Cockles Lesson 3 : Supportive boyfriend Jensen 💕

GIF 1: Jensen not so subtly checks out Misha and laughs as usual at something Misha says.

GIF 2: Jensen manhandling Misha because he was not fully in the frame.

GIF 3: Misha feeling insecure about looking tiny next to the giant moose.

GIF 4: Supportive boyfriend Jensen moving back make Misha look bigger. And look at Misha’s wide smile when thanking Jensen.

OMG, they are so gross. And married. Gross and Married Cockles.

aesthetics; BTS on Ice;

Park Jimin as Victor Nikiforov;

I think I might have to take this down.

Some of you are actually offended by this although I do not understand why. This was just fun to make and that’s all there is to it. 

Gif credit to my wonderful wife @some-people-call-it-tragic!

December’s here! Which is why I decided to do a Destiel fic rec with fluffy Christmas/winter themed stories to warm the cockles of your heart and get you through those cold December days. 

Enjoy! ♡

❄ And an Angel on Top by @casthewise [AU - Tumblr/PDF]
‘Since he was four, Dean Winchester has been visited by the angel atop his Christmas tree between the hours of midnight and 4:03am every Christmas Eve.’


 Silent Night by FagurFiskur [Canon!verse - AO3]
‘The bunker gets cold around Christmas time. Too cold to be in bed by yourself.’


❄ Miracle by Galaxystiel [AU - AO3]
‘After forgetting to order the Christmas cookies for a pregnant Jess, Dean is on a race against time to find a bakery that will take a last minute order at closing time on Christmas Eve.’


❄ How to re-gift fruitcake and other tips for surviving the holidays by @museaway [AU - AO3]
‘The saying goes you should “love thy neighbor,” but Castiel Novak was the neighbor from Hell.’


❄ A Universal Truth by Habitatfordeanwinchester [Canon!verse - AO3]
‘Cas just wants to see the Christmas lights…’


❄ Note To Self by Pinksatinpanties [AU - AO3]
‘Dean and Cas always leave each other little notes along with the mugs of hot chocolate - reminders of chores to reminders to take a break from homework to little pick-me-ups and “have a good day"s. It’s all very friendly and platonic.Until Dean leaves a note that’s… not.’


❄ Return To You by Youaresunlight [AU - AO3]
‘Dean and Cas are childhood best friends who lost touch when Cas moved away. Years later, through a chance encounter, they find their way back - just in time for Christmas.’’


❄ The Sweetest Taste by Habitatfordeanwinchester [Canon!verse - AO3]
‘In which Dean and Castiel argue about hot chocolate.’


 Christmas, Coffee, and Kisses by Deanial [AU - AO3]
‘Castiel Novak is painfully oblivious to every Christmas tradition, but he’s even more oblivious of the effect he’s having on Starbucks’ latest customer.’


 White Christmas (Eve) by @ozonecologne [AU - Tumblr]
‘Dean learns to see his grumpy neighbor Castiel in a different light.’ 


❄ Anything Could Happen by @whelvenwings [AU - AO3]
‘When Dean finds himself alone on Christmas Eve, he decides to take a trip down memory lane. But will he still be alone when midnight strikes, and Christmas Day arrives?’


❄ Dr. Sexy, Veterinarian Edition by @sparksflycastiel​ [AU - AO3]
‘Castiel is in charge of babysitting his niece’s guinea pig. When things go wrong, he rushes to Singer Animal Hospital for help. Enter Dr. Dean Winchester, vet extraordinaire, to save the day.’


❄ For My Own by Youaresunlight [AU - AO3]
‘Five times Castiel regrets dating a movie star, and one time Dean proves him wrong.’


 In Which Sam Winchester Is Absolutely Clueless by @jhoomwrites​ [AU - AO3]
‘Sam takes Jess home for Christmas to meet his family, starting with Dean and his roommate Cas.’


