings: Destiel
word count: approx~ 3860 w/ lyrics
tags: angst, fluff, Witch!Dean, Witch!Cas, includes Sam, very very AU, kinda soulmate esque

Summary: Cas and Dean are two very powerful witches, but something about their love is unusual, dangerously so. No matter what the price, they’re determined to stay together till the end, even if it means dying. 

A/N: Hey! So this is a very experimental and unique piece for me, so I’m really gonna need some love and feedback on this one. I may come back and edit some parts, so, as always,  FEEDBACK IS LOOOOOVED!!!

You and I walk a fragile line

I have known it all this time

But I never thought I’d live to see it break

It’s getting dark and it’s all too quiet

And I can’t trust anything now

And it’s coming over you like it’s all a big mistake

Castiel. The name feels like a drug on my lips, better than any spell or trickery or magic. It brings warmth throughout my body, deep in the pit of my stomach, crawling lower and lower till I am forced to either have some alone time or think of something else. He is a heady obsession, a dangerous new-found need of mine.

Two witches. God knows that’s a dangerous equation, even without the unusual pull I feel for him. Maybe he’s cast a spell on me? Unlikely, a witch who specializes in healing casting such a forced spell. We are such different people, polar opposites truly. He heals, rebuilds what’s been broken or ailed. I destroy, bulldozing an entire building to the ground with a snap of my fingers. He is kind and gentle and empathetic while I can hardly stand the presence of anyone but my brother these days. But I saw him, in that strange coat of his, and something in my chest dropped. It was like there was a string attaching us two and it was slowly constricting. He felt it too.

Now I lay next to him in bed, the sun not yet risen, Cas and I just staring at each other. We walk on thin ice, being together as we are. Two of the strongest witches there is, no one likes the idea of us uniting. Hell, I don’t really even like it. But I need him. I need him.

But I see how his amorous expression wavers, his hands shaking as they intertwine with mine. We can both feel that being together is dangerous. I move in to stop his shaking lips with a kiss.

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Cas is sexually frustrated
  • Cas:Hello
  • SPN writers:..Hello..?
  • Cas:It's me
  • SPN writers:wut-
  • Cas:I was wondering if after all these seasons you would let me love my Dean

The first thing Cas becomes aware of is that his feet are freezing. He turns his head to look over his shoulder, blinking to clear his vision as the culprit for his cold feet comes in to focus.

Dean lays in a cocoon of the entire duvet.

Cas huffs and reaches for the covers enclosed around Dean, but stops as an idea occurs to him.

He eyes Dean’s exposed leg for a moment before sliding his foot across the bed to touch it. Dean’s leg shoots away as soon as he does.

Cas lays on his back facing the ceiling, chuckling to himself. He doesn’t bother to look at Dean as he slides his cold foot further across the bed to come into contact with the same leg as before.

This time Dean only moves his leg slightly, so Cas points his toes to nudge him again, and Dean shifts his whole body further away from Cas.

Cas stretches his leg even further and places the length of his foot against Dean’s calf. Dean shifts away again.

Cas shifts slightly closer and nudges Dean’s leg with his icy foot again and Dean shifts even further away.

Cas goes in for the kill. He stretches both his feet across the bed and places one on Dean’s calf again and the other slides up the back of Dean’s thigh.

Dean abruptly shifts away.


And Dean’s out of bed.

Cas catches the covers before they slide all the way off the bed and pulls them around himself as Dean groans from his place on the floor.


“Every freckle is an angel’s kiss; pressed into soft skin with precision and unconditional affection.” Sam looks up from the book he was reading. He studies the pair on the couch, his face soft with fondness. Dean is snoring, his head in Cas’ lap, and he was probably drooling. Cas’ eyes are fixed on the television screen, his face placid and content. He is absentmindedly running his fingers through Dean’s hair, making it stick up in all directions. Sam smiles to himself and looks back down, reading the words again. No wonder his brother has so many.

It was an accident I swear!
  • Me:*accidentally starts watching supernatural*
  • Me:*accidentally watches 4 seasons in 4 days*
  • Me:*accidentally thinks the dorky Angel and the pie lover are cute together*
  • Me:*accidentally starts shipping my first ship*
  • Me:*accidentally comes across fluff for new found ship*
  • *weeks go by*:
  • Me:*accidentally stays up until 6 in the morning reading smut*
  • Me:*accidentally dedicates 18484939 fan accounts to Destiel*
  • Me:*accidentally falls off bed in the middle of the night over intense feels*
  • Me:*accidentally makes theorise about how it's canon during math class*
  • Me:*reflects of how deep I am in the Destiel trash pit*
  • Me:nO rAgErTs

So, @destieldrabblesdaily convinced me to post it and was kind enough to even beta read it. It’s just one of the many ways i want destiel to become canon ;)

“I’m gonna go grab some coffee.” Sam said on his way out of motel room. It was so obvious, Dean wanted to roll his eyes. His brother was never good at subtlety.

