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31 Day Veggie Challenge!
Anyone Interested in going vegetarian/vegan for a month? It is a great way to try the lifestyle and see how you like it :) Even if you only try it for a few days! I encourage everyone to give it a try and participate in this challenge! (Vegetarians just replace the word vegan with vegetarian*). I hope you all enjoy this! It should be fun and allow you all to learn more about veganism!

  1. What made you want to go vegan?
  2. Try a new vegetable/fruit.
  3. Begin a new book relating to veganism.
  4. Who are your favorite vegan celebrities?
  5. Visit an animal sanctuary.
  6. Buy new vegan make up/clothes/shoes/ etc.
  7. Bake a vegan dessert.
  8. Teach others about the benefits of a vegan diet.
  9. Make a new sandwich incorporating something you’ve never had before!
  10. Watch a documentary you haven’t seen before!
  11. Who are your favorite vegans on tumblr?
  12. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  13. Make a vegan meal for your family.
  14. Make your own hummus.
  15. What is your favorite recipe book/blog?
  16. Share your experience as a vegan with others.
  17. Learn something new about veganism.
  18. Do you have any family/friends that are vegan?
  19. Try nice cream.
  20. Invite someone to an animal sanctuary with you or have them over to watch a documentary. 
  21. Try to encourage your school/work place /or even just a friend to participate in meatless Mondays.
  22. Try a green smoothie!
  23. What is your favorite quote relating to veganism?
  24. What is your favorite place to eat out? What do your order?
  25. Share your favorite books/movies/etc relating to veganism.
  26. What do you pack for lunch? Favorite vegan recipe?
  27. Other than going vegan, how else can you help protect and improve animal welfare and the environment?
  28. What have you learned about veganism that has impacted your life the most?
  29. Advice for new vegans?
  30. Encourage someone else to try out this lifestyle!
  31. Send me a message letting me know what you thought of this challenge and veganism in general :D

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