Churros are awesome, but interlocking 3D churros are super awesome! New York-based pastry chef Dominique Ansel (previously featured here) recently unveiled his latest edible innovation at his Tokyo bakery: the Churroduo.

The lighter churro is made with white sesame and cinnamon sugar. the darker churro is made with black sesame and black sugar. Together they’re served with a caramel dipping sauce. So Now all you have to do is book a flight to Tokyo!

For the time being this geometric treat is only available in Japan, though Ansel is considering bringing it to his NYC and London locations as well.

[via Uproxx]

lol this crepe shop has a window where you’re meant to see #zeprocess but i am after all a typically short southeast asian. we had the basic lemon+sugar+butter nomnomnom.

actually we were at le marais to check out this famous falafel shop as well as the old jewish quarter but the queue wei:

anyway, spot the thing tht cracked me up?

‘recommended by Lenny Kravitz’.