They all came back to their motel room not long ago, after another successful hunt, but the atmosphere was still tense. Castiel was sitting in the chair, reading a book and refusing to look at Dean. He was embarrassed, Dean could tell. What couldn’t they tell about each other after all these years? Well, apparently, there was one thing.

During the hunt, Dean was taken hostage by a shapeshifter, who had taken his form and was holding him at gunpoint, when Castiel stormed into the warehouse, looking fierce, and Dean swore he could see the remains of grace in his blue eyes. At first, Castiel tried to negotiate with the shifter, then he tried to threaten him, after which the shapeshifter snapped and shouted, obviously channeling some of Dean’s inner emotions.

“Why would you wanna save him? He ruined you!” 

To which Cas answered quietly. “Because I love him.” 

Both Dean and his doppelgänger were too shocked to notice Sam getting out of his cover, taking aim at the shapeshifter’s heart and shooting. The dead body hit the floor, but Dean couldn’t look away from the fallen angel.

The ride back to the motel was filled with tense silence. Sam was driving, and sending Castiel, who was sleeping in the backseat, worried glances, while Dean was trying to convince himself that Cas didn’t mean it, that he’d said it to catch the shifter by surprise. Because it couldn’t possibly be true, could it? The shapeshifter was right, Dean ruined Castiel. He was the reason for every bad thing that had ever happened to the fallen angel. Hell, the fact that he was no longer an angel was proof enough that he couldn’t feel that way about Dean.

Castiel was still reading his book, while Dean fidgeted nervously on the bed, trying hard to think of what to say, how to make things alright again. He cleared his throat, which made Cas still, eyes stopping in their movement, and then finally the fallen angel spoke in that gravelly voice of his that sent shivers down Dean’s back more often than it was allowed.

“You don’t have to say anything, Dean. I couldn’t possibly hope for my feelings to be reciprocated, and I assure you that nothing will or should change between us, now that you know.” Castiel didn’t even look at him once. But Dean didn’t pay attention to any of that. His mind went black the second Cas said ‘reciprocated’. What was he talking about? Did he mean…

“Wait, what?” Dean asked a minute later with his heart in his heels. The question forced the fallen angel to finally look at him. Cas sighed tiredly, the obvious pain in his eyes made Dean’s heart clench.

“I said, nothing will change between us, now that you know of my feelings for you. I promise I will keep myself in check in the future as to not embarrass you anymore.” Hope prickled inside Dean’s heart. In that moment he thought he knew what happiness felt like. The thought that Cas might… no, felt the same way as Dean made the hunter laugh with relief, joy and many other emotions. His laugh, though, made Castiel very irritated and angry.

“I’m glad that my misery brings you joy, Dean, but…”

“No, no, no, Cas! That’s not… Do you really think I’d laugh at something like this? Am I that much of an asshole? Don’t answer it.” Dean stood up and took a few steps closer to where Castiel was sitting. This is it, he thought. He was finally going to admit something he had never even admitted to himself.

“Cas, I…” Dean closed his mouth, at a loss for words. Shit, it was harder than he thought. His palms were sweating, heart beating so fast, it felt like a heart attack. Castiel huffed and also stood up, placing the book on the table.

“Spare me your pity, Dean. I said, it’s okay. You really don’t have to say anything.” Now the pain was in his voice too. Castiel moved quickly to the door, but Dean dashed in front of him with his hands in the air.

“Wait, Cas, please, just… Just hear me out!” Deep breath. “Please.”

Cas slowly nodded and tilted his head, as if trying to figure Dean out. The gesture made Dean’s chest swell with affection. How could someone look so fierce and terrifying in one moment, and so cute and adorable in another? Focus, Winchester. Now’s not the time for heart eyes. Dean cleared his throat, nervous again with Cas’s eyes that were slightly narrowed, piercing right through him. 

“Cas, um, your feelings are, you know, reciprocated.” A pause. Cas’s eyes were wide open this time. Dean felt himself blush and started muttering.

“Yeah, they’ve been, um, for quite some time now, and, you know…” But the sentence was cut off abruptly as Cas’s lips covered his own. Dean shivered. Hard. Castiel’s lips were everything and nothing he’d ever imagined. Chapped, dry, but so very soft at the same time, moving against his with such ferocity that it made Dean’s head spin and open his lips with a moan. Castiel didn’t waste a second and immediately slipped his tongue past Dean’s lips, inside his mouth, and gently, and maybe even a little bit scared, touched Dean’s tongue with his own. Dean almost passed out. He’d never felt like this before. Castiel’s hands cradled his face, making it impossible for the hunter to move away even if he wanted to. Which he didn’t. Ever. Again.

