Anonymous asked: Prompt: “It’s not gay if it’s practice…” … “but shit that was actually really nice wanna practice some more?" 

Author’s note: I haven’t written a High School AU in ages, and this prompt just screamed HS!AU, so here you go. ;)

“I’ve made up my mind, I won’t do it.” Castiel stated determinedly as he dropped his pencil and forcefully closed his biology book. “I don’t care what Anna says, I’m not going on that date.”

Castiel’s best friend Dean, who was sitting across from him, glanced up from his notes at Castiel’s sudden outburst.

“Your choice, I guess. But your sister means well, ya know… You’re almost eighteen, Cas. She just wants you to get some action.” He said, shooting Castiel one of his trademark winks.

They were in Castiel’s backyard, sitting on the grass, doing homework while at the same time soaking up some sun.

The two of them had discussed this topic before, several times in fact. Apparently Anna deemed it necessary to set her brother up for a date with a friend of hers, but Castiel had no intentions of taking this Meg girl out, even though he’d never met her and for all he knew she could be his perfect match. The reason that he was so opposed to giving the girl a simple chance? That very reason was currently staring at Castiel with bright green eyes that turned a special shade of emerald in the afternoon sun, wearing a lopsided grin that compelled Castiel to stare at a pair of full pink lips. Lips that were constantly beckoning to Castiel, as if they wanted nothing more than to be kissed.

If only… Castiel didn’t stand a chance, he was sadly aware of it. Regardless, that knowledge didn’t magically make his crush disappear, and what was the point in dating when you were already in love with someone else? Even if that someone else was your straighter-than-straight best friend. Castiel suppressed a dejected sigh, then forced himself to look away from Dean Winchester’s glorious face, staring at a nearby flowerbed instead, observing the bugs that buzzed around it.

“I understand that she’s merely trying to help, but Meg is not my type.” He gave Dean his default excuse for whenever the subject of dating was brought up.

“Yeah, because you can totally know when you haven’t even met the chick.” Dean scoffed.

Castiel didn’t have to turn and look to know that his friend was mockingly rolling those pretty green eyes.

“Believe me, I know.” Castiel insisted.

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The real bisexual agenda

For those that are interested

8:00am: food
9:00am: cry over the fact that stiles stilinski is not canonically bi
10:00am: use bi-invisibility to fight the patriarchy
10:30am: food
11:00am: explain to a dude bro that bisexuality is a real thing
11:30am: tell him that no, it does not mean you want a three way
12:00pm: food
1:00pm: celebrate the fact that clarke griffin is canonically bisexual
2:00pm: cry because dean winchester isn’t
3:00pm: more food
4:00pm: teach people the true meaning of feminism
5:00pm: cry again because steve rogers would have been a great inspiration for young lgbta kids if he was canonically bi
6:00pm: food again
7:00pm: watch orange is the new black
8:00pm: fly through the night sky wearing the bisexual flag as a cape



“This isn’t you, this isn’t you. I know you can hear me.”

“Oliver, this isn’t you. Look at me. I know you’re still in there somewhere.”



“You made us a family again. We need you. I need you.”


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pff the real reason they didn't show Cas and Dean in hot topical is that previously they stopped for a quickie in the backseat of the impala, they were going to get back suspiciously too late, so they just had a minute to dash into the shop, grab the first thing at hand, which happened to be grumpy cat and that just left them a little extra time for a rushed 69 before driving back to claire.