desserts that can be made by kids

Whatever I want...

Words Count: +3000 (Sorry)

Warning: Teasing, Heavy Make out, smut.

/*It turns out becoming so lame, sorry.*/

As I walk through the front door, I feel excitement to see Henry, is been a few weeks since we spend proper time together. I called him early to inform the meeting was a success and he told me we were going to celebrate tonight.

“Henry, I’m home!” I call, looking for him.

He comes from the dinner room, smiling sweetly at me. “Congratulations, my love.” He says as he approaches me. He kisses deeply, holding my face. It takes my breath away, but I don’t want to part. I feel the weight of the past days been lifted of my shoulders. I want nothing more than stay in this man’s arms for as long as possible.

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The Last Night


I should be asleep, but after knowing what I know, I HAD to write this.

I am a filthy Louper shipper DON’T LOOK AT ME

The last night.

Funny how it sounded so final.

Personally, Piper didn’t feel like it should be that big of a deal. It was just college. It wasn’t like she wouldn’t come home for the holidays. It wasn’t like she’d never see her family again, or her friends.

‘The last night’ didn’t mean ‘the end’…

She glanced over to her right, taking in the flash of white teeth as her best friend grinned at some joke his mother had just told about his wild child days, green eyes crinkling at the corners as he laughed raucously. Funny–they were both young adults now, but while Piper had to get reacquainted with herself with every year she grew older, it still felt like Louis hadn’t changed a bit.

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anonymous asked:

Could you write something about Harry talking to the baby you carry in your womb? Please! 🙈 You got me hooked on all the dad!Harry stories and you're so talented I need more rip

No doubt that had me all hooked up as well. Agh daddy Harry kills me!!!

Harry’s been very jumpy and  enthusiastic since he found out that you’ve been blessed with a baby girl in your belly. He wouldn’t stop blubbering about how much he is gonna spoil the baby once she’s out. No doubt she was gonna be spoiled rotten, not only by his father but by her aunty Gemma, grandma and many others.

You gigged as Harry massaged your a little swollen feet, telling you how he used to be late in his school all the time and other childhood memories.

You were listening to harry as he placed one of his hand of your tummy and went on talking about his old days. Suddenly you felt a hard kick inside your belly. Fist kick. Baby kicked for the first time.

“Is i’ wha’ I think?” Harry says with widen eyes as you nod happily.

“Oh my god.” with one hand one his mouth, Harry kneels down so he’s face to face with the baby.

“Hi little one” Harry says, eyes widening as he feels another kick.

“think she likes hearing your voice, go on peaches” you said running your hand through Harry’s hair as he nods. You could see tiny droplets of water in the corner of his eyes, probably because of the amount of happiness he’s feeling right now.

‘Hey baby girl, like i’ when daddy talks t’ yeh. Don’ yeh?” Harry chuckles feeling one big hard kick as he continues.

“Can’ wait to mee’ us huh? Mommy and daddy can’ wait to mee’ yeh too poppet. We love yeh so much already.” Harry says as he presses his lips to the swell of your belly where his little munchkin is settled peacefully.

“Go on Harry.” You whisper.

“And when yeh come ou’, daddy’s gonna play dollies with yeh and will get yeh anythin’ yeh ask fo’. And remember no boys allowed till yeh ar’ 77 years old” 

“77? cmon baby that’s a lot!” you giggled as harry flashes you his smile.

“Okay, jus’ because of mommy you can bring boys home when yeh are 76!” Harry said sending you a wink as you giggled hitting his arm playfully.

You heart was filling up with love seeing your husband talking to the little angel you guys made with your love. You  knew Harry always wanted a kid and now he was having one. 

His eyes filled with extra love and care after finding out that little one is coming. Since you found out he’d always come home early cooking you your favorite meals and desserts. Seeing him this happy made you fall in love with him more. The way he’d talked to the baby bump, the way he’d hold you protectively. Just everything. 

“come ou’ fast sweetpea. We love you Rose” harry whispers before lifting your tee up and pressing his lips to your belly where baby was kicking. Smiling to self harry sits beside you and wraps his arms around your shoulder.

“Rose huh? that’s what you wanna name her?” you asked nuzzling your nose in the crook of his neck.

“yeah, she’s gonna be pretty and perfect jus’ like a rose.” harry smiles as he leaned forward to press a lingering kiss on your forehead.

“Rose. Hmmm. Then Rose is it.” 

Love Is ...Never Fails

By: @booksrockmyface

Rating: Teen and up

Summary: A series of scenes set in modern times featuring many pairings/families from the Hunger Games (similar to Love Actually). Inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. (Much thanks to thesaltywinteradult who helped iron out all these details, especially in giving me the scenario for the first Everlark scene.)

Trigger warning: The first section features sick kids (there is puke). The sixth deals with a recovering alcoholic (not explicitly mentioned, but heavily alluded to).


1. “Love is patient, love is kind”

Annie walked out of the Mags and Brendan’s room shaking her head as she cleared the thermometer. “Both are just over a hundred.” She pressed the thermometer to Pearl’s temple. The baby tried to burrow into Gale’s chest away from it. “I know, sweetie. Just give me a minute.” She clicked her tongue. “Hers is only ninety-nine point three.”

Finnick stepped out of the kitchen with bowls of soup. “I got the cure for what ails ‘em.” He walked toward the bedroom, but paused when Pearl puked all over Gale’s chest. “Ew.”