Cas was nipping at his lower lip, when Dean finally regained control of his limbs and put his hands around Castiel’s waist. That made the angel stumble a little, and Dean felt a shudder run through his body. Dean smiled against his mouth, and Cas bit his lip in return, then deepened the kiss, putting his hands around the hunter.

Dean honestly felt like he was in heaven, was starting to consider moving the party to the bed, when he heard the mix of a chuckle and a cough. He immediately pulled away, though Cas tried to follow him with glazed eyes, but Sam’s now proper laugh brought him down to earth too.

“Glad, you guys, finally… talked.” Dean wanted to hit that smug face, but Castiel’s arms tightened around him.

“Yes, me too.” Dean heard the angel say. He looked back at Cas and saw him smiling with swollen lips and a blush on his cheeks, looking just perfect. Dean smiled back and pecked Cas on the lips one more time, just because he could, and then whispered. 

“Me too.”

In the background Sam rolled his eyes, but smiled nonetheless.


Pairing: Destiel
Tags: High School AU, smut, friends to lovers
Prompt: 52.“Oh, gosh, you’ve insulted me! What ever shall I do? I’ll be mentally and emotionally scared for years!”
Note: This was a prompt from a long time ago that I owe to @pretentiosity​ and @mishackl​…..hope you like it an sorry it took forever!! <3

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Cas is twenty-six and has never been kissed. It’s never been a problem, but now his advisor is saying that his dissertation, a romance novel, is lacking a personal touch and won’t be liked by the board. With one day until it is due Cas is at wits end, but maybe his roommate, Dean, can give him a few pointers. 2.9k [AO3 Link]

“You love me?” Jo asked with wide, open eyes.

Anna nodded back timidly and tried to walk away, but Jo caught her arm before she could make her escape.

“How long? How long, Anna?” she demanded. “How long have you loved me?”

Anna may have been an angel, bright and powerful and able to smite Jo in an instant, but in that moment, the angel looked completely and utterly human. Her eyes were downcast and her lip was perched between her teeth. She looked terrified, which was beyond Jo. How could an angel of the Lord be terrified of a simple human like her?

“Ever since I pulled you from Hell,” she whispered. “When I touched your soul, it was the purest thing I’ve ever felt in my life. From that first caress of your being, I knew that I’d Fall for you, Jo. I just knew.”

“Anna…” Jo trailed off, because what the hell. How could an angel love her, a hunter? It didn’t make any sense, because angels hated hunters. The only reason Jo was topside was because she was a pawn in their games, and even though she thought Anna wasn’t like the others, she still had doubts at times. She thought that Anna was just putting up with her, that Jo’s love for the angel was unrequited.

“I should go,” Anna said as she turned on her heel. Her large, obsidian wings flew out, ready for flight.

Jo felt herself panic as Anna crouched down. She couldn’t let her angel leave, not after a confession like that one.

“No you don’t,” Jo said, reaching forward and turning Anna around. With a fire within her, Jo leaned in and

“Their lips…no. They touch one another with their mouths…no. They…uh…mack on one another for a long time…the end.” Cas pushed his laptop away and ran fingers through his hair, groaning. “This is impossible,” he muttered to himself, and brought his elbows up onto the table.

He’d rewritten the ending scene with Anna and Jo’s kiss a thousand times, but it never worked out. Professor Mills cited a lack of personal touch, and told him to base the kiss on his own experiences. “Add a little raunchiness, will ya?” she said to him with an upturned grin. He nodded and laughed along at the time, but now he was truly panicking. He was never going to finish his dissertation before tomorrow’s board presentation, and it would all be because he’s the only twenty-six year old on the planet who has never been kissed.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried before. Back in college, Cas was almost kissed a few times, the closest being when he was playing a drunken game of spin the bottle with his floormates. It landed on a girl named Meg, a feisty business major who was known for her escapades in the bedroom, but when she leaned in and tried to kiss him, he couldn’t do it. When Cas imagined his first kiss, it always was with someone he really cared about, not some girl from Edlund Hall that he barely knew.

“Yeah, wait until you find the perfect person to kiss. That’ll do you a lot of good,” Cas angrily muttered to himself as he pulled his computer back towards him. The cursor blinked back at him mockingly, and Cas carefully began typing.

“With a fire within her, Jo leaned in and grabbed Anna’s face-”

“No, no, no!” Cas cried out as he pounded on the keys. Even if he had no experience, why couldn’t he write this damn scene? Kissing was not rocket science, and he’s read enough romance novels in his life. Why can’t he just write a few lines and get it over with?


He cringed when Dean’s voice hit his ears. The last thing he needed was his roommate seeing him all up in arms over this, especially since he was the one Cas had been trying to get the courage to kiss for years now. He quickly thought that if he wasn’t such a coward, then maybe he’d be able to not fail out of his dissertation.

