destiel ''evidence''

At first, I felt really sorry for people who liked Misha because he’s stringing them along with false hope of a vile ship becoming canon on the show.

Then I thought well those fans deserve the inevitable disappointment if they fail to see the bigger picture and the obvious evidence that Destiel will never go canon.  Plus all that bullying and harassment really didn’t win points with me.

Then I found myself feeling wee bit sorry for Misha because 1) his own fans don’t care about him unless Jensen is within 5 feet of him 2) most of his side money-making projects have failed and he had to resort to poaching onto the AKF brand to line his own pockets 3) his popularity have declined to the point that Creation is giving away free Cas related merchs.

Then the E!News little video tribute to SPN happened and it’s Oh that’s right, now I remember why I shouldn’t feel sorry for Destiehllers, minions, or Misha.  Good job!

  • what she says: "i'm fine"
  • what she means: i could honestly write an entire fucking novel on the evidence of destiel and how it is, indeed, canon, with sources from the cast, producers, and lines and parallels throughout the history of the show---