Honestly? Jennifer Lawrence couldnt be more dessperate for attention. Lupita was getting so much attention that she had to fake to fall down the red carpet again. Everyone glorifies her because she isnt bone skinny and she says she loves pizza and blah blah blah, yeah, we get it, you love her because she is such a hipster like you. 

But its obvious she is that kind of person, the kind of person that does some stupid thing for the other persons to laugh about it. And Ellen just plays it along with her “wow, a rare picture of jennifer lawrence on her feet!!!!” yeah, she loves that attention that ellen is giving to her.

And she isnt such a great actress, her part on the hunger games was really easy to act, it bothers me how people on this site say “she is such a great actress!!” when they have no idea what is quality acting. And if she wasnt on the hunger games she wouldnt even be on the oscars.

BIGBANG’s reaction: them rejecting your confession but then wants you back

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G-DRAGON i think he would be that kind of person, who would act very cold after rejecting your confession. He would be angry with himself, at first trying to blaming you, his job, frends and everything around him, but after all, he would just explode inside because he wouldn’t know how to get you back

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T.O.P after rejecting you, he would try to make your relations still be close as friends, but after he realizes that he loves you back, he would act like a foolish child in a little annoying but also sweet way. He would take you for dates, even if you wouldn’t know that you’re going on one, he would call you every day and he would try really hard to make you feel comfortable around him and he would hoping that you’ll forgive him soon.

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TAEYANG after world biggest act of dessperation and many, long talks with his freinds or family, he would try to avoid you, he would be more into his job and practice a very long time, he would go to more parties, maby flirt with other woman, trying to forget you and hoping that you’ll move on soon too.

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DAESUNG would do everything like in this romantic movies. He would sneak to you to give you a long letter how lovely you are looking today, he would bring you flowers, he would sing or dance for you and always try to make you laugh

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SEUNGRI i think he would try to act it cool, like, nothing happened, let’s be friends, or better, let’s be friends with benefits, and so on, but after all, he would be verry jealous because of your new and old friends, he would be annoyed af, when you go out with the boy from your school/job, but he would try to not show that, because you deserve better

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Thoughts on 520 (Gleecap...ish)

WARNING! If you love Blaine, Sam or Klaine DO NOT read!

So here is what you missed on glee: …oh who the hell cares, it doesn´t matter anyways

Tonight on glee: same old bullshit, turn off the tv, go hug your kids or make a sandwich, go have crazy sex or something. All way better alternatives than watching this crap, then again, punching yourself in the face or runnng repeatedly against a wall head first is also better then glee. At least you know that headache will be gone by tomorrow and not a year from now.

I had to force myself to watch this episode. I realized there is nothing left that i want to see. Also whatever happens in this episode it will not really matter with the time jump and i don´t care about these people anymore.

By now it´s not an excited “uhhh i wonder what will happen this week” it´s an “ugh!I wonder what shitfest will happen this week”

Let´s get this over with…

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Girl Crush

Inspired by the song Girl Crush by Little big town.

I got a girl crush, hate to admit it but I got a heart rush its slowing down.

She didn’t want to admit it. She refused to admit it. Why was she so stubborn?
She watched them from across the table as Henry and Charlie tried to distract her with various topics but nothing worked, so she blocked them out…and watched them. He talked to the person next to him and she played on her phone.

I got it real bad…wan’t everything she has. That smile and that midnight laugh… shes giving you now…

She scooted back from the table and rose out of her chair to excuse her self, she could'nt watch them anymore, her stomach couldn’t handle it. Grabbing her coat she rushed outside and into the dark of the night. The harsh wind nipped her pale skin as she made her way down the side walk in a hurried pace as if someone was chasing her.

“MERYL” A familiar voice called from behind her, making her walk faster. ‘Oh no…please God no.’ Meryl begged to herself.

“MERYL WAIT” the voice shouted, followed by quickening footsteps. He was running after her. Picking up her pace, Meryl sprinted down the side walk, running away from him. This was her fault, she pushed him away and he didnt deserve to keep chasing her’ she thought to herself as she stomped the concrete.
Two muscular arms caught her in a death grip and pulled her into a dark secluded ally way.

“Why did you run away from me? I know you heard me” Maks snapped at her, a sob building in her throat.

“You have to stop chasing me Maks.” she pleaded.

