Cockles Lesson 3 : Supportive boyfriend Jensen 💕

GIF 1: Jensen not so subtly checks out Misha and laughs as usual at something Misha says.

GIF 2: Jensen manhandling Misha because he was not fully in the frame.

GIF 3: Misha feeling insecure about looking tiny next to the giant moose.

GIF 4: Supportive boyfriend Jensen moving back make Misha look bigger. And look at Misha’s wide smile when thanking Jensen.

OMG, they are so gross. And married. Gross and Married Cockles.

Some Destiel Christmas fluff to celebrate that December is here! ♡

The giant Christmas tree in the middle of the war room is the first thing that catches Castiel’s eye when he gets back to the bunker on Christmas Eve. There’s no sign of the Winchesters yet, and so the angel takes a minute to appreciate their tree, heavily decorated in red, silver, and green.

He can’t help but smile to himself when he spots the angel on top; it’s an ordinary ornament, but he notices that the Winchesters have bothered to give it a tiny, homemade, blue tie.

What he notices next is the large pile of presents right beside said tree. He reads the names on them.

‘Mary Winchester’. ’Sam Winchester’. ‘Dean Winchester’. 'Jody Mills’. 'Claire Novak’. 'Alex Jones’. 'Donna Hanscum’. And last but not least, he sees several presents that have 'Castiel’ written on them. Dean truly is taking this holiday seriously this year.

“Hey there, sunshine. Glad you’re back…” Castiel had been too deep in thought to even hear Dean sneak up on him, but he immediately melts into Dean’s touch when he feels a firm hand on the back of his neck, while at the same time a soft kiss is pressed to his temple.

With a quiet but warm “hello, Dean”, Castiel takes the man he loves into his arms for a long hug.

When they pull apart, Dean smiles, but it soon shifts into an expression that’s rather earnest and almost speculative. As if he’s weighing his options, trying to figure out something very important.

“Is everything alright here?” Castiel checks, trying to read whatever it is that Dean’s trying to tell him with those wide green eyes, but failing.

A nervous laugh from Dean, and then he shrugs, hesitantly pulling a small black box out of the pocket of his jacket. “Just… It’s just that I have another present for you, but I wanna give it to you now, before everyone else arrives and this place turns into a freaking zoo for the rest of the weekend.”

He places the box in the palm of Castiel’s hand, and Castiel’s gaze falls on the name on the label attached to it. Unlike the presents under the tree, this one says 'Castiel Winchester’.

Castiel’s heart beats like a drum from simply seeing those words in that combination, and there’s another shaky chuckle from Dean.

“That’s a hint, I guess.” Dean mutters when Castiel looks up at him, staring at the mild frown on Dean’s forehead that’s betraying his worry. “Because I suck at this stuff, but if you open it and everything goes as I planned… then yeah…” He trails off, not finishing the sentence; and he doesn’t need to, because Castiel slowly puts two and two together, and starts to realize that apparently he’s getting all of his wishes for Christmas this year.

It’s confirmed when Castiel carefully opens the box and sees a ring, simple yet elegant, white gold and a single gemstone. Emerald.

He pulls Dean in for a heated kiss before breathlessly whispering “yes, Dean” against the corner of Dean’s mouth. Castiel feels how Dean smiles against his cheek, clearly satisfied with that answer.

They stay like that, for a while, in each other’s arms, admiring the tree and the Christmas lights until Dean eventually slides the ring onto Castiel’s finger. A perfect fit.

                                                       ❄ ❄ ❄

The next morning, when they’re surrounded by other loved ones and about to unwrap their gifts, Castiel doesn’t miss how 'Winchester’ is now neatly scribbled on all of the presents that previously only had 'Castiel’ on them.

When Dean takes his hand -the one with the ring- and winks at him, Castiel knows for a fact that no Christmas is ever going to be better than this one, even if he lives to see another thousand years.

Gif credit to my wonderful wife @some-people-call-it-tragic!

December’s here! Which is why I decided to do a Destiel fic rec with fluffy Christmas/winter themed stories to warm the cockles of your heart and get you through those cold December days. 

Enjoy! ♡

❄ And an Angel on Top by @casthewise [AU - Tumblr/PDF]
‘Since he was four, Dean Winchester has been visited by the angel atop his Christmas tree between the hours of midnight and 4:03am every Christmas Eve.’


 Silent Night by FagurFiskur [Canon!verse - AO3]
‘The bunker gets cold around Christmas time. Too cold to be in bed by yourself.’


❄ Miracle by Galaxystiel [AU - AO3]
‘After forgetting to order the Christmas cookies for a pregnant Jess, Dean is on a race against time to find a bakery that will take a last minute order at closing time on Christmas Eve.’


❄ How to re-gift fruitcake and other tips for surviving the holidays by @museaway [AU - AO3]
‘The saying goes you should “love thy neighbor,” but Castiel Novak was the neighbor from Hell.’


