dessert with wine


Could use this today…

Making picture-perfect swirl-topped cupcakes might seem like something you should leave to the pros. But F&W Test Kitchen frosting maestro Justin Chapple has an easy shortcut. All you need is two colors of frosting, plastic wrap and a pastry bag—no artistic skills needed. Watch this week’s episode of Mad Genius Tips to learn how to make the most beautiful cupcakes ever.

For @galadrieljones, I think you were hoping for a bit more formal still?  I’m going to do it again but this time with his formal coat still on I think.  Slightly different set-up maybe.  I just in my head was thinking end of the night, everyone has left the party, so he can take off the stuffy coat, unbutton, untuck, and roll up the sleeves.  Maybe in preparation for… other activities ;)

Also thank you for the lovely compliment you sent along with the request.  I’m flattered you think I draw him well <3


Unseasonably cold Wintersend! Twigs and Josie celebrate with a chocolate festival, just like my wife and I do: Each partner buys a fancy bottle of dessert wine, and three kinds of chocolate that neither has tried before. The drawback is that when one is being adventurous in buying chocolate, not every offering is going to be a winner. 

So, we all know that Bolin is a cinnamon roll, but what about the rest of the avatar characters? What kind of dessert are they?

Zuko – Crème Brule. A hardened, burnt exterior that hides a sweet and slightly mushy soul beneath.

Aang – cotton candy. Our hero.

Katara – Lemon meringue. Sweet, tart, tough.

Toph – Granola. It’s had enough of your crap, twinkle toes.

Sokka – Banana Split. Trying way too hard. It’s the dessert equivalent of a punchline.

Suki – Brownies. They’re there because they have to be there and very little is really expected of them.

Azula – Halloween candy that secretly has razors and shards of glass in it.

Tai-Lee – Bubble tea. Sweet and bubbly, but lacking substance.

Mei – Baking chocolate. Bitter. Hasn’t even made the effort to become a proper dessert.

Iroh – Mulled wine. Complex, full bodied, gets better with age.

Korra – Protein bar. Aggressively good for you. Maybe a little too aggressively.

Asami – Tiramisu. Delicate, beautiful, sophisticated, quietly packing a shot of rum. Because you can’t be afraid to mix it up sometimes, you know?

Mako – Wonderbread. Contains neither flavor nor any particular emotional value.

Varrick – Chocolate-covered, smoke-infused, liquid-nitrogen-dipped chili pepper. It’s my latest invention!

Zhu Li – A meticulously optimized chocolate-chip cookie. Perfectly calibrated to maximize average enjoyment.

Tenzin – Breadsticks. But not until after dinner. One mustn’t spoil one’s appetite.

Pemma – A bun in the oven.

Lin – Jawbreaker. Just you try and eat one.

Ozai – Vanilla Ice Cream. Ice cold, kinda generic.

Amon – Peppermint patty. Chocolate, but with the cleansing power of mint.

Zaheer – Biscotti. Rigid, ascetic, kind of hurts when you eat it.

Kuvira – Government-issued dessert rations.


Lightened Up Broccoli Cheddar Soup

3 stalks leeks (white + tender green parts only),
2 Tbsp light butter,
½ cup diced onion,
1½ lb chopped broccoli,
3 cloves minced garlic,
¼ tsp black pepper,
¼ tsp salt,
3 cups reduced-sodium chicken broth,
1 cup water,
1 cup Fat-Free Evaporated Milk,
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese