I want to see an episode this season where Claire is hopelessly in love (maybe with Alex?) but she’s too afraid to say anything, and she’s being a little dramatic about it, but then Cas tries to talk to her, calm her down and she’ll look up at him with tear soaked eyes and say, “What do you know about being in love?”

Then Cas will turn and look at Dean, who is just leaning against the Impala, waiting (impatiently) for Cas and Claire to finish their heart to heart. Cas’ll look sad at first, eyebrows arched, but then he’ll smile, so slightly and sigh while his face brightens.  

What if Person A was hiding something about themselves that they thought would scare Person B away or make B hate them. But when B finds out they just get this look on their face and just goes “A, there is nothing you could do, and nothing you could say, that would ever make me stop loving you.” And Person A is relieved but their also like “that was cheesy as shit” Bonus - that’s the first time B has said the L word