❄ A Universal Truth by Habitatfordeanwinchester [Canon!verse - AO3]
‘Cas just wants to see the Christmas lights…’


❄ Note To Self by Pinksatinpanties [AU - AO3]
‘Dean and Cas always leave each other little notes along with the mugs of hot chocolate - reminders of chores to reminders to take a break from homework to little pick-me-ups and “have a good day"s. It’s all very friendly and platonic.Until Dean leaves a note that’s… not.’


❄ Return To You by Youaresunlight [AU - AO3]
‘Dean and Cas are childhood best friends who lost touch when Cas moved away. Years later, through a chance encounter, they find their way back - just in time for Christmas.’’


❄ The Sweetest Taste by Habitatfordeanwinchester [Canon!verse - AO3]
‘In which Dean and Castiel argue about hot chocolate.’


 Christmas, Coffee, and Kisses by Deanial [AU - AO3]
‘Castiel Novak is painfully oblivious to every Christmas tradition, but he’s even more oblivious of the effect he’s having on Starbucks’ latest customer.’


 White Christmas (Eve) by @ozonecologne [AU - Tumblr]
‘Dean learns to see his grumpy neighbor Castiel in a different light.’ 


❄ Anything Could Happen by @whelvenwings [AU - AO3]
‘When Dean finds himself alone on Christmas Eve, he decides to take a trip down memory lane. But will he still be alone when midnight strikes, and Christmas Day arrives?’


❄ Dr. Sexy, Veterinarian Edition by @sparksflycastiel​ [AU - AO3]
‘Castiel is in charge of babysitting his niece’s guinea pig. When things go wrong, he rushes to Singer Animal Hospital for help. Enter Dr. Dean Winchester, vet extraordinaire, to save the day.’


❄ For My Own by Youaresunlight [AU - AO3]
‘Five times Castiel regrets dating a movie star, and one time Dean proves him wrong.’


 In Which Sam Winchester Is Absolutely Clueless by @jhoomwrites​ [AU - AO3]
‘Sam takes Jess home for Christmas to meet his family, starting with Dean and his roommate Cas.’


Meddling and Mistletoe by @poorbeautifuldean [AU - Tumblr]
‘Dean/Cas, Christmas, fluff, and a coffee shop. What else could you possibly want?’


  Failure (to cuddle) is Not an Option by Annie D (Scaramouche) [Canon!verse - AO3]
‘All Castiel wants for Christmas is to cuddle, is that really too much to ask?’


Santa Doesn’t Wear Eyeliner by Crossroadswrite [AU - AO3]
‘In which Dean is a jock, Cas is a punk and they’re each other’s Secret Santa.’


All I Want For Christmas Is You by Literaryoblivion [AU - AO3]
‘Dean finds out his coworker Castiel is going to be alone for Christmas, and in a fit of slight intoxication, he invites him to spend Christmas with his family. But when they get there, his family thinks they’re boyfriends.’

Looking for Christmas themed drabbles written by me? 

❄ Collection of my Christmas drabbles on AO3 

❄ All I Want for Christmas [AU - AO3]
‘During a big family get together, a drunk Castiel starts singing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ to his best friend Dean while the whole family watches.’

For even more Destiel Christmas fanfiction/fanart by many talented writers and artists, go to my Christmas Destiel tag.

Have fun & happy holidays! 

anonymous asked:

would you consider writing a cross-over of everlark as sleeping beauty? pretty please?

Peeta approached the bed and knelt beside the girl lying atop of it. He took her cold hand into his own and squeezed. “Awaken, sweet princess,” he commanded softly. He leaned forward, a hair’s breadth away from her lips.

The girl’s eyes cracked open into slits. “Don’t you freaking dare.”

“Sorry,” he murmured, not sounding sorry at all. Peeta quickly brushed his mouth across hers before two small hands sent him sprawling across the stage.

“Cut!” Mr. Abernathy yelled, sounding exasperated. “Your high school melodrama is gonna be the death of me. Christ on a cracker, I need you kids to get along for once!”

“Then you shouldn’t have cast this dingleberry as the prince,” Katniss said witheringly. She sat up and pointed at the boy who was glaring at her from the stage floor. “We expressly agreed that there’d be no kissing during practice.”

“Then stop kissing me in private,” Peeta retorted with sudden, sharp heat, making everyone in the auditorium gasped. Then he stood, turned, and stalked across the stage and off into the wings.

The video where Jensen Ackles reveals a certain truth about Dean Winchester.

Jensen Ackles walks up to the screen, hands folded together. Classical music plays in the background. “Dean Winchester is not gay.” Jensen Ackles says. Long aching pause. “Dean Winchester is not straight.” Even longer pause. Jensen Ackles opens his mouth, “Dean Winchester is……..” The classical music cuts off with the cliche scratch of a record player. “You know what?” Jensen Ackles waves at the screen. “Bi.” Jensen Ackles turns his back to the screen and walks away. Bye Bye Bye by Nsync plays in the background.