“In my bedroom!” Cas called out, and began fruitlessly typing nonsense as Dean’s footsteps ricocheted off the hardwood floors, stopping when he reached Cas’s door.

“You okay?” Dean asked, and Cas turned around to see his friend leaning against the doorframe, lips turned up into a smirk as he toed the ground with his boot.

Perhaps it’s heightened by Cas’s troubles, but Dean looked even more handsome than usual. His jeans were rolled up at the bottom, revealing his ankles, and his white t-shirt was dirtied from his work shift at the garage. Combined with his playful gaze and his hands in his pockets, Cas felt himself blanching.

“Earth to Cas? You there, buddy?” Dean said as nodded in his direction.

Cas blinked owlishly a few times before going back to his laptop. “Yes, I’m sorry. I’m just trying to finish my dissertation.”

Dean walked over to his computer and peered over Cas’s shoulder. He could feel Dean’s breath on his neck, and it took everything in him to not turn his head and close the distance between them. It would be the perfect moment to get experience-

“Wow, this sucks,” Dean snorted, and alas, the moment was broken.

Cas glared up at Dean and pushed away from his desk. “You think it’s crappy? I’m presenting this to the board tomorrow,” Cas reminded him with emphasis. “And you decide to tell me now that it’s crappy?”

Dean held up his hands and backed away into the bed. He plopped down and replied, “Crappy isn’t the right word. It’s just…lacking. Jo grabbed Anna’s face and kissed her until they broke apart tells me nothing,” he said, quoting the last thing Cas wrote down. “I want to read about what the kiss felt like for Jo, you know?”

Cas took a deep breath and took a seat next to Dean. He folded his hands in his lap and glanced out the window, then asked the question that had been on his mind all day. “What does it feel like to be kissed, Dean?”

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He wakes up in a familiar room. Not his. Because he doesn’t have one.

He blinks and sits up. Draped across a chair in the corner is his trench coat. He tried to get up, but his body won’t let him. Instead, he groans and slumps back against the headboard.

“Oh, hey, you’re up,” Dean mutters as he strides across his own room in the bunker and sets a glass of water on the nightstand beside Cas.

Cas looks up at him and silently asks the hunter how long he’s been unconscious.

“Been out three days,” Dean sits himself at the end of the bed, replying to Cas’ nonverbal question.

“He’s back in the cage. Crowley sent his demons to find Rowena in purgatory. She got out and did a spell and bam! Don’t think she was too happy with Lucifer killing her.”

Still not willing to speak, Cas reaches for the glass of water. He lowers his eyes and takes a sip, mulling over the taste of particles.

“Didn’t know if you would make it.” Dean suddenly sits up straighter. “Rowena didn’t know what would happen to you. But we had to take the risk.”

Cas can feel Dean scoot a little closer. “Had to get you back.”

Cas places the glass of water back beside him and squirms as much as he can to be as far away from Dean as possible.

He’s embarrassed. Instead of helping to defeat Amara, the only thing he did was distract the Winchesters even more and set another evil in the world.

He recalls Ambriel’s words. Expendable. He was definitely expendable. With him around, he only got in the way.

He finally looks up at Dean. And he’s decided. He needs to go. He needs to return to heaven and stay there. At the very least. He shouldn’t touch humanity again. Dean and Sam will figure out a way to defeat the Darkness and carry on. They would. They’re the heroes.

“Don’t,” Dean croaks out. Adamantly. “Don’t even think about about leaving.”

Cas isn’t exactly sure how or when Dean started to understand him without having to say anything; it never used to be like this. Dean rarely understood his motives in the past.

He’s so busy pondering this, he doesn’t notice that Dean is sitting at the end of the nightstand, and not the bed, by this point.


He looks up at Dean again with Jimmy Novak’s blue eyes.

“You’re needed. We need you. Always,” Dean shrugs, and Cas can tell that he’s going to try to lighten the mood. “Who’s going to be our wingman?”

Cas frowns. Dean knows that his wings are in tatters and that they’re barely useful. Was he trying to him feel worse?

“Not like that, Cas. I mean, who’s going to save our asses when we need it? And don’t say Crowley. As much as he’s useful, I can’t ever trust him.”

Dean nudges his blanket-covered thighs. “Stay, okay. Just stay. I need you. I always need you.”

Cas doesn’t realize how much he needed those words. Dean had never asked him to stay before. Everyone kept telling him to go.

So overcome with gratitude, Cas does the only thing he can. He flings his arms around Dean’s neck.

Dean’s arms come up and tighten around him. “I need you more than you know, Cas. I’m sorry you didn’t know, but I do. I need you to stay. Please.”

Cas shoves his head into the crook of Dean’s neck and breathes in. Because for the first time in a long time, Dean makes him feel like he’s home. That he has a home.

He nods aggressively, hoping that Dean can feel how much he wants it.