This three designs are for a very special project that I’m doing. Soon I will explain it and add four o five dessigns more

I hope you like it, is my first time doing this line style. (coloring the line) And I enjoyed a lot the process. 

I love to share this things with all of you, because I’m learning a lot about the preferences of people in art, and how and where are my mistakes when I drawing. And I think I’m improving my skills step by step. And all is thanks to tumblr and to you. :)



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And again doing more Glem talk because for some reason I’ve been really intoit lately, and by into it I mean planning and making sprites (but hey, that’s a part of developing the game).

And it’s that, seeing all the problems I’m having with the jetpack effect I’ve thinking about using a discarded concept I had (discarded because I didn’t know which kind of function give to it) to replace it as the speed effect, it would surely be something easier to sprite and I really like the dessign.

The only problem is that my 0.00 had only 3 effects, and I’ve already removed one of them, I think that removing 2, or even all my 0.00 effects would feel like I didn’t have anything planned and I’m throwing random pieces together and hoping it looks good (which is exactly what I’m doing, but that’s not the point!)

So what do you think? Should I change the 0.00 effects if the replacements are easier to sprite/just look better in context with the rest of the game or I should stick to what I showed in the 0.00 (minus the bugs, bad graphics and nonlooping music, of course :P)?

I found this old sprite of an Eldrid recolor npc, I don’t know if I’m actually going to use it in the update because while the idea isn’t absolutely bad, at the same time it feels like I’m just adding human characters for the sake of spamming human characters.

Still, I wanted to make a newer version of the character sprite so ithe dessign looks a little less silly.