Wait, are angels solving people crimes now? Like Highway to Heaven but with murder, or something? Because I would watch that show.


Seriously? Youre going to walk in there and tell him the truth?

It had started as an accident; a slip of the tongue that was meant to be teasing but came out tender. Dean had called Cas ‘honey’ as he handed him a jar from the groceries- “here’s your honey, honey” Dean had said, which had made Cas blush and Sam roll his eyes. Cas was absolutely captivating when he blushed, and it made Dean want to do it again. And suddenly it morphed from an accidental one-off to Dean desperately wanting to see Cas all flustered and cute. And Oh God, when did Dean start seeing his best friend as cute? And yet he couldn’t stop the pet names from falling from his mouth. “Hand me that blade, would ya, sugar?” and “lookin’ good today, angel face” and “come with me to the store, sunshine?” and “let’s take a late night drive, sweetie pie.” It got to the point that Dean never called Cas by his name. Any time he addressed Cas it was with another pet name: hot-stuff, pumpkin, handsome, my angel. But it wasn’t until Cas came into the room one day, book in his hand saying, “hello love, have you seen this before?” as he slid the book in front of Dean, that Dean finally made his move. Standing up, Dean grabbed Cas by the lapels and tugged him into a kiss, kissing the angel until they were both breathless. “What was that for?” Cas asked when they broke apart. Dean grinned, kissing the corner of Cas’ mouth. “Nothing, buttercup, you’re just too damn irresistible.”

Destiel Chronicles


It was a love story from the very beginning.

I Love You


Hi my beautiful friends, I will talk in this meta about the episode in which Case confessed his love. Did he? Or didn’t he? Heheh let’s see.

Dean Jealous and his contra-macho cool friend reaction

Oh yes, I’m gonna talk about that scene. I saw so many memes because Dean’s dimples of discontent were loud. So get this…

MANDY: And how ‘bout you, handsome?


Gif credit @faramaiofnerdwoodforest

Dean’s face here can’t be taken by other thing than JEALOUSY, he is not amused with that girl throwing heart eyes to Cas. And he shows his dimples of discontent. Not amused at all. So, he post-reaction to this, with his mom on the table and that tough hunter too, he does what society waits for a friend to do when a girl is showing signs of flirtation to one of his friends…

But he overreacts and says a couple of silly things. One of them, Sam won’t let go easily.

Gif credit @angvlicmish


This is the lie, because Dean doesn’t want to teach Cas to conquer women. But he has to pretend he does. Because he wants to show the supportive friend he is. ’We’ve been looking for teachable moments’ like ’We?’ Sam and him? Sammy doesn’t look as if he was waiting for this moment, besides, he knows what Dean feels for Cas, so… Dean is almost reaching the ridiculous line in here. Trying so hard to sound one thing, he is not.

Look at this…

SAM: The internet here sucks. I downloaded all the bunker’s files to a new archive, but we’re not getting any signal, so I’m j–

DEAN: [makes snoring noises and pretends to sleep] Nobody cares. Cas, here’s the thing you need to know about waitresses, okay? They get hit on all day long, so you gotta bring your A game. But, upside? [clicks tongue] They always smell like food.

WALLY: [nodding along with Dean, then pointing at him] They always smell like food.

First: Sam immediately changed the subject dragging them to the case and a difficulty he is having to get more info, and Dean! Dean just cut him off! He just can’t let a waitress hitting on Cas’ alone! Because is VERY IMPORTANT to him, to pretend he is helping him, because he is the waitress experienced friend, and try to low Castiel’s expections into venture to do that!

Because… He says ‘They always smell like food!“ As if that were something sexy!

And Wally is just affirming that premise, and then Sam… Because he was interrupted by his brother’s fake show, and because he knows what’s the behind the scenes, he engages revengeful …

SAM: Is that really an upside? They smell like food?

MARY: Okay– okay…

DEAN: Right? It’s great.

