Oh man… I’m so open about my embarrassing hobbies. I spend a lot of my time in which I’m not focusing on anything else (walking, in the shower, &c.) working out the factions within and history of this fictional city called Shailanu from my D&D setting! I have like 4-500 years pretty solidly worked out and a vague outline going back about 2-3000 years. 

I also invent magical entities and think about what they would do and what their function would be in a magical system and try to make them as real as possible and think about them like genuine deities idekk?????

I guess I also spend a lot of time thinking about conspiracy theories? Like Idunno I really like the idea of them except I can never decide on an overarching plot (for world history? really?) so they’re always really weird. I can’t decide if the US government is collaborating with post-Singularity time colonist humans from the future or if the Catholic church is a front for demonic entities fueled by tyranny. 

Is that three? Thank god. 

minecutrhinestone-deactivated20  asked:

What is the best animal and why?

I like elephants and flamingos the most. Flamingos aren’t for any serious reason apart from the fact they’re pink and they look real silly and cute and make lovehearts with their necks sometimes.

But elephants because they’re just, so big and stable and they have such interesting noses. The fact they act so much like us without being anything like us – how they love and have families and fight for each other and mourn and get drunk. Heck, there are those ones that can even paint! They’re such brilliant creatures.

I can’t ever be sad when looking at a photo of an elephant.