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Olicity: Heirlooms

Dialogue prompt from @its-all-write-my-friends : “It’s a relic!” “I think you mean ‘it’s a piece of junk’!”

“It’s a relic!”

“I think you mean ‘it’s a piece of junk’!”

“No, it’s an heirloom.”

“Why would you want to pass that through the generations?”

“Because it’s what my family do.”

“Oliver, do you even know what that is?”

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green monster [jimin&you]

Summary: You never understood why Jimin seems to hate you.

a/n: here goes to the anonnie who requests for jealous jimin! truly sorry if it wasn’t super amazing. i went shopping all day and came home tired, but still wanted to finish your request. if it’s not what you like, send me another requests and i’ll work on it! thanks so much for requesting. ^_^

“Woah, your song suggestions are so amazing,” the youngest, Taehyung and Jungkook says as they listen to the music which plays in your shuffle list.

“Of course, I do enjoy the indie genre,” replies you, who cheekily grins at them both.

Just then, Namjoon and Yoongi walks inside the waiting room as they sit alongside the maknaes. Curious as to what you three are talking about, Namjoon quickly asks, “what are you guys listening to?”

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anonymous asked:

Misa and No 37, 63 and 75! Thanks ❤️

37. How do they cheer each other up?

Michael brings home flowers, leaving little origami swans through the house (in her purse, the seat of her car, wherever he can sneak them) with little encouraging notes. When she gets home he’s made her favorite dinner and dessert as well as renting a movie to curl up together and watch on the couch.

Sara knows the best way to cheer Michael up is to remind him how loved he is. She makes some calls; and when he gets home Lincoln has steaks on the grill, LJ and Sucre talking nearby. Sheba and Maricruz are helping Sara with side dishes and getting the table set. The kids playing tag out back. They’ll all talk ad laugh, until her husband is back to smiling and joking.

63. Is either one confrontational?

With each other: very, very rarely.

With others? Yes.

Sara can be blatantly so. She has no fear in standing up to someone, about anything. Though on occasion she comes to regret it later.

Michael will prove the other person wrong, and he won’t back down on his stance. But it’s not always an immediate face off, often working more subtlety so they have no choice but to admit their own fault.

75. What is their favorite photo of them two together?

Michael’s is one from their (first) wedding day. Sucre snapped one of them during their first dance. It’s simple, and the pattern on Sara’s dress, as well as the definition of his suit are blurred due to motion. It’s not the greatest picture, and if he’s honest he doesn’t remember how he ended up with a copy. But it went with him when he ‘died’, goes with him to prisons all over the world, it’s a reminder of why’s he’s fighting, until it’s so faded that there’s almost nothing of it left.

Sara is most attached to one they take after things settle once more. It’s a family photo with all three of them at the park. Michael is looking down at her like she’s his whole world, and Mike is grinning at the camera as if he’s on top of the world. It’s proof of how far they’ve come, and that finally their family is whole.

Dan Howell Imagine :)

Heyyy this is for the anon that requested another daddy Dan imagine :) I hope you like it :)

*Not my picture by the way*

I hopped into my car and started it up. It had been a long day at work and all I wanted to do was go home and be with Dan, Charlie and Zoey. I drove for about 20 minutes untill I finally pulled into the driveway.  

I grabbed my bag and walked inside. I heard laughing coming from the living room. I smiled to myself as I walked into the room. I saw Dan on the floor having a little picnic with our kids. I smiled at the sight. 

I loved seeing Dan bonding with the kids. It was probably the cutest thing in the world. They sat on a
tiny blanket, eating gummy snacks. They hadn’t noticed I was in the room. I cleared my throat and smiled.
They all turned their heads and smiled at me.
“Mommy!” Charlie and Zoey called out in unison.
They jumped up as I kneeled down and hugged me.
“How was your day?” I asked them.
“Good. We got to be in one of daddy’s videos!” Charlie said.
I looked up to see Dan smiling at me.
“That’s great! Okay go wash up, i’ll order a pizza for dinner tonight.” I said.
They cheered and ran to the sink.
“Hey beautiful.” Dan said putting his arms around my waist.
I blushed and hugged him.
“Hello.” I said as I laid my head on his chest.
“I hope you don’t mind I gave the kids a little pre dinner snack. They caught me stealing some gummies so
I kind of had to.” He said smiling.
I smiled and giggled.
"So how was work?” He asked hugging me close.
“Stressful.” I sighed.
“Aww, is there anything I can do to help?” He asked.
“Just seeing my husband and kids brightens my day up.” I said smiling.
He pulled back and kissed me sweetly.
“Mommy and daddy are kissing again!” Charlie called out as he stood in the hallway.
Dan and I pulled away and laughed.
Dan grabbed the phone and ordered a couple pizzas.
I set the table and sat Charlie and Zoey in their chairs.
After the pizza came and we ate some, we sat in the their room while they made “dessert” for us. By dessert
I mean different kinds of playdough. Dan and I played along though. I left to go get a shower and when I
came back, the kids were in bed and Dan was reading them a bedtime story. I stood in the doorway in awe.
After the story, I gave them a kiss goodnight and turned on their night light.
I closed the door and walked into Dan and mine’s bedroom.
I crawled into bed with Dan as he put his arms around me and put my head on his chest.
“You’re amazing.” I said as I fiddled with the hem of his shirt.
“Not as amazing as you love.” He said kissing my head.
Gosh I love him.