Meddling and Mistletoe by @poorbeautifuldean [AU - Tumblr]
‘Dean/Cas, Christmas, fluff, and a coffee shop. What else could you possibly want?’


  Failure (to cuddle) is Not an Option by Annie D (Scaramouche) [Canon!verse - AO3]
‘All Castiel wants for Christmas is to cuddle, is that really too much to ask?’


Santa Doesn’t Wear Eyeliner by Crossroadswrite [AU - AO3]
‘In which Dean is a jock, Cas is a punk and they’re each other’s Secret Santa.’


All I Want For Christmas Is You by Literaryoblivion [AU - AO3]
‘Dean finds out his coworker Castiel is going to be alone for Christmas, and in a fit of slight intoxication, he invites him to spend Christmas with his family. But when they get there, his family thinks they’re boyfriends.’

Looking for Christmas themed drabbles written by me? 

❄ Collection of my Christmas drabbles on AO3 

❄ All I Want for Christmas [AU - AO3]
‘During a big family get together, a drunk Castiel starts singing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ to his best friend Dean while the whole family watches.’

For even more Destiel Christmas fanfiction/fanart by many talented writers and artists, go to my Christmas Destiel tag.

Have fun & happy holidays! 


Requested:  If its not too much of a bother can i have #55 and #84 for the drabble game with jungkook please and thank you. (I hope i dont come of as rude i love your blog.)

You didn’t come off rude at all:) Thank you for requesting♥ I honestly LOVED writing this, I was so excited when I saw those two quotes being requested so thank you so much

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 778

“Stop saying you love me when you don’t mean it.”

“I wish I could hate you, I really do.”

You aren’t simply a good friend, you have become part of my soul. We’ve been through so much together yet you’re so oblivious to the obvious signs. When life became a storm you were the boat that kept the salty water from entering my lungs. You were always there for me as I was for you. We said we’d always be there for each other and neither of us has broken that promise. You were love when I needed it and I thank you for that. You may have been the love when I needed it but it had stayed with me. I’m hopelessly in love with my best friend and it’s eating me up inside.

You flung yourself on Jungkook’s bead once you entered his room, him following you soon after landing right beside you.

“I honestly hate you.” 

“No you don’t, you love me, you can’t hate me.” Jungkook laughed staring up at his ceiling along with you. If only he knew how true those words really were.

“Well I wish I could. I wish I could hate you, I really do.” You say bluntly, so much emotion behind those words yet Jungkook never caught on. He sat up leaning on his elbows and looked down at you.

“What’s wrong? Why so mean today?” Jungkook’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion as he looked over your features. He noticed the cold look on your face, your eyes boring into him and he couldn’t be more confused. You just rolled your eyes and sat up, pulling your hair up in a high ponytail, back facing Jungkook.

“I’m not being mean.” You simply say

“Then what’s wrong.” You took a deep breath in and closed your eyes.

I’m in love with you.

“Nothing. It’s nothing.” You stand up patting your back pockets in search for your phone. You noticed it’s lying on Jungkook’s bed. Reaching for it, it get’s snatched away and held in the hand of the boy in front of you, eyebrows not knitted anymore as he has a hard stare held on his face.

“You’re not getting your phone back until you tell me what’s wrong.” Jungkook now stood up, his height now towering over you as he took a step closer, you took a step back on instinct. “Why would you want to hate me? We’re best friends (Y/N). You know I love you-”

“Stop saying you love me when you don’t mean it.” You snapped, eyes angry and frustration was soon filling in them but most of all hurt resignated in them. Jungkook was able to see that right away.  

“What are you talking about? Of course I love you (Y/N).” Jungkook took another step forward which you took another step back, legs hitting his dresser  blocking you from moving back anymore. Seeing his opportunity Jungkook took another step towards you, arms on each side of you resting on the dresser completely blocking any move for escape. 

You lowered your head, staring at your now more fascinating fingers than looking at the boy who was so close to you. You closed your eyes and took in a big breath slowly letting it out.