“Why did you run out like that? Whats wrong?” he pushed.

“Maks …please” she cried covering her eyes to block the tears that were threatning to burst.

“Tell me. Whatever it is I’ll fix it.”

“I can’t watch you two together!” she yelled in frustration. “Is that what you want to know? That my stomach churns when I see you together? That I regreat every single moment when I told you I wanted to focus on my career? Becasue I do Maks…” she sobbed quietly as she looked at him in pain. “I have never regretted anything more in my life and I can’t fix this with some ettiquete speech or a Drake quote on instagram becasue I have some pathetic girl crush on Peta!” she screamed.

“Girl crush?” He asked in confusion.

“Yes Maks…because I can’t get her out of my head.” She sobbed cluthing her hair by the roots and pulling. “I can’t stop thinking about the fact that she gets to touch you and stroke you and she gets to dance with you anytime she wants, she gets to you have you hold her at night and she gets to wake up to you and kiss you and hold you and have a future with you….”

I wan’t to taste her lips…yea casue they taste like you. I wanna drown myself in a bottle of her perfume…I want her long blond hair I want her magic touch yea cause maybe then you’d want me just as much…I got a girl crush

“…I lay awake at night wanting to be her Maks becasue she has you and I don’t…” she tried but Maks had heard enough. Grabbing her roughly he slammed her against the brick wall and crushed his lips to hers.

…I got a girl crush…

Threading his fingers through her hair, Maks kissed down her neck, leaving a blazing trail of heat to course through her body, causing Meryl to clutch to him in dessperation. Hiking her dress up so it bunched around her waist, Maks slid her lace panties down her thighs so they pooled at her feet. Sliding his hands under her thighs he hoisted her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist as he steadied them against the wall.

I don’t get no sleep, I don’t get no peace… thinking about her, under your bed sheets.

Stroking her damp cheek, he gazed into her eyes before melding their lips once more. Tongues fought for domunace as teeth clinked against one another like glass, ready to break. He fingered her softly as she mewled agasint his mouth, his body protecting her from the harsh cold night. Her hands undid his belt, allowing his engorged member to spring free from its trap. Pulling his hand away, she begged him with her body to fill her.

The way that shes whispeing, the way that shes pulling you in…. Lord knows I’ve tried, I cant get her off my mind.

Forcing her hands away from him, Maks brought them above her head, threading their hands together.

I wan’t to taste her lips….

Slamming into her, Maks covered his mouth with hers to swallow her scream.

yea casue they taste like you.

Pent up frustrasion, anger, confusion, depression, sadness, and every other emotion drove Maks to slam into her as hard as he could. She bit his neck in anger as he crushed her to the wall.

I wanna drown myself in a bottle of her perfume…

Releasing her hands, Maks yanked her hair back in frustration, forcing his mouth to hers in a brusing kiss allowing her to reach under his shirt and claw at his back…forcing blood to seep into the cotton.

I want her long blond her hair…

Kissing her harder, Maks bit down as he thrusted her in to the brick wall, licking her bleeding lip.

I want her magic touch…

He fused their bodies into one in a dark ally.

“You left” He gritted out. Thrust

…yea cause maybe then you’d want me just as much…

“I have givin you no reason to be jealous.” he breathed harshly agasint her cheek. Thrust.

…I got a girl crush…

“I am sorry.” She sobbed. Holding on to him for dear life as he gave her what she needed.

…hate to admit it but…

“I love you.” He whispered into her ear as he felt her clench around him.

…I got a heart rush…

“I am so sorry…” she pleaded in to his neck.

“I love you” he repeated. Coming apart against him, Meryl cried in relief as he released himself inside of her.

“I love you.” She whispered, surrendering to him.

…it aint slowing down…

People who say “I WANT A BOYFRIEND JUST LIKE TATE!!!!11” bother me so much. If you say that either you didnt watched the show or you didnt payed attention to it. First of all, he was a serial killer, ok? he murdered a lot of innocent people and he set his mom’s boyfriend on fire. He was sick and he was a monster.

Second of all, he didnt loved violet. He never did. He was just feeling lonely because he was trapped in that house for ever and he had been there for like at least 20 years and when he saw a girl of his age buy the house that had been lonely for so long it was obvious he was dessperate for some love. He was just lonely, that wasnt love, it was a sick dessperate way to get away from the fact that he was sick and dead.