Request an imagine in the ask :)

Their favorite desserts
  • Eren: He would look for something unconventional and zesty, like a key lime cake. He would love to taste the rather "shocking" flavor of the cake, and have the salty taste of his meal completely removed from his mouth. As much as he likes key lime, he would also appreciate other citrus-flavored desserts.
  • Armin: After a heavy meal, he would just want a nice, warm cup of latte to aid him in settling his stomach. He wouldn't want something too sweet, too sour, or too bitter to cap off his meal, so he would stick with something that would be a perfect mix of all, which would be coffee.
  • Reiner: His all-time favorite would be the ever-so tempting lava cake. He would have it after a meal, before a meal, or whenever he just needs a quick sugar pick-me-up. He'd definitely love to pair it with a vanilla ice cream whenever he feels like he needs more sugar.
  • Bertholdt: For someone who seemingly has a sensitive stomach, he'd most likely pick anything green tea to calm his stomach down. He'd also love the very light and sweet taste of it, so it'd definitely be the first on his most craved desserts.
  • Jean: His inner kid will always push him to look for a chocolate bar whenever his cravings for sweets kick in. He would probably go for a dark chocolate bar rather than going for something overly sweet or loaded with overwhelming fillings.
  • Marco: After a long day or a filling meal, his sweet tooth would tell him to grab a slice of cheesecake to wrap up his meal/day. He wouldn't exactly have a bias in the flavor, so he could be see either with a slice of an Oreo cheesecake, or a New York style cheesecake.
  • Connie: Something that would refresh him as much as it loads him up with sugar would be his favorite, hence fruit slices would be his dessert of choice. He would most likely look for summer fruits, such as pineapple, mango, etc.
  • Levi: It has pretty much been established that he has an undying love for tea, so it wouldn't really be a surprise if he would immediately look for a warm cup of black tea whenever he feels the need for something sweet. He would most likely would want a cup before bed, even if it has high caffeine content.
  • Erwin: Something that has been his favorite ever since he was a kid would be a dessert he'd stick with. I can imagine him getting excited over the very traditional apple pie. He'd happily eat it no matter where it comes from, but he'd always appreciate a home made pie.
  • Mike: His remarkable sense of smell would urge him to go after something that'd get him at first sniff and taste. He would go for something coffee-flavored and sweet, like an espresso panna cotta. He would also like simple coffee cakes or even go for coffee candy.
  • Mikasa: It seems like she'd be into the cute and overly sweet desserts, hence she'd most likely go for cupcakes whenever she gets a chance. Her favorite flavors would most likely red velvet or anything with a sweet and tasty icing.
  • Annie: She would be into tart/sour desserts that needs an acquired taste, and an example of such would be lemon tart. Even if it's not the traditional sweet and sugary dessert, she would just ignore the fact and have as much as she'd want during her dessert-craving days.
  • Sasha: As much as she can appreciate all kinds of desserts, her heart would still long for ice cream during her sweet cravings. She would most likely have bubblegum or chocolate chip as her favorite flavors.
  • Christa: Something sweet and light would definitely hit the spot for her, and she would go all out on the sugar content, thus cotton candy would be the number one dessert for her. She would also love how the colors are very pretty, sometimes too pretty to eat.
  • Ymir: She would want a no-frills dessert as much as she'd want a very diverse dessert, so she would go for doughnuts after a heavy meal or whenever her sweet tooth tells her to get one. She would like it so much that she may be able to finish a dozen by herself.
  • Hanji: If there's one thing that she'd get excited about and always anticipate for at a dessert table, it would be jelly. The aesthetically pleasing colors and sweet would immediately lift her mood up, and the taste will always leave her reminiscent of her childhood and happy.
  • Petra: Panettone would be her dessert of choice since she wouldn't always be able to have it as it's seasonal, and it's very warm and delicious. She would love to have it whenever she feels not so good or even when she feels good.
Soukoku (or mainly Chuuya) HCs

For @dazaiscans and of course for @hyakuraii

  • Contrary to popular belief, Chuuya actually sings really well when he’s drunk (shoutout to GRANRODEO’s Taniyama Kishou) even though he still acts pretty damn drunk, and that’s why whenever Dazai’s around he gets drunk REAL quick - because it’s funny to watch him fight a microphone stand that’s taller than him, and because his voice is practically angelic. Also Dazai collects onlookers’ tips in Chuuya’s hat.