SAM: Why would you want them to smell like food?

Dean can’t lie to Sam, because Sam knows the truth, he knows Dean is trying to kill every interest Castiel could ever have in hook up with any waitress in the world. Because he is jealous! And I believe Mary noticed that too, and just scolded their boys. Hehehe.

Then this?


Gif credit @angvlicmish

Okay, leaving to a side that his face is out of control, because he really thinks Cas is devastating handsome, he keeps with the cool friend that helps his friend, and the only one believing that story in that table is Wally, because he didn’t live the Destiel drama. Dean is pretending like a good, because Wally is there. But Sam know, Mary knows, and even Cas knows.


Gif credit @angvlicmish

Dean is like 'I helped you, buddy, did you like that? I’m a cool friend.’ and Cas is like ’Do you really want me to date this female, Dean?’ just because the poor guy put so many effort on that. Geez. Dean is a mess… Heheheh.

I Love You

I will try to focus the meta in the 'I love you’ scene, because before that, we have a very distressed Dean Winchester trying to save his angel. Dean is nervous, and in denying. Because his head can’t process the fact of loosing Castiel for ever. He can’t handle that lost, that’s why he denies it.

Now, let’s go to the famous scene. Did Cas said I Love You to Dean?


Gif credit @angvlicmish

If you rewatch the scene, previous to this confession, Castiel is looking at Dean straight in the eyes, then he drops his gaze and says these words, with a hint of shame.

But Dean’s reaction can only been explained as someone who’s hearing his best friend saying goodbye and giving up. And also, because in english language, this I LOVE YOU, could be sayed to a singular person of more than one. So, Dean thinks this I Love You was for them (Dean, Sam and Mary) that’s why that face, is a face that says : ’ Come one man, don’t say it, you won’t die, this is not the goodbye.’

I know a lot of people thinks Dean’s reaction is because he wasn’t prepared to receive a love confession, but I don’t really think that. He is not prepared to say it. And in this take, he thinks this goodbye confession if for all the Winchesters in that room. Why do I think this? Because his reaction is very different when he sees Cas saying this to Sam and Mary.

Gif set credit @princessknoblauch 👇



Cas averts his eyes to Sam and Mary and Dean’s face is of realization here.

He realizes the first I LOVE YOU was for him.

Why would Cas make that difference? Because the meaning are different. Even when he previously confess they are his family, he chooses to look at Dean first a confess one exclusive I love you for him.

Is platonic? Is romantic?

I truly believe is romantic, because there was shame in Cas’ face, and he dropped his eyes before saying it. And I think Dean knew this deep inside.

But it could be taken otherwise, that’s why it stays like a grey zone between them.

When Crowley comes and saves Castiel, Dean’s face of relief is priceless, and there’s this little finger touch Cas made over Dean’s hand before left his hand go. They were close to be separated, what they don’t know is, this is a foreshadow of Castiel’s real death at the endo of the season, but also, Dean saying: "Let’s go home” is foreshadowing too his own words in episode 13x06, when Castiel comes back to him.

To Conclude:

Episode 12x12 has Jealous!Dean, inside a hilarious scene, but it also has a sad foreshadow of Castiel’s death.

Cas said confessed his love for the Winchesters as a family, but it was a special and exclusive confession he made to Dean, because the hint of shame and the dropped gaze, it meant more than just a platonic confession.

Dean’s reaction is different to the second confession, because he realizes the first one was just for him.

I really hope you enjoyed this meta, see you in the next one!

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Me at my favorite characters: go find some girls

Me: get in trouble

Me: live a little

The Fanfiction: They’re gay

Me: That’s even better!

Me: Even better! Go gays!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

Dean is where Sam told Castiel he thought he was when the angel asked for the older Winchester’s whereabouts. He can tell even with the closed door in front of him, he can hear Dean’s relaxed humming, a melody Cas has forgotten the name of but that he can remember clearly, the warmth of his soul. He opens the door slowly and there he is, working on the impala, half his body hidden under the open hood, faded blue jeans covered in oil stains, fabric ripped in some spots.