“You don’t love me Jungkook…not in the way that I love you.” 

Jungkook’s eyes broadened, body becoming numb and rigid as realization came flooding in. The looks, the way your cheeks would flush whenever he looked at you for too long, you were always there for him and did whatever you could to make sure he was okay, But you were just being a good friend..right? 

Your head was still down, fumbling with your fingers. Jungkook stayed right where he was, hands sliding closer towards each other until his arms were wrapped around your waist. Your breath hitched in the back of your throat from the sudden contact of skin. All Jungkook could do was stare, stare at the girl who he’d grown so close with. How could he have not seen the signs? How could he be so unaware of everything that was presented to him? He backed his head up a little but still keeping a hold on your waist and keeping a close distance between you two.

“Look at me.” His voice was deep but it came off in a whisper. 

You raised your head, eyes going to his. He saw the fear in your eyes yet you couldn’t determine the look in his. It was something you’d never seen before when he looked at you. It was unknown and foreign yet you welcomed it. His hold on you tightened as you brought you even closer, lips only grazing each other when he spoke.

“I love you too.”

My Best Friend’s Wedding Part Two

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“I swear, if we have a seat next to an annoying person, I’m going to lose my shit.” You warned Bucky as the two of you settled into your seats. The plane was almost full and you prayed that you and Bucky got lucky and didn’t have to sit next to anymore.

Bucky sat by the window while you sat beside him. He nearly knocked you over to be able to sit by the window.

“They won’t be as annoying as you will be on the flight.” Bucky joked bumping into your shoulder lightly.

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Anon Requested:  If you are still accepting drabble games, can i have 9 and 13 with yoongi please, fluff is great. Uhm i like your writing alot stay safe. Thank you in advance if you accept this one.-Ha

I hope this is what you meant by stay safe¿? But I love writing Yoongi Drabbles so thank you for requesting this :)

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Pairing: Suga (Yoongi) x Reader

Word Count: 425

“It can wait until tomorrow.”

“Don’t cry.”

You groaned once again slamming your book shut and bringing your hands to your face. You felt tears begin to prick at your eyes, school was becoming more and more stressful for you and your professors haven’t let up a tiny bit. There is a tenseness to your muscles that makes you more like a mannequin on the soft mattress you were sitting on. You wanted nothing more than to melt onto the soft foam, wrapped in blankets, and drift into the world of dreams. Yet your brain is a violent whirl of stupidity, trying to organize the chaos of your life. 

You let the tears fall from your face and pool into your hands, wiping your hands on your jeans you paid no attention to your boyfriend walking in the room and seeing your worn out, fatigue ridden body. He sat behind you startling you a bit but you relaxed once you knew who it was. He pulled you back, back against his chest as you molded into him. 

“Don’t cry.” He whispered in your ear, you wiped away the remainder of the tears that escaped your eyes. You sighed and sat back up grabbing a new textbook you had to study for. Three texts next week and all on the same day, sometimes you begin to think your professors plot to make your life more stressful. You opened your textbook only to have it closed by Yoongi.

“Stop that I need to study.” You say, opening the textbook once again. But just like before the textbook was closed and thrown off of the bed landing on the ground with a loud thud. “Yoongi!” You whipped your head around soon turning your body to face him. “I need to study.” You give a hard look but Yoongi only has a smile on his face. 

“It can wait until tomorrow, we’re going out.” Yoongi stands up and pulls you up along with him.

“No I have to-”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You have to study but you have another six days until your tests what you need is to relax. Put on your coat we’re going out.” Yoongi threw your coat at you, the coat landing over your head. 

“But, studying.” You whine pulling your coat off of your head and now on your body.

“Like I said, it can wait until tomorrow.” Yoongi grabbed your hand and began pulling you out the door and for the first time that week you could already feel the stress start to disappear and you finally start to relax.