  • Chuuya knows several languages, although French was the first one he learnt after Japanese, because he’s always wanted to go to Paris. Later he learns more languages, mainly places with nice wine, and his English isn’t too bad, either (another shoutout to Taniyama Kishou). Dazai knows more languages to do with the Port Mafia and their jobs, so other languages like Chinese to converse with foreign organisations.
  • Sometimes they talk shit about the other to themselves in another language, only to realise the other knows EXACTLY what they’re saying.
  • Sometimes they say really cheesy stuff about the other in another language, and lets the other person try to figure it out over a span of three months.
  • And then when they DO figure it out, they deny it and say it was an insult.
  • “Chuu~ya, about five weeks ago at the harbour, did you say that my eyes were pretty?”
  • “That’s not what this dictionary says”

  • Speaking of France, only Dazai knows that Chuuya has an insatiable sweet tooth, thanks to Kouyou spoiling him as a kid. And what better way to fulfil Chuuya’s dreams of going to Paris than to make him French desserts? For every one of Chuuya’s birthdays from when they met, Dazai has unfailingly made crème brûlée, éclairs, soufflés, and anything else you can name. Sometimes it’s not just for his birthday, either - he makes it when Chuuya’s feeling down, or after a particularly tough mission and Chuuya’s worn out from Corruption.
  • On Chuuya’s first birthday without Dazai, by himself in the mafia, he’s spending the night alone in a hotel room when a delivery comes and there’s a gift-wrapped box with familiar obnoxious writing on the cover and no name, and a perfect pile of macarons.
  • Did I mention the macarons are liqueur-flavoured? Chuuya loves his alcohol.

  • Oh yeah! Dazai always calls Chuuya to wish him a happy birthday. Chuuya changes his number every year but Dazai finds out anyway.
  • Once Chuuya tried to call Dazai on his birthday to wish him happy birthday, but hung up when Dazai answered, panicking slightly and not knowing what to SAY. Later Dazai sends a text message that just says “thanks” as if already knowing what Chuuya had wanted to say, because Chuuya simply remembering him and having the bravery to call him at all is enough for Dazai, even if he didn’t get to hear his voice.

(Wait a minute, all of these are about Chuuya. what the fuck am I doing)

  • Instruments! Dazai’s really good with his fingers (heh) and can play the guitar and piano well. On the other hand, Chuuya’s more of a violinist and sometimes the mafia headquarters are filled with the sounds of a sorrowful song played from the violin - and in the rare occasion that Dazai doesn’t feel like ruining the moment, he sits nearby and accompanies Chuuya’s song on the piano.
  • Chuuya hasn’t touched his violin since Dazai left the mafia. Everyone has noticed this.

  • Dazai came up with all the names for their different strategies and tactics and Chuuya always chides him about the confusing names, but he never fails to execute every single one of them upon agreement and actually goes to lengths to make sure that they both get out of the mission alive and well.
  • Can I add that even after Dazai leaves the mafia, when he and Chuuya work together again, purely by mentioning those strategies again, Chuuya knows exactly what he’s talking about?

  • When Dazai left the mafia, Chuuya was unprepared for being less accommodating for his suicidal partner, like having extra bandages in case he needed to change them, or using Corruption recklessly because he’d be there to stop him, or drinking his treasured wine so often because it just didn’t feel like a victory worth celebrating without him, without executing said victory as the soukoku.
Astro’s reaction to your younger sibling

Thank you very much for the request superbriakpop13!

I also hope you don’t mind I changed up the original request from “Astro’s reaction to your younger sibling asking questions” to “Astro’s reaction to your younger sibling”~

Masterlist: x

Note: Y/S/N = your siblings name


“Agh..” You murmur, rubbing your forehead as Jinwoo quietly watches you help your little sibling with homework from the couch.

“Y/N-ah..” Your sibling says informally and naggingly.

“Yah!” You say back startled. “Just because your little doesn’t mean you can excuse formalities!”

“I don’t get multiplication!” Y/S/N says scratching their forehead, changing the subject.

“Alright I’m gonna explain this the best I can..” You say, standing over your sibling and explaining in detail of how to multiply.

“Will you ever get married?!” Y/S/N suddenly asks.

“W-What?!” You ask startled, glancing back at Jinwoo who was rolling from laughter on the couch. 

“Where did that come from?!”

“You and Jinwoo-ie could make cute kids like me!”

“–MULTIPLICATION!” You yell changing the subject with your face completely flush.

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Adopt: Part 2

Here is part 2 of the adoption story! There will be one more part after this one.

Part 1 can be found HERE


The social worker had warned you about what she called “the adjustment period”. Bringing a child home to a new place when he had been so used to somewhere else for most of his life, giving him a new set of rules and a new set of parents and having to adapt to absolutely everything was a big enough adjustment as it was. Adding a younger little sister to the mix as well was double the challenge.

Jamie wasn’t much of an issue. Overall, he was a quiet little boy who, if anything, was almost too polite and cautious to the point that you wondered if he was scared or uncomfortable. After a few weeks, however, he started to open up a bit more and act like a typical five-year-old boy. The first time you had to scold him for something, he had pouted and gone to sit in the corner, but returned fifteen minutes later looking remorseful and apologetic.

Maddie was a different story. She wasn’t a naughty little girl, but she had a much more difficult time adjusting to all the changes. Having her brother with her helped a lot, but nights were exhausting. For the first three weeks, she put up quite a fight whenever you tried to put her to bed and insisted that either you or Harry stay with her, crying long and hard if you tried to get her to stay on her own. She was also quite clingy during the day, wanting to know that one of you was around and not leaving her alone. It made it difficult for you to get anything done but, if it comforted her to have you around, you were willing to do it, hoping that she would eventually become comfortable and safe enough to be without you.

The first time your social worker checked in with you, she told you how pleased she was to see that the kids were doing well. Even with your concerns about Maddie being clingy and frightened, she assured you that it was a normal behavior considering the circumstances and that she would likely grow out of it in a month or so. All you and Harry had to do was keep on keeping on and she thought you were doing a great job.