“Hello, Dean, ” he announces his presence, or the hunter will joke again about buying Cas a bell so he stops scaring him, always appearing suddenly without a warning.

“Hey, Cas.” Dean gives him a quick look, a warm grin.

“Is there something I can help you with?” He doesn’t know anything about cars, of course, only the few things Dean has taught him in case he is alone and his car has some kind of problem, but that doesn’t matter he just wants to spend some time with Dean, enjoy his company, like someone searches the warmth of the Sun in a cold day, hear him talk about the things he loves, seeing how his eyes light up when he tolds old stories or explains something about the car to Castiel.

“You can clean inside,” Dean replies after a thoughtful pause, “I forgot to rewind some of my tapes too,” he adds, “you remember how I told you to do that?”

Castiel nods, then he remembers Dean can’t see him, “Yes, Dean, I will get to it.” He opens the passenger door, he checks everything is clean, then does the same in the backseat, finding a book he thought he had lost under the seat. “By the way,” he starts once he is sitting in the front seat, working on the tapes, with slow and reverent hands “Sam told me he has found a case, we need to leave soon.”

That has Dean moving back, searching for Castiel over the edge of the hood, “you coming too?” Castiel nods, leaving a tape, picking another one, this looks older than the rest, the handwriting isn’t Dean’s, “that’s good man.” Castiel is sure it’s just his imagination, Dean isn’t smiling more widely, his mood hasn’t lifted because of the news, he is just forcing himself to believe those things in a daydream.

“Yes, I will try my best to be helpful.” Dean huffs at that, Castiel looks up from the tape but he can’t see Dean’s face anymore, he has no clue of what’s wrong now.

“It’s,” a pause, “it’s not about that, Cas.” There is something in Dean’s tone Castiel can’t understand, it’s still difficult for him, after all these years, to comprehend everything that goes through the mind of the humans around him.

“I had never seen this tape before,” he changes topics, like he has seen Dean do a million times before, hoping to ease the sudden tension between them, to move past the topic of his own value or the reason he wants to be around Dean, that will never be what Dean wants too, he learned a long time ago to live with those unrequited feelings.

Dean moves away from the engine, he cleans his hands with a rag and walks towards the open passenger door, squating down there, “let me see it.” His eyes light up with recognition when Cas shows the tape, the label, a bit wrinkled and stained reads Mary’s songs. “Oh man, that one is my mom’s, dad made it for her when they first met, has her favourite songs, I barely listen to it, I don’t want to break it or something,” he shrugs, “people used to do this, give tapes with their favourite music to whoever they liked, human romantic gestures.” He shrugs again but all of a sudden his expression changes, his eyes widden, he looks at the tape then at Cas, he looks ready to bolt.

Cas feels the light weight of the tape Dean gave him turn heavier and heavier with each passing second inside his coat’s inner pocket, the one in the left side.

It doesn’t mean anything, he tells himself. “Dean, I -” his voice dies before he can really say anything, what is he going to say anyway?

But it doesn’t matter, Dean nods to himself, like he didn’t even heard Castiel,“like I said before,” he starts, slowly, “ it’s not about that, it’s not about you coming along to be helpful, we appreciate all you can do for us out there on hunts, your abilities, your knowledge, but,” Dean takes a deep breath, he looks down, his eyes on the tape, then back at Cas again, a soft smile now gracing his lips, he dares to lift his hand, rest it on Cas’ knee, “it’s about having you there, even if you can’t help us, I don’t get it sometimes why you like spending time here with me,” he slips Cas notices, he doesn’t say us this time around, “this life ain’t pretty, but I am not, "he scratches the back of his neck with his free hand, "i don’t like being selfish,” and he isn’t, Castiel has never met someone as selfless as he is, has said that much, making Dean blush, many times before,“ but i am not gonna miss a chance to have you here, I love having you around, okay?” Cas has to blink away the wetness he can feel forming in his eyes, he loves having Dean around too, before he can stop himself he is cradling the side of Dean’s face with his hands and Dean, instead of shying away from his touch like he feared, leans into it, to Cas’ surprise he even tilts his head slightly to drop a kiss against the palm of his hands, the simple and gentle gesture of affection makes something tighten in Castiel’s chest.

