Cas being relegated to questioning the victim’s six year-old daughter because Dean and Sam don’t want him freaking out her widowed mother. 

Dean walking into Danielle’s room forty-five minutes later to find both her and Cas deep in conversation while working on some crayon drawings. He’s decked out in a sparkly tiara and drawing a gorgeously detailed unicorn while she works on what appears to be a T-Rex. They’re idly chatting about dinosaurs, and it takes a second for Dean to figure out that Castiel is talking about how lovely the diplodocus’s singing voice was. 

“But how do you know?” Dani says. 

“Because I was there,” Cas answers. 

She considers this for a moment before nodding like she knows he’s old, so it makes sense. "So… What was the dipo-diplo–“ 


"Yeah, what was their fav'rit song?" 

"Hmm.” Cas purses his lips. “It’s difficult because there were so many, and everybody had a favourite, but I would have to say… most likely: The Very Gentle Giant. That was very popular in the late Jurassic." 


"Indeed. I’d sing it for you, but human vocal chords would butcher it." 

Dean, leaning against the doorjamb, takes the lull in conversation to clear his throat. It’s a losing battle to stop himself from smiling. "You ready to go, Agent?" 

Castiel looks up and grins back. "Of course.” He gets up and very carefully removes his tiara, stooping to put in on the low table and sign his drawing. “Well, Dani, it was a pleasure to–oof!”

Dani’s little arms attempt to wrap around Castiel’s legs. 

“Thanks for teaching me ‘bout the dinosaurs!” 

“Any time,” Cas says. “And don’t forget to call me if you remember anything, alright? Or if you get scared.”


On the way out of the house, Dean grabs Cas’s hand, tugging him back while Sam gets into the car. He plays with Castiel’s palm as the recently-turned-human frowns. “Dean?”

“Yeah,” Dean replies. He threads their fingers together and squeezes, leaning in to peck him quickly on the mouth. They normally never touch like this while on interviews, so Cas blushes profusely at the contact. 

“What was that for?” he mumbles, dazed as the pads of his fingers move up to graze his own lips. His smile is so goofy, Dean can’t help grinning back.

“Nothing,” he shrugs. Now his cheeks flush. “You just, ah, you just looked real good in there, that’s all. Great job with the kid.”

“Oh, um, thank you.”

“Yeah, no problem.”

They hold hands all the way to the car.

September Favorites

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So, here’s my favorite fan fiction that I’ve stumbled upon, or been tagged in, this month! 

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you’d think writing funny relatable textposts is easy but it’s more like; should I type in bold or italics to epxress my point? are there too many words, is this boring? Should I Use CAPSLOCK All the TIME? do i need?? more question marks??? to show!!! how?!! serious??? i am??? or…… more like …. leaving space ….. or mroe spelinf mistakes to shwo i dont give a fcuk but i do ….. and should i finish it like this or should i just kinda

Just Kiss Already! | Dean x Reader Imagine | Request

beccafgs has given me a new request :) Where Sammy is done with Dean and Y/N’s eyescrewing. So it shall be done…

I quietly groaned as I watched my brother and my friend engaging in their stupid eyesex thing from across the room. Dean was sitting in a chair pretending to be reading a book (Not likely) and Y/N had casually tried to look like she was engrossed in some fashion magazine (Even less likely) while casting longing gazes at each other.

I was so sick of this obnoxious bullshit.

And I think I might not be the only one…

A blush steadily traveled into my cheeks as I glanced at Dean from the couch. Shit, did he see me? I quickly looked away from him when our gazes caught each other accidentally.

But then, in less than a second, my vision went dark.

“What!?” I cried in surprise as I could vaguely feel a hand grip my arm and I went flung into a darkened closet.

Wait, closet?

“OW!” Dean’s sharp bark of pain caught my attention and I instantly looked down in worry.

“Dean, you okay?” I leaned towards the voice but I only caught a small ‘I’m fine’ before I heard Dean furiously banging on the door.

“What the hell is going on!?”

As the green-eyed hunter stopped his attack on the door I could hear a feint laugh from the other side.

“Sam!?” I exclaimed.

His muffled voice came from the outside room, “Alright now you two are going to confess your feelings for each other. Dean, don’t be an ass about it, Y/N, don’t be shy. Sam ‘Thirdwheel’ Winchester is going to the cinema for a few hours. I’ll let you out when I get back”

“Sammy don’t you dare…” Dean growled.

“Ciao!” And I heard the sound of the bunker door slamming shut.

In aggravation Dean slammed his fist on the sturdy door once more, “Dammit!” He shouted.

“Can’t you kick it down?” I asked, trying to back as far away from Dean as possible.

“No… We reinforced the doors, remember?” I cursed that stupid idea we thought of a month back. If I hadn’t suggested it then we wouldn’t be…

Alone… In a dark closet…

That blush was returning again…

“It’s alright… He said that he’d let us out when he get’s back, right? He won’t keep up in here forever” I reassured.

“Yeah… I’m sure you’re right…”

“We’re going to die in here, aren’t we?” I groaned, trying to fan my boiling face to bring some kind of relief to the unbearable heat.

“That bastard turned off the A/C…” My crush murmured.

“No shit Sherlock… I hadn’t noticed…” It felt as though it had been an hour since Sam had abandoned us in this god-forsaken closet and I was beginning to debate the possibility of removing some of my clothing to try and lessen the heat. But of course I thought against it.

Dean, however, did not.

“That’s it, I can’t take it…” And he started shrugging off one of his layers of clothes. When he went to pry the sweaty t-shirt from his chest I had to look away.

“Why does it have to be so hot…” I complained, wiping the beads of sweat that had formed at the small of my neck.

“It feels like that summer we had to hunt down that asshole spirit in Texas. But like… ten times worse…” I was unaware at the annoyed glare Dean was sending towards me.

“I mean, I feel like I just got stranded in some lava… actually lava is sounding pretty nice right about now it’s so ho-” My sentence was cut short by the feeling of a hand wrapping itself around my wrist and my body being slammed against the door.

My eyes went wide when, in the small light provided to me by the crack under the doorway, I could see Dean’s topless self pressing me into the wall.

“If you don’t shut up about how hot it is I’m gonna give you a reason to feel hot…”

My mouth was left agape when he roughly pressed his lips onto mine, pulling away after a few seconds.

“Don’t tell Sammy this… But there might be a slight truth to what he said…”

Getting over my daze I slowly ran a hand through his light brown hair a softly spoke, “Yeah… same here too…”

Just then I felt my body go light and I painfully had to crash onto the floor of the bunker with Dean on top of me. The air dropped from my lungs as nearly 175 pounds fell on top of me.

“Well, I see that my master plan was a success” Sam smirked at the picture he had taken with his phone at the sight of a shirtless Dean crashed on top of me.

-Extended Ending-


“NO AND YOU’RE NOT GONNA CATCH ME!” Sam shouted as Dean tore through the bunker chasing the vessel of Lucifer.

Wow… Once brothers, always brothers…