Slowly, the kids got more and more comfortable in their new home with their new parents. You knew that Harry was itching a bit to have the kids call him daddy, but he knew that was something that likely wouldn’t happen for a while. For now, they called you Harry and (Y/N), and you were okay with that.

One of the first big “outings” you took the kids on was over to Liam’s to visit him and Cheryl as well as Louis, Danielle and Niall, about two months after the kids had come to live with you. Louis was bringing little Freddie with him and you were excited to have some catch-up time with everyone.

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Addicted - Part Four

Genre: General, Romance, Fluff

Pairing: Ravi x You

Warning: None

Prompt: “I had a one night stand before I started a college class and WHOOPS I ACCIDENTALLY BANGED THE PROFESSOR” au (x)

AN: I was originally going to update with the Leo multi-parter but it wasn’t up to my standards and needed to be hacked and pieced together a bit more. So here have a light hearted (??) part of the Professor Ravi AU! A break before we get to another smutty part five. I also feel like I haven’t written any dialogue heavy scenarios in a really long while so here’s me writing one. It feels weird having something in the Professor Ravi AU not be angsty or smutty. 

[Part One ;  Part Two ; Part Three]

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When I say POOR What I am Actually Saying is (6/30)

Mom once made dessert with raw noodles/once made an air conditioner out of a glass of water and the ceiling fan/once made a plate out of duct tape/once made toilet from a tin can/once made a house out of a car/ once made an apartment out of a garage/ once found a homeless shelter that would take 5 kids/ 4 girls, one bed/3 years, 5 apartments/One mother, 4 jobs/ 5 children/ 6 mouths, one income/ Kool aid, no sugar/ Cereal, no milk/ Home, no house/Lunch meat, no bread/Classroom, no pencil/Parent, no father/Need, need, need, no want/government housing/ government money/ government cheese, milk, bread/ laundromat/ public space/ public transportation/ public education/ public healthcare/ no private/ no want/ only need/ only need.

luciombre  asked:

🍻 I have: Put salt instead of sugar in a dessert recipe

“I Never…”: Munday Meme Edition

Shot Counter

Mun = 6

Muse = 6

“Ahahaha! Wellllll~, when your friends are weird enough to give you a jar of salt for a birthday present sometimes that happens! Ravio was maaaad when he tried that special recipe for peach pie. I told him it matched his personality so he decked me in the face!”

(I can look at both and tell which is which, so no.But I’ve made dumber mistakes in my early babby years of cooking. Also someone should really stop this kid.)

anonymous asked:

ok so I saw you have requests open and I would love you to the moon and back if you could write imagines of s/o recovering from being poisoned but the after effects are still troubling them - enough for them to start questioning whether they're now just useless baggage to the team and getting all depressed and sad and their lovers come and try to comfort them and tell them they're silly for having these thoughts omg. (anyone is fine but omg i love mccree <333)

Hope you enjoy :)

Requests are closed.

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Thoughts I Have While Watching Chopped
  1. Why I am always watching this show?
  2. I mean seriously I might have a problem, the amount of Chopped I watch is on the verge of life-consuming. 
  3. “4 Chefs, 3 Courses, Only one chance to win.” OMG it’s starting. Everybody shut up. I don’t want to miss the introductions.
  4. Today’s contestants are: classically-trained snooty French chef, hippie vegan personal chef with lots of celebrity clients, self taught mom of 4 who is way too excited to be here, and the cocky one with the stupid hat who learned how to make “the world’s best” meatballs from his grandpa Maurizio.
  5. I always enjoy how each of the contestants lost a family member or just finished a battle with cancer, or had their dog runaway but are bravely competing anyway.
  6. I’m rooting for the self taught mom of 4. I like her energy.
  7. Basket time!  *excited squeal*
  8. Grasshoppers, crème fraiche, and goat brains. Yeesh.
  9. I just love that dumbfounded expression when the chefs have to figure out what to do with things that probably shouldn’t be eaten.
  10. Ted Allen is friggin’ rocking that blue gingham shirt, though. Love that guy.
  11. You’re cooking risotto? That’s almost always a death wish.
  12. Why is everyone on this show always sweating profusely into the food? Am I the only one that notices this?
  13. You didn’t cut up your goat brains into smaller pieces!? *facepalm* That’s never gonna cook in time!
  14. The cocky one with the stupid hat just cut himself. Shouldn’t have worn that stupid hat.
  15. Oh my god! Time’s almost up. Hurry hurry! 
  17. This show is way too exhilarating.
  18. Phew! Everyone finished in time. Thank goodness.
  19. Oh Boy! It’s judgment time. I hope Alex Guarnashelli will make someone cry!
  20. There’s always that one chef that will spend way too much time talking about how great he is and then completely forget a mystery ingredient.
  21. But let’s not forget the chef that will decide that they want a mystery ingredient to “shine” so they’ll just put it on the plate as a garnish. The judges never like that.
  22. Oh that Marcus Samuelsson. I’ll always love him for his stoic wisdom.
  23. Woah, Alex Guarnaschelli, the poor guy just cut himself WHILE wearing a stupid hat on national television. Back off.
  24. Whoops looks like someone forgot a mystery ingredient. BUH-BYE.
  25. But wait! Someone else overcooked their goat brains. Who’s going home now?
  26. Commercial break. Let’s see what Jake from State Farm is up to.
  27. Spoiler alert: he’s still wearing khakis.
  28. “Of course, I think the judges made the wrong decision. Just because I have heinous knife skills, I cut myself and bled all over the food is not a good reason to send me home.” I’ll miss you stupid hat guy.
  29. Next basket : pancetta, cow tongue and… bread in a can. Woah curveball.
  30. BREAD IN A CAN? How does that even work?  Do they bake it in the can?
  31. Whoever creates these baskets is a sadistic bastard.
  32. Oh my god, there’s a fire in vegan hippie chef’s station!
  33. Someone just put it out. Crisis averted.
  34. Time’s running out! Amanda Freitag is flapping her hands around yelling “just get something on the plate!”
  35. Hippie vegan chef just gave Scott Conant raw onions. Bad move.
  36. “You haven’t seen the last of me.” Pretty sure I have, hippie vegan chef. But say hello to Gwyneth Paltrow for me.
  37. Beef Tongue in the dessert round? Good look with that.
  38. Oh look someone’s making French toast.
  39. Geoffrey Zakarian is not amused.
  40. Aaaaand classically-trained French chef just made butter in the ice cream machine.
  41. Commercial break. Time to check the fridge: Watermelon, Ketchup, Activia Yogurt, and San Pellegrino in a can. I can make something with that!
  42. Turns out that dramatic moment they were teasing before commercial wasn’t actually that dramatic. Color me surprised.
  43. Mom of 4 won! Now she’s taking her kids on a culinary trip around the world! I love a happy ending. I just got misty-eyed.
  44. So there’s another episode on after this, right?
  45. Thank. God.
Daddy's Girl (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