They share a look, a wordless question, an if you are ready I am ready.

“Okay, Dean.” Cas finally whispers, not trusting his voice at the moment.


Basic Lessons in First Aid, Magical or Otherwise

Author: stuffy_j

Artist: flowersforcas

Rating: Explicit

Pairings: Dean/Castiel, past Benny Lafitte/Dean Winchester, past Ruby/Sam Winchester, mentioned Eileen Leahy/Sam Winchester

Length: 54174

Warnings: Canon-typical violence, References to past drug addiction (Sam), Threatened violence against a minor, Unsafe sex

Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern with Magic, Hurt/Comfort, Amnesiac!Castiel, Creature!Castiel, Nurse!Dean, Protective!Dean, Witch!Sam, Discussions of Magic Theory, Fluff and Angst, Strangers to Friends to Lovers

Summary: Most people probably wouldn’t take the naked, heavily wounded man they found in an alley home with them. Most people probably wouldn’t also offer that man a place to stay and become his best friend after realizing he’s suffering from an intense case of post-traumatic retrograde amnesia. Most people probably wouldn’t then risk almost everything they know to save said man, and maybe save the world in the process.

But then again, Dean Winchester, RN (with a specialty in supernatural care), has never been like most people. He may not have a magical bone in his body, unlike his brother Sam, but he’ll do whatever it takes to help. Even if Castiel has questionable opinions about Star Trek.

Link to Fic | Link to Art

Modern day Cinderella

Person A is an artist who occasionally post videos of drawing a stranger and gifting them that drawing.

It’s usually received quite well just the occasional odd look. But this time their muse (B) gets off of the train before they even get to say hi. They decided to post the video anyway with the joking capture “Does anyone know my Cinderella?”

What they didnt expect is… the video blowing up and a huge word wide search for their muse beginning.

“ A little birdie told me I’m your Cinderella… does this mean your my prince charming ?”

“Well, if the picture fits!”

Bonus: they knew each other from high school but A didn’t recognize B

Notes from the Scene

[Read on AO3]

Prompt 1: Passing Notes
Prompt 2: “I cursed the gloom that set upon us/But I know that I love you so…" 

"So, Sheriff, why don’t you take us through the case as it stands?”

The burly lawman begins running down the details on the missing persons case that had ostensibly brought the Winchesters (or rather Agents Weinkauf, Miller, and Beller) to town. Dean tunes him out almost as soon as he starts talking. They know way more about this case than this guy ever will. They have to act like he has point on the investigation, though, if they want to stay on the good side of the local law.

They also need to keep the sheriff occupied for at least twenty minutes while Sam does his thing in the file room down the hall. These disappearances happen every 42 months on the button, and they need as much data as they can get on the past vics if they’re going to crack this thing.

Dean sneaks a look to his left and admires his partner’s profile. The three of them had treated themselves to facials and shaves at the barbershop down the street this morning, and Cas is lookin’ good. Taking care to keep nodding and acting thoughtful as the sheriff continues his info dump, he scribbles for a moment in his field notebook. He gives Cas’s shoulder a nudge and tilts the paper towards him.

My boyfriend is super foxy, it reads.

Keep reading

i just love knowing dean and cas watch movies together because i love knowing they spend quality angst free time together and i also love it because i know in my heart they stay up until late, when the credits have already rolled and dean is fighting sleep, sharing opinions and laughs, longing looks and old stories, secrets and dreams