So, this was based off a request in which y/n is Tony Stark’s daughter and she gets with Bucky. My first thought was to do one where Bucky has a crush on her, but then I had another idea…. But for you fluff lovers, I’ll do that one too!

“Hey, Bucky.” Y/N said shyly, blushing furiously.
“Hey, Y/N.” He replied. “I didn’t know you were staying here tonight.”
“I wasn’t, but, uh, well, stuff.” She stuttered.
“You okay?” He asked.
“Uh, yeah.” She answered, quickly. “I’d better be going.” And with that, she ran out, leaving a very confused Bucky.

“Lady y/n, you look lovely.” Thor told her, grinning over a plate of shawarma- Tony’s request.
“Thank you.” She replied quietly, her eyes flickering to Bucky momentarily, before returning to the kebab on her plate. Bucky smiled at his plate, not wanting to agree or disagree, in the interest of not embarrassing himself, or hurting anyone’s feelings.

One by one, everyone left the room, heading off to do something. Bucky turned in the direction of the door. He didn’t know what he was going to do, but being in the kitchen with no food was painful, and there was no way in hell that Bucky was cooking.
“Hey, frosty, can I talk to you?” The voice of Tony Stark made him jump.
“Uh, sure.” Bucky replied.
“My daughter.” Stark said. “What do you think of her?”
“I don’t know. She’s pretty sweet, I guess, but I don’t really tal-” Bucky began.
“Do you know what she thinks of you?” Tony continued. Bucky shook his head, feeling strangely intimidated.
“My daughter is absolutely head over heels for you. How the hell you haven’t noticed, I will never know.” The man jabbed Bucky in the chest. “And I don’t particularly like you, but you’re sure as hell better than that greasy Maximoff boy, and she likes you. So you are going to make my little girl happy, and she’s not going to know a word of this conversation, or there will be consequences.” Bucky gulped, nodding frantically.
“Good. And if you break her heart, I will destroy you.”

“Hey, bud, you okay?” Steve asked. Bucky shook his head.
“What’s up?” His friend pressed.
“God, I am so stupid.” Bucky dropped his face into his hands. “Stark threatened me into dating his daughter, and I agreed.”
“Why is that so bad? She’s a lovely girl.” Steve furrowed his brow in confusion.
“Exactly.” Bucky mumbled. “She is nice, and she’s pretty cute, but I don’t feel for her that way.”
“Well, you’ve gotta do it.” Steve sighed. “If you don’t, Stark will rip you apart while you sleep, and if you mess this up, you will awaken the wrath of Thor. He’s sweet on her.”
“Thanks for your encouragement.” Bucky glared at his friend. “You’re really making me feel better.”
“That’s what I’m here for.“

“So, what am I doing again?” Bucky asked Steve.
“Just go ask her to dinner.” Steve chuckled. Bucky appeared nervous, something he had never been before. If Steve didn’t know better, he would assume that his friend actually had feelings for the girl.
“Okay. I can do this.” Bucky exhaled.
“Just remember, if you don’t, you ain’t gonna move for a long time, Buck.” Steve added.
“Cheers, buddy. You always manage to make me feel better.”

“Uh, hey, Y/N?” Bucky asked. She turned around, a slight blush on her cheeks.
“Bucky.” She replied.
“I was wondering, are you doing anything tonight?” He said quickly. The blush on her cheeks grew rapidly.
“No.” She said. “No. Well, maybe, but, um, I can be free.”
“Oh, it’s okay, I was just-” He said, worry growing inside him. He was feeling off about the whole agreement anyway, but if she was doing things, willing to put her friends aside for him? “It’s fine, it was something I wanted to get out of anyway.” She said shyly.
“Uh, okay.” Bucky replied, the heavy feeling in his chest easing slightly. “I was just wondering if maybe you would like to go out to dinner?”
“That sounds great!” She grinned.
“Just, you know, casually. If you want.” He bit his lip. “Or not. If you want.”
“Yeah. Great.” She said, dashing out. “Smooth, Buck. Real smooth.” There was a voice from behind him. In any other circumstances, he might have mistaken it for his conscience, but he knew that voice. Very well.
“Thank you for telling me that, Steve. I’ll be sure to remember that for next time I ask a girl on a date because her dad threatened me.” He snapped.
“Hey, relax. You know I didn’t mean it like that.” Steve reminded him.
“I know. It’s just, this doesn’t sit right, y'know?” Bucky sighed.
“Believe me, bud, I know.” His friend reassured him. “But it’s too late to back out now.”
“Yep. Too damn late.”

“Lookin’ good, sergeant.” Sam whistled appreciatively. “Is this for a purpose or do we get you all to ourselves?”
“Frosty’s got himself a date.” Tony smirked. “Or so I heard.”
“Date?” Sam echoed. “Date with who?” “My daughter.” Tony turned to Bucky. “Look here, kid. If you hurt my daughter, I will destroy you.”
“Yes, Sir.” Bucky nodded frantically. “Sergeant Barnes?” Thor’s voice made the three men turn around. “Lady Y/N is waiting for you.”
“Thor, how many times do I have to tell you? It’s just Y/N.” She giggles slightly, rounding a corner.
Bucky had to admit, she looked pretty hot.

“Are you gonna finish that?” Y/N asked, eyeing Bucky’s remaining dessert. “Damn, that was rude. Let me-”
“No, honestly, doll, you’re fine.” Bucky reassured her. “You can have it. You look as if you could use eating a little more chocolate.”
“As if.” She snorted, eating a mouthful. “And did you just call me doll?”
“Why yes, Miss Stark, I did indeed.” A smile crept onto Bucky’s face, as a blush did Y/N’s face.

“Hey, big guy, how’d it go?” Steve smirked.
“It was surprisingly alright, actually.” Bucky replied.
“She looked rather lovely, didn’t she?” His best friend continued, the grin on his face growing.
“Yeah. She looked nice.” Bucky shrugged. “And I don’t get why you’re looking at me like that.”
“No reason.” Steve smirked. “No reason at all.”

Bucky woke later that night to hear screaming, and a knock on his door.
“Your girlfriend is screaming. Go shut her up.” Sam growled from the other side. Bucky headed into the corridor, knocking on her door.
“Y/N?” He asked. “Y/N, are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.” She called back. Part of Bucky was willing to accept that, but a small part of him told him that she wasn’t, that he should check.
“Really?” He continued.
“Yes.” She repeated, but she sounded unsure.
“I’m coming in.” He said, pushing the door. The girl was shivering, her eyes red, a sight that tugged at Bucky’s heart.
“Move up.” He said. She looked confused, and he pulled the sheet back, climbing in next to her.
“Bucky, what are you doing?” She asked.
“Comforting you.” He replied, smiling at her shocked expression. She bit her lip, before snuggling into him. Now it was Bucky’s turn to be shocked.
“Don’t look so surprised.” She said. “You asked for it.”

And so, a few months later, Bucky found himself with the girl in his arms, in his bed. Bucky had never actually, properly shared his bed with anyone before, so this was new to him. Actually, a lot of this was new to him. Going on more than two dates, having a ‘long term relationship’. Whilst at HYDRA, he- obviously- didn’t have a lot of time to form any real kind of relationship. Even before, he had been more of a ladies’ man, determined to see the world, and in his eyes, a long time relationship would have destroyed that. He dated around, but didn’t ever really feel for anyone. But with her, it was different. The more time he spent with her, the more he felt himself falling. It wasn’t love, but it was something. Something strong, something compelling. Every kiss he shared with her, every touch, every happy moment, intensified it, his will to keep her safe, his will to be with her. But he carried this guilt, the knowledge that this feeling had only come around because her father blackmailed him. He was fighting a war with himself, the guilt he felt over her, and the strange emotion he felt for her. “What are you thinking about, soldier?” Her sleepy voice woke him from his daydream.
“Nothing much.” He replied. Her hand moved up his bare stomach, eliciting an involuntary shiver from Bucky. She giggled slightly, resting her head on Bucky’s upper chest.
“Chill, Bucky.” She murmured. “You’re all tense.”
“I can’t help it.” He said, to no one in particular.
“I know.”

“Wow, Bucky.” Y/N told him, chewing thoughtfully. “This is, um, interesting.”
“Steve has been helping me cook.” Bucky told her. “He called this stir something.”
“Stir fry.” She corrected him. “I think that’s what it’s supposed to be, anyway.” Bucky looked proudly at his portion of noodles. He had never cooked before, and he was rather proud of his attempts. Sure, he had to cut the noodles with a steak knife, but he swore that Steve told him that was what you were supposed to do.
“How is it?” He asked.
“It’s, um, different.” She told him.
“Wait. You don’t like it?” Bucky’s face fell.
“It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that-” She started.
“It’s revolting.” Bucky finished.
“No.” She told him. “It’s just that this is your first time cooking, and you have no practice. This is a first attempt.”
“It’ll be better next time, I promise.” He said.
“Bucky, you don’t have to promise me anything.” She told him, taking his hand and leading him into her room.

“Barnes, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!” The loud voice of Y/N’s father woke Bucky up.
“What the hell?” He asked. “What time is it?”
“Time for you to get out of my daughter’s bed!” Stark yelled.
“But….. What?” Bucky rubbed his eyes sleepily.
“This was not part of our agreement!” He hissed.
“What agreement?” Y/N asked. “Bucky, Daddy, what’s going on?”
“It doesn’t matter, doll.” Bucky soothed.
“I’m guessing it concerns me.” She said, crossing her arms. “Well?”
“Well, you see, you seemed quite unhappy, so I had a word with Barnes here about…. Him making you happier.” Her father said sheepishly. “Which I can see he did. But sex was not part of our agreement!”
“Dad, you are my father, but you do not have the right to control who I am with, and much less blackmail them into dating them.” She looked like she was about to cry. “It would be better if you left.”
“Doll, I-” Bucky began, wrapping his arm around her.
“As for you.” She snarled, turning on him. “I actually thought that you cared about me. I thought we had something. But no, you bought into blackmail, from my dad? Dad, I don’t want to see you for the rest of the day, and James, I don’t even know if I want to see you again.” Both men jumped, running out of the room.

“Thor, please let me talk to her.” Bucky begged.
“I give you my most sincere apologies, Sergeant, but Lady Stark has expressed a desire to never see your face again.” Thor replied.
“Yeah, Bucky, lay off it.” The snarky voice of Pietro Maximoff added. “She doesn’t want to see you, asshole.”
“Since when have you been her personal herald?” Bucky asked, shoving him.
“I will take you any day, Sergeant.” Pietro shoved him back.
“Pietro, given Sergeant Barnes’ history, I wouldn’t think it wise to-” Thor began, But Pietro was already swinging. Within seconds, Bucky had Pietro pinned against the wall, beating him within an inch of his life.
“Beat me all you like, your pretty girl sleeps in my bed now.” He smirked, and that was all it took for Bucky to explode. His metal hand clamped around the other man’s throat, squeezing and watching his face turn darker and darker.
“Hey! Boys! Stop!” Y/N yelled. Bucky released Pietro, dropping him on the ground.
“This… Psycho tried to… Kill me.” Pietro wheezed, touching his neck, where a bruise was forming.
“All due respect, Piet, I’m not certain that you’re entirely innocent.” She replied, gently touching his neck.
“Y/N, I….” Bucky started.
“I don’t wanna hear it.” She said, helping the blond to his feet. “C'mon, let’s go see what Bruce can do.” The two left the room, Bucky watching sadly.
“God, I screwed up.” Bucky rubbed his face tiredly.
“I believe you did.” Thor chipped in, making him jump.
“Why are you still here?” Bucky snapped.
“I was not entirely sure when was appropriate to leave.” Thor replied. “Should I….. Uh…..”
“Yeah, I think so.” Bucky drawled, not lifting his head from his hands.

Bucky was fuming. The scene in front of him made him sick to his stomach. Pietro, comforting Y/N. Bucky had no idea what about- the girl got emotional about the smallest things. Those commercials for those animal sanctuaries even got her. One night, the two of them had watched Titanic. By the end, she had been in floods of tears. Bucky smiled in spite of himself.
“Oy. Frosty. I need your help.”

“Stark, I hope you realise that your amazing plans where what got me in this place the first time around.” Bucky said suspiciously.
“Yeah, I know, but she’s upset, and no one upsets my little girl. And like I said before, you’re better than that greasy maximoff kid.” Tony replied.
“Has anyone ever told you that you are extremely charming?” Bucky drawled.
“I’m sure.” The other man replied sarcastically. “Anyway, I’m willing to help you get back in her goodbooks. Want in?”
“Sure. Why the hell not?”

So, Bucky found himself standing outside Y/N’s window, with a pebble in his hand. It wasn’t as romantic as it sounded- he was standing outside Stark Towers in the driving rain, and his pyjamas were soaked through. And he thought it quite likely that the rock would smash the window, despite Tony’s reassurance. But before he knew what he was doing, the rock had hit the window, and an angry Y/N was leaning out of it.
“Go away, Bucky.” She yelled.
“Give me five minutes.” He begged. “Please.”
“Did my dad put you up to this, too?” She drawled.
“No!” He said. “Well, it was kinda his idea, but I’m the one standing in the rain.“
"You know this is a massive cliche, right?” She told him.
“Yep.” He answered. “I also know that you love cliches, and the romantic kind are your favourite.”
“Damn, you’ve got me.” She bit her lip. “Alright. Let’s hear it.”
“I’m sorry I hurt you.” He said. “But doll, you’ve gotta believe me. I’m crazy ‘bout you.”
“Here’s a thing, Bucky. I know how your charm works.” She drawled.
“Doll, please. I adore you. I didn’t mean to hurt you. But there are so many things that I love about you. The way that you twirl your hair, that cute face you make when I tickle you. The way that you always grab my hips if I kiss your neck. I’ve learned so many little things about you, but I want to learn more. Take me back, please.”
“Damnit Barnes, you always know how to melt me.” She muttered.
“Sergeant Barnes, doll.” He grinned.
“One chance, Bucky. One bloody chance. I’m a fool, but I’ll give you one damn chance.”